Java me lab2-slides (gui programming)


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Java me lab2-slides (gui programming)

  1. 1. Lab 4 (Lab 2 on Java ME)Java ME GUI Programming Pervasive Computing Lab Prepared by: Tuan Nguyen
  2. 2. MIDP User interface High level Screen Alert Form List TextBox Low level Canvas Graphics
  3. 3. FormPicture from:
  4. 4. Let’s Example Mobile Restaurant App  Allow a user to order a meal remotely using a mobile phone. This is a list (List class)
  5. 5. List – a class of ScreenString[] mainCourseOffers={"Steak","Lamb","Chicken"};...//create the listlstMainCourse = new List("Select main course:", Choice.MULTIPLE, mainCourseOffers);//display the list on the screenDisplay.getDisplay(this).setCurrent(lstMainCourse);
  6. 6. Add a Command button to the list//Create a commandcmdNext = new Command("Next", Command.OK, 1);//Add a command “Next” to the Main Course listlstMainCourse.addCommand(cmdNext);//let lstMainCourse listen to the user’s commandslstMainCourse.setCommandListener(this);
  7. 7. Result The “Next” command does nothing now. Let’s add another list called “Dessert List”. When the user selects the Next command, the Dessert List will be displayed on the screen. The “Next” command button
  8. 8. Create the Dessert listString[] dessertOffers = {"Ice Cream", "Chocolate Cake", "Orange Juice"};...//create the Dessert listlstDessert=new List("Select dessert:",Choice.MULTIPLE, dessertOffers);//but not display the dessert list until the user selects the “Next” command.
  9. 9. Implement CommandListener classpublic class Restaurant extends MIDlet implements CommandListener...//process commandspublic void commandAction(Command command, Displayable displayable){ String label = command.getLabel(); if(label.equals("Next")){ Display.getDisplay(this).setCurrent(lstDessert); }}...
  10. 10. Add an Order Summary screen Allow the user see what s/he’s ordering. How? 1. Create the empty Order Summary screen (e.g., a form). 2. Add a command “Proceed” to the Dessert list that navigates to the Order Summary screen. 3. Add code in the commandAction method to process the “Proceed” command.
  11. 11. Get the state of all elements of a list//retrieve selected main coursesboolean[] selectedMainCourses = new boolean[lstMainCourse.size()];lstMainCourse.getSelectedFlags(selectedMainCourses);String strMainCourse = "";for(int i=0; i<lstMainCourse.size(); i++){ if(selectedMainCourses[i]) strMainCourse += mainCourseOffers[i] + ", ";}//retrieve selected dessertboolean[] selectedDessert = new boolean[lstDessert.size()];lstDessert.getSelectedFlags(selectedDessert);String strDessert = "";for(int i=0; i<lstDessert.size(); i++){ if(selectedDessert[i]) strDessert += dessertOffers[i] + ", ";}//update the Order Summary form according to the selected main courses...sItemMainCourse.setText(strMainCourse);sItemDessert.setText(strDessert);Display.getDisplay(this).setCurrent(frmOrderSummary);
  12. 12. Exercise:Improve Mobile Restaurant AppFind the completed code for this app on the subject web site.
  13. 13. HotelBooking Application  Purpose: a customer wants to book a room at Saville Hotel  The UI can be like thisItems areForm, Gauge, Spacer, ImageItem, TextField, DateField, StringItem, ChoiceGroup
  14. 14. Graphics
  15. 15. javax.microedition.lcdui.Canvasclass MyCanvas extends Canvas { public void paint(Graphics g) { // create a 20x20 black square in the centre g.setColor(0xFF0000); // make sure it is red g.fillRect(getWidth()/2–10, getHeight()/2–10, 20, 20); g.setColor(0x0000FF); // make sure it is blue g.drawString("Hello World", getWidth()/2, getHeight()/2 - 10, Graphics.HCENTER | Graphics.BASELINE); }}
  16. 16. References Vikram Goyal , J2ME Tutorial,, 02/09/2005 Michael Juntao Yuan & Kevin Sharp,,, 05/16/2005 Eric Giguere, Databases and MIDP, Part 1: Understanding the Record Management System,, 2004 ggamescores.htm
  17. 17. Time for practice