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Unlocking Literacy Through Virtual Worlds: Storying in and around a Minecraft Community

  1. Unlocking Literacy through Virtual Worlds: 'Storying in and around a Minecraft Community' Chris Bailey
  2. Background • Teacher / Minecraft Club leader • Lunchtime / after-school club • Extra-Curricular • Child led • 'Virtual Community' • Examples from last three academic years
  3. Context • Minecraft • New Literacy Studies (Street, 2003) • Multiliteracies (Cope and Kalantzis, 2000) • Virtual Worlds • Hybrid sites (Burnett and Bailey, 2014)
  4. Individualised Literacy (collaboration mapped onto this) Meaning-making in Minecraft/h Literacies as communal processes Book-based, paper-based Multiple modes/media Individualised Fluctuating ownership/patterns of relationships Chunked time Different timescales Fixed outcomes Provisionality Bounded outcomes Intertextuality/extratextuality Objective texts Invested texts Stuff/Bodies/Emotions written out of process Stuff/Bodies/Emotions part of the process from Burnett and Bailey, 2014
  5. "Environmental storytelling creates the preconditions for an immersive narrative experience in at least one of four ways: • spatial stories can evoke pre-existing narrative associations; • they can provide a staging ground where narrative events are enacted; • they may embed narrative information within their mise-en-scene; • or they provide resources for emergent narratives." – (Jenkins, 2009)
  6. Bradborough... ‘… a community village in Minecraft. - Danielle ‘Bradborough, originated in late 2012, when Y6 decided to build a new and unique creation...’ - Mia
  7. ‘Bradborough is a world built in Minecraft. It is a very good community space and everyone works together.’ - Seren ‘… amazingly, we started off with just a flat land and we have produced this big community...’ – Abigail
  8. ‘Bradborough is a town which is relentlessly growing... where anyone can build.' - Joseph ‘As you look around you can see strange but epic buildings, with the luxury theatre and deluxe statues. Or perhaps you would like to cast some weaponry or armour at the forge?’ - Sam
  9. 'Bradborough, a place for a fresh start, founded by Jebadire Aisakson in 1785 - he slayed 500,000 spiders with a bone...’ - Oliver 'Revenge is best served hairy!' Dramatic Mythologising
  10. ‘...the hotel is fabulous, it is made entirely out of gold… to get to your room you can use the roller coaster if you are afraid of the lifts.’ - George ‘There are dogs that you can get as pets, forests where you can go for a walk, and a farm to look at animals.’ - Callum
  11. ‘The community is very friendly, kind and helpful so if you get lost or want to know what place to go to simply ask a person who lives there.’ - Amy ‘Bradborough the city of extraordinary leisure, comfort and fun.’ - Cameron
  12. ‘Everyone loves plays or movies but what about starring in one, write your own play-script and play in it! All in the new block theatre.’ - Isobel 'Mamma Mia'
  13. 'Localised incidents' 'Micronarratives'
  14. The horse funeral (click for video)
  15. The Meaning of the Spheres
  16. The Tornado (click for video)
  17. PhD - 'Investigating the lived experience of a children's virtual world after-school club' • Year long ethnographic study of Minecraft Club • Exploring themes involving engagement, identity, digital play, place and space • Blog:
  18. References • Burnett, C. & Bailey, C. (2014). Conceptualising collaboration in hybrid sites: Playing minecraft together and apart in a primary classroom. . In: Burnett, C., Davies, J., Merchant, G. & J. Rowsell (ed.). New literacies around the globe: Policy and pedagogy. . Abingdon, Oxon, Routledge. • COPE, Bill, KALANTZIS, Mary and New London Group (2000). Multiliteracies: Literacy learning and the design of social futures. New York, Routledge. • Dixon, K. (2011) Literacy, Power and the Schooled Body. London: Routledge • Jenkins, H. (2009) Game Design as Narrative Architecture. In: First Person. 118 - 130 • Street, Brian (2003). What's "new" in new literacy studies? critical approaches to literacy in theory and practice. Current issues in comparative education, 5 (2), 77-91.