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Presentation for ALAO 2010 conference.
"Free as in Kittens: Using Free Social Media Tools to Promote Your Library and Librarians"

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  • No, there are no pictures of kittens.
  • Just a bit of background about what social networks we use and how they are managed at Alden.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Blogs – news blog
  • Subject blog – Find Out First (new student blog)
  • Subject blog – Business
  • Each account was start separately, usually by someone who wanted to just try it out. Not a coordinated effort by any means.
  • + PR committee
  • Some other things we’ve shared that aren’t library related: university and campus group organizations, AP Stylebook notes (because so many of the followers are in Journalism)
  • Don’t always RT Twitter posts right away – especially if you likely have the save audience (@ohiou tweets)
    Relate content to what your community is already thinking about, and tell them how your stuff fits into that.
  • Insights > Users > Total
    Found out how to see these stats from a student on campus who tweeted about it.
  • Shea Daniels works in Digital Initiatives, but is also president of Future Women of Appalachia. She wrote a blog post about her feelings about Appalachian Heritage Day at OU.
  • But I don’t think you have to be a digital native to be good at this.
    Mention the “action item,” answering questions on your blog.
  • *except maybe not this exact photo, since it indicates that our party school image is earned historically
  • In general students come here because they have to, not because they want to. This is a hard lesson to learn, but it’s important to know.
  • There are other tools with Hoot Suite, but we don’t really use them. They also offer a link shortening service (with or without the toolbar at the top of the page) and statistics.
  • Definitely need direction on what the library is and what should be the goals of the project. Looking at event planning for next quarter to give them something to work on. Created a survey that probably wont tell us much.
  • We had some PR students work with us during winter/spring 2010 and they thought of this idea to remind students how to make reservations for the group study rooms. The librarian solution would likely have been to print up another sign that no one would read.
  • Alao presentation2010

    1. 1. Free as in Kittens: Using Free Social Media Tools To Promote Your Library and Librarians Jessica Hagman Ohio University @hagman
    2. 2. Marketing @aldenlibrary A little bit about our experience and how we market Alden Library @hagman
    3. 3. @aldenlibrary @hagman
    4. 4. @hagman
    5. 5. @hagman
    6. 6. @hagman
    7. 7. @hagman
    8. 8. @hagman
    9. 9. @hagman
    10. 10. Management Several people have access to each account. Photo credit @hagman
    11. 11. Management Facebook Twitter FlickrYou Tube I function as the “social media coordinator” – a totally made up title not in my job description. This means I badger other people into giving me ideas for content for these sites. @hagman
    12. 12. Lesson #1: You can’t just talk about yourself It looks “spammy” and will not win you friends and influence. @hagman
    13. 13. Share what’s useful for your community It doesn’t always have to be about you! @hagman
    14. 14. Promote other people and make connections This is especially true on Twitter, where you can post more frequently without being in danger of being obnoxious. @hagman
    15. 15. Facebook Stats If you post new content too often, people will hide you from their news feed just like the person playing “Farmville” or some silly polling app. @hagman
    16. 16. Lesson #2: Content creation takes lots of time and creativity Your colleagues may get tired of hearing “Hey, do you mind if I put that on Twtter?” @hagman
    17. 17. Ask other people in the library what’s worth sharing Or better yet, get them to write a blog post. @hagman
    18. 18. Your students may have stories to tell You still get to have control over what goes public, but ask them to write something @hagman
    19. 19. Keep a list Because eventually you’ll forget those good ideas that occur to you when you talk to someone else in the library. @hagman
    20. 20. Pre-schedule posting content But keep an eye on them and pull as necessary – this RT was broadcast in the middle of a tornado warning. @hagman
    21. 21. Answer questions online Tell people what you know and how it relates to their lives. @hagman
    22. 22. Trust Agents “Trust agents have established themselves as non-sales oriented, non- high-pressure marketers. Instead they are digital natives using the Web to be genuine and humanize their business.” (Brogan and Smith, 15) Photo credit Brogan, Chris and Julien Smith. Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. Print. @hagman
    23. 23. Archives photos are always popular Those running university Twitter accounts love to share stuff like this* @hagman
    24. 24. Lesson #3: You get as much out of listening as you do talking What’s that proverb about the mouth and ears? @hagman
    25. 25. What they say when they don’t know we’re listening • I’m at the library with eleventy bajillion hours of homework to do • I’m annoyed by the people/heat/cold/lack of computers/slow printing/tour groups/fines in the library @hagman
    26. 26. But occasionally they’re nice @hagman
    27. 27. Keep in Front of News Stories Social security numbers in library books! @hagman
    28. 28. Use local Twitter searches Get RSS alerts for: •Library •Alden •Librarian •Lib Within 15 miles of Athens (45701) @hagman
    29. 29. Google Alerts Immediate email alerts for “Alden library” Once a day alerts for “Ohio university” Results via email @hagman
    30. 30. Lesson #4: Use tools beyond the social networking site to share your content Find what works and stick with it @hagman
    31. 31. Hoot Suite •Tabbed view of multiple social media accounts •Easily view saved searches and lists •Pre-schedule tweets @hagman
    32. 32. For Video: Screencast-O- Matic A terrible name, but it’s the only way (that I know of) that you can create screencast videos and upload them to YouTube for free. It also allows you to download the video file. Premium version ($9/year) comes with editing tools. @hagman
    33. 33. For link shortening: •Browser plug-in •Includes auto-copy of link •Stats @hagman
    34. 34. Lesson #5: PR students are great but need direction Especially if they don’t know a lot about the library @hagman
    35. 35. ImPRessions •Student-run PR firm with more than 200 members •Award winning •A small team working for the library @hagman
    36. 36. Different ideas for promotion Used window “chalk” to tell students how to reserve the group study rooms rather than another boring sign. @hagman
    37. 37. Future Directions When there’s time @hagman
    38. 38. Foursquare? 600+ people have checked in to the library, but we’re not really sure how to use this yet. @hagman
    39. 39. Facebook Ads Perhaps targeting alumni with an ad for our yearbooks (available online)? @hagman
    40. 40. Jessica Hagman Reference & Instruction Librarian Ohio University | @hagman @hagman