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Hadley Wood News September 2013


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Published in: Education
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Hadley Wood News September 2013

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE DESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINTWAREHOUSE TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482 SEPTEMBER2013ISSUE HADLEYWOODNEWS New Headmaster for St Martha’s school Mrs Stella Ross Collins. 100th year birthday celebrations Hadley Wood Association Car Park. Commuters not wanted. Tennis. Hadley Wood’s young stars. HWGC. New Pro shop at HWGC. State of the Art Tractors at the HWA. A short history Mr Matthew Burke with Sixth form students Grace Mullens and Alexis Dobson New Headmaster for St Martha’s School
  2. 2. 2 at Southampton University, a PGCE at Bristol and began his teaching career at Downside School teaching Religious Studies. At various stages including his Gap year he has studied at the University of Georgia in the USA and carried out postgraduate work at the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham and Cardiff University. He subsequently taught Religious Studies and was a Housemaster at St Columba’s in St Alban’s, became Deputy Head of De La Salle College in Jersey and finally Deputy Head of Our Lady’s, Abingdon. He starts work as Headmaster at St Martha’s this September. He chose St Martha’s not only because of its fine reputation in providing a sound education but also because of the happy and caring teaching environment where every girl is valued and respected as an individual. Whilst continuing to maintain the high standards associated with all Catholic schools he reminded me that St Martha’s is an inclusive school welcoming girls from all religious denominations. Currently thirty –five % of the students are non Catholic. Matthew is married to Dawn and they have 2 daughters aged 5 and 7. He has a wide range of interests, has always enjoyed sport and is a follower of Portsmouth Football Club and Bath Rugby Club. He looks forward to continuing the excellent work of St Martha's whilst at the same time developing and enhancing the resources and facilities of the school. Science teaching comes high on his list of priorities and he points out that the refurbishment of the Science Laboratories will soon provide state of the art science facilities for the girls from Year 7 to the Upper 6th. Mentioning that he would like to see the school take on a higher profile within the local community he drew attention to the Open Day on September 28th (“Just come!”) and to the inclusion of the school in the Independent School Show. He also expressed a keen interest in working with local businesses and charities where ever possible. He has had a warm welcome from the Sisters and from all the current staff, parents and girls and is very much looking forward to contributing to the schools long continued and successful growth. New Pro shop at HWGC Been in the Pro shop at Hadley Wood Golf Club recently? Under new management. Since Peter Jones the previous Head Professional retired earlier this year the shop has been taken over by his teaching professionals Alistair Archibald and Paul Foster. Both have worked at the Club for 20 years and are highly regarded and much liked by visitors and members. Anybody running a Pro-shop has to be ready with the repartee. However the banter comes with a smile and it is always a pleasure to drop in there for a chat or a look at the gear. The shop has had a complete internal rebuild and now sells three types of golfing equipment from Ping, Taylor Made and Titleist. The range of golf The PARK VETERINARY PRACTICE Cockfosters Clean • Spacious • Air-conditioned • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Workshop • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care Call for details on how to Register or visit 020 8275 0330 (24 hrs) The only local practice to be FSA approved for insurance claims. Fully Equipped. Friendly, Compassionate & Caring Professionals. The Place for Puppy Parties! PARK VETERIARK VETERIP The VETERINAARYYRPARK VETERIARK VETERIP P Clean • Spacious • • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy • Advanced • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care VETERINA PRACTICE Cockfosteostef rs pacious • Air-conditioned eatre • Xrays • Dental Wo ory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy ed Anaesthetic Monitoring y Parties • Geriatric care ARYYR ned orkshop copy ing e The only local p be FSA insur local practice to A approved for rance claims. Fully Equipped. Call for details on how to Register or visit ww 020 8275 0330 details on how to Register 275 0330 (24 hrs) ster om hrs) Fr ei ldn y, & Caring Compassionate g Professionals. Thee Place for Puppy Parties! Profile. A new Headmaster at St Martha’s Mr Matthew Burke Visiting St Martha’s school was a new experience for me. A girl’s school, set back from the road sheltered by trees and its long held association with The Sisters of St Martha has always given it a rather private aura. So it was with some interest that I visited there to talk to Matthew Burke the new Headmaster and successor to James Sheridan. Walking into the grounds revealed stately Mount House, the subject of a new book to be released soon. The school was founded by the Sisters of St Martha some 110 years ago and was moved to Mount House in 1947. Matthew’s personal journey to a Headship here started in Bath where he attended Prior Park College. He then studied Philosophy and Politics
  3. 3. clothing for men is by Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar Jacobsen and Galvin Green. Green Lamb and Calvin Klein for women. The gear is uncluttered and easy to see. You can have a quiet look round without being badgered by an over attentive shop assistant. What was the workshop has been converted into a simulator room with some serious state of the art hardware. Three things go on in here. Custom fitting golf clubs, swing analysis and actual golf play. You stand on a special mat. In front of you is a soft screen onto which is projected a golf course. When I was there it was The Belfrey, Birmingham’s famous course. At the side is a squat black box, the launch monitor. You drive an actual golf ball. This hits the screen ahead and it’s projected path shown as a white curving line on the screen. As the ball flies so the course unfolds before you. The launch monitor measures how fast you swing your club, the launch angle, distance the ball flew plus several other bits of data. The ball’s final position is shown on the screen with details of the remaining distance to the pin. By comparing your present club with their range of new clubs, the pros can decide what type of club would suit you. ‘Sometimes’ says 3 New Therma Vein Machine Now at Crème Safe Instant & Effective Removal of Thread Veins & Skin Tags Free No Obligation Assessments Tel: 020 8449 2687 32 Crescent West St Paul’s Pre-School Warmly invite you to join us for our OPEN MORNING Every Wednesday (Term time only) 9.45am-11.45am Everyone Welcome Ofsted approved St Paul’s Church Hall, Crescent East, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EN Tel: 020 8447 0448 improving, deteriorating or scratch there is high quality teaching and analysis available. Then there are the clubs academies. Different packages range from Drop in Group coaching to full Academy membership. Junior members (about 40 of them) from age 7-18 also get coaching. The junior team from HWGC is currently doing very well and is a great advert for the club. All comes highly recommended. Contact them on 0208 449 3285 Alistair ‘the new clubs are no better than the one the customer came in with. So it is no sale for us but reassurance for the customer that he is using the right club’. In addition to this fitting process the room can be used for swing analysis. Flat. Too vertical, out to in etc. Or you can play an actual game there with 2 or 3 friends.Teaching is a major part of the work that is done by the pros. Three young assistants are there training to be PGA qualified coaches. No matter at what stage you are, beginning,
  4. 4. 4 Hadley Wood TC Summer Holiday Programme Another active & noisy 5 weeks at Hadley Wood Tennis Club was held during July & August. It was great to see over 200 young players working & playing hard. We are international now with players regularly attending from Paris, Norway and Malaysia. Every day the players arrived at 9.30am excited to start the day. For 3 or 5 hours they ran, hit plenty of balls & played a variety of games. All played in a competitive but fun way. Strokes were improved, rules learned & friends made. The weather was kind; too hot on occasions but nobody complained. A special thanks go to the many young assistants. All have attended our courses in the past & now work with the young players, helping them to learn the game &enjoy themselves. We are very lucky in Hadley Wood to have so many young people who are prepared to give so much to their local community. Well done. Autumn term Tennis starts week beginning Monday 16 September. Mini & Juniorcourse take place after school and on Saturday morning. Adult beginner & improver courses take place on Tuesdays & Thursdays. For more information text Chris 07789 555008 or email PilatesTeacher - PersonalTrainer Established lower back specialist EASING YOUR BACK PAIN WITH PILATES Pilates can both alleviate existing back problems and prevent future ones. No matter what your age or condition, Pilates will work for you! Make a difference in your life today! Contact Stuart on: 07787 552326 Or email: If you're looking for dramatic changes in the way your body looks, feels and performs. If you want to improve flexibility, strength and agility, muscle tone, and become less prone to injury...Then you're about to discover how you can do all this, quickly and easily, with your One to One Pilates session! ITALIANDESIGNER KITCHENSBY Tel:01707663738
  5. 5. 5 28th September 2013 10am-1pm We warmly invite you and your family to visit us on our Open Morning. You will have the opportunity to meet our new headmaster Matthew Burke together with our current Head Girl Grace Mullens. Headmasters address will be at 10.15 am St artha’s School St Martha’s Open Morning those not wishing to do so will have to pay the equivalent subscription, currently £50. per annum, in order to use the facility. E). Daily monitoring of car park users will take place.Our aim is to provide a helpful facility for the benefit of the community. No doubt there will be further modifications of this preliminary plan, but I hope this account will give our readers an idea of the plans formulated to date. Graham Sharp, Chairman HWA HWA Car Park A brain-storming meeting was held at the Centre in the last week of August to try and establish an equitable system for the operation of the newly refurbished car park. At the meeting were representatives of all the clubs at the Centre. For the benefit of Members of the Association and all residents, I have summarised below the points which are being considered at present: A). The Car Park is a Private Car Park for the exclusive use of the Members of the Hadley Wood Association. B). All Commuters and those parking in excess of 4 hours will receive an authorised demand of a substantial fine for the offence. Those parking on the access road, now double- yellow lined, will be fined. C). Permits, probably in the form of car stickers, will be issued to all legitimate users. D). Parents using the car park to drop off / collect children at the Primary School will be required to join the Association, or
  6. 6. 6 A short history of Tractors at the Hadley Wood Association. We used to have a beautiful old tractor, an early post war Fordson. Brian Kern expert engineer that he is (even if he ran an antique shop) kept it going. It was often seen on occasions like Sports Days pulling a large old trailer around Bartram’s Lane field packed with laughing children. Then in about the year 2000 the tractor garage was vandalised and the tractor burned out. Thanks to the generosity of Mr and Mrs O’Keefe of Waggon Road we purchased a small John Deere tractor with which we were able to cut the grass and do a lot of the work necessary to keep the Association and its grounds neat and tidy. However it was not big enough to pull the big grass cutters needed to keep the Sports field in good shape and this had to be done by expensive outside companies. Now thirteen years later we have bought an orange second-hand Kubota from the Arsenal Football Club. Kamil the Head groundsman says that the Arsenal tractor is very good in mid- field. He has seen no incidents and expects some great performances from this new purchase. Our very best wishes and congratulations go to Mrs Stella Ross Collins seen above celebrating her 100th birthday. Stella was President of the NSPCC locally for 15 years, she was a resident for 55 years and Leslie her late husband was the founder Chairman of the Hadley Wood Association.
  7. 7. September – a time of possibility, change and anxiety Whilst school may be a distant memory, for many the association of September with a new school year full of blank exercise books and exciting possibilities, still remains. According to psychotherapist, Lisa Daitz, the move from summer to autumn often evokes feelings around changes and new beginnings.“For parents of children in education, September marks a transition as the child moves up a year. For some, this may mean starting nursery or school, whilst for others, this may be a move to the next school or even leaving for university. For parents, these transitions may be accompanied by concerns and anxieties around the unknowns of the next stage. How will the child fare? Will they be academically successful and (what seems to be most important for parents) will they be socially successful so that they can grow into confident adults? Whilst parents may try to prepare their child as much as possible, they also know that some of it is out of their hands, leaving them with a number of feelings.”Alongside the transitions and changes, September is also often associated with new beginnings as the association with the new school year never really fully fades. According to Lisa Daitz:“For parents of children in education, the changes for the child are also often accompanied by changes for the parent (most usually the mother) as it impacts on her daily life. Alongside this, for many, September can be a time to take stock as the end of summer reminds us of school days and new beginnings. Often, before understanding that changes are needed, feelings or symptoms come first.”When we suffer from anxiety or panic attacks or feelings of sadness or emptiness, it is an indication that something is wrong and that there are feelings and issues to be explored and understood and that changes may need to be made. These may be changes in the way we live or in the way we consider an issue or problem. Counselling and psychotherapy can help to open up the feelings so that there is a better understanding of your life and your issues. With an increasing self- awareness comes insight and a better ability to see choices and make the changes necessary to manage your life in a more fulfilling way.” For further information about counselling and psychotherapy, without obligation, contact Lisa Daitz on 07771 522426 or email info@thenorthlondonpsychotherapycentr 7 Patients on the NHS list are excluded All aspects of general practice covered. Same day and weekend appointments @ Hadley Wood or local Private Hospitals Dr Keith Garber Dr Andrew Halmer Dr Alvise Marin All aspects of general dentistry offered throughout the week including Saturday morning appointments Please contact our reception 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJ Tel: 020 8441 0257
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