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5 Ways To Help You Stay Positive As You Wait For Your Hair To Grow Back


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5 Ways To Help You Stay Positive As You Wait For Your Hair To Grow Back

  1. 1. Remember I shared how helpless and desperate I felt when my hair was snipped too short and then falling offlike 30-40 strands almost every day? And it was agonizing waiting yet not knowing if whatever expensive hair products or specialist hair treatments I was using would surely give me fabulous hair. Many times I had imagined myself turning bald and imagined how ugly I could become.
  2. 2. It was a very emotional journey for me, and I believe itwould be the same for those of us who are going through the same dilemma. Indeed, it was painful to cope with.
  3. 3. Still, it was not a dead-end. After some time Ithought, since I have to go through this journey, why not make the best of it, the best I can, the best I know how.
  4. 4. Once you choose to take charge of your situation andmake it more positive than negative, you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. 5. So I decided to figure out ways I may be able to cope while waiting for my hair to grow and I hope what I share here can help you in some way or another.
  6. 6. #1 Get expert advice
  7. 7. How can I get my hair back at the fastest speed possible? The last time it took me ages to grow even until shoulderlength, and now its gone again! And why is my hair falling off?
  8. 8. At this point I feel it is best to get expert advice from areliable and trusted specialist if need be and yes, this isusually costly and may take more than one visit. But it is necessary to know what is happening and what to do next. And a hair test can be done too.
  9. 9. You can also find out what products or treatments you canchoose, generally it is either natural or chemically induced. Well, I have tried expensive products and treatments butto keep doing this burned a huge hole in my wallet. Then I went all natural (homemade). This also took commitment, discipline, loving care and patience.
  10. 10. #2 Focus on other parts of your face or body.
  11. 11. While waiting for my hair to grow, I read books and searched online on how I can improve my overall looks. This will be the perfect time to pick up and use all thetricks from your make up kit and other cosmetics to make your overall appearance look great.
  12. 12. If you like, you may even go for a crash beauty course tolearn the proper use of eye liners, eye shadows, lipsticks and what-have-you to flatter your facial features and make you look great.
  13. 13. Then skin care products like lotions and sunscreens canhelp protect your skin to give your skin a healthy glow and radiance. And remember to let your inner self and personality shine too!
  14. 14. #3 Doing what makes you happy
  15. 15. What do you love doing? Do you have any favorite hobbies? Doing the stuff you like keeps you feeling upbeat, cheerful and positive. Doing what you love like meditation, exercise, cooking, baking, getting a spa, a manicure or what about something really thrilling likebungee jumping, sky diving, or take up a course to boost self-confidence?
  16. 16. How about simple things like a stroll on the beach, catching sunsets, picnics or cycling with friends?Keeping yourself upbeat and positive with great or even simple activities, is definitely a lot better than burying your mind in anxiety and worry. Worrying gets nothingdone like a rocking chair, it just rocks you back and forth. Get off that rocking chair!
  17. 17. #4 Watch your diet
  18. 18. Eat the right stuff! I dont mean you go on a crash diet. Eatin moderation but more importantly, nourish yourself with food that contains protein and iron along with essential vitamins and minerals.
  19. 19. Everyone loves food but if you are the one where everything goes be it healthy or not, this could be aserious step in your lifestyle that you need to change or make some sacrifices.
  20. 20. #5 Talk to someone
  21. 21. Talk or confide in someone you trust. For me, confiding in a close friend, letting her know how I felt did help me tocope better. Some may join a group of people with similar problems. Maybe that will help you too, that you are not alone, that you are not the only one experiencing hairloss. Sometimes, these are the people who will lift you up because they know exactly what you are going through. Some may also feel better after writing down about their feelings. Who knows, this might work for you too.
  22. 22. I feel most importantly, is not forgetting who you areinside. Who is this awesome personality inside? Let it shine.
  23. 23. It is natural and alright to break down. Then pick yourself up again and do the stuff that keeps you cheerful and positive. There must be some blessings in your life to be grateful for. Smile a lot more. Laugh a lot more too and I am sure you have heard that laughter is the best medicine!
  24. 24.