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  • Presentation Notes:
  • Presentation notes:
    The food supplement industry is a $48 billion dollar industry … and the Nutrilite share is over $2.7 billion (based on 2005 sales).
    Nutrilite is a nutrition pioneer and a leader in this competitive, profitable industry!
    Nutrilite began in the 1930s, when founder Carl Rehnborg began his pioneering nutrition research in China and the U.S.
    Today – more than 70 years later – we are the world’s leading global brand of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements based on 2004 sales– and an industry leader in nutrition research, development, and innovation.
    Nutrilite products give our customers a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness – encouraging people to take personal responsibility to reach for optimal health.
  • Presentation notes:
    Nutrilite was the first in North American to produce and sell multivitamin/mineral supplement product.
    Carl Rehnborg, founder of the NUTRILITE™ brand, created the first known multivitamin/mineral product sold in North America.
    Its formula was based on the connection he recognized between what people eat and their overall health.
    Nutrilite has a 70-year history of leadership - in research, organic farming and sustainable agriculture, processing and quality manufacturing of supplements and other products.
    Today, Carl Rehnborg’s son, Dr. Sam Rehnborg continues this leadership tradition as President of the Nutrilite Health Institute.
  • Presentation notes:
    Nutrilite gives you more than most supplement companies:
    We deliver exceptional products, and also offer extensive knowledge, information and support - to help our customers reach for optimal health.
    Optimal Health compels you to choose every day to be your best by selecting the right foods and supplements, engaging in exercise and rest, and by incorporating healthy habits and balance in everything you do.
    Optimal Health compels you to choose every day to be your best … by focusing on:
    The importance of a plant based diet and good nutrition.
    The importance of supplementation to support good health.
    The importance of exercise, rest, relaxation and optimistic thinking.
    Understanding lifestyle risk factors, such as smoking.
  • Presentation Notes:
    The Nutrilite Health Institute is a global collaboration of experts dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health through research, education and practical solutions.
    Within the Nutrilite Health Institute, The Center for Optimal Health, a 33,000 sq. ft. building, is an exceptional teaching and training facility dedicated to helping our customers reach for optimal health.
    This dedication is supported by over 100 top scientists and experts in a variety of disciplines
    This world-class facility brings together science, nutrition, fitness, research and people … for a personal, interactive, educational and inspirational experience focused on health and the Nutrilite brand.
    We call it the Nutrilite Experience.
    Since 1997, over 13,000 IBOs from 26 countries have undergone fitness and health screenings through the Nutrilite Experience.
  • Presentation notes:
    NUTRILITE™ is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on our own certified organic farms.
    Nutrilite owns over 6,400 acres of land on 4 farms, in three countries.
    We own more farmland than any other supplement company in the world.
    Wherever we grow the ingredients used in NUTRILITE products, the crops are grown in accordance with nature – the way Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg believed in farming.
    We have been using sustainable farming practices long before certified organic standards were made official.
    We avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.
    We replenish the soil, rather than depleting it.
    We use natural, environmentally-friendly methods to control weeds, insects, and other harmful predators.
    By maintaining control over the ingredients and how they are grown, we can ensure that NUTRILITE supplements contain only high-quality ingredients. Quality from the ground up.
    Now, I’ve just given you 5 reasons – remember we said each reason is worth $5.60 ? Right now, we’re at $28. So let’s continue.
  • Presentation notes:
    Nutrilite produces over 8.5 billion tablets and capsules every year.
    Nutrilite controls the process from seed to finished product like Nutrilite.
    Whenever possible, Nutrilite uses what nature provides, using whole plant material versus solely synthetic materials, in all our food supplements.
    NUTRILITE plants are dehydrated and processed within hours of harvest, using special methods and state-of-the-art equipment to capture nature’s valuable nutrients.
    We use a proprietary pasteurization process reduces the microbial count to safe levels.
    We also use a proprietary dehydration process - with low temperature and efficient air movement in a short period time to reduce drying time.
    And, our unique concentration process ensures that the nutritional value and quality are locked-in at their peak values.
  • Presentation notes:
    Nutrilite supplements contain natural plant-based concentrates rich in phytonutrients.
    Throughout his life, Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg believed a plant-based diet full of phytonutrients was the optimum way to achieve good nutrition – the way nature intended.
    Because they are made from whole plant concentrates, many NUTRILITE supplements contain a wide array of phytonutrients – beneficial compounds found in plants.
    We produce more than 100 plant concentrates for use in our supplements.
    Phytonutrients are becoming the nutrition focus of the 21st Century – and Nutrilite has always recognized the nutritional value of whole plant compounds, and the good-health value of a plant-based diet.
    Think color in your everyday diet, with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables – for optimal health.
  • Presentation notes:
    Any multivitamin will deliver vitamins and minerals. Some may even include a few phytonutrients. But NUTRILITE supplements give you more, adding concentrated nutrients from whole plants.
    We use many state-of-the-art technologies to measure the quality and validity of our products:
    We use a complex scientific technology called chromatography to clearly shows the broader spectrum of phytonutrient activity in NUTRILITE supplements versus synthetically-manufactured competitive supplements.
    Although not required, we choose to follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to ensure that NUTRILITE™ products are safe, properly identified, and of the highest quality.
    Our rigid GMP standards extend well beyond our manufacturing facilities – covering the science labs where we develop our formulas, and even into the crops produced by outside growers.
    Nutrilite performs over 15,000 quality control tests each month, and over 400,000 product evaluations each year, at all phases of production - an average of 330 quality tests and checks per batch of supplements.
    This constant commitment to quality is just another reason why Nutrilite has become a global leader in the nutritional supplements industry.
  • Presentation notes:
    Millions of satisfied customers worldwide have been sharing the benefits of the Nutrilite brand for over 70 years.
    Every day, over 1,000 employees in Michigan, California, Washington State, Mexico, and Brazil, including over 100 scientists and experts, demonstrate their passion, commitment, and dedication to the Nutrilite brand.
    Every day, these professionals deliver world-class ingredients, products, research, and customer experiences that live up to the Nutrilite name.
    All Nutrilite scientific research is led by the Scientific Advisory Board, under the leadership of Dr. Sam Rehnborg.
    This ten-member board is comprised of leading scientists from around the world, in the fields of nutrition, health, and genetics.
    Together, our employees – farmers, production and office staff, scientists and researchers – truly represent the best of people … and every day, through their work with Nutrilite and through the products they produce, they help people live better lives.
  • Presentation notes:
    The Nutrilite brand has always represented cutting-edge nutrition science.
    Nutrilite Health Institute scientists and researchers have completed groundbreaking studies into all aspects of nutrition, genetics, and supplementation.
    In fact, NUTRILITE™ products are among the few brands that are supported by this high level of scientific staff and laboratory facilities.
    Since our first research study with a leading university in 1952, we have conducted:
    50 clinical studies completed on Nutrilite products, prototypes, and concentrates
    6 externally sponsored in vitro studies
    6 nutrition assessments
    30 research sites in 5 countries
    Over 100 patents
    222 publications
    And our many global patents demonstrate clearly that NUTRILITE™ products and associated processes truly are differentiated from other brands in the marketplace.
    Our commitment to the exciting new field of Nutrigenomics means we will soon make it possible for people to know their potential risk for certain chronic health conditions.
    Eventually, we hope to be able to precisely tailor diet and supplement recommendations to address your personal risk for certain health related conditions.
  • Presentation Notes:
    Only the Nutrilite brand can say that it has been around for 70 years and is the world’s leading global brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements (based on 2004 sales) - and an industry leader in nutrition research, development and innovation.
  • 10 reason why nutrilites

    1. 1. 10 Reason Why Nutrilite is The Best
    2. 2. 1. Pioneer & Nutrition Leader Food supplements today = A $48 billion industry The Nutrilite share = $2.7 billion! Nutrilite: Carl Rehnborg’s pioneering research in the 1920s and 1930 70+ years as industry leader in nutrition research and innovation The world’s leading brand of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements
    3. 3. 2. The Pioneer of Multivitamins/Mineral First to produce and sell multivitamin/mineral supplements 70+ years of: Farming Nutrition research Product innovation Quality manufacturing Led today by Dr. Sam Rehnborg, President - Nutrilite Health Institute
    4. 4. 3. Commitment To Optimal Health Philosophy Nutrilite helps you achieve optimal health by stressing: 1. The importance of a plant-based diet and good nutrition 2. Supplementation to ensure proper nutrients 3. The value of exercise, rest, and positive thinking 4. The effects of lifestyle risk factors, such as smoking
    5. 5. 4. The NHI Center for Optimal Health Research, education, and practical solutions Over 100 top scientists and experts The Nutrilite Experience: Education brought to life Since 1997 over 13,000 IBOS from 26 countries have undergone fitness and health screenings through the Nutrilite Experience
    6. 6. 5. Certified Organic & Beyond 4 Farms, 3 countries & over 6,400 acres Ubajara, Brazil El Petacal, Mexico Trout Lake, Washington USA Lakeview, California USA Sustainable farming practices include using: Compost Earthworms Lady bugs Natural fertilizers Sheep No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers Quality from the ground up!
    7. 7. 6. Total Control & Proprietary Process From seed to finished product Nutrilite produces over 8.5 billion tablets and capsules every year Our own pasteurization and dehydration methods Our own unique concentration process Low temperature gentle processing
    8. 8. 7. Plant Concentrates & Phytonutrients Over 100 Plant Concentrates – the full spectrum of color NUTRILITE supplements contain a wide array of phytonutrients Phytonutrients are becoming the nutrition focus of the 21 st Century In your daily diet: Think Color!
    9. 9. 8. Commit to Quality Chromatography: Specialized technology for measurement & validation Utilize GMPs in key areas: Good Manufacturing Practices 15,000 quality control tests each month Over 400,000 product evaluations annually
    10. 10. 9. The Best of People Led by Dr. Sam Rehnborg, Ph.D. Over 1,000 employees worldwide Over 100 scientists and experts Helping people live better lives
    11. 11. 10. Future Focused Innovation, Science & Technology Bioassays & clinical research 40 Clinical studies 30 Research sites in 5 countries 220 Publications, Over 100 Patents Global affiliations with leading research centers Nutrigenomics Partnership with Interleukin Genetic expression (DNA) Personalized Health Solutions
    12. 12. Pioneer & Nutrition Leader The Originator & First in North America Our Total Commitment to Optimal Health NHI Center for Optimal Health Certified Organic & Beyond Total Control & Proprietary Processes Full Spectrum Of Color. Plant Concentrates & Phytonutrients State-of-the-art Measurement & Quality The Best of People Cutting-edge Futurefocused Technology With these 10 resaons, There is no competition!
    13. 13. + The Best Business Opportunity! Supported by The Leading Global Nutritional Brand Full PV/BV Consumed Every Day Business Qualifier Worth Any Price! High value for Personal Health