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                           Hadley Wood News

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Burglars. In Hadley Wood again.
Art. Opportunities knocks.
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Hadley Wood Primary school’s long march.
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provides a workforce, through people serving Community Punishmen...
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the trees which fringe many of the suburban roads of London in...
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light sandy and gritty. If you are planting tubs and pots add ...
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A point of interest : During the week we had occasion to stop a...
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fun. Aimed at under 7 year olds, this show will transport your c...
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Newsletter jul 07


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Hadley Wood July 07 Newsletter

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Newsletter jul 07

  1. 1. 27/06/2007 Page 1 of 1 Hadley Wood News July 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents. Parliament matters. David Burrowes MP. Operation Payback. P.McCannah. Councillor Hadley Wood Primary School. The Long March Trees. Take a walk on the wild side. North London Waste. Where to put it.
  2. 2. 27/06/2007 Page 2 of 2 Burglars. In Hadley Wood again. Art. Opportunities knocks. Dogs. Unleashed and unclean. Chickenshed. Under 7’s take note. Update from David Burrowes MP. No need for fathers! It may surprise you but this is one of the proposals in a Government draft bill which I am scrutinising with MPs and Lords over these next two months. The Bill concerns the complex ethical and scientific issue of embryo research. The Government want to extend research to human-animal species which raises fundamental questions about how much we value the special status of a human embryo. The Government also wants to remove the requirement to take account of the need for a father when deciding about giving fertility treatment to a woman. This flies in the face of recent reports like UNICEF's which point out the ‘greater risk to well-being’ of fatherless families. The need to increase the power of parliamentary committees is another issue. However, the relatively recent introduction of committees to scrutinise legislation in draft form before it formally comes to parliament is welcome. It is important for the Government to listen to these cross party committees, which hear wide ranging evidence and benefit from peers who have significant expertise, and make appropriate changes before legislation is knocked about in Parliament. The last month has seen me attending many committees, with issues ranging from VAT fraud to Cyprus, and it came as a welcome respite to take part in a volunteers week. I participated in activities at Arnold House and the Leonard Cheshire Home on Ridgeway, which looks after adults with disabilities. Ed Milliband, Minister responsible for the voluntary sector, joined me and was able to meet some young people and see for himself the excellent work the Council (YAVE) do in promoting youth volunteering. Later in the week I went to the Enfield Camera Club exhibition in Forty Hall which is one amongst hundreds of clubs run by dedicated volunteers. On the Saturday, I visited Palmers Green Contact Centre, which as a result of the commitment of volunteers provides such an important place for children to have contact with an estranged parent. It reminded me that where possible children do need a father and a mother. On the subject of children it was excellent to visit Hadley Wood Primary School last month and take part in a school assembly. The school orchestra was in fine form and the children were keen and attentive. Some amusement was caused by my answer to the question – “have you met Gordon Brown?”- which was “yes… in the toilet at the House of Commons!” I am looking forward to future more substantial and meaningful exchanges with the new Prime Minister in the coming months! David Burrowes MP
  3. 3. 27/06/2007 Page 3 of 3 Hadley Wood Primary school’s long march. At 10.00am on Wednesday 13th June 2007 the whole of Hadley Wood Primary School set off for BRAKE’s Record Breaking Walking Bus Event, which involved the children walking at least 500 metres around the vicinity of the school. Parents and carers as well as staff were invited to accompany the children walking in “pairs” holding hands in a long crocodile type line (including two of our friendly local Safe Neighbourhood police officers). This event, held annually by BRAKE the road safety charity, helps to raise awareness of road safety whilst raising money for it’s valuable work (children brought in donations and received stickers and certificates for taking part). The children also by default took part in the “Largest simultaneous Walking Bus” for the Guinness World Record attempt as hundreds of other schools around the country took part at 10.00am. Last year 57,476 participants took part in the record from 342 schools across the U.K. Hopefully this year (with Hadley Wood School’s help) the numbers will reach 80,000! Road safety is a major concern. Three children die each week on our roads and many more are seriously injured leaving countless families torn apart by grief. Schools can play a key role in promoting healthy, green and above all safe forms of transport. A “walking bus” is a safe way for children to get to and from school, holding hands in pairs and supervised by responsible adults. This initiative shows parents and residents the importance of driving particularly carefully around schools and residential areas, Hadley Wood School already operates its own “walking bus” and they can be seen walking with their visi-vests in the mornings. Take care! Maria Onisiforou. Class Teacher PSHE/Event Co-ordinator Operation Payback. As regular readers of the Hadley Wood News will be aware, Cockfosters ward has a Safer Neighbourhoods Team. The role of the SNT is to provide a visible police presence throughout the ward (which includes Hadley Wood, Oakwood and Cockfosters itself) and to address specific problems that are raised by residents at regular public meetings. Issues that have been dealt with, or which are currently being tackled, include speeding in Hadley Wood, anti-social behaviour around Oakwood station and car crime across the ward. In addition to dealing with these day-to-day issues, which are important, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, has also been involved with an project called ‘Operation Payback.’ This is a joint operation between the Council, the Police and the Probation Service which
  4. 4. 27/06/2007 Page 4 of 4 provides a workforce, through people serving Community Punishment Orders, to improve the street scene and the local environment within the Borough of Enfield. One recent example of this project in action took place in the Oakwood part of the ward where it was arranged for a large amount of litter and rubbish which had accumulated in an alleyway to be cleared. I believe that this is an excellent scheme as it results in improvements to the local environment at the same time as requiring offenders to put something back into the local community. Enfield was the original London pilot for ‘Operation Payback’ and from the experiences here it has been rolled out across London. Activities similar to that which took place in Oakwood have occurred throughout the Borough (grafitti removal, painting, garden clearance, etc) and I hope that this can be developed to an even greater extent in future years. Paul McCannah North London Waste Plan As part of the ongoing preparation of Enfield’s Local Development Framework (LDF) I am writing to let you know that work on the North London Waste Plan has now begun and to tell you a little about it and how you can get involved. The North London Waste Plan is a joint plan between the seven north London boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest. It will consider the amount of waste and recycling that needs to be managed by 2020 and will identify and safeguard sites for Waste facilities across north London. Once adopted it will form part of Enfield LDF as well as the LDFs of the other partner boroughs.To coincide with the commencement of work on the Waste Plan, a Travelling exhibition is visiting each of the boroughs over the next few weeks. A new website for the Plan will be launched shortly at giving further background information. It will be kept up to date with news and all relevant documents during the course of the Plan preparation. The Plan is expected to be adopted in 2010. We are already seeking views on a number of questions and there will be further opportunities to get involved at each stage of the Plan's preparation. Copies of a leaflet will be available from the website or by contacting the Programme Manager Archie Onslow at London Borough of Camden, Town Hall, Argyle Street, London WC1H 8EQ (email Meanwhile further information on Enfield Local Development Framework in general can be found on the Council website at Joanne Woodward, Planning Policy, Projects and Design Services London Borough of Enfield West Lodge Park’s Arboretum. If you live in Hadley Wood you must like trees. We are surrounded shaded and framed by them. Notwithstanding the destructive efforts of some tree surgeons they line our streets hang over our garden walls and screen us from traffic and bad architecture. Not far from where we all live is the Arboretum of West Lodge Park hotel. This was started in 1963 by the current owner Andrew Beale’s grandfather Edward Beale. He was assisted in this project by Derek Honour tree adviser to the GLC and Frank Knight a former director of Wisley. There are over 800 species of tree planted in the 35 acres surrounding the house. Many will be well known to you and easily recognisable. Going to the hotel along the drive you pass between rows of Limes planted in 1910. These are
  5. 5. 27/06/2007 Page 5 of 5 the trees which fringe many of the suburban roads of London including Hadley Wood. In Summer they become the habitat of a type of aphid which drops its sticky excretions euphemistically called honeydew onto the cars underneath. Once into the actual arboretum you meet some very unusual trees. The Judas tree is a native of Southern Europe possibly named after Judea, the region of Israel and Palestine where they grow, or maybe the tree from which Judas Iscariot hanged himself after betraying Christ. Nearby is a Giant Sequoia named after Wellington and planted in 1850. It towers over the other trees and is our frontispiece this month (photographed by John Leatherdale). This is a member of a species which live to incredibly old ages. One recorded example is 3500 yrs old. Non resinous bark containing fire resistant tannic acid makes them very resistant to heat and thus able to survive forest fires. The arboretum houses the National Collection of Hornbeams (Carpinus). A Hornbeam looks a bit like a Beech. (but its not). The wood from these trees is extremely hard. Ironwood is its other name. Before iron became easily available and affordable Hornbeam wood was used in the weight bearing parts of all sorts of equiupment including cart axles and spokes. One of the largest local collections of Hornbeams is in Epping Forest. Ever seen an Indian Bean tree? Nor me. These were imported from the USA. and have nothing whatsoever to do with India except that the bean pods look like Indian beans. Huge leaves. You could clean the car with them. The oldest tree in the Arboretum planted in about 1760 is the Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo). These have small red fruits very like Strawberries to look at. Its name Unedo is derived from the Latin ‘I eat one’ because once you have eaten one you certainly will not want to try another. Also at the arboretum is an offspring of the famous Wollemi Pine (Wollemi nobilis) one of the oldest known tree species in the world, thought to be extinct but discovered by accident in an almost impenetrable gorge near the Blue Mountains north of Sydney Australia. David Nobel a parks ranger abseiled into a deep gorge and found a tree there which he did not recognise. He brought out a leaf and the rest is history. So it goes on. The Acer glade. The Ashes. The Pines and Swamp Cypresses. A great walk. Recommended. Nice place to take guests. Take a stroll there one sunny morning and finish off with coffee and biscuits in the bar or on the terrace. It might be worth bringing a tree book with you because although the trees are all labelled, most are in Latin and the English name does not always spring to mind. You can then go again in Autumn and impress a different set of friends with your comprehensive knowledge of Latin names species and genuses. Or is it genusii. Rod Armstrong Gardening Tips. April 2007 was the warmest and driest since records began and as I write the rain is beating down and has done so for most of June. Assuming we are heading for a very dry and hot summer starting in July we will need to prevent the plants and shrubs from becoming parched by adding good organic material to the borders which will hold in moisture. Particularly where soils are
  6. 6. 27/06/2007 Page 6 of 6 light sandy and gritty. If you are planting tubs and pots add moisture retaining gel granules which when watered will swell into a jelly that the plants can draw from. If there is going to be a drought you may like to consider more tolerant planting schemes that will thrive such as Lavender or Santolina (Cotton Lavender) with silver foliage and yellow flowers or Rock Rose, Cistus, Brooms - Cytisus and Artemisia. Herbaceous perennials such as Oriental Poppies, Red Hot Pokers, Monbretia, Penstemon and a huge range of Geraniums are all quite happy in dry soil. When cutting your lawn, set the height adjuster one setting higher to help the lawn look greener and prevent it from drying out. Foxgloves and Delphiniums can be pruned back once flowered and seeds can be spread for next year. Finally remember to cover your Autumn flowering fruit from birds by laying a net over them. Darren Smith Garden Contracts. Safe Neighbourhood Team Of the burglaries reported this month three were in Hadley Wood. One was in Beech Hill and two in Lancaster Avenue. Both were evening / night-times and the same methods were used. The suspect, believed to be male, is using low walls and flat roofs to access open windows, or those out of view from the street. One of these crimes was committed with the owners in the house. Beat crimes occurred in Cockfosters Rd and were all theft shoplifting. Two of these offences were committed at the Jet Service Station and possibly by the same suspect. It is believed that he may have committed as many as five thefts at the venue in the last few weeks. We now have a good CCTV image of him and hope to identify him soon. The last theft was at Winerack. This venue has been hit several times and is soon to be closing. This is not as a result of the crimes but an increase in the rent. A common assault happened at Oakwood Tube Station between between two males over an ongoing business disagreement. There were two incidents involving victims being verbally abused, the first one was an argument in a shop in the Hadley Wood area, and the second one was a case of ‘road rage’ between a cyclist and a driver. Motor vehicle crime A car was broken into in the West Lodge Hotel car park over night. Despite the owner placing valuable items out of sight in the boot the thieves got away with a fair bit of property. This was on a Tuesday night when the car park was full of business users cars. SNT Activities / matters of interest. The increased patrols in the Cockfosters area, saw two of our PCSO’s prevent a burglary at the Cockfosters Cricket Club last Friday. They disturbed a suspect and chased him but unfortunately lost him in Bevan Road. Barnet EN4. The suspect was on a pedal cycle and the officers, on this occasion, were on foot. Patrols in the priority areas have continued on both foot and cycle, as well as continuing with the Speed Gun initiative in Prince George Ave and Westpole Ave. The Mobile Police Station was used in Hadley Wood on Wednesday. We try and secure the mobile station for the 1st Monday each month (Oakwood) and the second Wednesday each month (Hadley Wood). We are often usurped when it comes to the day, should the vehicle be needed for a more pressing reasons elsewhere. However should you see the vehicle there, please pop in and say hello.
  7. 7. 27/06/2007 Page 7 of 7 A point of interest : During the week we had occasion to stop a group of youths who were using one of these mini motor bikes, the very small but very noisy ones! The owner of the bike was served a notice for using the bike in an anti social manner. This warning then gives police power to seize the vehicle should it then be used in a similar way during the next 12 months. These vehicles are mechanically propelled and therefore constitute a motor vehicle, meaning, if used on a road, they should be taxed and insured as any other vehicle, and the rider, should be in possession of an appropriate licence. Officers from our team also visited premises in Trent Gardens N14 following reports that the premises were being used as a Brothel. Inside the premises were four women and one man, all from Eastern Europe. They were told to cease business immediately and not to return, which they did. However, it is a very costly business trying to establish just who is running these business and sometimes the people behind the scenes will try and carry one business with new ‘staff’. For that reason we will continue to monitor the premises and will re-visit if needed. Report compiled by PC 854YE Pearce Letters to the Editor Sir, I am writing in response to a letter in the June 2007 edition of the Hadley Wood News from the elderly resident in Kingwell Road with regards to the ongoing issues of dogs and their owners. I am a mother of 3 young children, also living in Kingwell Road. An incident happened not so long ago when I had just pulled into my drive with my children. As one of the children got out of the car, a dog which was not on its lead, barked and chased my child. Petrified, she ran into the house with the dog running in after her. I found her cowering behind the dining room table with the dog barking fiercely at her. Meanwhile, my two other children were screaming in the car. All the while, the dog walker, who was not the owner but hired help, just stood there giggling, not offering to help, nor apologizing. Thank goodness nothing more serious came from this, except for three children who are now so scared of dogs that we have to cross the road every time one approaches. On a different, but still dog related matter, another incident occurred one warm Sunday evening a few weeks ago when a dog soiled the lawn immediately outside my house. The owner simply walked off without picking up his dog’s mess. On calling out to him to clear up after his dog, he just looked at me and carried on walking. This sort of behaviour is disgusting and disrespectful, especially in an area with so many young families and elderly residents. How many times have children, including my own, walked to their local school and stepped in dog mess? We are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the country. Those of you who do not clean up after your dog, or who do not keep them on leads, please remember this and have some respect for your fellow residents and the environment in which we live. A Hadley Wood Resident Forthcoming Events. Chickenshed Special Offer when you book for Tales from the Shed Chickenshed would like to offer your child a free Starlight CD when you book one adult and one child ticket to come to our hugely popular interactive children's show, Tales from the Shed, in July. Chickenshed will be performing Tales from the Shed twice a day from Monday 16 July until Saturday 21 July. There will be performances at 9.30 am and 11.15 am every day. Tickets prices are £5.00 for adults and £3.50 for children. Tales from the Shed bring stories both original and traditional to life in a land of colour, characters and
  8. 8. 27/06/2007 Page 8 of 8 fun. Aimed at under 7 year olds, this show will transport your children to a universe where there is no edge to the stage, so that children and performers can travel a theatrical journey together. Our week of Tales is selling very quickly. To reserve your seats please telephone our box office on 020 8 292 9222 or book online at hope to see you here in July. Art Exhibition at Monken Hadley Church There will be an Art Competition at Monken Hadley Church culminating in an exhibition on Sunday September 16th. Artists of all ages are welcome to enter. The subject is: St Mary the Virgin, Monkey Hadley Church and grounds ONLY First Prize - £50 for each age category: Categories.Adults, 11 and under, 12-15, 16-18 yrs. Entry Forms and details are available from Barbara and Dave Gladding on 01707 656049 or from table at the back of Monken Hadley Church. Entry fee - £2 for adults, £1 for children All submissions of work are to be made by Friday 7th September 2007 All Entries will be exhibited at Monken Hadley Church Autumn Fayre- Sunday 16th September 2007 1-4pm, when the winners will be announced Sponsors: Cox Format Developments Ltd, Falkland Press and Inspired Frames, Barnet Gallery Katie Morris Email: Arts Depot. Barnet Open: Fri 22 June – Tue 31 July artsdepot showcases the work of local artists. The Barnet Open is the answer to the Royal Academy ’s Summer Exhibition. This annual event offers an opportunity for talented visual artists in North London to exhibit their work. Barnet Open will showcase a broad range of styles and mediums in a contemporary gallery setting. The exhibition is the product of an open submissions process, with local residents, artists and community groups having the opportunity to put their work forward for selection. So come along to artsdepot’s Apthorp Gallery to experience a vibrant group show from some of the area’s most compelling artists. An expert steering committee consisting of a curator from the National Portrait Gallery, the Chairman of the East Finchley Open and Harris Fine Arts have just finished selecting the work to be exhibited. The standard of submitted work this year was excellent and there were over 180 entries. 60 of the best will be unveiled in artsdepot’s Apthorp Gallery in June which makes this the biggest and best Barnet Open so far! Artists can choose to sell their art work during the exhibition. Venue artsdepot, 5 Nether Street , Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley , London N12 Date & Time Fri 22 June – Tue 31 July 12pm – 4pm and selected evenings. Tickets FREE entry to the exhibition Box Office 020 8369 5454 Travel Tube: Finchley Central, Woodside Park (Northern Line)
  9. 9. 27/06/2007 Page 9 of 9 Website For more information, images or to arrange an interview please contact: Zahida Din on 020 8369 5469 or The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 Chairman, Graham Sharp. 02084492133 Editor and Publisher - Rod Armstrong 0208449 5924 Hadley Wood News, Advertising – Clive Silver 02088441 1292 Centre Manager - Lisa Winston 0208449 7193 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hadley Wood News is published during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news, views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for the direct benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers, without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editor and Publisher at The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or views expressed. The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA July 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To download a copy of this and previous issues, visit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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