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Iram health template222]

  1. 1. The Preschool Years (3 to 5 Years Old) Discuss the health and safety practices that you will implement for your preschool child. Health and safety hazardsChoking: A healthy food is very important for children; however, it is the greatest factor of choking in children.“Children are at risk of choking on food because pieces of food are too large or they are notconcentrating on what they are doing (e.g. talking with food in their mouth, eating while running orlaughing and crying when they put the big piece in their mouth.”)Pimento pg272. From the very firstbeginning, I always serve and feed Rayan on his high chair or let him sit with me on the table. I alwaysensure that we have quite time during meals and give his age appropriate size food so it would beeasier for him to chew and swallow.Fall:“Falls are by far most common cause of injury in early childhood .”Pimento,pg371. Rayan love to jumpand play around, especially when his friends visit us. As precaution measure, I remove all the sharpedged toys and furniture. Secondly, I keep reminding them to stay safe and do not climb stairswithout any reason. I also block the stairs with heavy furniture. “Play ground fall are common andserious.” Pimento. pg 371. I always attentively supervise Rayan, when I take him to the park, in orderto prevent any injury.Drowning:“For children ages 1 to 4, drowning is the highest cause of injury.”pimento, pg 358 Rayan enjoysbubble bath. He wants to stay in his bathtub for long. He also wants me to leave so he can play on itsown. I understand his objective but never leave him alone in the tub. I properly supervise, whilegiving him bubble bath or shower.Burns:“Children under age 5 have the highest rate of burns.” Pimento pg369.I always serves warm meals toRayan, and consistently kept hot food or beverages out of reach. I also check, while washing his handor giving him shower, the temperature of the water.Common colds and other infectious disease:Spreading germs are the main cause of the infectious illnesses. ”Infections are spread directly andindirectly from one host to another.”pimento pg118. Inappropriate ways of sanitation plays animportant role in getting various illnesses. I make Rayan, in the habit of washing hands at all thetimes. I show it’s significance, by modeling washing hands all the time.
  2. 2. The School Age Years (6 to 12 Years Old) As a parent, what are some of your concerns regarding your child’s health and safety during the School Age years?Allergies and asthma: “The number of children with allergies and asthma is increasing.” pimento, pg 185.“Rayan has been sufferingfrom allergies since 2nd grade and this season has had some asthma attacks.”(Virtual child) Rayan has allergyfrom peanuts and dust aggravate his asthma, therefore I do make sure to make our house nut free, andrejecting the idea of having any pet at home. I, also adopt all the good sanitation practices regarding Rayan’shealth and environment.Hand washing:Proper hand washing is very important for good health. “It is the most important practice that children mustimplement to reduce the spread of infections. “Pimento, pg 128.We, as a family, practices this most importanttechnique everyday. Rayan, sometimes reminds me to wash my hands and it feels so good.Bullying:“Bullying, now recognized as a critical public health issue in Canada.” pimento pg516. Often, l talked to Rayanabout the other children’s behavior and attitude and tries to sense any problem or bullying in Rayan’s or otherchildren’s part. We already discussed the signs of bullying and todeal with the situation.Proper pick up times:“The law requires that parents provide reasonable provision for the safety of children under the age of 16 .”(Class notes.)I always remind Rayan not to talk or take any thing from strangers and stay with in his schoolyard, during the recess time. Teachers also know that my partner and I are the only designated people whocan pick Rayan up.Outdoor activities:Rayan always wear safety helmet while riding the bike .He loves to play on the park. I,often took him to thepark and supervise him vigilently.
  3. 3. Reflection Paper (1 page) Think about how might your child’s development might be different if s/he was raised by people with different socioeconomic, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. How would the concept of the “whole child” play a role? (Please avoid stereotypes) “If my child raised in a single parent family”There are pros and cons of raising a child as a single parent. Usually, two-parent family isdeemed an ideal and perfect one; however, one parent family is very familiar these days.If Rayan rose in single parent family then he would definitely deprived of the love andattention, which he could have from the other parent. It is might quite possible that Rayancould have some social and emotional issues whenever he observes both parents of otherchildren at school. In this way, he may feel miserable and stressed and as result, Rayan couldnot demonstrate well academically, physically and intellectually.Rayan is a healthy and enthusiastic eleven yr old boy with lots expectations from his parents.However, if he rose in single parent family he could not enjoy the love, consideration andattention; he could have from both of the parents. There would be lack of confidence, anddesire to move further.Briefly, in my opinion single parent system cast the negative impact on the overall ondevelopment of my child. Presently, Rayan did extremely well in all domains of development.On the contrary, if my child is living with only one a parent, then he would certainly far behindphysically, emotionally and intellectually, and thats what I don’t want.