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Product Camp Customer Success for Product Managers


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Customer Success for Product Managers - slides from the discussion held at Silicon Valley Product Camp 2015.

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Product Camp Customer Success for Product Managers

  1. 1. Customer  Success  for  Product   Managers   Kay  Khandpur   Haim  Toeg   Product  Camp,  March  2015  
  2. 2. What  is  Customer  Success   …  the  goal  of  this  funcBon  is  to  become  the   “trusted  advisor”  to  the  company,  to  make  their   customers  successful  with  the  products  they   have  purchased,  and  ensure  that  they  are   realizing  economic  value  from  their  investments   in  order  to  preserve  their  revenue.   Source:  Forrester  
  3. 3. Customer  Success  Primary  Goals     •  Protect  exisBng  revenue  –  eliminate  reasons  for   non  renewal:   –  Support   –  Service   –  Training   –  ConBnuity  –  Loss  of  champion  =/=  loss  of  customer   •  Promote  organic  growth   –  AddiBonal  users  for  exisBng  use-­‐cases   –  New  use-­‐cases   –  Create  references  /  advocates    
  4. 4. Customer  Facing  AcBviBes   •  Hand-­‐off  from  sales  /  services   •  Provisioning   •  Onboarding   •  On-­‐going  account  management   –  Support   –  Training   •  Periodic  business  reviews   •  Renewal  [possibly  by  sales  /  renewal  specialist]   •  Opportunity  idenBficaBon   •  Upsell  [possibly  by  sales]  
  5. 5. Inward  Flowing  InformaBon   •  Voice  of  the  customer   – QuanBtaBve:  RelaBonship  surveys,  QBRs,  Health   checks   – QualitaBve:  Advisory  boards,  meeBngs,  usability   studies   •  Usage  informaBon   •  Market  intelligence   •  Gaps  and  requirements   •  Customer  SaBsfacBon  /  NPS  
  6. 6. ProtecBng  ExisBng  Revenue   •  Customer  pain  points  drive  Product  Management  focus     •  Ease  of  adopBon   –  Minimize  Bme  to  value:     •  Rapid  deployment/on-­‐boarding   •  Built-­‐in  tutorials  and  ‘Gedng  Started’  guides   •  Access  support  /  self  service  from  within  the  app  /  product     •  How  to  measure  -­‐  customer  effort  score   •  Understand  usage  paferns     –  What  are  your  customers  doing?   •  Does  this  map  to  how  you  thought  they  would  use  your  product?   –  Are  they  working  around  shortcomings?   –  Or  have  they  figured  out  innovaBve  ways  to  use  your  product?   –  What  are  your  customers  not  doing?   •  Unused  features  -­‐  why?     –  Customers’  interacBon  with  your  company   •  Are  they  talking  with  sales?  Reading  markeBng  materials?  VisiBng  website?  Calling   support?  How  to  measure  and  quanBfy?  
  7. 7. PromoBng  organic  growth     •  What  is  the  effort  required  to  add  more  users   once  in  producBon?   – Can  this  be  done  by  User  Admins?   – Can  your  CS  team  easily  show  the  value  the   customer  is  deriving?   •  Do  new  use-­‐cases  require  new  sales  effort?    
  8. 8. Working  with  Customer  Success   •  InformaBon  flow   – Customer  Success  provides  customer  intelligence   – Usage  informaBon     •  PM  provides  feature  roadmap,  bug  fixes    
  9. 9. QuesBons   •  Techniques  used  to  associate  product  usage   with  churn  /  value   – AnalyBcs   – Process  mining   •  KCS  informaBon  flow  –  consolidate  customer   input  into  acBonable  insight   – Double  loop  
  10. 10.