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Seven Surinamese Graduates from SIMS/SDC


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The Surinamese Institute of Management Studies/Sojourner Douglas College held their 2nd Graduation Ceremony at the Royal Torarica in Paramaribo, Suriname on June 13, 2013. Seven students graduated to deal with the booming tourism sector in Suriname.

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Seven Surinamese Graduates from SIMS/SDC

  1. 1. SIMS/SDC Graduation Ceremony, SurinameJune 13, 2013
  2. 2. Dr. CharlesSimmons,DennisRusland, Dr.SophiaRolle, Dr.GregoryRusland andHaimdatSawh
  3. 3. FormerSIMS/SDCStudent,Dr. SophiaRolle, Dr.CharlesSimmons,Dr.GregoryRusl andHaimdatSawh
  4. 4. RachidiandMrs.Sawh
  5. 5. Mrs.Sawh,InstructoratSIMS/SDC
  6. 6. Dr.Simmons,Presidentof SDCandHaimdatSawh,InstructoratSIMS/SDC
  7. 7. DennisRusland, Dr.CharlesSimmons, Dr.GregoryRusland,studentreceivingdiploma andHaimdat Sawh
  8. 8. MinacheandHaimdat
  9. 9. MinacheandMilton
  10. 10. Minache
  11. 11. DennisRusland, Dr.CharlesSimmons, Dr.GregoryRusland,studentreceivingdiploma andHaimdatSawh