Hadley Wood News September 2012


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Hadley Wood News September 2012

  1. 1. Crescent West gets a makeover. INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE SEPTEMBER 2012 ISSUE Beehive behaviour HADLEY WOOD NEWS Playground progress New housing project in Union St. Nicola Forsyth. On her bike for charity. Again Rowan trees. Not looking good Letters. Covenden. Cycle paths Photo by J.Leatherdale.DESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINTWAREHOUSE TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482
  2. 2. Beehive NewsIn Beech Hill Avenue, at the bottom of ourgarden, is a leaking nuclear reactor, orthat’s what our neighbours must think asI don the white beekeeping suit andsmoker, and make my way slowlytowards the hives. We’ve all read much about the demiseof the honeybee over the last few years. Itis believed that there are no wild bees leftin the UK and any wild colony hasescaped from a beekeeper. That meansno beekeepers, no bees! As Einsteinsaid, when the last bee has gone we onlyhave four years left. So no excuses aboutnot having enough space or stroppyneighbours, bee hives can now be foundon top of Harrods and The Berkeley, onbalconies in high rise blocks and, just incase you thought this was the hobby ofsuicidal, pipesmoking fools who can’t getinto the golf club, they even comedelivered to your door made from funkycoloured plastic from Omlet(www.omlet.co.uk/shop/beekeeping).Bee-keeping is almost cool! A few bee facts. Typically a hive willcontain about 20-50,000 females who, ofcourse, do all the work and about 200males or drones that do nothing but put itabout (sounds familiar?), but female beesare not as soft hearted as their humanequivalent and boot the drones out to diewhen the mating season is over. They likethe hive to be a steady 32C and only goout when the temperature reaches 13C.What is so wonderful is the illusion that I,a mere man, am in control of thousandsof women - for illusion it certainly is. If theyaren’t happy they will be off and it’s my The PARK VETERINARY PARK VETERINARY VETERI ARY ARY PRACTICE P Cockfosters Cockfosters foste Clean • Spacious • Air-conditioned pacious ned The only local practice to p Fully Equipped. • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Wo eatre Workshop orkshop be FSA approved for A • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy ory copy insurrance insurance claims. • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring ed ing • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care y e Call for details on how to Register ster 020 8275 0330 (24 hrs) 275 or visit www.theparkvets.com ww ww.theparkvets.co om Fr i e n d l y, Friendly, Compassionate e The Place for Puppy g & Caring Professionals. Parties! 2
  3. 3. CONCERT DINNER Friday 12th October Ben Baker (violin) & Petr Limonov (piano) Reception at 7.00pm with sparkling wine and canapés, three course dinner, coffee, tea and petits fours and concert. Price: £56.50 per person – table wines extra. Dress code: Black tie.job to keep them sweet. The best time to check out the progress GARDEN OPEN DAY Sunday 28th October 2012 – 1-4pmof your hive is around mid-day when the Visit The Beale Arboretum, support the National Gardenmajority of the girls are out shopping for Scheme and help us to raise money for various charities, including MacMillan Nurses. Optional tours available.nectar and pollen. The rest of them are £4 Adults, children free. Afternoon teas will be availabledancing. Sounds like a normal weekend in the lounge throughout the afternoon.in Hadley Wood! There’s the adrenaline high of openingthe hives, which, no matter how often I do WEST LODGE PARKit, deep inside something screams ‘get YO U R C O U N T RY R E T R E ATthe hell out of here!’. Once you have Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0PY. T: 020 8216 3900 Email: wlpreception@bealeshotels.co.ukprized the lid off no amount of smoke can www.bealeshotels.co.uk HWN63smother the primal sound of thousandsof pissed off bees, they are under attackand words of assurance will not calm Like a single malt to a blend, or a 55,000 miles it takes to produce one jar).them, until you put the lid back on and Budvar to a Budweiser, your own honey If I have piqued your curiosity there is aleave them alone. has a taste like nothing you ever bought great beginners course, and loads of Finally your reward. Taking over the from Waitrose. Your stolen harvest is 30- support available, at the Barnet Beekitchen in late August, turning everything 40 pots of honey per hive per year, and Keepers Association (www.bbka.org.uk)sticky, pursued by bees who really don’t you even feel it’s okay to claim all the to get you started.feel being pickpocketed is fair. credit (as if you personally had flown the Nigel ForsythHADLEY WOODCOMMUNITYPLAYGROUND UPDATEAs many of you will have seen, work begunduring the summer holidays on the renovationof the community playground. So far, the playground area has beenextended and four new pieces of equipmenthave been installed including a zip wire, birdsnest swing, climbing frame and a whizzer stick. But we havent finished yet.The final phaseof the playground renovation will include a newtoddler multi-activity piece, new junior multi-activity piece with new flooring, refurbishmentof the existing swings, fencing and benchesand two new picnic benches. All work will take place during school holidaytime to minimise disruption. We aim to have the playground completedby April 2013. We would like to thank everyone thathas supported this project and hope youenjoy using the new playground. If youhave any questions please email usat hwcpr@yahoo.co.uk 3
  4. 4. Rowan trees Apparently there are fungicides available toSome Rowan trees (including ours) in the treat PM but otherwiseHadley Wood area are looking very it is recommendedunhealthy at the moment turning yellow that the fallen leavesearly and shedding their leaves. are picked up and Also known as Mountain Ash these disposed of. Thistrees are usually robust and long lived. reduces the load ofTheir berries are a valuable source of spores lying dormantfood for songbirds. However they are around the treesusceptible to several tree diseases waiting for a furthernotably, ahem, Powdery Mildew, Crown attack next Spring. OnGall and Fire Blight. (I know this as I just the debit side thisread it on Wikipedia). Looking at locally leaves you with a badaffected trees I wonder if Powdery Mildew back and a feeling thatis the most likely problem and would you must constantlywelcome an expert opinion. Apparently wash your hands. Hopefully the trees willthe leaves become invaded by white be OK next year and your hands recoverfungal Powdery Mildew (PM) spores without developing black necrotic spotscausing black necrotic spots to develop, and falling off.the leaves to distort and then fall off. Rod Armstrong VOLUNTEERS WANTED As a Cherry Lodge Volunteer Shop Assistant you get the chance to undertake a variety of tasks from serving customers to dressing windows. You can choose the hours and days that youd like to work and you will get plenty of training and support. You will work in a team of volunteers, supervised by the charity shop manager. We need volunteers desperately in our Borehamwood Shop. Cycling for Charity. Please contact Darryl on As 1 in 175 babies are stillborn, I was 0208 953 1094 galvanised into signing up to cycle from 111 Shenley Road, Panama, through Costa Rica and on into Borehamwood. We look Nicaragua in 6 days, to raise money for forward to having you on Professor Robert Winston’s Genesis board! We really value our Research Trust. I met some of the volunteers at Cherry Lodge scientists involved, on a cycle ride from Cancer Care London to Paris, last year and was so Reg 1011629 saddened to hear how hard it is for some mothers to get their babies safely to full- term. The route will be just under 500kms but it’s the day we only do 49kms that worries me most – it’s obviously going to involve what they call ‘hills’ – but, judging from my experience in China, are actually mountain passes! If you would like to support this wonderful charity my web page is www.justgiving.com/Nicola- Forsyth 4
  5. 5. Letter from Australia To the Editor ‘Hadley Wood News’ Perhaps at times you wonder what the results are for your hard work in compiling and presenting ‘The Hadley Wood News’ online, and whether archiving past issues is useful. Let me reassure you that your efforts do indeed affect lives in the most unexpected manner. I am emailing this from Canberra, the capital city of Australia where my husband, Robin, and I read the ‘Hadley Wood News’ online occasionally. Robin was born in Barnet in 1941, was adopted at seven and brought to Australia by his adopted mother in 1949. It was forty years ago, when our son was born, that we obtained Robin’s birth and adoption certificates. The birthNeighbourliness certificate listed ‘Covenden’, Beech Hill’ as his birth mother’s address inAs a local resident, I’d like to share with March/April 1941.you plans for an exciting small housing Ten years ago, intending to compile a family history for our threeproject in Union St High Barnet. If it grandchildren, I began seriously searching online for ‘Covenden’. A decade ofcomes off, this will see on the site of the searching brought up nothing. This year, during a final trip to London, Robindisused St Martha’s school the and I travelled one hot, sunny Sunday in May to Hadley Wood and Beech Hill.development of a ‘cohousing community’ We asked shopkeepers and the occasional local we met for any clues to where – the first of its kind in such a house named ‘Covenden’ might be to no avail, so we concluded that it the UK for the 50+ must have been demolished. Our walks took us along Beech Hill, just past the age group. Copying Golf Club entrance. We photographed the beautiful surroundings along the way a model familiar in and Robin felt satisfied he had returned to the area. Denmark and Checking information to label some of these photos on our return to Australia, Holland, we want to I again, as a last effort, entered the name into search engines. Imagine (after bring together a seven decades of Robin wondering, my decade of solid searching) ourgroup of women who will already know astonishment when ‘The Hadley Wood News’ of June 2009 came up as aeach other before they move in. Why am reference! The letter from Dr Carol Norris, asking for information aboutI involved with this? It feels just right for ‘Covenden’ including the street number, was the first information we’dme – I am still fit and very active, but I unearthed in forty years. A quick reference to Google maps even provided usknow that living alone can become more with a photo of the beautiful house and the name writ large on the gates. We’dof a problem as one gets older and I walked within less than a kilometre of it.would like the assurance of neighbourly The information that some babies from ‘Covenden’ may have been baptizedsupport and companionship while still in St Paul’s was an additional pleasure so we also looked up that church.having my private space. I would also like Perhaps Robin Gadd, born March 12 1941 is listed in the register? This 1941to ‘downsize’ from my house and garden date, and Dr Norris’s 1946 date, indicate that the house sheltered women inand share a garden with others. Forming need, possibly for extended periods, for many years, so we would like toa group of neighbours who already know express our appreciation to the people involved. What they did was worthwhileeach other is what a ‘cohousing indeed, reverberates through generations and must give the current owner ofcommunity’ is about, along with shared ‘Covenden’ much satisfaction at living in such an historic and caringactivities, some common meals and environment. Robin was brought up in Tasmania by a wonderful woman,mutual support, as well as personal Eleanor Brinton.space and privacy. This is definitely not Thank you so much ‘Hadley Wood News’ from three generations of our familysheltered housing – our group has a in Australia. Meanwhile, now that we have an appreciation of the area from ourwider age-range, many of us are still walks that day, and such a connection, we will continue to read ‘The Hadleyworking and we are going to run the Wood News’ here on the other side of the planet, your influence is indeed ‘worldwhole project ourselves. We also see wide’. The presentation and the photographs are first class too.ourselves as a demonstration project in Kind regards,independent living for other people in our Barbara and Robin Brinton.age-group to learn from. (Nice to hear that the online version gets read too. Actually the HW website badly Most of us will buy flats and there will needs an update. We need help with this and would be absolutely delighted ifbe flats at social rents for women from anyone could assist us. Ed.)Barnet Homes who are eligible. We wantmore women to join us and we areholding an information session at the Jill Northam also received this mail and replied.Stapylton Rd Library on Monday Sept 17, Dear Barbara and Robin,4.30 – 6.30. Anyone who can’t get to that I was fascinated to receive your email. I am the assistant minister at St Pauls churchmeeting could take a look at our website, and I think I can be of some help to you in your search simply because I spent quitewww.owch.org.uk or phone 07974 a bit of time helping Carol Norris with her own search a couple of years ago.737125 for further information. We now know that the Hampstead Mother & Baby home moved to Covenden, 17Angela Ratcliffe Beech Hill in 1940 as their premises in Hampstead had been damaged by a bomb. 5
  6. 6. The home then moved back toHampstead in 1947 and eventually The Autumn 2012 clothes sale!closed in 1970. With the proceeds of sale Dawn Ledgard Events…the Fitzdale charitable trust was set up beautiful clothes at amazing prices!and we were able to contact a trusteewho kindly sent us a brief history fromsome of the files in Holborn Public Wednesday 31st Oct 2012Library. 10.30am until 7.30pm I looked in the church Baptism register THE HADLEY WOOD ASSOCIATION CENTRE Dr Keith Garberyesterday morning after the service but 7 CRESCENT EAST, HADLEY WOOD, EN4 0EL Dr Andrew Halmersadly found no record of Robins (behind the tennis courts & near the station)baptism. However Im sure youll be Dr Tina Chrysostomouinterested to know that in 1946 there is a £1 entrance & commission from your sales to All aspects of general dentistryrecord of 3 babies being baptised from Cherry Lodge Cancer Care Reg Charity No offered throughout the weekCovenden and all have just their mothers 1011629 – please come & support a great and much needed local charity! including Saturday morningname recorded. appointments How frustrating to think that you were For more infoonly a few yards away from Covenden 01344 454423 or 07790326981 Please contact our receptionlast May but at least with modern 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood,technology we can fill many of the gaps. Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJI was able to contact the present owners graciously invited inside by the owner Tel: 020 8441 0257of Covenden and when Carol travelled although she was obviously coping with adown from Scotland she and I were very sick husband at the time. She did tell us a story that one of her daughters when quite young often used to say she heard babies crying in the night – I dont know what you make of that?! I will contact Carol and ask her permission to send you her email address. With very best wishes in your research. Jill Northam Dear Editor Re your proposed cycle track. Congratulations on the continued success of the Hadley Wood News. Although I have not cycled for some 50 years I am aware of a purpose built cycle path which was created about two years ago starting at the South Mimms Service Station. It runs north alongside Swanland Road as far as Hawkeshead Road, near Brookmans Park. Part of the path runs away from the road and is tree lined, two photos on the website of the Brookmans Park Newsletter (www.brookmans.com/) show it to be a very attractive ride. I would guess it to be about a mile long and although it means loading the bikes in or on the car the round trip would be a good outing for a family and most of all it would be safe. Martin Thain 3 Beaumont Place, Hadley Highstone. (previously of Kingwell Road 50 years ago) 6
  7. 7. Pilates Teacher - Personal Trainer Established lower back specialist If youre looking for dramatic changes in the way yourAll aspects of general practice .co.uk body looks, feels and performs. If you want to improve flexibility, strength and agility, muscle tone, and covered. Same day and become less prone to injury... Then youre about to discover how you can do all this, quickly and easily, weekend appointments Our mobile valeting service is now with your One to One Pilates session! @ Hadley Wood or local offering specialized treatments for EASING YOUR BACK PAIN WITH PILATES Private Hospitals your car. Pilates can both alleviate existing back problems and prevent future ones. Mini valet•Machine polish veenasingh@hotmail.co.uk Supaguard•One day valet No matter what your age or condition, Pilates will work for you! Bodywork repair Make a difference in your life today! Call Adam on 07973 272347 or Contact Stuart on: 07787 552326 email adam@aquavalet.co.uk Or email: stuart@pilates-stuart.co.uk Patients on the NHS list are excluded www.pilates-stuart.co.uk11th SouthgateScout GroupScout Hut, ChalkLane, CockfostersEN4 9JQ 8 -10½ year olds 6 - 8 year oldsThursdays 6.45 - 8.15pm Mondays 6 - 7pmContact: Geraldine Palfreman Contact: Glenda Hunter Tel: 020 8361 2350Tel: 020 8275 0608 (eve) 020 8361 2444 (day) Email: ghunter11th@gmail.comEmail: gepalfreman@hotmail.co.uk For girls 7-10 year old girls10½ -14 years (boys & girls) Fridays 6.00 – 7.30pm in Church HouseTuesdays 7.15 - 9.00pm Contact: Beccy Ratcliff Tel: 020 8441 86Contact: Darryl Ashing Tel: 020 8449 6747 Email: beccy.ratcliff@gmail.comEmail: darryl.ashing@ashings.com 7
  8. 8. From Cottages to Country Estates OFFICES AT BARNET TOTTERIDGE HADLEY WOOD BROOKMANS PARK RADLETT HADLEY GREENHADLEY WOOD £1,695,000 HADLEY WOOD £1,595,000 HADLEY WOOD £1,150,000 Entrance hall Cloakroom 3 Receptions Reception hall Cloakroom Gym/Media Room 6 Bedrooms 4 Receptions 4 Bathrooms Kitchen/Family room Utility 6 Bedrooms 4 Kitchen/Breakfast Room 2 Receptions 5 Bedrooms DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY WITH PLANNING Bathrooms South aspect rear garden Detached 4 Bathrooms South aspect rear garden approx. PERMISSION GRANTED FOR A SIX BEDROOM double garage. 134’ DETACHED HOME HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 PROOF ONLY NOT FOR PRINT HADLEY WOOD £950,000 HADLEY WOOD £475,000 HADLEY WOOD £379,950Entrance Hallway Cloakroom Lounge/Dining Room Guest Cloakroom Kitchen Open Plan Reception Entrance Hallway Kitchen Lounge 2 Bedrooms Study Kitchen 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Room 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms and Allocated 2 Bathrooms Part boarded loft Garage en bloc. Garage and Rear Garden Parking. HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 SALES OFFICES AT: BARNET 020 8449 3383 TOTTERIDGE 020 8445 3694 HADLEY WOOD 020 8440 9797 BROOKMANS PARK 01707 661144 RADLETT 01923 604321 NEW HOMES SHOWCASE HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9555 PREMIER LETTINGS HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9796 RADLETT 01923 608383 www.statons.com Associated Offices in Mayfair & Moscow The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 hadley.woodassoc@btconnect.com www.hadleywood.org.uk Chairman Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 sharpie14@btinternet.com Editor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 Advertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 hadley.woodassoc@btconnect.com Advertising Manager Betty Brough 020 8441 6859 bbr1934@aol.com Hall Bookings Annie 07903 138 235 hallbookings.hwa@gmail.com Security Task Force Membership Secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020 HWA Membership Secretary Mrs Sue Finlay Tel. 0208 441 2595 The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news, views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for the direct benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers, without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editor and Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or views expressed. The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accessed directly or indirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained by anyone as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.Hadley Wood News shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication. The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA December 2011 To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit www.hadleywood.org.uk 8