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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. MEDIA SAVY KIDS BAD ADS By: Christina B
  2. 2. Skinny Girl Models Both of these products that are trying to be sold have models that are abnormally skinny.Versace is selling perfume and Ralph Lauren is selling clothes. This is offensive to girls because they encourage girls to try to have these kind of bodies that are unhealthy to there bodies.
  3. 3. Male Models Both of these models are from abercrombie and they are telling boys and men to have abs and muscles and still be skinny and have there version of perfect bodies. content/uploads/2009/07/abercrombie_londo n.jpg
  4. 4. Shave Your Head? This advertisement is for McDonalds. It is a bad advertisement because it is telling people to shave there heads to get a cookie . This is not right because people shouldn’t change their appearances just to get something extra. content/uploads/2007/03/britney-bald-ad.jpg
  5. 5. McDonalds This advertisement is also for McDonalds. It is influencing kids to eat a burger and greasy fries. It is not healthy for you but they are making the appearance look good for the kids.These foods cause headaches, wheezing, and they have chemicals in them that are harmful for you body. style/food-and-drink/news/on-the-menu- at-mcdonalds-78-additives-some-may-be- harmful-767533.html 4.jpg
  6. 6. Doctors’ Agree This advertisement is for Camel cigarettes and it is showing people that if doctors smoke then it is okay to smoke themselves. It is basically saying that smoking is good , because people trust their doctors opinion. content/images/Doctors_Smoke.jpg
  7. 7. Don’t Over Drink It says drink responsibly but what does it mean to be responsible if you drink. If you have an over dose you could kill someone and your own self. Don’t ever drink and drive and drink responsibly. content/uploads/2009/08/bud-light-otter11.jpg
  8. 8. I Vant to suck you blood This is a bad ad because they are selling tampons in a vampires mouth. It is just a silly ad that does not show anything about the use of the product _campaigns_aimed_at_women.php
  9. 9. Listen To Your Doctor I just don’t get this advertisement at all. It is a silly advertisement and does not make that much sense to the viewers. It is about a show company but it is a doctor. I'm just so confused and think it is silly. _campaigns_aimed_at_women.php
  10. 10. Bad For You And Your Baby This is a stupid advertisement because it has a pregnant woman advertising beer. Women are not supposed to drink alcohol when they are pregnant so it is influencing pregnant woman to drink while they have a baby. _campaigns_aimed_at_women.php
  11. 11. Would you like lies on that sandwich? This advertisement is bad because it is lying to the media. It only has 6 grams of fat when you don’t put any of your favorite condiments on it . Just the bread and the meat are 6 grams. You can’t add anything or else it will be over 6 grams. nts.htm way.jpg
  12. 12. Geico The Geico commercials are just stupid.They try to make them funny when they are just ridiculous.The money stack and the cave men are just plane silly. content/uploads/2009/09/geico.jpg content/uploads/2010/08/geico-logo-with- gecko-450x280.jpg
  13. 13. No God??? This is offensive because it is going against religious beliefs. It is hurtful to people that worship God.This is just a advertisement that is hurtful. -0-02F61967000005DC-412_468x330.jpg
  14. 14. Doo Dah Dippity This advertisement has a catchy tune to lure kids and teenagers to ask their parents to get this car. It is bad because it doesn’t tell you anything about the car it just has hamsters singing a rap to lure kids. content/uploads/2010/05/kia_soul_hamster_hi p_hop_main.jpg
  15. 15. Febreze This ad is a stupid ad because it has an old lady with a small nose. It is saying that she could smell febreze even with her small sniffer. It also has the bottle a lot smaller than it should be. It is steriotypical because it is saying that only old ladies use febreze. content/uploads/2008/04/picture-3.png
  16. 16. Old Spice Aint So Nice This guy isn't even using the equipment right. He is using the thing that you are supposed to put on your chest on his nose. Also it is about odor protection as some sort of disease.This is just a stupid advertisement that makes no sense 00000/Old-Spice-neil-patrick-harris-1627183- 450-600.jpg
  17. 17. Thank You Four Watching!!!