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Introduction of Heritage Line - The Mekong Collection: The Jahan, Jayavarman Cruises

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Heritage Line - The Mekong Collection

  2. 2. Heritage Line, a consummate collector designs ships to re-create the past of an era gone-by. Each vessel is unique in its décor and setting. Each detail painstakingly crafted, to remake history. Authenticity, tradition, art and exploration lie at the heart of our compilation of the exclusive. Vessels with their own tales to tell. TH E NOB LE B ROTH E R S They are known as brothers, each with his distinct personality and yet bound together by a blue-blooded heritage. Bringing regal beauty to an equally regal waterway. When they meet in the capital of Cambodia it is akin to the arrival of two dignified royals amid a rumble of pomp and pageantry. They are proud, imposing and majestic. Yet, each defiantly tries to be different, is unique in his décor, setting and flavor. And history. The Mekong received its fame from the legendary God King of ancientCambodia, King Jayavarman VII, who linked hands with the waters of the Mekong to build the magnificent Angkor civilization. A journey on the Mekong is an exceptional voyage. Filled with mystery. Rich in history. A full adventure.
  3. 3. JAYAVAR MANA STORY FOR A GOD KINGKing Jayavarman 7th is, without a doubt, the most revered Kingof what is now Cambodia. During his three decade reign, His message is clear. “The time is King Jayavarman laid the country’s now, the hour is nigh,” he beckons infrastructure, constructed us. Like intoxicated lovers of a hospitals, highways and schools revered monarch, we follow his and established a peerless irrigation commandments. system that continuously fed the farms and fields. The god-king constructed his own “temple- Inspired by the golden age cruise mountain” at Bayon and developed liner Normandie, “The Jayavarman” the city of Angkor Thom around it is the father of the Heritage Line which contains the famed Angkor collection with its deep appreciation Wat complex. for the ancient heritage of Indochina. This wonderful boutique ship marries The Jayavarman is the father avant-garde French colonial style with of the Heritage Line Collection. enchanting Indochine architecture. The A grandiose and majestic ship, boat offers 27 generously sized cabins, but not too large that it becomes all with floor-to ceiling sliding-glass impersonal. The Jayavarman’s windows and private outdoor balcony. interior design is inspired by King Each cabin features a unique decor with Jayavarman’s legacy. Aptly named Khmer accents. after the revered monarch of the Khmer empire, the god-king is regal Particulars: but warm. He cuts a majestic figure French-Colonial with Khmer artifacts and pays apt tribute to the golden 27 cabins (three categories) age of cruise liners. A nice, intimate size. Expectations are high for the Indochine Dining Hall god-king. He does not disappoint. Club 1930 Funnel Bar & Lounge “I enjoin you to quaff the wine of my Henry Mouhot Lobby Lounge with kingdom,” his voice sonorous, his Boutique Shop timbre gravelly. Apsara Spa Sun Deck with Jacuzzi We feel welcomed by the King. Much like a child in the presence of a kindly grandfather. We explore His kingdom.
  4. 4. JAYAVAR MANAT A GLANCE “Henry Mouhot” Indochine Dining Hall Lobby Lounge It is difficult not to be wowed Named after the French archeologist by the Indochine Dining Hall. who discovered the Angkor temple Your breakfast spread – gargantuan complex, the Henry Mouhot Lounge and delectable – is lit by the early is the perfect place to curl up with morning rays of the sun. a book. It is wifi connected. The The hall is natural lighting during lounge also hosts the boutique shop day and romantic with its antique and the reception. The Lounge has ceiling lights in the evening. It offers a decidedly scholarly air about it free style seating and food is served – dark furniture with harmonious via buffet or set menu. Asian fabrics, a fine smell of teak wood; white ceiling and rose- The Apsara Beauty painted walls together with a bunch and Wellness Spa of stunning Khmer artifacts bring back memories of the past French The Spa is tucked away in a quiet Colonial era. area at the front of the ship on the main deck. The room is designed “Club 1930” to accommodate two guests at the same time. Selected Asian spa Funnel Bar & Lounge treatments are available ranging Be transported back to 30s and 40s from relaxing foot massage up to in our Club 1930 Bar and Funnel East Western fusions. Lounge. The bar has a warm classical feel and the lounge is spacious and airy. Observe the passing landscape from your dark-wood colonial styled and cushion filled chaise longue or sink in your comfy cane chair for a quick snooze.
  5. 5. JAYAVAR MANDECKS12.12 2.3 3.53 4.3 1 Sun deck with Jacuzzi 3 Upper Deck 4 Main Deck 3.1 Signature Stateroom 4.1 Apsara Spa “Bao Dai” 4.2 our leader cabins T 2 Terrace Deck 3.2 Signature Stateroom 4.3 Superior Stateroom “Jayavarman” 2.1 Wheelhouse and observation platform 3.3 Deluxe Stateroom 2.2 Indochine Dining Hall 3.4 Henry Mouhot Lobby Lounge 2.3 lub 1930 Funnel Bar C with reception Lounge 3.5 L’extreme Orient Boutique Shop
  6. 6. JAYAVAR MANSTATEROOMS Superior Stateroom Signature Stateroom Located on the main deck, the The designers took ample pains 14 Superior Staterooms (4 twin, in ensuring that the Signature 10 double) come with in-room Staterooms have its own identity. bathrooms. The large floor to ceiling There are two Signatures available panoramic glass doors open to the – the Bao Dai and the Jayavarman – balcony (5sqm). Measuring a total both sitting on the upper deck. space of 21sqm (incl. balcony), the superiors are appointed with Bao Dai wooden, white furniture supported is 27sqm in total including a private by decent Asian ornaments and balcony of 3sqm with bow. A heavy fine-art paintings on the walls and royal (Bao Dai was a Vietnamese ceilings. king) dark wood king bed dominates the room. Walls come in a soft Amenities: Individually controlled air saffron tone and are decorated with conditioner, balcony with 2 chairs and Vietnamese designed artifacts. table, mini bar, sun hat, binocular, hand fan, sandals, in-room safe, hair dryer, The Jayavarman bath robe, in-house phone, desk, chairs, luggage rack. is a 27sqm large cabin including a 3sqm balcony. This Signature cabin is dedicated to the Khmer culture. The most stunning facility is the solid- Deluxe Stateroom wood and king-size four-poster bed Located on the upper deck and with an impressive olive coloured with a floor space of 24sqm the 11 gypsum artwork at the bed-head Deluxe Staterooms (3 twin, 8 double, displaying an Apsara dancer. 1 connecting) with own balcony (5sqm) offer an in-room bathroom Amenities: Individually controlled air which is separated from the sleeping conditioner, balcony with 2 chairs and area by a mighty wooden sliding table, mini bar, sun hat, binocular, hand door. The very warm tone of the fan, sandals, in-room safe, hair dryer, in- cabin designed with dark weighty house phone, desk, chairs, sofa, luggage antique furniture or the hand made, rack, bath robe, LCD screen with DVD/ rustic copper sink in the bathroom music player. bring back the feeling of the 1930s Indochine lifestyle. Amenities: Individually controlled air conditioner, balcony with 2 chairs and table, mini bar, sun hat, binocular, hand fan, sandals, in-room safe, hair dryer, bath robe, in-house phone, desk, chairs, luggage rack.
  7. 7. JAYAVAR MANLIFE ON BOARDLife on the Jayavarman is one luxurious experience after another.Allow us to paint – in your mind’s eye – the picture of romance, majestyand mystery that becomes you when you board the Jayavarman. You step out on to your private balcony, sipping your cocktail made with fruits from the land that envelops you. The sun sets gently and the charming countryside becomes a silhouette shining on the river. You soon realize that you’ve never been in a place so peaceful and so serene, occasionally punctuated by a child’s raucous laughter ringing from a nearby village. Darkness descends, signaling the time for a traditional feast. Food from the region is served by waiters who, by now, have become your friends. They are a tad shy yet, they are proud to put on display their traditional attire and share their culture with you. After a night’s sleep, the soft rays of the sun warm your face. Thai Chi lessons await you on the upper sun deck, ready to connect you to the energy that is so plentiful in this cultured and spiritual place. At every corner, every river bend aboard this luxurious and majestic ship, new sights and new experiences are ready and waiting to be found.
  8. 8. TH E JAHANPRODUCT OF A ROMANTIC TALEThe Jahan is the product of a hopelesslyromantic tale.“My story is quite interesting,” says the Jahan. Quite the understatement. Years ago, lived the indefatigable in the Jahan. To her utter joy, Lord Lady Kashmira, an Indian woman Byron returned to India and he lived of bewitching beauty. She was with Lady Kashmira until his death a talented artist, an impeccable in 1977. As they were childless, composer and a prolific writer. She Lady Kashmira sold the boat and inherited her artistic traits from her contributed the proceeds towards a ancestor, the revered Shah Jahan, school of arts for the impoverished emperor of the Mughal Empire in children of Rajasthan. India (1628-1658). She loved traveling and painted her travelogues on exquisite landscapes. And she fell This British-Indian Colonial-themed madly in love with Lord Byron, a flagship has all the trappings of a British poet. Her family strongly centuries-old marvel. The décor, the opposed the union - wished for her colors, the architecture, the carefully to marry an Indian aristocrat. But chosen paintings and decorative items she refused to follow the script. They transport you to a bygone era. The eloped in search of true love. Both luxury and boutique Jahan owns 26 lived happily together on a boat, beautifully appointed cabins on two aptly named the Jahan, after her decks, each with a private balcony. Two illustrious ancestor. 52sqm individually designed suites with private Jacuzzi showcase the pearls Lady Kashmira spent most of her of this vessel. On the terrace deck the time recreating her childhood Jahan combines a large pool, the Spa, an memories in the Jahan. The couple’s Observatory Lounge, restaurant and the room was made out of white marble famous East India Club outdoor bar. in a lasting tribute to the glorious Taj Mahal, which was built by Shah Particulars: Jahan in memory of his third wife, British-Indian Colonial Mumtaz Mahal. Indeed, the Jahan 26 cabins (4 categories) was a harmonious mélange of East and West. Alas, the love story took Viceroy Dining Hall a heart-breaking turn. When the East India Club British troops withdrew from India The Raj of India Lobby Lounge in 1947, Lord Byron had to return to Obervatory Lounge England. Lady Kashmira remained Apsara Spa in India. She was heart-broken but she continued to care for the boat. Gym and Steam Bath She would exhibit her paintings Sun deck with Jacuzzi pool
  9. 9. TH E JAHANAT A GLANCE The Raj of India side walls, white ceiling with golden Observatory Pool deck borders and elegant finished chairs The boutique British-Indian The Observatory is an elegant, The large pool – constructed with and tables shows its full royal shine lobby lounge is the perfect place tasteful and welcoming Indian intricate Turkish Mosaic floor tiles is in the evening when British styled to kick-back and grab a magazine lounge with wide cozy styled diwans. an oasis to refresh. Soak in the rays luster bathes the room in decent from our library. Wifi is available It is the ideal place to “observe” of the sun on restful sun beds. Then, light. as well. The tranquil atmosphere life on the Mekong through the jump into our splendid Jacuzzi and with white, crème and golden tones, panoramic windows. Play the allow the bubbles to caress you. wide sofas, comfy chairs, Indian East India Club antique chess game or simply relax lamps and the Old England styled The East India Club is an open funnel after spa whilst munching on some Gym and Steam Bath reception are a throwback to the bar and lounge which recreates a fruit snacks. The Observatory is also Burn away all those extra calories at days of Colonial India. British-India feel with camel bone used for private functions – candle our gym and steam bath. The bath is in-lays and a unique oriental lamp, light dinners. a marvelous way to relax with your Viceroy Dining Hall replete with Sanskrit carvings, partner in steamy privacy. The Jahan’s elegant Viceroy Dining hanging down the middle of the bar. Apsara Spa The East India Club is the perfect Hall is located next to the bar on Enjoy exquisite romance and privacy place to unwind and quaff a drink the terrace deck and offers al-fresco as the Apsara Spa has two treatment whilst savoring the splendors of the dining with free style seating. rooms. With more than 20 different setting sun. Ascetically designed, the Viceroy aroma oils to choose from as well Hall is day light flooded with many as a variety of fine treatments, our high windows. The hall in azure packages are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.
  10. 10. TH E JAHANDECKS 2.5 2.62.2 3.43.2 3.5 1 Terrace Deck 2 Upper Deck 3 Main Deck 1.1 Apsara Spa 2.1 uite “The Taj” S 3.1 Fitness 1.2 Observatory Lounge 2.2 Wheelhouse 3.2 Steam Bath 1.3 Front Sun Deck 2.3 uite “Lord Byron” S 3.3 Tour leader cabins 1.4 Pool Deck 2.4 Signature Stateroom 3.4 Superior Stateroom with jacuzzi pool 2.5 he Raj of India T 3.5 Signature Stateroom 1.5 Viceroy Dining Hall Lobby Lounge with reception 1.6 ast of India Bar E Boutique Shop Lounge 2.6 Deluxe Stateroom
  11. 11. TH E JAHANSTATEROOMS Superior Stateroom All 12 Superior Staterooms in bright tones with redish wall and ceiling artworks are situated on the main deck and gracefully designed – with white wood furnishings and hand painted wall to ceiling decors. The 30sqm cabin has a large 4sqm private balcony and a queen size bed. The in-cabin bathroom features an outsized shower and the lounge partition is inviting for a rest on a sofa with an all around river view. Four twin-bedded (convertible into double bed) rooms are available. Amenities: Individually controlled air conditioner, hot water kettle, ILLY espresso machine, balcony with 2 chairs and table, mini bar, hair dryer, internal phone, desk, chairs, luggage rack, bath robe, sun hat, binocular, hand fan, sandals, in-room safe, tablet PC with information, music and cabin sound system. Deluxe Stateroom Located on the upper deck and with a total space of 30sqm, the Deluxe Staterooms are designed in a warm orange hue and filled with dark colonial furniture. Hand painted ornaments underline the Indian theme. in-room movie system. There are a total of 8 Deluxe rooms on board, each with its own balcony (4sqm) and a queen size bed. Two twin-bedded (convertible into double bed) rooms are available. Amenities: Individually controlled air conditioner, Hot water kettle, ILLY espresso machine, balcony with 2 chairs and table, mini bar, hair dryer, in-house phone, desk, chairs, luggage rack, bath robe, sun hat, binocular, hand fan, sandals, in-room safe, tablet PC with information, music and cabin sound system. Signature Stateroom Two Signatures are located on the main deck (36sqm in total, 5sqm balcony) and two sit in the front area of the upper deck (32sqm in total, 4sqm balcony). All four have a white-crème façade topped with hand-made marvelous indigo-blue Indian patterns, borders and ornaments which give the cabin a dignified appearance. The large wooden four-poster king bed is accompanied by a heavy treasure chest at the foot end to store your belongings. Amenities: Individually controlled air conditioner, hot water kettle, ILLY espresso machine, balcony with 2 chairs and table, mini bar, sun hat, binocular, hand fan, sandals, in-room safe, hair dryer, in-house phone, desk, chairs, sofa, luggage rack, bath robe, tablet PC with information, music and cabin sound system, LCD screen.
  12. 12. SuiteThe Suite Staterooms are synonymous withspace, beauty and luxury.There are two individually designed suitesat the best front location on the upper deckavailable. Both suites have enormous 51sqmfloor space. The TajOur Indian Suite is peppered with designsand styles brought in from India. A feastfor the eyes – dark wood with camel bonedinlayed chairs, tables, cabinets, side tablesand vanity case. The dining lounge, theextravagant solid camel bone sofa and thelarge majestic wooden bed offer you thefull “Shah” feeling. This suite offers twoprivate balconies (11 sqm in total) – onewith Jacuzzi. Lord ByronLord Byron is – as the name suggests – ourBritish designed Suite. This cabin featuresa light decent mint green ambiance onthe walls which are covered with British-Colonial paintings - all manually crafted.The furniture comes in hazelnut brownfinishing and the extra large bathroomfeatures an exquisite shower. Lord Byronhas one large balcony (11 sqm) including anoutdoor Jacuzzi.Amenities: Individually controlled airconditioner, hot water kettle, ILLY espressomachine, balcony with 2 chairs and table, minibar, hair dryer, in-house phone, desk, diningtable, chairs, sofa, luggage rack, bath robe, sunhat, binocular, hand fan, sandals, in-room safe,tablet PC with information, music and cabinsound system, in-room movie system with LCDscreen, outdoor jacuzzi.
  13. 13. TH E JAHANLIFE ON BOARDLife aboard the Jahan will read much like a royal tale. As the rays of the morningsun glide across the balcony to your well-appointed room you will be gentlyrustled from your slumber. It feels like you were taken back to a time whenroyals slept in whimsical abodes and awoke by the glow of the balmy sun - themysteries of the day are yet to unfold. You will hear the pop of a cork and gentle sizzling sound as delectable Prosecco is being prepared to accompany your morning feast. The balcony is the ideal place for your breakfast if you wish for privacy. With such pleasant interruption to the tranquil surroundings, you are assured that the day – which has only just begun – will be laden with promise. The twists and turns of the Mekong – and the therapeutic cadence of the waves – serve as an inspiration to you. At this stage, you quickly come to the conclusion that you have not experienced anything like this before. The High Tea, prepared to perfection at afternoon’s, will, once again, bring you back to the days of yore – when men tipped their hats and ladies intermittently covered their visages behind paper fans.
  14. 14. SIGNATURE ACTIVITIES PREMIUM VALUESHeritage Line is not just a cruise company which crafts memorable experiences. Our Signature and Suite guests receive even more body andOur on- and offshore Signature activities guarantee full adventure alongside an soul pampering: In-suite dining, private candle light dinnerexceptional voyage. in the Observatory Lounge, complimentary mini bar, laundry, private excursions and spa sessions. The private butler is at hand to help you anytime - be it with your luggage, a simple shoe-shine or draw a scented bath.* *please note that available premium values depend on booked cruise option and boat. Detailed and updated information on www.heritage-line.com OUR JOURNEYS The Lost Civilization 7 nights Saigon - Siem Reap (or vice versa) The classic Mekong river cruise, the lost civilization combines places rarely visited with opulent world heritage sites. Serenity cruise 3 or 4 nights Phnom Penh - Siem Reap (or vice versa) The best of rural Cambodia offers green landscapes, ancient temples and smiling faces - all off the beaten track. Pearl of the Orient 3 nights Saigon - Phnom Penh (or vice versa) four-day cruise for cruise aficionados with less time on their hands connecting the A Pearl of the Orient with the Paris of the East. I nteresting lectures and educational workshops Deep in the Delta 2 nights Saigon - Chau Doc (or vice versa) V ietnamese and Khmer cooking classes The best of lower Mekong and its tributaries on the most luxurious means of T raditional Apsara dance performances transportation. Fish farming, ancient traditions, impressive mangrove forests and canals. F ruit and drink tastings T ai Chi classes M ovies and documentaries on large screen in our home-feel lounges C yclo rides or sampan paddling Technical figures H elping hands - healing heart - get to know Heritage Line social engagement in Jayavarman The Jahan South East Asia Launch November 2009 October 2011 W ifi access in our lobby lounges Length / Width / Height 57,8 m / 11,1 m / 10 m  70m / 12,5 m / 9 m B onfire beach cocktail event Beam / Draft 11 m / 1,6 m 12,8 m / 1,7 m O nboard barbecue dinner feast Gross tonnage 700 tons 1000 tons L ibrary with literature, newspapers, magazines, CD DVD Cruising speed 10 nautical knots 10 nautical knots B outique shop Electricity 220v 220v B oard games Capacity / Cabins 54 passengers 52 passengers 27 cabins (three categories) 26 cabins (four categories) Kayaking Water Reverse osmosis and UV water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant. M ekong at your own pace (The Jahan) Safety Radio Comm., Radar, GPS, PA system, life jackets, life rafts, fire Discover the secret charms of the Mekong by our private excursions hydrants, flares and signals, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors in with your personal guide. each cabin, CO2 engine room fire fighting system.
  15. 15. Notes Heritage Line Co. Ltd. 68 Street Nr. 10 - Tran Trong Cung Tan Thuan Dong Ward (District 7) Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam info@heritage-line.com