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Designing Customer Experiences


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Designing Customer Experiences

  1. 1. Designing Customer Experiences By: Haider Al-Mosawi @haideralmosawi
  2. 2. Presentation Goals GOAL #1Focus On The Customer Experience GOAL #2Build Systems Within Your Startup
  3. 3. Questions…1- Do you have a startup?2- What does your startup offer? (Web service, mobile application, physical products, offline services)3- What part of the business do youstruggle with the most?
  4. 4. What Is The Customer Experience? How Do We Design It?
  5. 5. Rational Or Emotional? Carbonnyc @ flickr
  6. 6. “People may not remember exactlywhat you did, or what you said, butthey will always remember how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou
  7. 7. The Golden RuleTreat Your Customers The Way You Want To Be Treated… As A Customer.
  8. 8. EMPATHY
  9. 9. What does your customer want?What problem does he have?What is his customer journey?How does he feel about every step ofthe way?
  10. 10. Your Company Profile
  11. 11. ISSUES Self-Obsessed Defensive AggressiveMultiple Personalities Moody Fake Blame Game
  12. 12. Your Company’s PersonalityIts Purpose In LifeWhat Others Say About ItWhat You Don’t Want Others ToSay About It
  13. 13. Repeats
  14. 14. Referrals
  15. 15. :)@haideralmosawi