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  1. 1. Here’s a funny thing
  2. 2. Of B2B companies surveyed stated PowerPoint was their most important sales tool
  3. 3. Yet 72% of companies do not regularly review theirpresentations
  4. 4. We at Eyeful find this rather worrying
  5. 5. Why are we so worried ?
  6. 6. Because the PowerPoint is the culmination of a lot of work! Final Sales Presentation Marketing Spend People Spend Product Development
  7. 7. Product Development Spend Development Protection Research Licensing Branding
  8. 8. People Spend
  9. 9. ntsl gi ng Marketing uk rs tsM ta irie ch Pabti rR Spend le air vc roe M V AW Bd D ir
  10. 10. Final Sales Homegrown Credibility Lack of Poor Presentation presentation! Crumbles structure design
  11. 11. Got you thinking? We haven’t finished yet
  12. 12. Are you really supporting sales ?
  13. 13. How are you holding up against the competition? Your Your competition business
  14. 14. Time to act! How can we help?
  15. 15. Presentation Health Check Find out just how well your PowerPoint presentation is performing
  16. 16. Presentation Audit Conduct an on-site review & evaluation of your company’s key presentations
  17. 17. How do we know these work? We listen to our customers... We’re now working PowerPoint much harder First Data
  18. 18. How do we know these work? We listen to our customers... Our presentation is now not only more visually appealing, it’s more effective Software AG
  19. 19. How do we know these work? We listen to our customers... We didn’t know you could do this in PowerPoint! Microsoft
  20. 20. Contact Eyeful 0845 056 8528