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ePerolehan Overview Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Education
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ePerolehan Overview Presentation

  1. 1. A Malaysian ICT Success Story1
  2. 2. A complete electronic procurement system which enables theGovernment to buy goods and services from suppliers through theInternet.The first end-to-end electronic procurement system in the worldimplemented by a government on a nationwide scale.Project started in year 2000, cumulative total of RM47.5 billion(USD15.5 billion) worth of procurement value transacted.2
  3. 3. ePerolehan FrameworkePerolehan caters for a secured end-to-end transaction from Buyer to Seller and finallylinking to the Accountant General Office for EFTGovernmentAgenciesSuppliersConsultantsAccountant’sGeneral Office Banking InstitutionsInterneteG*NetDigital Certificate Authority3
  4. 4.  JBoss, an Open Source J2EE application server at Enterprise level Open Source IDE, Eclipse Oracle Database Multi-Tier J2EE platform Sun and IBM platform Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology and64Kbit Crypto smart cardsTechnology EmployedEnterprise environment technology with high portability, scalability and securityanchored by Open Source platform:4
  5. 5. ePerolehan FunctionalitiesePerolehan provides a comprehensive functions of procurement that fulfill all theprocurement modes in the Government including Supplier RegistrationCentralContractGo live October 2000SupplierRegistrationGo Live October 2000DirectPurchaseGo Live May 2002QuotationGo Live May 2003 Go-Live February 2009ElectronicReverseAuctionTenderGo Live May 20035
  6. 6. eP BenefitsThe nationwide implementation of eP has transformed public sectorprocurement in MalaysiaCost SavingEfficiency &EffectivenessTransparency &AccountabilityEst. RM4.7B savingsSecurityComprehensivethroughout SR &procurement cycle• Transactional• Archival• Controlled Access• Data Integrity• System Security6
  7. 7. ePerolehan UsageA total of over 4.8 million government procurements amounting toRM47.5 billion (USD15.5b) have been transacted via ePValue (RM) Number of Transactions (TXN)2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Billions [RM]Thousands[TXN]010020030040050060080070048K 72K 2.6M 77M0.38B1.0B2.0B3.9B6.0B9.16BTXN 13 TXN 36 TXN 295 TXN 11K TXN 44KTXN 107KTXN 170KTXN 327KTXN 514KTXN 805K11BTXN 994K201114BTXN 1.8M7
  8. 8. Government SupplierePerolehan CommunityePerolehan Community with 30,000 Government users and 180,000 supplierspositions ePerolehan to become the largest G2B electronic procurement in theASEAN.Total Procurement Officese-Commerce ReadyProcurement OfficesUsersE-Commerce ReadyValid RegistrationMOF RegisteredNumber of Catalogues8
  9. 9. ePerolehan for Nation BuildingDrivingTechnologyAdvancementsGrowth ofRelatedSupportingBusinessesPioneeringeCommerceDevelopingSMEsHuman CapitalDevelopmentThe nationwide implementation of ePerolehan has been a catalyst for nationbuilding in MalaysiaExpeditingICT Adoption
  10. 10. Awareness &CapacityBuildingSystemSolutionsChangeManagementPolicy &LegalGovernmentLeadershipProject Success Factorsmajor factors that contribute to the success of eP project10
  11. 11. Managementof ChangeTechnology Business ProcessInnovation Identify & integrations withvarious Agencies andapplications Process optimisation throughbest practices Advanced business intelligencefeatures Next generation mobile applications &channels Service-oriented system architecture(common front & back office serviceoriented layer) Enhance infrastructure capacity &performance User Access technology Strengthening public-privatepartnerships Strengthening ownership atProcurement Offices Linking performance withbudgets Develop procurementprofessionals acrossgovernment officersMoving ForwardThe enhancement initiatives will be focused on the area of technology, changemanagement and business process reengineering11