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Hadley Wood News June 2013

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUEDESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINTWAREHOUSE TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482JUNE2013ISSUEHADLEYWOODNEWSHadley Wood Association Website.George takes over.Thymara. Flying start.The Proms. Tina reports.Neighbourhood Forums. Our expertsreflect.Football Club.Tennis ClubLetters to the Editor. Petition, Parkgate’strees
  2. 2. 2The Hadley WoodAssociation WebsiteLong term resident in Hadley WoodGeorge McCormick is now approachinghis final year at Dame Alice OwensSchool. Apart from playing hockey forPotters Bar and being a member of theBarnet Running Club he also plays thealto saxophone with a group from theschool (Soul Band). With this group hehas, amongst other venues, performedlive at the Royal Albert Hall when DameAlice Owen’s celebrated its 400thanniversary.George is currently involved inexaminations and pondering his nextstep after leaving school. He has alreadyset up a business selling electronicgoods on eBay and has a great deal ofinterest and expertise in Website designand management.As if all this was not enough he hastaken on the management of theHadley Wood Association website,www.hadleywood.org.uk and has nowredesigned and upgraded the site. TheForthcoming events section is a usefulplace to advertise any events you areorganising so please send in details tothe editor who will forward them on.There will also be a gallery forinteresting photos of the area,opportunities to advertise and all theusual details of the local clubs.ThymariAfter eight long weeks of refurbishmentThymari Greek Restaurant and Bar finallyopened its doors in early April. Its look issleek and modern but the heart is firmly inthe family tradition.Owners Andreas and Sheila, and theirsons Matthew and Gregory, whose familyhas a long history in the restaurantbusiness, wanted to recreate the successof their previous restaurants in CentralLondon and Cyprus which were widelyacclaimed in the Good Food Guides.Authentic Greek food is prepared fromscratch daily in this modern friendlysetting with many recipes that have beenhanded down.Their extensive wine list has beencompiled carefully to compliment thehomemade Greek food.The family andthe rest of the team would like to thank allthe local residents and everyone who hasbeen to the restaurant, for all theirsupport and positive feedback. Its beenfantastic to see the restaurant so busy.All we need now is some Mediterraneanweather (we can only hope!!) so we canfinally open the front of the restaurant toenjoy our outside eating area.ThePARK VETERINARYPRACTICECockfostersClean • Spacious • Air-conditioned• Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Workshop• Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy• Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring• Puppy Parties • Geriatric careCall for details on how to Registeror visit www.theparkvets.com020 8275 0330 (24 hrs)The only local practice tobe FSA approved forinsurance claims.Fully Equipped.Friendly, Compassionate& Caring Professionals.The Place for PuppyParties!PARK VETERIARK VETERIPTheVETERINAARYYRPARK VETERIARK VETERIPPClean • Spacious •• Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental• Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy• Advanced• Puppy Parties • Geriatric careVETERINAPRACTICECockfosteostef rspacious • Air-conditionedeatre • Xrays • Dental Woory • Ultrasound • Endoscopyed Anaesthetic Monitoringy Parties • Geriatric careARYYRnedorkshopcopyingeThe only local pbe FSAinsurlocal practice toA approved forrance claims.Fully Equipped.Call for details on how to Registeror visit ww020 8275 0330details on how to Registerww.theparkvets.co275 0330 (24 hrs)steromhrs)Fr ei ldn y,& CaringCompassionateg Professionals.Thee Place for PuppyParties!Current issues.The petition to improve parking in front ofthe shops has now receivedapproximately 500 signatures and a letterasking for some help from the Council willbe sent off soon. A strong application bythe Chairman Graham Sharp for somefinancial help from the Council (about£10,000) to resurface the Hadley WoodAssociation car park has beensuccessful. This will be a great help asthe final bill looks like being over £40,000.Many thanks are due to the Council andalso to residents (especially BeverlyBenson our Headmistress at HadleyWood Primary school) for theirsupport.There has been an application toenlarge the Telecom mast over the flatson Crescent West and objections havebeen sent in. Finally may we draw yourattention to the improved Hadley WoodAssociation website. Details are below.Rod Armstrong
  3. 3. 3New Therma Vein MachineNow at CrèmeSafe Instant & Effective Removalof Thread Veins & Skin TagsFree No Obligation AssessmentsTel: 020 8449 268732 Crescent WestWINDOW CLEANING SERVICESIncludes Frames, Sills, Doorsand Conservatories6 or 8 Weekly Cleans orOne off CleanReferences available.All work guaranteedA Local Small Company BasedIn BarnetTel. 0208 441 8100 or 07861 764 994email: bugodx3@gmail.comIt is that time of the year again. With another successfulseason behind us, the Hadley Wood & Wingate FC are nowwrapping up the season of 2012/13 and have initiatedactivities for next season 2013/14. Very successful trials fornext season have been held and new players have beenidentified, we still have a handful of places to fill – so if youare interested, please email us at hww@wingatefinchley.comwith details of your child, including date of birth. As acommunity football club, we would like to encourage youngchildren to join our teams. Presentation day will take place onthe 9th of June, medals will be presented to all players aswell as trophies to outstanding players. Lots of fun is alsoexpected with a bouncy castle and other activities. Thefootball club Annual General Meeting will take place on the25th of June. The club committee will present the plans fornext season and will seek confirmation of officers appointedto the club. We will also be looking for sponsors as well asnew volunteers that can support our club activities. Weexpect everything to be in place for the beginning of theseason (beginning of September 2013).Jonathan WynneHadley Wood’s Football team.Our opening times are:Lunch:12 noon until 3pm (light lunch menuavailable) Tuesday to Saturday andSunday 12 noon until 5 pm.Evenings:6pm until 11pm Tuesday toSaturday.Seating up to 50 people, parties arewelcome. If you would like to booka table please ring 020 8275 0268or emailbookings@thymari.co.ukShiela
  4. 4. 42013 PromenadeSeasonThe 2013 promenade season will soonbe upon us and it seems like yesterday Iwas writing a review for 2012 – how timeflies!In the early 1970’s when I was amusic student I would prom regularly,happy to queue with friends from earlyafternoon onwards to get a good positionnear the front. We didn’t have the choiceof venues then.On one occasion in the hot summer of1976, I was attending a concert given bythe London Symphony Orchestra underthe baton of Andre Previn conductingCarl Orff’s Carmina Burana with theyoung soloist Thomas Allen.He had just finished singing one of hisarias when we all saw him turn a whitershade of pale, sway suddenly andpromptly keel over. The St John’sAmbulance Brigade were ready at handto haul him off the stage – no mean taskas he is a big specimen.All this went on with the orchestra stillplaying. Then a young man in theaudience stepped up onto the podiumconsulted with Previn and proceeded tojoin the other soloist, taking Allen’s part.It turned out that he was a musicstudent at one of the colleges – a risktaken by Previn but it wasn’t a badattempt on the gentleman’s part whoobviously had a lot of nerve. It remains tobe seen whether anything as dramaticmight happen again.Each year the programme organisershave become more adventurous intheir planning. Of course the world’s topsoloists and conductors have theirtimetables arranged a few years inadvance as they are in such demand.The renowned Daniel Barenboim whoattended last year’s Proms with the WestEastern Divan Orchestra, conductingall nine Beethoven symphonies, will beover this year with his Berlin Staatsoperato perform Wagner’s Ring Cycle.Being one of the leading interpreters ofthe composer, it is remarkable to thinkthat he has never conducted any of theoperas in the UK before – a one-off forWagner fans to enjoy all through July andAugust.There is also a good deal of Britten onhand, representing his centenary yearand for Tchaikovsky fans there is plentyon offer too.The Proms also marks 60 years sincethe Queen’s coronation with a number ofworks either heard on that occasionor written in honour of Elizabeth II.Newcontemporary composers are alsovery well featured for those with anadventurous taste. I must also mentionthat apart from chamber music inCadogan Hall, Proms in the Park forfamilies and Proms plus story time atthe Royal College of Music for familieswith young children aged 3 to 7, there isalso the very inventive group, Naturally 7,from New York. This gospel-pop groupof young men decided to change theirstyle and set about inventing a wholenew genre which they call ‘vocal play’(emulating sounds such as bass, drums,keyboards. brass and guitar as well asturntable scratching sounds with thevoice alone).The result is an orchestra withoutinstruments. They also, by the way, haveamazing singing voices. Naturally 7 havesupported Coldplay and vocal superstarStudent & JuniorMembershipsHadley Wood Golf Club0208 449 4328Hadley Wood Golf Club, Beech Hill, Barnet, Herts EN4 0JJwww.hadleywoodgc.comJuniors£100*fromonlyStudents£160*fromonly*Price for membership June to December 2013Juniors must be under 18 and Students in full-time educationMichael Buble! They have duetted withhip hop giant Ludacris at Quincy Jones’srequest and appeared on Jay Leno’slate night US TV show.Their re-interpretations of Simon & Garfunkel,Herbie Hancock classics and their skyscraping version of Phil Collins’s ‘In theAir Tonight’, scored 5.5 million hits onYou Tube.Their skilful union of vocal precisionand heart-grasping emotion make thislate night Prom on 29th July anunmissable event.This year for the firsttime, the last night of the Proms will beconducted by a woman Marion Alsop.How nice to have a female taking on thishonour!I have mentioned only about athird of what’s on offer for this comingseason, ranging from high opera, choral,ballet, keyboard, orchestral, jazz, pop,film and chamber music. So this givesthose of you who wish to attend a prom avast selection from which to choose.Tina WenhamThe Hadley WoodTennis ClubHadley Wood Tennis Club had asuccessful Open Day a couple of weeksago. Surprisingly, the weather let up forthat day, and we were able to enjoy thecourts without rain! All 7 courts were fullwith children and adults of all differentlevels.If anyone is interested in joining
  5. 5. 5Dr Keith GarberDr Andrew HalmerDr Tina ChrysostomouAll aspects of general dentistryoffered throughout the weekincluding Saturday morningappointmentsPlease contact our reception16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood,Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJTel: 020 8441 0257PilatesTeacher - PersonalTrainerEstablished lower back specialistEASING YOUR BACK PAIN WITH PILATESPilates can both alleviate existing back problems andprevent future ones.No matter what your age or condition,Pilates will work for you!Make a difference in your life today!Contact Stuart on: 07787 552326Or email: stuart@pilates-stuart.co.ukIf youre looking for dramatic changes in the way yourbody looks, feels and performs. If you want to improveflexibility, strength and agility, muscle tone, andbecome less prone to injury...Then youre about todiscover how you can do all this, quickly and easily,with your One to One Pilates session!www.pilates-stuart.co.ukPatients on the NHS list are excludedAll aspects of general practicecovered. Same day andweekend appointments@ Hadley Wood or localPrivate Hospitalsveenasingh@hotmail.co.ukthis friendly local tennis club, pleasecontact me.We are offering discounted rates fornew members that join quoting the“Hadley Wood News”. If you haventplayed before or havent played for years,thats not a problem. If you don’t knowanyone at the Club, that’s not a problemeither! We are a friendly club andwelcome all levels of play.Adult coaching sessions take place onTuesday and Thursday mornings. Thereare many children’s courses held duringthe week and in the school holidays.Please see our website for furtherinformation: www.hwltc.org or telephoneChris (our coach).We also have Social Tennis Club Nighton Thursdays. This is open to allmembers to come and play. The bar isopen then and we are now welcomingnon members and residents of HadleyWood to come and enjoy a drink at thebar on a warm summers evening!Come and meet other members, andyour fellow neighbours and support ourlocal club and Association Centre!Simone Strauss – Membership Secretary– 07873 846 198/membership@hwltc.orgCoaches – Chris: 07789 555 008Stuart 07787 552 326NeighbourhoodPlanningThe idea behind neighbourhood planningis for local communities, to produce aplan for their area to steer and influencethe form of building and change in theirarea, (not, by the way, to stop thingsgetting built, just to influence the details).Erik Pickles has set up the system for thewhole country, and in most places theexisting parish council can prepare theneighbourhood plan. However it is a bitmore complicated in London where thereare very few parishes and if we wanted toproduce a plan we would have to first setup a neighbourhood forum to take thingsforward.Setting up such forums and draftingneighbourhood plans could be a lot ofwork and as a community we would needto know what we wanted to achieve andhow we would do it. All parts of ourcommunity would need to have a sayand hopefully be actively involved. Wewould also need to work closely withEnfield Council to make the most ofplanning opportunities that aneighbourhood scale can bring.The government has given acommunity planning charity calledLocality £9 million over the next 3 yearsto help communities take forwardneighbourhood planning. We might notbe able to access any of their help, but itis there for the asking at the moment. LBEnfield may help too, but overall theidea is that communities do this forthemselves and it can be very hands onand time consuming.Apart from becoming more able toinfluence planning matters aNeighbourhood Forum would be entitledto receive 25% of a new CommunityInfrastructure levy (CIL). This gets paidto local authorities by developers whenthey build new residential space.The official line is that this paymentwould help to compensate those affectedby development, but some may see it asa bribe to try and discourage localresistance to building.Enfield published their CIL rates inMay, athttp://governance.enfield.gov.uk/documents/s38937/ANNEX%201%20-%20Preliminary%20Draft%20Charging%20Schedule%202.pdf.It looks like the charge will be £120 perm2 for Hadley Wood. In case you areinterested Redbridges is £70m2 andparts of Wandsworth around Nine Elmsare at £575m2. In areas likely to see a lotof new homes this money could help payfor new schools, roads and doctorssurgeries etc.In places like Hadley Wood, which tendto see extra homes here and there and noone big new development scheme, itcould still add up, and with a recognizedneighborhood Forum, our communitycould receive 25% to spend on projects wehave discussed and agreed on such asthe playground, tree planting or whatever.We can only speculate as to what theborough might see as an appropriate wayto spend the money otherwise.But CIL is only part of theneighbourhood planning story. A plan forHadley Wood could include planningpolicies which relate to the particularcharacter of this area, rather than thecouncil applying Enfield wide policies.For example Enfield has a rule calling for1m to be left between homes and theirside boundary.This is to stop rows of semis ending uplooking like rows of terraced houses. 1mis the size thought appropriate for theaverage Enfield semi – is it appropriatefor Hadley Wood? Maybe, maybe not?A neighbourhood plan can also lookat public space, such as the use ofBartrams field and the parking andpavement issues outside the shops etc.It could look ahead at what mighthappen if green belt policies are changed(although there is absolutely no indicationof this at the moment, don’t panic). But ifthings changed in say 15 years time theplan could talk about how it might be bestto manage things.
  6. 6. 6Our mobile valeting service is nowoffering specialized treatments foryour car.Mini valet•Machine polishSupaguard•One day valetBodywork repairCall Adam on 07973 272347 oremail adam@aquavalet.co.uk.co.ukTHE CELEBRITIES GUILD’SSUMMER OUTINGTHURSDAY JUNE 27do join us to enjoy a new production ofTHE MAGIC FLUTEA delight for Opera lovers sublimemusic and comedy by the Merry Opera CompanyReturn coach to/from Central London’s newestOutdoor Theatreleaving Hadley Wood Station (Herts) at 4.30pmand other stops en routeTickets £32 per person including picnic supperTHE CELEBRITIES GUILD OFGREAT BRITAIN(Charity Reg No 282298)All proceeds in aid of children withRett Syndromefor more information and to book your placeTel: 0208 449 1234 (10am-4pm Mon-Fri)Anyway, is anyone interested indiscussing this further?A neighbourhood plan might not beright for Hadley Wood, or maybe you feelit would be a worthwhile thing to do? Itwould be lovely to know what people think.Esther Kurland, Local resident plannerWhy Hadley Wood should have aNeighbourhood Plan and how to do it.The government wants areas like HadleyWood to form Neighbourhood Forumsmade up of local people. It has givencitizens rights in a new law which enablesthem to make their own neighbourhoodplan, acting together with the Council.Readers may already be familiar with anumber of proposals which localresidents have objected to and won suchas the ‘Park and Ride’ scheme. But therehave also been unpopular housingschemes which could not be blockedand more of these are inevitable in future.A Neighbourhood Forum could gaingreater voice for the Hadley WoodAssociation and its members.Or it might operate as a stand alonebody. It could help reduce damage to theenvironment, landscape and preventtractors ploughing up fields.On reading the new law the Council arelooking to: nurture community leadershipskills and capacity and excellence inplan making, in a way whichis is properlyresourced and owned by local people.The Council has also been givenresources to financially help aneighbourhood group willing to organiseitself as, a Neighbourhood Forum. TheCouncil are obliged to help people willingto make a claim for this support and oncea Forum is established, even moreCouncil funding could be available forForum projects.Once a Forum is established thesefunds are only likely to be guaranteeduntil 2015. So there is a need to act soonand community planning expertise couldbe needed. Thus the government has forthe first time put plan-making rights intothe hands, of the community.Local people would be able to makestatutory plans to help the Council withtricky planning decisions, about forexample: Which a) Which landscapesand buildings are to be protected outrightand b) new buildings, facilities, areaimprovements and their location.Before becoming established as aHadley Wood Neighbourhood Forum afeasibility study may be needed toidentify problems. This could onlyhappen if residents were to come forwardand hold a meeting, preferably in the nearfuture. In this scenario they would needcommunity planning expertise to help.Although this would involve fees itcould be money well spent. To share yourviews kindly send your letters to thismagazine.Adam Cook CMLI landscape architectand community planner. All rightsreserved Adam Cook. email:adam.cook@acpid.co.uk
  7. 7. 7The North London Counsellingand Psychotherapy CentreLisa Daitz MBACP, MSEA, MBPsSFor help with Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Relationshipand Family Issues, Bereavement and Loss, Conflict, Trauma andLong-Standing Emotional Issues.Hadley Wood - Barnet - Palmers GreenTo discuss how therapy may be of help (without obligation) or toarrange an initial consultation contact Lisa Daitz on 07771 522426or email lisa@thenorthlondonpsychotherapycentre.co.ukwConfidential, Safe and Non-judgementalLisa Daitz MBACP, MSEA, MBPsSFConfidential, Safe and Non-judgementalFor help with Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Relationshipand Family Issues, Bereavement and Loss, Conflict, Trauma andLong-Standing Emotional Issues.HHadley Wood - Barnet - Palmers GreenTTo discuss how therapy may be of help (without obligation) or toarrange an initial consultation contact Lisa Daitz on 07771 522426or email lisa@thenorthlondonpsychotherapycentre.co.ukwww.thenorthlondonpsychotherapycentre.co.ukITALIANDESIGNERKITCHENSBYTel:01707663738www.ital-design.co.uk01707 835 835 OR 07446 500 580www.hertspowerclean.co.ukTransform your exterior surfaces withHerts Power Clean• Driveway Refurbishment• Block Paving, Patio, Natural Stone, PatternImprinted Concrete Cleaning & Protective Sealing• Moss & Algae Removal• Oil Leak TreatmentEva McCormickYoung harpist available for weddingreceptions,parties and events, providingmusic to suit all tastes.Call Eva for details and rates 020 8440 0743.Dear EditorI frequently walk to the local shops at Crescent West frommy home in Parkgate Avenue, and whilst I sympathisewith local shopkeepers regarding the parking, I believethat restricting the parking around these shops will onlyredirect the problem to surrounding residential streetsincluding my own.Let us not forget that foremost Hadley Wood is aresidential area. Though I support local businesses, I forone will not be signing the petition.RegardsMr A MarchettiDear EditorI was walking the dog around the Parkgate block andnoticed that almost all the street trees have now died andbeen removed (except at the green triangle and a few onthe higher park of Parkgate Avenue).Also there seem to be fewer and fewer front garden trees(sometimes removed when houses are rebuilt or extended,sometimes having died off). Do you think there would beany interest in trying to push for some new trees to beplanted? Maybe in the verges? Have you had anyconversations with LB Enfield on this?I was wondering if any residents would be willing to helpbuy the trees, but maybe more importantly, water themwhile they establish if any can be planted?Esther Kurland, Urban Design Londonesther.kurland@urbandesignlondon.comwww.urbandesignlondon.comLetters to the Editor
  8. 8. 8The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news,views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for thedirect benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers,without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editorand Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or views expressed.The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accessed directly orindirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained by anyone as a resultof an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.Hadley Wood News shall notbe responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication. The Publisher reserves the right toamend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA December 2011The Hadley Wood Association7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193hadley.woodassoc@btconnect.com www.hadleywood.org.ukChairman Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 sharpie14@btinternet.comEditor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 rodarmstrong@btinternet.comAdvertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 hadley.woodassoc@btconnect.comAdvertising Manager Betty Brough 020 8441 6859 bbr1934@aol.comHall Bookings Annie 07903 138 235 hallbookings.hwa@gmail.comSecurity Task Force Membership Secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020HWA Membership Secretary Mrs Sue Finlay Tel. 0208 441 2595Website Manager George McCormick george_1700@hotmail.co.ukTo download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit www.hadleywood.org.ukSALES OFFICES AT: BARNET 020 8449 3383 TOTTERIDGE 020 8445 3694 HADLEY WOOD 020 8440 9797 BROOKMANS PARK 01707 661144RADLETT 01923 604321 NEW HOMES SHOWCASE HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9555 PREMIER LETTINGS HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9796 RADLETT 01923 608383Associated Offices in Mayfair & Moscowwww.statons.comOFFICES AT BARNET TOTTERIDGE HADLEY WOOD BROOKMANS PARK RADLETT HADLEY GREENHADLEY WOOD £1,399,0005 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 Reception RoomsKitchen/Breakfast Room Landscaped Rear GardenIndoor Swimming Pool ComplexHADLEY WOOD £1,000,0004 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Reception RoomsKitchen/Breakfast Room Double Integral GarageOff Street ParkingHADLEY WOOD £615,0002 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Lounge/Diner withOpen Plan Fitted Kitchen Allocated Parking AreaHADLEY WOOD £775,0003 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Reception RoomsKitchen Garden Garage Ample Scope ForRefurbishment STPPHADLEY WOOD £1,500,0005 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Reception RoomsOpen Plan Kitchen ConservatoryRear Garden Off Street ParkingHADLEY WOOD £350,0002 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Reception RoomKitchen Part Boarded Loft Garage En BlocHADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797