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Hadley Wood News - September 2018


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Hadley Wood News - September 2018

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Hadley Wood News - September 2018

  1. 1. 2 LETTER FROM THE TRUSTEES OF THE HADLEY WOOD ASSOCIATION Thank you to all our members We have reached the end of a good year 2017/8 for the Association, and look forward to a stronger fulfilment of our charitable purposes in our new year 2018/9 (beginning 1st October). At the AGM on 14 November, we shall present reports on our activities (regular management, special projects and campaigns), finances (a reasonably balanced outcome), shared users of the Centre and affiliates, and plans for the future. We also expect to mark the 50th anniversary of the Centre in appropriate ways at the AGM, although the main celebration is the Fireworks on Sunday 4 November - our big annual fundraising event. Activities over the last couple of months have included continuing efforts on Crime Prevention (with the police base proposal progressing alongside positive developments with Neighbourhood Watch and Hadley Wood Security), and Treegate with implementation of Network Rail commitments (the Consultation event is fixed for 17 October) and our participation (Robert Wilson with Francesca Caine/ Hadley Wood Rail User Group) as invited community consultees in the ministerial Varley Review on Network Rail Vegetation Management. Our Regular Management has included a steady programme of repairs to our aging Centre. A review of the Car Park during the school run shows that, as a new term starts, there are too many cars and some inconsiderate even dangerous use. The Trustees have decided, with agreement of the Headmistress, to reintroduce the rule that school run cars display our HWA car park permit to ensure that use is limited to those paying for membership of our Association. This also applies to the Pre-School run. We take the opportunity to thank all our members, those loyal for many years and those new this year, for their vital support - by their subscriptions and, for many, by their volunteer involvement in community activities. For those readers who have not yet joined as members, we look forward to your applications in advance of our AGM. For those whose subscription payments have lapsed, we invite a new application so that we have Greater Data Protection regulation (GDPR) compliant contact details. We invite all those willing to help with our activities, or have ideas for suitable community projects, to let us know. We are also looking for new Committee Members particularly Events & Fundraising, Centre & Grounds and Local Affairs (including Planning). The Trustees of the HWA Assisted Travel Need assistance to travel by train to or from Hadley Wood? Telephone GTR’s helpline 0800 058 2844 - Textphone 0800 138 1018 giving as much notice as possible. GTR’s Assisted Travel line is available every day, 07:00 to 22:00, except Christmas Day SCHOOL RUN CAR PARK NOTICE The Trustees are reviving the requirement to display a Car Parking Permit on cars used for dropping and collecting children from Hadley Wood School and the Pre-School. This is to provide some control at times when the car park is overfull. All users for the school run must be paid members of the Association. New Member Application Forms (for those not already members) and Car Parking Permits can be collected from the Office at the Centre. REMINDER TO ALL USERS The car park is private and for use only by members and authorised users. No commuter parking is permitted, even for members. All use of the car park is at drivers own risk and extra care must be taken in the restricted space especially during the school run. Signed Trustees of the Hadley Wood Association.
  2. 2. 3 Hadley Wood Association 50th Anniversary Fireworks Sunday 4th November Doors open an 4.30pm Fireworks at 6pm Funfair rides, street food, licensed bar, music and rain shelter Tickets will be available at Londis from early October YOUR CHANCE TO QUIZ GTR’s TIMETABLE TEAM at HADLEY WOOD RAIL USER GROUP’s next meeting also on Wednesday 17th October at the HWA Centre at 8.00pm FORTHCOMING EVENTS IN HADLEY WOOD Hadley Wood Association AGM November 14th At the Hadley Wood Association Centre (far end of the tennis courts Crescent East) Remembrance Sunday St Paul’s Church November 11th A special service will be held at St Paul’s Church on November 11th to remember the end of World War 1 one hundred years ago. A Book of Remembrance will be available at the Church for families to enter their contributions and recollections of the war. There will also be a Remembrance Flower Festival and the unveiling of a newly commissioned Remembrance Board to honour those individuals from this Community who gave their lives in in both World Wars. On November 9th there will be a slide show and lecture by David Harbott and John Leatherdale featuring Hadley Wood during the World Wars. TREEGATE CONSULTATION WEDNESDAY 17th OCTOBER HWA CENTRE 5.30-8.00pm Hadley Wood Association with HWRUG invite residents and rail users to meet Network Rail with the Tree Council. See the plans for the limited final tree cutting and the replanting including the “Hadley Wood Trial” Ask for explanations FOLLOWED BY NSPCC Christmas STOP and SHOP The Barnet Appeals Committee are pleased to announce that they will once more be holding their very popular ‘NSPCC CHRISTMAS STOPAND SHOP’ on the evening of Thursday 22nd November from 7.00 until 9.00pm and the morning of Friday 23rd November, from 10am until 1.00pm.
  3. 3. 4 TREEGATE Back in March, the Treegate Campaign organised by HWA and HWRUG was successful in stopping complete devastation of trees along the railway through. By June, we had persuaded Network Rail to come to a public meeting to apologise for the extreme devegetation, and to make commitments for the proportionate completion of tree felling works and significant replanting based on Tree Council expertise and consultation with the community. NOW WE MUST HOLD THEM TO THEIR WORD During the summer, HWA have worked with Network Rail and Tree Council on implementation. Most important, Network Rail have held to their commitment to resume works only after consultation : which specific trees will be felled, what replanting. As time passed in developing the plans, it became clear that works would only resume in the New Year, but decisions are needed within October to order plants and instruct contractors. We have therefore been able to enjoy a summer with all the preserved trees around the station and on all tunnel portals, and no new disturbance of wildlife alongside the railway through Hadley. Consultation event. The focus now is to complete the plans ready to present to the community, which Net- work Rail have agreed to do at HWA Centre on Wednesday 17 October. The format will be like a “Public Information Meeting” with display boards. Network Rail managers and Tree Council will be there to explain and hear feedback. This is not a rerun of the Public Meeting but Network Rail have said that their plans are subject to community approval, so this is more than just information.” The date was chosen as the only one all concerned could do, and follows a “Lessons Learned” session during the day organised by Network Rail with Robert Wilson and Francesca Caine asked to attend the project team, contractors and Tree Council. HWRUG have arranged their next meeting with GTR’s timetable team to follow on the same evening.– See details on Page 3. The Treegate Consultation session has been organised to start at 5.30pm and finish at 8.00pm. We hope this allows HWRUG meeting attendees to participate in the Consultation if they can come along earlier and that parents and others will find the earlier start time convenient. Detailed Plans. We were able to give some indication of likely works in the last July/August edition of HW News. We now have draft plans prepared by the contractors - see page opposite. These plans give details in note form, but further explanation can be obtained on 17 October. Robert Wilson and John Leatherdale can also help, and we aim to contact in advance those most concerned - particularly Parkgate and those next to the Station. The plans are not final or complete; preparation and discussion with Network Rail and the Tree Council continues. Two big outstanding issues are the proposed Tree works for the sensitive Conservation Area by the Station, and the promised plans for replanting north of the Station with the “Hadley Wood Tri- al” (and community involvement in the planting). However the good news is that we are already seeing the preservation of nearly all trees on tunnel portals, some special replanting by Parkgate and ground prepara- tion of the area for the Station Garden (volunteers still needed to join Rod Armstrong). We are pressing Network Rail to ensure we get a full Trial area and more replanting on other banks. We are also seeking attention to geotechnical conditions (to mitigate flood and slippage risks) and due attention this time to ecological concerns. If you want the best scale of replanting, we shall need our community to show Net- work Rail on 17 October the strength of our views. They need to be encouraged to give us a full mitigation for the “extreme devegetation”. Please come to the event and express your opinion. If you cannot come, please share your thoughts with Robert Wilson ( or others of the Treegate team. We shall pass them on.
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  5. 5. 6 Window Cleaning Services Includes Frames Sills Doors and conservatories 6 or 8 weekly Cleans or One Off Clean References available All works guaranteed A Local small company based In Barnet Tel. 0208 441 8100 or 07861 764 994 Station Cuttings: Railway Reviews are like buses… Now there are three of them at once! No surprises in the rail regulator’s interim report on the May Time- table debacle published on 20th September, just confirmation of the systemic industry-wide failures that meant that “they all did it”. No surprise either that yet another governmental review has just been set up to look into the franchising model, but let’s hope that GTR survives to deliver the 4 trains per hour (tph) they promised. GTR has again apologised to its passengers for the disruption caused by the May timetable, and said they have already contacted over 60,000 Season Ticket holders to offer up to a month’s travel cost in compensa- tion over and above the regular money they can also claim. This Additional Industry Compensation Scheme will be extended to other passengers so we recommend that everyone checks it out. GTR also say that their Thameslink and Great Northern services are now “back on track” with over 87% on time in the latest week. You may also have noticed a new note on their app, “Further Service Additions”, detailing additional long-distance services that are currently being phased in, though regrettably none will call here. We have invited senior members of the Timetable Team to the next Rail User Group meeting on Wednesday 17th October at 8pm at the HWA Centre (straight after the Treegate consultation meeting held jointly with the HWA) to discuss their plans for achieving our full 4 tph metro service. Please come along and show them how much this means to Hadley Wood. HWRUG has also co-signed a letter from several Great Northern rail user groups to the Minister, DfT and all local MPs demanding a fares freeze in 2019 in view of the appalling service passengers have had to endure. Several of these MPs followed this up with the Minister personally: please lobby ours to do likewise. Now to the third railway review, in which Hadley Wood was invited to participate: the Ministerial Review into “all aspects of Network Rail’s approach to vegetation management”. Thanks to the hard-fought Treegate campaign led jointly by HWRUG and the HWA and extensively reported in this magazine, Robert Wilson and I were invited by the Railway Safety and Standards Board to give evidence to this “expert led” Review and join a workshop to develop its draft recommendations. Treegate’s tree-felling experience will form a case study. The Review is expected to call for root-and- branch reform and culture change in Network Rail. We also persuaded them to consider one aspect of track safety that had been strangely overlooked: the impact on risks below the ground (landslip and flood) from extreme devegetation above it. This was prompted by the complete devastation Network Rail wreaked northwest of the station on the slope of London Clay, a notoriously unstable substance. Despite the Review’s “all aspects” remit, geotechnical safety issues had not been considered – but they are now! And we have also managed to secure expert advice on local flood risk and landslip. The Ministerial Review is expected to be published in mid-October with significant reference to Hadley Wood. Francesca Caine, Chair, Hadley Wood Rail User Group The devastated slope behind our landslip sleuths. 17th September
  6. 6. 7 Kingwell Road Street Party ‘Why don’t we have a street party’? That throwaway remark uttered at a Neighbourhood Watch meeting set the ball rolling. And so it was that on Sunday 16th September the clouds parted, the sun shone, Kingwell Road was closed, and residents gathered for a fun afternoon. Neighbours provided an abundance of food and drink, including an excellent barbeque. Entertainments included a bouncy castle, face painting by Reanne of Colourful Fun, steel pan music from Abdul Williams, and a tug of war (odds versus evens). A raffle – to cover expenses including the cost of the council permit – was drawn by our special guest, PC Carl Bliss. Many thanks to those people who donated prizes. A massive thank you to the Street Party Team – Sash, Jolene, Daisy, Miranda and Maria – who organised the event. And to all those neighbours who got together to enjoy the September sunshine. Hopefully we’ll have another street party in 2019. If you want to organise your own go to Enfield Council’s website and get a Street Party Application Pack. You don’t need a Jubilee or a Royal Wedding as a reason to hold a street party. Just think of it as a celebration of community spirit! Richard Walker Hadley Wood Apiary August was a busy time at the beehives, because it is when we see the fruits of all the hard work of the bees and take the honey harvest. The two hives that were in production yielded some 50kg (100lbs) of honey. I must admit that this was more than was expected, given that the prolonged dry weather that we enjoyed over the summer was causing plants to produce less nectar in their flowers. The resulting honey is very dark and flavoursome, which I think maybe from the abundance of blackberries in the area. Honey is taken in August to give the bees a chance to build up some winter reserves before autumn sets in. So you may see the bees in September on late flowering plants. If you want to give the bees a bit of a boost then put off trimming your ivy until it has finished flowering, it is one of their main sources of food late in the season. Honeybees do not hibernate and keep warm in the winter months by staying in a tight cluster around the queen in the hive. The cluster is quite warm in fact, around human body temperature, and they maintain this by flexing their wing muscles to generate heat. They dip into their honey stores to keep them- selves fed, perhaps leave the hive from time to time to go to the toilet (they are remarkably hygienic animals) and perhaps gather a little water. The honey has now been put into jars and will be available for sale soon, so the bees will be able to pay their subs as members of the HWA! Buying local honey is a great thing to do, some people find it helps with hay fever and pollen allergies, but it is delicious and you can enjoy it on your toast in the safe knowledge that you are helping your local environment. Dr Grant Foster CEng MIET MIRM | t :+44 (0)207 0860300
  7. 7. 8 OPEN NOW Free Collection & Delivery Service We are back by popular demand at our new location in Barnet to serve the needs of the local community! Established in 1972, we are now better than ever with brand new state of the art technology allowing us to clean any garment to the highest quality and with the utmost care. We specialise in cleaning traditional wear and other delicate items, so please contact us today to discuss your needs. T: 0208 441 8332 M: 07488 706 600 e-mail 3 Hadley Parade,High Street, Barnet EN5 5SX Hadley Wood Neighbourhood Watch Progress report Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) continues to take hold across Hadley Wood. More than half of our roads now have NHW schemes, and we thank all of our Road Coordinators for helping us to achieve this. Residents who belong to NHW schemes receive information – via WhatsApp and email – about suspicious vehicles, people, and activities from the police and from other residents, and are able to act upon this information. Residents who don’t use WhatsApp or email receive information by letter drop. The transmission of information is coordinated by Hadley Wood Watch, the umbrella organisation for NHWs in Hadley Wood. As a result of having the network of NHWs in place the police are now able to work very closely with us, and have increased police patrols and presence in the area. We benefit from more effective policing, and the police benefit by having so many more eyes and ears on the ground. Unfortunately there still remain a number of roads not covered by NHW schemes. To make our Hadley Wood NHW network fully effective we need complete coverage. The roads not signed up to NHW are Beech Hill, Camlet Way (and all their side roads), Beech Hill Ave, Wood Ride, Newmans Way, Covert Way, and Cockfosters Road. If you live in one of these roads and would like to help set up a Neighbourhood Watch please get in touch. It is not an onerous task. We can guide you through all the stages, and will provide full support once the NHW scheme is established. Please contact Simone or Richard at: to discuss further. Finally, the monthly Cockfosters Police Newsletter includes lots of information about crime prevention and details crime statistics for the previous month. If you would like to receive the Newsletter, please email the Cockfosters Safer Neighbourhood Team at: or . And remember that you can telephone the Cockfosters Police Team on: 0208 721 2688 Simone Strauss and Richard Walker (Hadley Wood Watch) NSPCC. The Barnet Appeals Committee are pleased to announce that they will once more be holding their very popular ‘NSPCC CHRISTMAS STOP AND SHOP’ on the evening of Thursday 22nd November from 7.00 until 9.00pm and the morning of Friday 23rd November, from 10am until 1.00pm. There is a minimum donation of £4 on the door on the morning of the 23rd or £5 on the door on the evening of the 22nd. This entry charge, which will go directly to the charity, will include a glass of Bubbles and Canapes in the evening and Coffee and homemade bakes in the morning. The event will be held at 4 Newmans Way, Hadley Wood. Please bring a friend and get an early start on your Christmas shopping…you will be supporting a very worthwhile and relevant cause. If you would like more information or you would like to know more about the work of the NSPCC or the Barnet Appeals Committee please contact Susan How on 07881 900050.
  8. 8. 9 BILL HOBMAN Bill came to Hadley Wood in 1968, having spent much of his childhood in North West London. He loved the green space and semi-rural outlook he found living in Bartrams Lane. In 1972 Bill married Joycelin and their daughters, Amanda and Penny born in 1973 and 1976, completed the family. Bill was a regular commuter to work in London. He was a life-long civil servant and had great satisfaction as a senior administrator of Britain’s programmes of overseas aid. He joined the Hadley Wood Association soon after coming to live here. To Bill, the HWA was the way in which the community and benefits he loved could be maintained and protected for all. He also believed it was important to participate actively. For many years he organised Sports Day in Bartrams Lane field. Little did he know one year that as he marked out the field the night beforehand, his younger daughter was munching her way through wild flowers in the upper part of the field – fortunately to no ill-effect. He enjoyed regular HWA Quiz Nights and was renowned for his general knowledge. Indeed, one time, having answered the first question (correctly), he remarked “and the second question will be …..”. His table laughed uproariously as he proved as adept at predicting the question! After retirement, Bill was a mainstay of the Local Affairs Committee for many years before becoming HWA representative on the Monken Hadley Commoners committee. At home, he enjoyed reading, crosswords and puzzles, and watching sport, particularly cricket and rugby. Bill’s family grew as 5 grandchildren arrived and he was delighted they felt equally at home in Bartrams Lane as he did. Although his mobility and general health declined in recent years, his death in early August was a shock. His steady, calm approach to life will be much missed. Joycelin Hobman and daughters Amanda Wilson, and Penny Hobman NANCY BLISHEN : 1920 - 2018 Our mother Nancy Blishen, was born on 20th April 1920. Her parents, Geoff Smith and May Pope, met during the First World War when he was sent to Wargrave in Berkshire to recover from wounds received at Gallipo- li, and was nursed by May. The family moved to Whetstone, then on to Mays Lane in Barnet, near the Barnet football ground. Mum attended Queen Elizabeth's Girls School as a scholarship girl. Little did she know that her future husband, Edward, was attending the Boys School up the road. They met through amateur dramatics - Nancy was said to be a very talented actress - and were married at Monken Hadley Church in 1948. They lived in digs for the first years of their marriage - then, in 1952, they came to Hadley Wood with friends and saw the old railway hotel at 1, Crescent West, next to the station. Alone, they could not have afforded it - but it was large, with a substantial garden, orchard and stables, and three storeys, so between the three families they bought it and lived on one floor each. Back in those days there was still an air-raid siren and a blue police box at the top of the railway slope. In the early 1960s a local builder approached them. He wanted to knock down the old house and build shops and flats. In exchange, he would build three separate houses, to the families' own design, at the bottom of the garden, on what became Bartrams Lane. Our dad, Edward, school master, author and international broadcaster, died there in December 1996, so mum lived on alone in the house for nearly 22 years until June this year. Mum was active in the W.I. She was a lovely, cheerful woman, a great conversationalist and story teller. Many of her W.I. friends remember the "poetry and prose teas" where Nancy would recite poems from memory and tell stories, even when her sight and hearing were failing. She was a marvellous mimic, and her acting abilities were always put to good use. She was determined to live at home for as long as possible, with the help of wonderful carers, and she largely succeeded. She had a very strong heart and a strong will and it was only when she became too ill that she eventually moved to a nursing home in Stansted, very close to where Nick lives. She remained herself right to the end - usually cheerful, often very funny, still full of concern and love for others. She told us that she would really like to fall asleep and not wake up - and she got her wish, on the morning of Sunday September 2nd, so that as much as we felt great sorrow at the loss of an extraordinary woman and wonderful mother, we also felt happy that she had died peacefully and fulfilled. She will be greatly missed, and we are sure that there are many in Hadley Wood, and others who have moved away, who will share our sense of loss, but be glad that they knew Nancy Blishen. Jon & Nick
  9. 9. 10 The Lodge at Hadley Wood Golf Club Driving up Beech Hill just before you reach the en- trance to the Golf Club there is an old Lodge on the left just inside the drive to the clubhouse. It was originally the Lodge to a large Mansion house built by Francis Rus- sell in 1781 on the site of the Enfield Chase (once a royal hunting ground in the reign of Henry V). The Mansion and its Lodge are now Grade 2 listed buildings but while the house has been kept in very good condition by the Hadley Wood Golf Club, the Lodge has deteriorated. Proposals to upgrade it have failed because of its position in the Green Belt and its historical connection. However in 2013 Enfield Council removed the Lodge from the Green Belt and now planning permission is being again sought by HWGC to upgrade the house and build another close by. The architects Smith and Maloney have put forward proposals which will main- tain the historic nature of the Lodge and they can be reviewed on the Enfield planning site ref 18/03088/FUL. Below is an artists impression of what this site might look like if accepted.
  10. 10. 11 . REFLEXOLOGY BY ANGELA 07887 894132 Reflexology ‘fine tunes’ all the body systems & is a therapy carried out on the feet. *Improves Circulation *Aids Pain Relief & Inflammation *Removes Toxins *Balances Energy Flow *Heals & Boosts Immune System *Improves Sleeping Patterns DORCHENA ITALIAN DESIGNER KITCHENS BEDROOMS &BATHROOMS Tel: 01707 663 738 One to One Fitness As a way of introducing more women to exercise and personal training, Jamie Anderson of One to One Fitness has joined forces with both Sensev Tayfun and Suzanne Purton. As Jamie says “it’s simple, women sometimes prefer to be trained by women, and since Sen and Suzanne both have existing businesses which specifically help women lose weight and get fit, it made sense to work together”. Furthermore Nick Philips a former trainer at One to One Fitness has returned back to the team bringing 10 years more experience in both men’s and women’s fitness training. For more information on our female personal training or group training please get in touch on 07798776248.
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