Park and ridersblock shoppers      INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE    Parking at the shops. A solution?                          ...
Editorial                                         both pedestrian and cycle access. For                                   ...
A Local Salon for local residents.                                                  Delivering high quality professional  ...
South American                                    Neruda’s house – a frail construction which                             ...
ITALIAN  DESIGNER  KITCHENS  BY  Tel: 01707 663 738 last, an easy way to determine your personal ...
Available parking outside the shops would         Pilates Teacher - Personal Trainer                                      ...
couple of items we, as elderly residents,need to be able to transport our purchasesby car. On many occasions we haveattemp...
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Hadley Wood News March 2013


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Hadley Wood News March 2013

  1. 1. Park and ridersblock shoppers INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE Parking at the shops. A solution? HADLEY WOOD NEWS MARCH 2013 ISSUE The Railway path. Upgraded Family Law Update. Julian Ribet South America. Betty Brough’s travels. New restaurant. Thymaria opening soon. Schools. St Marthas and Queenswood.DESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINTWAREHOUSE TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482
  2. 2. Editorial both pedestrian and cycle access. For cyclists the route would eventually link up AC v DCConcerns about the under use of our with the Great North cycleway which after A team of lawyers, which includes family lawshopping parade mentioned in the February some interrupted sections starts in earnest specialists Julian Ribet of Levison MeltzerHW News has lead to a substantial at the western end of Dancers Hill Road. Pigott and Deborah Bangay QC of 1 Hareresponse. Some of the letters are included. The finished path will have the same width Court, Dakis Hagen of Serle Court togetherThere is widespread belief that difficult as the current path The finished path will with David Ewart QC and James Rivett bothparking prevents residents using the have the same width as the current path of Pump Court Tax Chambers, acting onshops. The shop-owners themselves are between the two fences and Sustrans behalf of the Wife, have successfullyunanimous in their opinion that easier have told us that they have carried out an unwound a hugely complicated off shoreparking would make a major difference. ecological survey to make sure there are no share transaction instigated by the HusbandOne hour free parking with a small charge particular animal habitats or sensitive wild in an attempt to defeat his Wife’s financialfor longer periods up to a maximum of two plants that might be disturbed by the claims on divorce.hours has been proposed. This sort of construction. In future Sustrans will ask theirsystem is in use elsewhere and has been volunteer Rangers to help keep the pathsuccessful. An unloading bay would be clear of overgrowing vegetation.invaluable as would a space for disabled For those pedestrians currently using theresidents. Clearly policing this sort of path there may be concerns that their walkparking would entail extra manpower and would be interrupted by cyclists whizzingtherefore extra expense for Enfield. down the hill. I asked Bryn Lockwood theNevertheless it is clearly needed. We are Sustrans North London Manager about this.placing petitions in the shops. Please sign “Sustrans main objective” he told me, “is toup if you agree and we will put a strong promote safe walking and cyclingproposal to Enfield Council. throughout the country. We are anxious toRod Armstrong avoid these sorts of concerns and have various approaches to address them. For example we will install a monitor to measureThe Railway Path use by cyclists and pedestrians which willMany of you will be familiar with the path from show any significant increase in traffic. This The judgment is the first reported decisionWaggon Rd. to the Hadley Wood station is a pedestrian priority path and we will put on the retrospective nature for legal andyard. It runs along the right hand side of the up signs to clearly show that pedestrians fiscal purposes of s37 of the Matrimonialrailway embankment as you look southwards have priority to warn cyclists to slow down if Causes Act since it was first enacted byto the station. It belongs to Network Rail and they see pedestrians. If it proves necessary Parliament 40 years ago and is the largestis known as a ‘permissive path’ thus allowing we could in future add measures to slow reported “set aside” by a Judge in familypedestrian and cycle use. cycles down”. proceedings of a disposition into trust. Sustrans the national sustainable Well, at least residents walking to the The case (which is reported on antransport charity who work to improve station from Waggon Road will not need a anonomised basis as AC v DC) containswalking and cycling paths throughout the machete anymore to cut a path through the two decisions by leading Judges in theUK have obtained permission from Network undergrowth. Family Division of the High Court which willRail to surface this path so as to improve Rod Armstrong have very important consequences for The PARK VETERINARY PARK VETERINARY VETERI ARY ARY PRACTICE P Cockfosters Cockfosters foste Clean • Spacious • Air-conditioned pacious ned The only local practice to p Fully Equipped. • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Wo eatre Workshop orkshop be FSA approved for A • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy ory copy insurrance insurance claims. • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring ed ing • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care y e Call for details on how to Register ster 020 8275 0330 (24 hrs) 275 or visit ww om Fr i e n d l y, Friendly, Compassionate e The Place for Puppy g & Caring Professionals. Parties! 2
  3. 3. A Local Salon for local residents. Delivering high quality professional Concert Dinner treatments to a discerning clientele Friday 22nd March Amanda Cook - Guitarist in a welcoming environment. Amanda is one of the leading guitarists of her generation. We put our client’s needs first. She has appeared in the USA, South America and throughout Europe. Reception at 7.00pm with sparkling 020 8449 2687 wine and canapés, three course dinner and concert. 32 Crescent West Price: £57.95 per person – table wines extra. Dress code: Black tie.parties engaged in complicated financial Easter Sundayproceedings on divorce. make those payments was taken by one of Sunday 31st March The first decision (by Mr Justice Mostyn) the Husband’s fellow Shareholders acting on Join us for Sunday Lunch in the Mary Beale Restaurant. 3 course lunch, coffee and chocolates. Easter egg hunt forsets aside or annuls the complicated chain his behalf under a Power of Attorney as by children in the Arboretum. £39 per adult, children underof transactions which transferred all the that time the Husband lacked the necessary 12 £24. Payable on booking. Please book in advance. Enjoy a stroll around the 35 acres of beautiful gardens and relaxHusband’s shares (worth £54m) in a very legal capacity to make decisions. between 3.30pm and 6.00pm with Afternoon Tea.successful company to the Trustee of an For further information about thisoffshore Trust. Although the Trustee case and how it might impact uponsubsequently transferred the shares to a your circumstances contact: WEST LODGE PARKsub fund (which could potentially benefit the Julian Ribet: YO U R C O U N T RY R E T R E ATHusband, his Wife and other members of 0207 556 2400 Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0PY. T: 020 8216 3900 Email: family) neither the Husband, his Wife or children had any right to the capital tobe contained in the Trust (even under thesub fund) and so once she was divorcedand ceased to be married to the Husbandthe Wife would have no claims against theseassets. In his historic decision Mr JusticeMostyn found that “on any view the Wife’sclaims for a financial remedy were seriouslycompromised by these steps”. The second decision relates to the Court’sapproach to determining the Wife’s financialclaims. Given the Husband’s ill health thefinal hearing of the wife’s application wasexpedited. Taking into account the lengthof the parties relationship, the nature oftheir separation and the fact that thepre-cohabitation wealth was thereafter“inextricably mingled”, the Judge agreedthat the Wife should not be held to the termsof the Prenuptial Agreement that had beenentered into by the parties (which wouldhave limited her financial claim to £500,000)and awarded the Wife 40% as a “fair and justshare of the net assets of the parties”. are one of the country’s leading firms of specialist solicitors One further twist meant that a number of providing the complete range of divorce, family law andpayments (totalling £7.8m), allegedlyawarded as incentives to the Directors of his mediation services.Company by the Husband were ordered to We’re here to “added back” into the asset schedule andbe treated as being assets belonging to the To arrange a free telephone consultation in complete confidenceHusband prior to the assets being divided by pleae call Julian Ribet, partner, on 020 7556 2400the Court. This ensured that the Wife’s claims or email not prejudiced by the actions of theHusband and those acting on his behalf inagreeing to make those payments. This wasnotwithstanding the fact that the decision to 3
  4. 4. South American Neruda’s house – a frail construction which appeared to be hanging on to the steep passers-by. Snail eating kites – quite enough for one day.Holiday. hillside by its toe nails. The Brazilian side – visited the followingAs many of you will have learned from Next day there was a short flight to day – was quieter , approached along wellexperience – it is dangerous to read travel Puerto Montt the capital of the Chilean l trodden paths through woodland and atbooks – not in a physical way of course – ake district situated at the southern tip of ground level so we could see the poolsas it leaves behind a lasting urge to visit the Lake Llanquihue – my room in the timbered where last night’s water had fallen. Finallycounties read about. Thus it was that I hotel had a wonderful view of three snow we reached Diabalo – the confluence – overventured to South America. The books in capped volcanoes – one of which was the mesh walkways with the water churningquestion had been Travels in a Thin country magnificent Osorno. below our feet and the sunbeams creatingby Sarah Wheeler and in Patagonia by Off again early the next day – this trip was a rainbow effect through the spray.Bruce Chatwin – both read many years certainly not for wimps!! A full day including On to Rio –up the 194 steps ( there is anago- but both of which had left a lasting a tour of the Vicente National Park – escalator!) to meet the statue of Christ theimpression. The trip,with Saga, lasted only cataracts at Puella in full flood after the Redeemer- a massive creation caste in15 days but in that time we visited 4 heavy rains. Then a catamaran trip across concrete with a sandstone finish in the artcountries and covered an exciting tour with lake and finally reaching San Carlos de deco style- erected in 1912. Later a visit toclockwork precision. Bariloche by coach driving along the sugar loaf mountain by the use of 2 cable Starting with a flight to Santiago – via – edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi – which is 65 cars – magnificent views- and the sunMadrid – we arrived after a day of heavy rain miles long!! Bariloche is. a delightful shone all the time.which had left the surrounding mountains alpine style town situated beside the Well rather a whistle stop tour but therecovered in snow – a picturesque sight lake. but with a sad side. The many white was time on my last day to take myself offagainst the deep blue sky. Santiago is a headscarves painted on the stones in the by taxi to the botanical gardens, a peacefulbeautiful city – well planned in the French square represent some of the many young interlude before returning to the UK.colonial style with wide boulevardes and an people – not all dissidents- who simply Betty Brougheclectic mix of old and new buildings. We disappeared during the purges in the 70’s.spent three nights there which included a On a lighter note there followed a ride in aday trip to Valparaiso and a visit to Pablo chair lift above the lakes with the mountains as back drop and the condors circling. Next stop was Buenos Aires – another beautiful city, the square housing the pink palace from which Eva Peron spoke to the people- and also lovely violet jacaranda trees in full bloom. I bravely ventured out alone and found the famous coffee shop Dr Keith Garber – Tortini- all marble pillars and stained glass – expecting the mafiosi to enter any Dr Andrew Halmer minute. Next day – off to the Iguazzu falls, Dr Tina Chrysostomou the Argentinian side first – a 700m metre All aspects of general dentistry walk across elevated metal walkways offered throughout the week over the river – the roaring of the water including Saturday morning becoming ever louder as we approached appointments the falls. What a sight. We were at the full height of the falls which stretched in a Please contact our reception huge horseshoe in front of us, the water 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, cascading down far below. Giant leeches Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJ lay in wait in the damp undergrowth Tel: 020 8441 0257 waving to try and latch on to unwary 4
  5. 5. ITALIAN DESIGNER KITCHENS BY Tel: 01707 663 738 last, an easy way to determine your personal its collection tube and post (using the post paid envelope) to the lab. The results areVitamin D & Calcium levels without leaving home! emailed to the clinic and we then contactUntil recently, getting a reliable blood test rule! Thankfully, we can now offer an you. Using the appropriately namedfor vitamin D has entailed a visit to your GP accurate vitamin D blood test that is ‘TINY’ test we can now offer a combinedand convincing the doctor to request a performed in a specialist pathology vitamin D and calcium blood test fromvitamin D blood test. In some laboratory without the need for one easy to obtain self-sample. The labcases, with a doctor that has you to leave your own home! charges £52.00 for the test and will billan interest in vitamin D and Our lab is now using a highly you direct. If you would like to determineall it’s potential health issues, sensitive test procedure that your levels just call the clinic or emailsuch a request is not a only requires a very small, but it has been our volume of blood obtained using requesting the ‘TINY’ vitamin D & calciumexperience that in the a finger prick sampling method test with your name, date of birth andmajority of cases this reflects you perform on your self. Once contact phone number.the exception rather than the sampled, you seal the blood in Marcus WebbThymari Greek Restaurant and Bar Opening Soon.Owners Chef Andreas and Sheila Sergides and their partnerChef Demetrios Demitriou, (Uncle Mimis) the same familyteam who were widely acclaimed in the Good Food Guidesand the press in the 80s and 90s, are now joined byAndreas and Sheilas two sons Matthew and Gregoryaspiring to carry on the family tradition. At Thymari they will be producing the same robust andgutsy tastes of Mediterranean family food cooked by MamaNikki, Andreas, and Mimis in their previous successfulLondon and Cyprus restaurants. All dishes will be homecooked daily in a friendly and stylish setting. This will be a chance to enjoy the experience and expertiseof this team reunited in your local area. Sheila and her sisterFran’s family go back four generations in Barnet and are bothex St. Martha’s pupils. Fran is currently the Headmasters PAat St Martha’s and Sheila was the Receptionist for the pasttwo years (if you are wondering where you have seen herbefore!)More details of opening will follow. 5
  6. 6. Available parking outside the shops would Pilates Teacher - Personal Trainer certainly make life easier. Established lower back specialist Regards, Mrs Anne Dorman. Local resident If youre looking for dramatic changes in the way your body looks, feels and performs. If you want to improve Dear Editor flexibility, strength and agility, muscle tone, and I have lived here for four years and try, as become less prone to injury... Then youre about to discover how you can do all this, quickly and easily, many others, to give full support to our local with your One to One Pilates session! shops. The main challenge is the clogged EASING YOUR BACK PAIN WITH PILATES up Crescent. It is often impossible to park Pilates can both alleviate existing back problems and so the only choice is to drive on elsewhere! prevent future ones. A 2 hour limit for about 40 spaces must No matter what your age or condition, Pilates will work for you! surely be the answer – It could be free as Make a difference in your life today! in Barnet for the first half hour. Contact Stuart on: 07787 552326 Would a HWA petition in each of the Or email: shops be a start? Regards, Mrs Susan Cresswell Dear Editor, closed for financial and community I would like to voice my concern (and I reasons. Please lets try to support the suspect that of many others) about the businesses in Hadley Wood. Without them dwindling support for the shops and the area would lose its focus and heart. businesses in Hadley Wood. The demise Jan Hulme, Hadley CommonLetters to the Editor of the Thai Restaurant is very sad. WeDear Editor really enjoyed the food and the staff were Dear EditorTo enable more residents to shop locally very friendly. Now we are worried about Your article ‘Hadley Wood’s shops’and to help the remaining shops to survive, Bob in the paper shop. He provides a concerned us greatly. My husband and Iwould it not be possible to allow a half hour wonderful paper delivery service, not would very much like to support the shops,slot of free parking (or even an hour if going missing a day when, recently, the snow particularly our little general store. Asto the hairdressers) by stopping all day made the roads across Hadley Common pensioners, we find Londis useful, especiallyparking by commuters? lethal. But Londis are making his future in the severe weather we have experienced I am disabled which obviously makes uncertain because his profits are low. It this winter. Our concern, however, is withconvenient access to shops important. was unfortunate that the sub-post office parking. If we are purchasing more than aQueenswood School in the 21st century within a friendly and curriculum, supported by a diverse and supportive community. Being just 20 exciting extra-curricular programme. TheFounded in 1894, Queenswood is a leading minutes from central London, girls can take girls are ambitious high achievers, winningboarding and day school for girls aged 11- advantage of easy access to the cultural places at the top universities both at home18, set in a beautiful 120-acre estate. An all- richness of the capital. and abroad prior to embarking upon around education focuses on equipping the Queenswood is an exciting place to learn range of exciting careers. Individual talentgirls with all the life skills required of women where girls enjoy a dynamic academic also flourishes in sport and in the creative and performing arts. As important as individual achievement is the development of a sense of responsibility for each other and the world in which they live. Queenswood girls are thoughtful young people with a secure set of values, self- confidence and poise. For further information about the school contact us at Queenswood School, Shepherds Way, Brookman’s Park. Hatfield, Hertfordshire. AL9 6NS Tel. 01707 602500 6
  7. 7. couple of items we, as elderly residents,need to be able to transport our purchasesby car. On many occasions we haveattempted to support the store but have hadto drive past as there has been no available All aspects of general practice .co.ukparking. I know there is a restriction in place covered. Same day andto stop commuters using the parade spaces weekend appointments Our mobile valeting service is now @ Hadley Wood or localbut feel that, at least on one side of the road, offering specialized treatments forthere should be timed parking slots of, sayhalf an hour to enable us to use the cleaners Private Hospitals your car. Mini valet•Machine polishand general store and move on. I Supaguard•One day valetunderstand that there are services like thehairdressers and beauticians that would Bodywork repairprefer an hour’s parking but whichever was Call Adam on 07973 272347 ordecided we believe that all day parking email Patients on the NHS list are excludedshould not be allowed. What can we do,however, to persuade Enfield Council thatthere is a problem? THE SPRING 2013 CLOTHES SALE! Thank you for drawing the residentsattention to the problems ofDawnvalued these Ledgard Events… beautiful clothes at amazing prices!shopkeepers. shop in stores like House of Fraser, John Lewis, Fenwicks and smaller exclusive ladies retail outlets. If youYours sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. C. Keeling Then you should come and see our extensive range of NEW, DESIGNER LADIES TROUSERS, JEANS, CROPS, SEPARATES, RAINCOATS, JACKETS, SKIRTS, DRESSES & OUTFITS Thursday 11th April 2013 10.30am until 8pm THE HADLEY WOOD ASSOCIATION CENTRE 7 CRESCENT EAST, HADLEY WOOD, EN4 0EL (behind the tennis courts & near the station) MANY LABELS INCLUDING NOUGAT, MONARI, SIGNATURE, OSCAR B AND LOTS MORE TOO! Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends, come for a coffee & browse in a relaxed atmosphere! £1 entrance & commission from your sales go to Cherry Lodge Cancer Care Reg Charity No 1011629 - please come & support a great and much needed local charity! For more info 01344 454423 or 07790326981 impressive. 94.5% achieved 5 A* to C grades at GCSE. These results put us into the top 5% in the country for added value. The Sixth Form at St Martha’s is the jewel in our crown, as we develop our young ladies to be independent thinkers, socially skilled in etiquette and networking. We participate in the Women of the Future Awards where the sixth formers liaise with leading business women. This gives them the confidence to respond appropriately wherever they find themselves, be it at an Oxbridge interview or being introduced to a member of the Royal Family. We warmly invite you to our Open Morning each Wednesday for your personal tour of St Martha’s School. Please contact admissions@saint- or please call 0208 4496889St Martha’s School with them so that they can reach their fullSt Martha’s School educates and develops potential. Our academic results areyoung ladies so that they have the grace and outstanding and the girls constantly performability to make a good impression wherever to the highest level. We are a non-selectivethey are. We understand the uniqueness and school and our performance in publicparticular styles of our young girls and work examinations is therefore all the more 7
  8. 8. From Cottages to Country Estates OFFICES AT BARNET TOTTERIDGE HADLEY WOOD BROOKMANS PARK RADLETT HADLEY GREENHADLEY WOOD £1,695,000 HADLEY WOOD £1,575,000 HADLEY WOOD £1,575,000 5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms (4 En Suite) 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 5 Reception Rooms First Floor Apartment 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 5 Reception Rooms Kitchen Breakfast Room Kitchen/Breakfast Room Utility Room Garage Reception Room Kitchen/Breakfast Room Utility Room Studio Southerly Aspect Rear Garden Approx. 150’ Workshop PROOF 1 Southerly Aspect Rear Garden Approx. 110’ Swimming Pool Utility Room Westerly Aspect Balcony HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 NOT FOR PRINT HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY HIGHSTONE £1,175,000 HADLEY WOOD £695,000 HADLEY WOOD £390,000 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 4 Reception Rooms Top Floor Apartment 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Grade II Listed Cottage 2 Bedrooms Downstairs Kitchen Breakfast Room Utility Room 2 Reception Rooms Kitchen/Breakfast Room Bath/Shower Room Reception Room Landscaped Rear Garden Garage Landscaped Communal Gardens Kitchen Courtyard Garden 2 Allocated Parking Bays HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 SALES OFFICES AT: BARNET 020 8449 3383 TOTTERIDGE 020 8445 3694 HADLEY WOOD 020 8440 9797 BROOKMANS PARK 01707 661144RADLETT 01923 604321 NEW HOMES SHOWCASE HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9555 PREMIER LETTINGS HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9796 RADLETT 01923 608383 Associated Offices in Mayfair & Moscow The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 Chairman Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 Editor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 Advertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 Advertising Manager Betty Brough 020 8441 6859 Hall Bookings Annie 07903 138 235 Security Task Force Membership Secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020 HWA Membership Secretary Mrs Sue Finlay Tel. 0208 441 2595The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news,views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for thedirect benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers,without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editorand Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or viewsexpressed. The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accesseddirectly or indirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained byanyone as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.HadleyWood News shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication.The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA December 2011 To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit 8