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Hair Cloning - Facts About Hair Cloning


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Hair Cloning - Facts About Hair Cloning

  1. 1. Hair cloning is one of the ways in which hair loss has beentreated, and it is something that has been talked about for so many years. It has been told by scientists and otherresearchers that it will be the future of hair transplant, but few people know what it really is, and I want to use this opportunity to explain what hair cloning is.
  2. 2. Hair cloning is simply the transplanting, or the multiplying of hair from the follicle of its original donor, to produce more hair follicles. This is of two types, but for now, it isundergoing more tests and experiments. It is the increase of hair by taking the hair follicle and cutting the hair in half, then implanting the pieces separately. The normal amount of hair that involves implanting is 3000 follicles, but after the implantation, you can get two times the amount of hair. To make this operation successful, youneed to have a well experienced doctor or technician with good eyesight and the ability to perform. If it is not donewell, the hair and everything about it might be damaged, and that will be very bad for the bearer.
  3. 3. Hair cloning requires the effectiveness of the dermal cells in regenerating the papilla and the keratinocytes that will make the hair fiber. If this experiment is performed welland correctly, and the lower and upper parts of the follicle are inserted into the skin, the third part of the hair follicle will create another bulb and more hairs will be produced in no time. This is really unbelievable, and it is one of the best things I have ever known and heard. Do you know that there will be a great problem after this is being perfected? The problem is that it will be too expensive, and most of the people that are suffering from baldness might not be able to afford it. The other problem is that errors might be made, and many people will suffer theconsequences. After the transplant, it will be very possiblefor your hair to grow of its accord; but I must advise you to
  4. 4. Performing this hair cloning has to do with wits, boldness, and ability to withstand anything because it will not be funny when the worst things happen to you.
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