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Hadley Wood News - June 2018


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Hadley Wood News - June 2018

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Hadley Wood News - June 2018

  1. 1. 1 HADLEYWOODASSOCIATION TRUSTEESLETTER TREES, DATA PROTECTION AND MUCH MORE Our community affairs have been dominated in the last months by Treegate, a joint effort by HWA on behalf of residents combined with HWRUG campaigning skills and network of rail contacts. See the report on pages 7/8. A widening range of local people have been involved. We gained support from Enfield Council. Through our contacts, we have engaged with a range of experts and brought in The Tree Council, with a strong impact on Network Rail. Damage was done, but we have achieved real successes with removal of dangerous spikes and commitments for reduced devegetation with regeneration trials “The Hadley Wood Model”. We shall have a public meeting at the Centre on 7 June. Our own affairs have seen special attention to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation with great help from our Secretary (Gillian Henley) - see the article and form on pages 9/10. We need contact consents by 25 May. EVENTS There is enthusiasm in the Committee to generate a variety of events in addition to the annual Fireworks, for community enjoyment as much as fundraising. One immediate project is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Centre. We had an idea for a substantial event on the previous Saturday (9 June) but the Committee feel that this should be held later in the year (early September). The June date clashes with other events and we can hold a larger and more attractive event with longer to prepare. However we are delighted that our valued Pre-School are celebrating their own 50th anniver- sary on 29 June (see opposite page), an original and still continuing user of the Hall. We may still wish to celebrate the exact anniversary (Thursday 14 June) in some way, perhaps a light drinks reception with the photographic display created by John Leatherdale and Pat Taylor. LOCAL AFFAIRS (ENFIELD) Our relationship with Enfield Council is of great importance. We have used Treegate to establish high level contacts (up to CEO) and goodwill. We now have a close relationship with the tree officers and have their support for continuing management of our magnificent woods. A key role with Enfield is played by our Cockfosters Ward councillors. Anne-Marie Pearce has been one of the great characters around Hadley Wood, a lively and long term resident, and a staunch and incredibly diligent advocate for our individual and community causes. She had to stand down this election (3 May) as she moved to Barnet. Jason Charalambous also had to stand down to give time to his legal career after several years of helping our community. We thank them both for all they have done. We shall have an interview with Anne-Marie in the next HW News. We now have three experienced Councillors: Edward Smith, Elaine Hayward, Alessandro (Alex) Georgiou. They can be contacted by their Council emails. We look forward to working closely with them to represent Hadley Wood interests at the Civic Centre. This is a report on just some of our activities. Please contact any of the Trustees or Committee members for more information on any HWA subject, and to volunteer! The Trustees OF THE HADLEY WOOD ASSOCIATION
  2. 2. Now open evenings and weekends General Dentistry, Dental Implants, Hygienist, Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontics/Cosmetic Braces Please contact our reception 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Herts. EN4 0EJ Tel: 020 8441 0257 Email: Website: REFLEXOLOGY BY ANGELA 07887 894132 Reflexology ‘fine tunes’ all the body systems & is a therapy carried out on the feet. *Improves Circulation *Aids Pain Relief & Inflammation *Removes Toxins *Balances Energy Flow *Heals & Boosts Immune System *Improves Sleeping Patterns I am a resident of Hadley Wood & I will provide your Reflexology treatment in the comfort of your own home or local place of work 2 Hadley Wood Pre-school and Playgroup Hadley Wood Association Centre Hadley Wood Pre-school and Playgroup has played a key role in the development of young children in this area for the past 50 years and to celebrate this achievement we are going to have a PARTY! Since our inception in 1968, we have cared for and nurtured over a thousand children of whom most have come from Hadley Wood and the remainder from the surrounding area. Our parents are our best advocates and over the years they have spread the word about HWPP to ensure it is thriving setting. Who would have thought that from a group of mums gathering together to exchange toys, discuss common childcare issues and socialise, it would have developed and still be around half a century later? Although the organisation has grown and the bureaucracy increased enormously, the ethos has always been the same, with the wellbeing and support of the children to do the best they can at the heart of our thinking. To commemorate this momentous occasion we welcome past pupils, parents and staff to join us on Friday 29th June at the HWA centre between 3.30pm – 5.30pm. Please come along and share your memories of the group. If you have any photographic evidence of time spent at HWPP, then bring it along on the day and we will put it on display along with our albums. We have booked a fantastic entertainer so all we need is YOU! Spread the word and come to the party! For more information contact the Supervisor Judy Quickenden Tel: 020 84496089/07754179884 HWPP News...
  3. 3. 3 Neighbourhood Plan – Update from the Planning Forum Committee I n the January edition of the Hadley Wood News we optimistically titled our regular report ‘the year of the plan’. And we are on schedule to achieve this, but it has not been as straightforward as we had thought! The funding we were awarded last year needed to be spent in the 2017-18 fiscal year. So the unspent portion has to be returned and we have to re-apply for a grant to cover the remaining work. And the grant criteria have changed, so we are working with Troy Planning to update the scope of their quote. We have been given a positive indication that the funding for 2018-19 will be awarded, but the process has been an aggravation we could have done without. The draft Heritage and Character Assessment (HCA) was received in March. This document was prepared by AECOM consultants, who we met when they visited Hadley Wood on 26 January. AECOM have prepared over 50 HCA’s across England using a standard template. However the Forum Committee have raised numerous queries and editing suggestions and the HCA is being reworked; the revised version is now expected for the end of May. This document is a description of Hadley Wood and provides evidence to support the policies that will become the core of our Neighbourhood Plan. The delay in completing the HCA has meant that work on the detail Neighbourhood Plan has been on hold. There has been progress in a number of other areas; • Some preliminary policy ideas have been drafted. Troy Planning are ready to accelerate the work on NP policies as soon as the HCA is finalised. • We submitted a response to the consultation on the New London Plan, on behalf of both the NPF and the Hadley Wood Association. We have raised many concerns, particularly regarding the ‘presumption of approval’ for planning applications on small sites (up to 25 homes), where there is a lack of consideration of the cumulative impact of numerous small site developments on local infrastructure, transportation, flood risk, and other environmental issues including air quality, bio-diversity and noise pollution. • We met local council officers to discuss some specific planning applications, the status of the update to the Enfield Plan, our Neighbourhood Plan, and improving communications. • We have affiliated the HWNPF with the London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies, to provide a stronger, collective voice on issues facing local communities across London. The London Forum submission to the consultation on the London Plan incorporated all of our local Hadley Wood concerns. • We have been working with the Rail User Group and the Hadley Wood Association to respond to the current work being undertaken by Network Rail (tree clearance and fencing). • The Government has recently published it’s updated ‘National Planning Policy Framework’ for consultation. I am pleased to note the following; ‘Plans should have regard to the cumulative impacts of flood risk, rather than just to or from individual development sites.’ The draft Neighbourhood Plan will be produced this summer!! This will be shared with all the members of the Neighbourhood Planning Forum to ensure that it reflects the views of the whole community. It will then be subject to scrutiny by Enfield Council and consultation across Hadley Wood. Please be ready to contribute. David Harbott (on behalf of the HWNPF committee).
  4. 4. 4 UNIT 1B, FOXHOLES AVENUE, HERTFORD SG13 7JG LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS ESTABLISHED 1979 • ALL WORK FULLY GUARANTEED • DIGITAL FREEVIEW AERIAL INSTALLATIONS • EXTRA TV POINTS and SKY PLAYBACK • AERIAL REPAIRS and STORM DAMAGE • DAB/FM AERIALS and COMMUNAL TV SYSTEMS • FREESAT HD, SKY+HD and SKY Q • HIDDEN DISH SPECIALISTS and FOREIGN SATELLITE • PLASMA/LCD/LED TV, AUDIO and DVD REPAIRS • TV WALL INSTALLATIONS and HIDDEN CABLES • WIRELESS BURGLAR INTRUDER ALARM SYSTEMS • CCTV SYSTEMS IN FULL HD – WATCH ON YOUR TABLET OR SMART PHONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD • WIFI ACCESS POINTS and DATA NETWORK DISTRIBUTION • SONOS and HOME CINEMA AUDIO SPECIALISTS • VIDEO DOOR ENTRY and INTERCOM SYSTEMS HERTFORD TV SERVICE MEMBER NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH/ CRIME PREVENTION UPDATE M ea culpa! In the last issue of Hadley Wood News I said that Kingwell Road had the only Neigh- bourhood Watch (NHW) scheme in Hadley Wood. I was wrong. A phone call from Simone Strauss put me in the picture. Simone is coordinator of a long-estab- lished NHW in Waggon Road. When we met to discuss the future of NHW in our area we decided to set up Hadley Wood Watch (HWW). This umbrella organisation will en- courage the foundation of NHWs right across Hadley Wood, and support those schemes once they are up and running. Neighbourhood Watch is based on the idea that within a community residents work together, in partnership with the police, to help prevent crime. But it’s not just about crime. NHW enables residents to take an active part in building community spirit and increasing neighbourliness. And the important thing is that Neighbourhood Watch really works! How can you set up a NHW scheme? The first step is to ask your neighbours and see if they are interested. The more neighbours who are involved, the more people there are to keep an eye out for each other’s properties, and the more successful the scheme will be. Then you will need to choose a coordinator who will act as the key contact point for the NHW, liaising with scheme members, HWW and the police. This is just what Natasha Demetriou is doing right now to create what will become Hadley Wood’s third NHW in Courtleigh Avenue and Claremont Road. Hadley Wood Watch needs representatives from every road in Hadley Wood to start up their own NHW. If you are interested – and I know that residents in several roads already are – then please email us at . We will then guide you through the set-up of a successful NHW for your road. Richard Walker Kingwell Road Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator
  5. 5. S unday 20th May marks the start of the implementation of the most ambitious train timetable ever, and one that will bring great benefits to Hadley Wood rail users. “This is a once- in-a-generation opportunity to create a more reliable service and extra capacity into London”, according to GTR whose consul- tation was the biggest in UK rail history. We are very grateful to their Timetable Team for revising their off-peak proposals for Hadley Wood from a reduction to 2 trains per hour (tph) to an increase to 4 tph every day of the week. The new timetable was drawn up on a blank sheet of paper and every train time at every station across the GTR network is changing on 20th May. It is being phased in over the next year or so, which was not expected at the time of the public consultation. So to clarify, the detailed timetables we examined and gave feedback on last summer are the “final position” for our Great Northern Metro route, ie the point when all the new Class 717 trains to and from Moorgate are in service. GTR expects that this will be in time for the December 2018 timetable, subject to the full introduction of the new train fleet, and they will be monitoring the situation closely over the coming months. I can assure you that the trains exist: I recently had the opportunity to ride on pictured Train No 717001 on Siemens’ test track in Germany and was even allowed to drive it at 70 mph! New routes include direct services from Cambridge and Peterborough to Brighton and Horsham – so we can get straight to Gatwick from Finsbury Park via the new Canal Tunnels! Hadley Wood’s metro service of 4 tph to/from Moorgate is expected to be fully operational from December 2018 when the new fleet has been introduced. But we shouldn’t expect a change of this magnitude to be all plain sailing and opposite are some of the things to look out for. Hadley Woodtobenefitfromthebiggest timetable shake-up in UK rail history STATION CUTTINGS 5 Our first new train: Great Northern Class 717Train 001
  6. 6. All rail users: • Always check the Thameslink On Track app or National Rail Enquiries before you travel during the first few weeks from 20th May as the completely new schedules are phased in. A small number of trains may not run initially, so don’t rely on the printed timetable. The first batch contained errors and is being corrected. • Monday to Friday off-peak daytime, Saturday and Sunday train services will rise to 4 tph. This is the best frequency here in living memory and we hope will encourage increasing use of sustainable train travel by those who may have given up on it when there was only one train every half-hour. • Weekday services southbound between 1700-2000 are the one exception in Phase 1. They will continue at the current level of 2 tph until the new fleet is in service. • Keep an eye on the website RailPlan 20/20 which includes timetables and specific information for Hadley Wood in the FAQs section. • Please Tap Every Time at Hadley Wood to ensure that your journey is recorded in our station footfall. Weekday morning peak commuters: • As a transitional measure, alternate trains from Hadley Wood between 0646-0916 will go into King’s Cross until the new fleet is fully implemented, when all will go to/from Moorgate again. We realise this may not be popular for many of you but GTR has assured us that it’s only necessary during this first phase. The King’s Cross services are however semi-fast, if that’s any help! I’d like to thank everyone who supported the timetableconsultationthathasachievedHadley Wood’sbesteverservicelevel. Thisisavictoryfor “peoplepower”andweaskeveryonewhocares about the train services to join the RUG formally so that we can keep you in touch with develop- ments. Under the new data protection regula- tion(GDPR)thatcomesintoforceon25thMay, we shall need your explicit consent to contact you about rail-related matters. These include not just services and amenities but also the TreegateCampaignwhichtheRUGisleading jointly with the Hadley Wood Association and has been a full-time job since Network Rail’s devegetation works began here in February. NetworkRailhaveacknowledgedthattheinitial worksherewere“extreme”andweareworking with them and The Tree Council to achieve the best possible outcome for Hadley Wood (see report on page 7). So if you’re not already a RUG member,please fill in the membership form on the Rail User Group webpage or phone 020 8449 6140 or to request one. Our next meeting will be onTuesday 19th June at St Paul’s Church at 8pm. We have achieved a lot together in a veryshorttimethroughstrengthinnumbers,so pleasejointheRUGtonurtureourstrongrailway relationshipsreadyforwhateverthefuturemay hold! Francesca Caine Chair,HadleyWood RailUser Group 6
  7. 7. 7 You may have seen recentpresscoverage of theextentof Network Rail’slinesidetreefellingand even signed the online petition: this appears to be anationalissue. HadleyWoodRailUserGroupand the Hadley Wood Association have maintained pressureonNRsinceourinitialmeetingabouttheir Treegate activities on 22nd March. Tree felling has beenpausedbetweenthetunnelsandlimitedelse- wherependingapubliceventtobeheldatthe HWACentre onThursday 7thJune. TheTreegateteampersuadedNRtoinviteTheTree Council’s top management to a second meeting and site visit here on 13th April to provide their expert independent advice on a pragmatic approachtoproportionatetreemanagementatthe lineside. As a result of these two meetings and countlesscallsandemails,NRhavegivenusunder- takings to make the following major amendments to their works. They have also indicated that these will be applied not only here but throughout their Thameslink Resilience Project (TRP) between PeterboroughandKings Cross, so HadleyWood’s campaign is set to benefit the whole lineside. LATEST Trees - convert their "devegetation" strategy to one of more conservative “tree management” and apply this to areas so far untouched. See their latest draft specification opposite which they are calling the "HadleyWood Model"! - where they have exceeded their brief,fund some replantingasrestitution.TheTreeCouncilhavepro- posed the idea of a managed replanting trial on whatisnowthebarrenareatothewestofthestation between the tunnels. If the community supports it, this will be known as the HadleyWoodTrial! Spikes - revise their spikes strategy to restrict usage to high security areas. This will entail the removal of all the spikes they installed here. NR have also promised to support some community benefits at and around our station, including: - better lighting in the lane to the step-free entrance to encourage usage after dark - removal of the unsightly Biffa Bin from the forecourt to a secluded permanent home - support for the new “Station Garden” project proposed under HWA Station Adoption - removal of the ivy and mud encroaching upon the pavement at the bus stop. While this is encouraging, all these promising words need to be supported by action. HWRUG and HWA will continue to work intensively to hold NR to their commitments to Hadley Wood. You will have the chance to question them directly at the forthcoming evening event so please Save The Date of Thursday 7thJune. TheTreegateCampaignTeamandTheTree Council will also be participating and we all hope that it will cement a constructive portfolio of restitution for theextremedamagecausedtosignificantstretchesof our rural lineside environment. And there’s more for Hadley Wood… Francesca Caine Chair, Hadley Wood Rail User Group Robert Wilson Trustee, Hadley Wood Association
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egetation Management Profile
  9. 9. YOUR CONSENT NECESSARY TO CONTACT YOU BY 25 MAY. HWA needs you to return the Contact Consent form on the page opposite. You can print off a copy, sign and deliver to HWA. You can send us a signed pdf by email. We shall send an email to those for whom we have email addresses and you can consent by your reply. You need to do this soon. Everyone needs to do this, even if we already have your contact information. This is an opportunity for us to have confirmed updated information, including any new email addresses or mobile num- bers, that is correct and can be used. Unless you do this, a new regulation (GDPR) says that we shall not be able to process your personal data and contact you. This applies to a range of businesses and clubs; you have probably received many such requests. Robert Wilson On behalf of the Trustees of the Hadley Wood Association. 9 Events Diary May-June2018 • 20thMayBrandNewTrainTimetablebegins–alwayschecklive runningbeforeyoutravel! • 25thMaynewdataprotectionregulationGDPRcomesintoforce–make sureyou’vesigneduptobothHWAandHWRUGtocontinuetoreceivetheir information • 7thJuneTreegateCampaign–eveninginformationaldisplayandpublic meetingwithNetworkRailandTheTreeCouncilatHWACentrefrom7pm. • 14thJune:50thAnniversaryOpeningofHWACentre • 19thJuneRailUserGroupmeetingatStPaul’sChurch,EN40ENat8pm– allwelcome • 29thJuneHWPP50thanniversarycelebrationatHWACentreat3.30-5.30pm Please refer to HWA website for a full explanation and the Privacy Policy.”
  10. 10. Hadley Wood Association Members Contact Consent As you are probably aware, with effect from May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force and we need your permission to contact you. Please return completed form to the Hadley Wood Association, at the HWA Centre, 1-7 Crescent East, Hadley Wood EN4 0EL or e-mail a scanned copy to Title Surname First Names(s) . Address E-mail Home Tel Mobile Tel Contacting you Please tick below to tell us the methods we may use to contact you and what information you want to receive Membership e-mail phone post HWA News & Events e-mail phone post Other matters of community interest e-mail phone post You can change your preferences or unsubscribe at any time just let us know (details above) For more information about membership and to see our Privacy Policy please visit our website Family membership If you have family membership, and you have their authority to do so, please give the consent details and consent for each family member (living at the same address) wanting to receive information . Home Membership e-mail phone post HWA News & Events e-mail phone post Other matters of community interest e-mail phone post . Home Membership e-mail phone post HWA News & Events e-mail phone post Other matters of community interest e-mail phone post If you have more family members, please use a separate sheet of paper indicating preferences with it signed and dated and attach it to this form. ✃
  11. 11. Printed by acculith limited, your local print company. 020 8440 9818.