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Hadley Wood News December 2011


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Hadley Wood News December 2011

  1. 1. ‘Oi!. you lot. What about a new playground? This INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE one’s had it’. Cat Hill development. Shape of things to come? Steam train. Ran out of. Simone Strauss. Beat the burglars St Pauls Church. Services, mince pies and mulled wine. DECEMBER 2011 ISSUE HADLEY WOOD NEWS Sen’s run. Fewer mince pies. More pain. Hadley Woods. Alien invasion. Sophia Richmond. Trampoline girl. Tug of War. East v West Hadley Wood. Jan 1st Playground progress. Looking up.DESIGNED & PRINTED BY KALL KWIK BARNET TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482
  2. 2. Editorial Who looks after these facilities So please join the 200 faithful and land? households who already support us. In For people living in The Hadley Wood Association does. Your the long run a powerful and Hadley Wood the Residents Association. The Association representative Residents Association can current furore at Cat finances everything by fund raising only be of benefit to us all. Hill deserves some events like the fireworks, by hiring out the If you want to join ring Lisa on 020 8449 attention. The rather hall and grounds, advertising in the 7193 or Sue on 020 8441 2595 ..andbeautiful site was once owned by magazine and from membership fees. leave your address. They’ll send you theMiddlesex University but they vacated the Now let me ask you this. How many of details.area in the summer and have moved to the 1500 families plus in Hadley Wood do Rod Armstrongthe University’s Hendon campus. They you think are members of yoursold the site to the Council who then sold Association? 1500? 1000? 500? on to the L&Q housing association. About 200. Why so few? Don’t ask me. St Pauls. A ChristmasNow plans are afoot for a major Its incomprehensible. It only costs £1.00 message.development there comprising 272 a week to join. Over a year that’s lessresidential units in 5 six storey blocks, 2 than it costs to fill up your car with petrol. Christmas is a time of love, hope andthree storey blocks, a smaller block and Once. peace in this world of suffering,94 terraced houses. Altogether around uncertainty and conflict. Do join us at any1000 places with 40% social housing. Why should we join? What’s in it one or more of our Christmas events thatThere is angry and determined for us? are held for the community whatever youropposition from local residents. Well perhaps you do not use the religious convictions. Association car park, take your dog or This year St Pauls church has theWhy should it worry us? family on walks in the Association’s woods familiar way of celebrating Christmas withSince the 1950’s the Hadley Wood and fields, play tennis, cricket or football a carol service along with traditionalAssociation has leased the land behind on its courts and pitches, bridge in its hall, mince pies and mulled wine. We have aCrescent East from the Council. As you celebrate your family events there or send few extra musicians and singers to addknow (I hope) this green and tree lined your kids to its playschool or ballet schoolspace includes the tennis courts, the BUT: There is another important reason forAssociation building (our village hall), the joining. If the Hadley Wood Association iscar park and the field between the not seen by the Council to be fullyAssociation and the Primary school. It supported by its residents our nextruns up in a northerly westerly direction application for an extension of the leaseinto the woods, over the railway tunnel might be weakened. Perhaps fatally. Backand down the other side of the railway in the ownership of the Council the landonto and including the sports field would then be a prime site foradjoining Bartram’s Lane. The Council development. In that event our communityown the land but have been happy to would then lose a lovely piece of openlease it to us on the basis that it is looked space providing a wide range of facilitiesafter properly and that the facilities it and fresh air enjoyed by many of ourprovides are made available to local families and children and in return have aresidents for recreation. new housing estate. Christmas at St Paul’s The PARK VETERINARY PARK VETERINARY VETERI ARY ARY PRACTICE P Cockfosters Cockfosters foste Clean • Spacious • Air-conditioned pacious ned The only local practice to p Fully Equipped. • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Wo eatre Workshop orkshop be FSA approved for A • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy ory copy insurrance insurance claims. • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring ed ing • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care y e Call for details on how to Register ster 020 8275 0330 (24 hrs) 275 or visit ww om Fr i e n d l y, Friendly, Compassionate e The Place for Puppy g & Caring Professionals. Parties! 2
  3. 3. The Hadley Wood Women’s Institute It was "all change" at the AGM. Frainy Ardeshir who has been the President for the past three years completed her tour of duty. She thanked all who had helped TAILORING AND REPAIRS BY EXPERTS make her term so enjoyable. Diana Bird who has lived in Hadley Wood nearly all her life has taken over the Presidential role and was warmly welcomed by all. Mavis Webber retired after nine years as Honorary Secretary and is succeededto the already popular local singers from by a very capable Hilary Nunn. Pat TaylorHadley Wood. Then on Christmas Eve also retired after eight years as Honoraryplease join us for our popular Christingle Treasurer and Philippa Phelps has takenservices when we hand out Christingle over that role.So with a new team andoranges and sing carols by candlelight. great optimism our WI look forward toRefreshments will be served in the hall many more enjoyable and interestingafter the 4 p.m. service and if you are meetings.coming to the 6 p.m. why not join your Hadley Wood Women’s Institute meetsfriends by coming early as the Christmas Eve on the second Tuesday of every monthrefreshments will run up until the start of & Boxing Day and all visitors are welcome.the 6 p.m. service. After the 6 p.m. Our executive chef, Wayne Turner, has created WIservice we will have some retiring 2 mouth-watering menus with 3 choices perrefreshments as you leave to send you on course for Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.your way for your own festivities of The meals will be accompanied by our resident The Steam Train that pianist playing all your favourite Christmas songs.Christmas. Christmas Eve Dinner was not a steam train May you have love, hope and peace 7.00pm to 9.30pm - £46.00 per person.this Christmas. Boxing Day Lunch Many people young and old turned up atRupert MacKay, Minister of St. Paul’s £68.00 per person (Children under 12 £37.00). Hadley Wood Station on Thursday 24thChurch, Hadley Wood Full payment with booking. November to see the 60163 Tornado For full details or to book, steam locomotive (as per the Steam please visit our website or call us. Dreams article/advertisement in the November issue of our Hadley Wood JONATHAN. Can the News) arrive to pick up passengers on ADVERT for Christmas WEST LODGE PARK YO U R C O U N T RY R E T R E AT their way to York What a disappointment! services be attached Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0PY. According to a knowledgeable enthusiast near the above article T: 020 8216 3900 Email: steam engines do not run on the rail HWN55 please. Rod network before Peterborough on weekdays. Having got to the station we decided to wait anyway and saw the train arrive at 08.40 pulled by a diesel engine, as illustrated. I am sure there were many more people before and after Hadley Fumes of diesel replaced dreams of steam 3
  4. 4. Wood equally disappointed at not seeing Hadley Wood station on the morning ofTornado. When I contacted Steam Thursday 24th November, as opposed toDreams the Marketing Manager seemed the 60163 Tornado steam engine theysurprised to learn so many people had were expecting.gone to the station but advised that their As the name would suggest, we pridewebsite does state that the start of the ourselves on operating steam-hauledjourney is with a diesel engine. I have trips and tours but on very few occasionsrechecked the website and you need to we have no choice but to use diesel Dr Keith Garbergo several levels into the site to find this. traction. After a recent incident involvingIf like me you looked at Dates, a steam locomotive run by another tour Dr Andrew Dr HalmerDestinations or Pick up points there is operator on the East Coast Main Line, Dr Tina Chrysostomounothing to suggest that the journey is part Network Rail barred steam traction on All aspects of general dentistrydiesel engine and only part steam the route on weekdays, which prevented offered throughout the weekengine. You need to look into Latest us from running steam hauled trains that including Saturday morningNews and then into Timings and still morning. Negotiations between Steam appointmentsfurther into final timing released by Dreams and Network Rail took place toNetwork Rail – no wonder so many of us ensure as much steam on the route as Please contact our receptionfailed to find this piece of vital possible, but it was not confirmed to us 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood,information. I hope those who went on until very late on that the trip would be Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJthe journey had a wonderful time and I diesel hauled as far as Peterborough on Tel: 020 8441 0257hope Steam Dreams will look at their the outward journey. The Tornado waswebsite to make it clearer about when a able to call at Hadley Wood on the returnsteam train is a real steam train to be journey but we understand that mostseen on its journey. residents came to the train station in theGillian Henley morning. Due to a miscommunication betweenAn apology from ourselves and the Hadley Wood News, they were not informed of this change ofSteam Dreams haulage and we sincerely apologise forSteam Dreams would like to apologise to any inconvenience caused. All of ourthe residents of Hadley Wood who were passengers were aware of the change asdisappointed to see a diesel engine at soon as it was confirmed to us. In the future we will make sure that any changes PHOTO BY JOHN LEATHERDALE to our trips will be featured on the website clearly and that communication with local newspapers is maintained to avoid disappointment. We are hopeful that once Network Rail have concluded their formal review of steam trains on the East Coast Main Line, that we will again be able to call at Hadley Wood with steam, and we hope to be able to welcome you on board again soon. Steam DreamsTornado stopping (eventually) atHadley Wood. 4
  5. 5. TUG O WAR Sunday 1st January 2012 At 1.30pm ON THE RAILWAY BRIDGE HADLEY WOOD East V West Girls V Boys Under 12s BRING “REFRESHMENTS” MEET THE NEIGHBOURS East v West Hadley Wood. Potters Bar, take first place against seven couple of years there have been aTrampoline girl other competing London teams - who number of instances of garden refuseCongratulations to our local Hadley knows, she may be one to watch for the such as, grass cuttings, dead branches,Wood resident Sophia Richmond who, 2020 Olympics team ! unwanted plants and even old fenceaged just 6 years old, recently came in HW News posts and building materials, being1st place out of 27 competitors in the dumped on Monken Hadley CommonUnder 9 division of the British Gymnastics from neighbouring gardens. Not onlyLondon Trampolining regional The care and upkeep are the results unsightly, but oncompetition held at the National of Monken Hadley occasions it has resulted in the spread ofTrampoline centre in Harlington, Common garden plants onto The Common that areMiddlesex quite out of place in an area of mixed This is a remarkable achievement To all of us living in the area, Monken deciduous woodland. A particular casegiven that she was competing mostly Hadley Common (also known as Hadley in point is Yellow Archangel, a small, fastagainst competitors two to three years Woods) is a valuable local amenity and a growing variegated leaf plant which hasolder than her and a testament to the real joy to those who like walking in proved highly invasive. Our small grouptraining and commitment she puts into a unspoilt natural woodland. It is surely in of Conservation Volunteers has spentsport she clearly loves. all our interests that we strive to preserve many hours trying (with less than total As well as winning the individual award, The Common in its natural state. Litter- success) to eradicate it. We are awareSophia also helped her team Zenith TC, free and without invasive alien species of that many of you already contribute to the based out of the Furzefield Centre in trees or plants. Regrettably, over the past well-being of The Common both St Paul’s Pre-School financially and practically. However, we Warmly invite you to join us for our OPEN MORNING Wednesday 25th January 2012 9.45am-11.45am Everyone Welcome Ofsted approved St Paul’s Church Hall, Crescent East, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EN Tel: 020 8447 0448 E-mail: Roger Headey and team in action at the side of Camlet Way 5
  6. 6. are writing to all residents whose Lost Ladder The HW News apologises for giving theproperties border The Common to incorrect for Mr Obhrai with regardrequest that you ensure that no garden to a ladder left behind by burglars.waste or other waste materials are put on To retrieve please telephone:The Common. If you employ a gardener, 0170 874 7037or you are having building work done,can you please take steps to ensure thatnothing is dumped over the fence orelsewhere on The Common. TRIM HEDGES AND TREES – Make You may not be aware that The sure these are trimmed back fromCommon receives no financial support windows and are about 3 feet high sofrom either Barnet or Enfield Council and & planning for the future. The LTA have that burglars cant hide behind them andis largely reliant for its funding on recognised we have achieved excellent they dont block any lighting you mayvoluntary contributions from the Friends standards of performance & our local have. Consider planting some pricklyof Hadley Common. The Friends is a community can be confident that all plants such as Pyracantha (Firethorn)registered charity which draws its coaches are CRB checked & licensed. around the perimeter.donations from local residents. If you are Hadley Wood Committee look forwardnot at present a member of the Friends to the 2012 Tennis year and to seeing FENCES, SHEDS AND GATES – Makeand would like to join, an application form many members on the Tennis court. Keep sure the fences around your garden arecan be obtained from -Mr Chris Feldman, checking our website in good condition and that gates can be(Honorary Treasurer of the Friends of for future club activities. We welcome secured properly. Put several goodHadley Common, 66 Hadley Road, any ideas & suggestions from members locks/padlocks on shed doors and checkBarnet, EN5 5QS), or downloaded from that would improve their tennis the windows too. Think about puttingthe Monken Hadley Common website experience & enable them meet other trellis over the top of fences and gates.( The players in either a social or competitivewebsite also provides information on the environment. Comments or ideas can LADDERS AND TOOLS – Never leavehistory, points of interest, wildlife and be emailed to Chris at tools or ladders out, always lock themmanagement of The Common. The 2012 away in a properly secured shed or Most of the work of maintaining The calendar will be compiled in January. garage.Common is done by a small group of Chris. Head Coach Hadley Wood TennisVolunteers who meet, under the direction Club 07789 555008 FIT LOCKS – Fit good quality deadlocksof the Curators, every Tuesday morning. If to outside doors and ensure you haveyou or other members of your household locks on ground floor windows and patiowould like to become involved we would doors – never leave the keys in the locksbe delighted to hear from you. Finally, if Beat the Burglars or on the window sill but make sureyou do notice any hazards or other LIGHTING – Make it look as if you are in everyone in the house knows where theyproblems on The Common do please let when you are out by using a timer switch are so that they can get out in the event ofone of us know so that we can organise on lights fitted with energy saving bulbs a fire.appropriate remedial action. and on a radio but remember to change Yours sincerely, the timer switch as the evenings get VALUABLE ITEMS ON VIEW – Ensure allPeter Davies and Roger Headey darker earlier. Think about exterior dusk valuable items (laptops, digital cameras,Curators to dawn lighting. car keys, jewellery etc) are kept out of viewPeter Davies, 58 Hadley Road BarnetHerts. EN5 5QS tel. 020 8440 7712e-mail: and Hadley Wood Running ClubRoger Headey, 28 Clifford Road, BarnetHerts. EN5 5PG tel. 020 8440 8944 Tuesdays: 9:30-10:30am Thursdays: 9:30-10:30am Sundays: 11:00-12:00noonHadley Wood Tennis Please arrive a little earlierClub celebrate Tennis ready to run at start timesClubmark status Meeting Point:On Monday 14th November at 8pm Judy 96 Lancaster Avenue EN4 0EUTownsend and Chris Hepworth were £4 (drop in)presented with a plaque from Jemima £7 per week (members 3Lee, Middlesex County Development sessions)Manager in recognition of Hadley WoodTC achieving Tennis Clubmark. An opportunity for people of all abilities & fitness levels to come together at It has been a year long process where least once a week to walk, jog or run.Judy & Chris with the help & support of For further details please contact Sen via email or call: 07956 398 123the Tennis Club Committee, have our club policies, programmes 6
  7. 7. and not left by the doors or windows as this is a sure way to tell if you are in or or 40inch flat screen TV. Keep a record ofespecially if they can be seen through the out or if you are away. any serial numbers of electrical items andletter box or by looking in the window. Keep record them on www.immobilise.comspare car keys in a secure location. CHRISTMAS – Never leave presents on also keep your receipts for these items in show even if they are wrapped and under a safe place. Please get someone youGOLD JEWELLERY – If you keep large the tree. After Christmas or when buying trust (e.g. a family member) to come andamounts of gold or jewellery in the house new items please dont just put the boxes pick up your post if you are away andthink about getting a safe and locking it out as they are for recycling, break them remember to cancel the papers and milkaway or keeping it in the bank especially up and put them in the bins otherwise delivery etc.if it is only worn on special occasions. everyone knows you have a new laptop Simone StraussWINDOW AND DOOR LOCKS – These Letters to the Editorare not being used enough and burglarsare taking advantage – close and lock all Dear Editordoors and windows even if you are just I thought this short account might be of Traditional songs from the Ascotpopping out for a few minutes. Also get interest to your readers – For the first time Bandstand Song book really brought outinto the habit of checking them before we joined in the nationwide Mitzvah or the best in all of us. It was great to bringyou go to bed but make sure everyone in Good Deeds Day on Sunday 20th some nice times to those less fortunatethe house knows where the keys are November. We made tea and entertained than ourselves - we`ll be back!kept. residents at Five Oaks on Cockfosters Sun Cresswell Hadley Wood Jewish Road and Green Trees on Crescent East. CommunityCURTAINS AND BLINDS – Please We had a Rock and Roll display byclose these as soon as it starts getting husband and wife team Sherilyn and Phil Dear Editordark - if there is a light on indoors but its Bennett which was most enthusiastically As I am sure you all know we did not windark outside this provides the ideal received – some joined on the floor whilst when we opposed the application toconditions for burglars to "window shop" the rest of us did the hand jive!!! redevelop the Barnet Market site. Despiteand make a note of anything worth taking the fact that our own 1200at a later date. members were against it, as were The Barnet Society, BarnetSECURITY MARKING – Think about Residents Association,registering your valuable items such as Hadley Residents Association,phones, laptops & TVs etc. at SPACES, our local MP and, this company also individual councillors – theprovide property marking. applicant got what she wanted. One person againstWHEELY BINS – When not in use please thousands of campaigners – sochain these up together so that they cant much for democracy!be used to climb over fences or to take To be honest we are still lickingitems away in. Get together with your our wounds from that defeat.neighbours and bring each others bins in But all is not yet lost and we liveif they have been left out after collection to fight another day. We are gaining members every day and a lot is going on behind the scenes. Again, as many of you will know, nothing at all has happened at the site that would lead us to believe that any building work is about to begin. And while the uncertainty continues Barnets 800 year old Market falls into further decay. It is a scandal and if it is allowed to carry on This month has been a very busy time for the HWCPR team including our stall it will be a tragedy. at the fabulous Fireworks night, attending the AGM and meetings with various Friends of Barnet Market will have a companies and organisations.After a lot of hard work we are pleased to give an stall at the Barnet Christmas Fayre this update on the money raised for the Playground. coming Sunday the 4th of December. The We have managed to raise just over £50,000 with the help of Grant Funding, Fayre takes place every year and the private, corporate and community support. High Street will be closed to traffic for the Thank you very much for your help so far, but we still have a way to go. You day. can still help us with hands-on support or by offering a donation. If you wish to We want to recruit new members of find out more please contact us at or call 07949 073536. course but if you already are a member Keep an eye out for an update in the next Hadley Wood Newsletter. There will please come by and say hello and pick be more exciting announcements to come... up the latest news. Laura Gassner Thank you for your continued support. Chris Smith. Friends of Barnet Market 7
  8. 8. HADLEY WOOD ENFIELD HADLEY WOOD POA £3,000,000 £2,000,000 Freehold Freehold Freehold Sole Agents Sole Agents Sole Agents 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 Charming and spacious detached family home arranged over 3 floors. Gated An outstanding detached family residence dating in parts back to Tudor times. An extremely well presented detached family residence of approx. 3,500 sq ft, carriage driveway, guest cloakroom, 4 reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, Standing in gardens and grounds of approximately 1 acre in a highly secluded in a bold corner position in this exclusive gated development built by ‘Shanly utility room, master bedroom suite with his & hers dressing rooms and luxurious en and sought after position. 6 reception rooms, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms Homes’. 5 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, double width garage, suite bathroom, 6/7 further bedrooms, 4 further bathrooms (2 en suite), rear garden (3 en suites), tennis court, heated swimming pool, car port for 2 cars plus heated swimming pool, landscaped gardens to front, side and rear, double approaching ¼ of an acre. additional parking. width garage. HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD ENFIELD £1,640,000 £1,350,000 OIEO £1,300,000 Freehold Freehold Freehold Sole Agents Sole Agents Sole Agents PROOF ONLY 020 8440 9797 NOT FOR PRINT 8440 9797 020 020 8440 9797 A very well presented detached family residence which has been extended A spacious detached family residence benefiting from a landscaped rear Substantial detached family residence of some 7,500 sq ft. The property and refurbished to a high standard. Guest cloakroom, 4 reception rooms, 4 garden extending to approx. 350’ at its maximum. The overall plot is approx. requires substantial refurbishment but benefits from spaciously planned bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, southerly aspect rear garden extending to approx. 3/4 of an acre. Guest cloakroom, 2 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 accommodation with 3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, indoor 108’, heated swimming pool, garage. bathrooms, garage. swimming pool complex, cinema room & 6th bedroom/staff bedroom with en suite shower room. 2 purchase options exist at prices in excess of £1,300,000. Full details available on request. HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD £1,200,000 £795,000 £794,995 Freehold Leasehold Freehold Sole Agents Sole Agents Sole Agents 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 A very well presented detached Georgian style residence situated in this A beautifully ground floor apartment in this unique development situated on This attractive and well presented semi detached home has accommodation peaceful cul de sac. There is scope to extend subject to the usual consents. Hadley Wood’s premier road within easy reach of golf course, local shops arranged over 3 floors and benefits from through lounge/dining room, open 2 receptions, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, gym, garage, driveway provides primary school and mainline station. The M25 is a short drive away. Kitchen, plan kitchen & breakfast area, utility/wc/boiler room, downstairs cloakroom, 3 extensive guest parking, southerly aspect rear garden extending to reception/drawing room, 3 bedrooms, 2 en suite shower rooms and a family bedrooms, family bathroom, southerly aspect rear garden extending to approx approx. 180’. bathroom. 130’. There is significant scope to extend (s.t.p.p.). The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 Chairman Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 Editor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 Advertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 Advertising Manager Betty Brough 020 8441 6859 Hall Bookings Annie 07903 138 235 Security Task Force Membership secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020 Safe Neighbourhood Team Police Sergeant Peter Moxham 020 8721 2688 or 07920 233 775The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news,views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for thedirect benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers,without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editorand Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or viewsexpressed. The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accesseddirectly or indirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained byanyone as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.HadleyWood News shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication.The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA July 2011 To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit 8