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Na kr yarrrrrr (1)

  1. 1. Group Fellows  Hafiz Muhammad Atif 11-28  11-50 Zahid iqbal  Abid Hussain  Arslan Ashraf
  2. 2. jaipur Rugs Pvt(Ltd)
  3. 3. Introduction  Jaipur Rugs was founded by N. K. Chaudhary in 1978, who started the carpet business with two looms.  Over time he moved to Gujarat and the business operations were expanded primarily in tribal regions.  Chaudhary moved to Jaipur in 1999, to launch his independent firm called Jaipur Carpets.  Jaipur Carpets was converted to Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt Ltd in 2006.  At present Jaipur Rugs has businesses in more than 30 countries and touched a turnover of over $14
  4. 4. Cont.….  Head quarter jaipur (india)  Jaipur rugs truly represent s the passion for art ,lifestyle, persona and much more for every one in their homes and workplaces.  Jaipur is one of the leading manufactures of handmade carpets in india and specialized in hand-knotted carpet.  Produces an exclusive product range of rugs, pillows and poufs
  5. 5. Production Process Logistics  Rug orders are received via fax, email, or phone, and the production process begins after an order is generated by the Production department.  Next the Central Control Room acts as an interface between the Production and Design departments.  Employees in the Central Control Room determine if a production order is, which requires no modification or a design which needs modifications such as resizing or re-coloring.
  6. 6. Production Activity Production Activity # of workers Contractor 40,000 Initial sorting of raw wool 50-60 Raw wool washing 15-20 Carding – machine 60 Carding – hand Included in numbers for hand spinning Spinning – machine 50-60 Spinning – hand 10,000-12,000 Yarn washing Included in raw wool washing Dying 35 Opening 200 Weaving 28,000 Finishing 500 Transportation 40-50 (direct and indirect employees)
  7. 7. Jaipur rugs Supply chain
  8. 8. Distribution System OF JRI Business of jaipur rug in more than 30 countries . Turnover of jaipur rugs is 14 Million $ in 2008. Major market of rugs is USA where it sales are 65% Followed by Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Australia , Russia, Spain, Romania etc.
  9. 9. Distribution Network of Jaipur Rugs
  10. 10. They can reduce middleman through direct relation with weavers and offer more money to the weavers Jaipur company s a best example to implementation for cost effective supply chain management in developing countries but in developed country like usa company is using responsive strategy to response market demand