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Hadley Wood News August 2019


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Hadley Wood News August 2019

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Hadley Wood News August 2019

  1. 1. In aid of St Mary’s Essendon Essendon Gardens Open Day (off B158, AL9 6AJ) Sunday 9 June 2019 11.30 am – 5.00 pm Many beautiful, private gardens open
  2. 2. 2 Hadley Wood Association Trustees Letter The summer is a time to enjoy our open space walking through the woods, playing on our Bartram’s Lane field, tennis tournaments and our welcoming bar and garden area. The Acoustic Growlers was a most successful event to launch our new cooperation with the Tennis Club, great music and socialising plus fundraising. I hope our members are making the most of these Association facilities as well as supporting our role to protect this part of our environment at the heart of Hadley Wood. Maintaining the grounds and improving the Centre take a lot of our attention. More help will be welcome. As an example, having persuaded Network Rail to restore our woodland paths, we now need volunteers to keep them open and fight back the encroaching brambles and nettles. Dog walkers: please take your secateurs (or scythes) with you but take care. Over the last months, we have made great efforts to promote Security, complete the Treegate campaign and support HWRUG’s continuing efforts to obtain a proper service. We continue to build our membership and database. We are making good progress with our Centre Upgrade project. Our current focus is on Local Affairs, a core activity of the Association to protect and promote Hadley Wood. There are many live threats to face, and other local organisations needing support. It is striking how our actions and profile in rail, security and planning combine to help us contribute to other campaigns. We had a full attendance (and good bar takings) for the community meeting called for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan - which has been run with such energy and attention by David Harbott over the last year. Representatives of other local associations emphasised the importance of asserting our local role in planning and other matters controlled by the Council, who need to be strongly challenged if we are to have our views taken into account. The meeting welcomed the presentation of the draft plan and we had some lively debate on enforcement of planning decisions, the arguments for and against gated properties for security (as well as local character) and other aspects. Now is the time for everyone to make their contribution with comments to David Harbott (see website) before he does the hard work of preparing a final plan. By the time of this meeting on 10 July, several other local affairs had to be raised. One is the proposal to modernise the governance of Monken Hadley Common (including Hadley Woods) - John Hall explained the strange history and the need for a new Act of Parliament: see (website) and the call for responses by 30th August. Others are the TfL proposal to build a tower of flats on the Cockfosters Station car park, eliminating all car parking as well as overwhelming Cockfosters Road even more (see website for campaign) and the hugely overcrowded events being licenced by the Council at Trent Park in August. The most immediate concern has been the Local Government Boundary Commission for England report on Enfield recommending that Hadley Wood be split away from Cockfosters Ward and made part of “Ridgeway” which is largely Chase Farm and the area towards Enfield Town Centre. This flouts the requirement for community links and would destroy our current Ward policing which has become such an integral and welcome part of our local security. We have been playing our part to lead and coordinate opposition to these shocking recommendations, with Hadley Wood Watch and the Security Committee, with the church, other local associations and our councillors (who are strongly opposed and fighting to retain our current Ward). Submissions had to be returned by 5 August, too late for this edition, but there has been a lot of publicity by our meeting, our HWA MAILs, the Councillors letter to all residents and through HW Watch and others. We believe we have a good chance of keeping Hadley Wood with Cockfosters if sufficient individuals have submitted responses in addition to our HWA and other organisation submissions. We appreciate the support for these activities from many of our members. We continue to look for new members (and full updated information including email contacts for existing members). A Membership form is on Page 5. Robert Wilson. Chairman of the Hadley Wood Association. Ready to Plant. Join up! The smart new garden area at the Station by the step free access has been built for us “ready to plant” by Network Rail as part of our Treegate campaign. The beds are raised to avoid us digging into underground cables and incidentally makes the gardening much easier. Go and look! We are completing the paperwork with GTR (as part of their Adopt the Station scheme) and Network Rail (it is their land and they must authorise access). GTR will provide initial funds (£500) for planting. Our Editor, Rod Armstrong, is leading a team to decide what to plant and establish a rota of volunteers to tend the Garden. Now the project is a reality, we invite anyone interested to get in touch with Rod ( with ideas, plant offers and readiness to help. With the beds ‘on a plate’ for us the work needed may be much less than originally thought. Robert Wilson
  3. 3. 3 DORCHENA ITALIAN DESIGNER KITCHENS BEDROOMS &BATHROOMS Tel: 01707 663 738 INTERIORS 525 Live Son et Lumiere film shoot and Tickets for Sale Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June saw a lot of activity around Monken Hadley Common and the woods, as the 525 Live team turned both into a film location. There was an astonishing level of talent– over 100 people with production, technical, catering and acting responsibilities. There were three broadcast camera units including an Aerial Drone Unit, capturing dramatic scenes for the November 525 Live show. There were 11 locations, kindly enabled by the Monken Hadley Common Management Committee – stretching from deep in Hadley Woods, to the Common, and even on top of the church tower. The idea is not only to film scripted dramatic sequences as part of the shows narrative, but also to capture the diverse groups that make up our local community set within the context of our beautiful environment. Telling the story of over 1000 years of local history there were Battle of Barnet soldiers alongside medieval monks. First World War troops saluting Girl Guides. Bull Players alongside Barnet Classic Car Club while the Barnet Guild of Artists worked at their easels. So, where and when do we see the product of all this hard work? Well, the video material will be weaved, alongside live drama, lights and music, into the extravaganza that is the 525 Live Son et Lumiere taking place in church between 19th – 23rd November. Tickets are available from They are selling fast, so please make sure you get in early to book the best seats! Charlie Fisher Hadley Wood Association Security Committee Contact Information for the HWA Security Committee: Hadley Wood Association Hadley Wood Security: Neighbourhood Watch:
  4. 4. 4 Hadley Wood Primary School Headteacher at Hadley Wood Primary School Ms Beverly Benson retires at the end of this term. She kindly allowed me an interview and told me something about her journey as a teacher. From an early age she wanted to teach. However after leaving school her father insisted on work experience in fields other than teaching. One post was at Honeywell computers, an experience which shaped her subsequent determination and ability to use computers as a teaching aid in the classroom. Amongst Hertfordshire primary schools Beverly pioneered the use of the computer in the classroom. Hadley Wood school’s excellent IT centre reflects her long held, and now widespread, belief that today’s children should be computer literate at an early age. Her experience in teaching started at Boreham Wood middle school, continued with Cranborne Primary and then with acting headships at South Mymms and Trent School, before her appointment 8 years ago as Headteacher at Hadley Wood. I asked her whether there had been any special achievements during these years. “I think the school now provides a kinder environment” she replied. “I was strongly influenced by the teaching of Dr Neil Hawkes, introducing monthly ‘values’ to the children such as honesty and tolerance. This approach really took root here and we see much better behaviour amongst the children, especially towards each other. The children help us choose the values for the coming year at our annual ‘Parliament’. It helped us to reach our major objective during the years of primary education, which was to teach children how to be ‘confident, capable and caring’. What about downsides? “Funding!” Beverly replied emphatically. “Every year sees a reduction in our budget and, as for everyone else, there is a constant battle to make the funds stretch. Our Friends of Hadley Wood school are a tremendous help, but there are still far too many creative opportunities which we are unable to deliver”. We talked about retirement. . “I will miss teaching and especially this school but I have three lovely new grandchildren. After 40 years as a teacher, it will be good to put my family first. Plus I want to spend some quiet time in my pottery studio.” Pottery and sculpture are her hobbies, which she shares with her husband. Both are clearly very talented. Retirement beckons. It is time for the morning assembly and for me to leave. I manage one last question. “What about a message for the next generation of teachers?’ “Remember that pupils are children” Beverly replies “They need to have a childhood”. Walking back home across the field I reflect on the enormous contribution people like Beverly make to our children’s lives. Nowadays education is not just a question of teaching, but includes looking after children with special educational needs, emotional difficulties and language problems. I hope she knows how much we have appreciated her kindness, professionalism and ability. Rod Armstrong
  5. 5. 5 This page for Membership forms
  6. 6. 6 Station Cuttings: “It isn’t good enough”! Not my words but those of Tom Moran, Great Northern’s (GN’s) new Managing Director, in his message published on GN’s <Train Crew Availability> webpage on 18th July where he promised that “improving the situation is (his) number one priority”. And it was no accident that Tom’s first rail user group meeting was here with us on 24th June, resulting from our formal complaint about the poor service at half term. Many new faces appeared to help fill the church for Hadley Wood Rail User Group’s (HWRUG’s) introductory meeting with Tom and our stakeholder manager Patrick Ladbury, both of whom are new to the rail industry. We prefaced the discussion with an outline of Hadley Wood’s unique circumstances of Isolation, Oyster and Accessibility, and repeated our two basic asks: that GTR run the published timetable reliably and tell us straight away if there’s unavoidable disruption so we can replan our journeys; and expedite the delivery of the daily 4 tph metro service we were promised with effect from May last year, 2018. Tom abbreviated his presentation in favour of questions from the floor. There was lively debate about the continuing, inexcusable shortage of drivers and the inadequacy of customer communications at times of disruption. Tom promised us better and more timely information and has since set up online prior warnings and explanations of reduced service (and don’t forget to claim Delay Repay for any delays of 15 minutes or more). They also advised us to use the National Rail Enquiries site in journey planning, as it contains more service information than the Thameslink app. The particularly unreliable weekend service also came in for criticism as GN seem at present to be incapable of running even the timetabled 2 trains per hour. We reiterated Hadley Wood’s dependence on the train service and our concern that unreliability had the unfortunate effect of driving people away from attempting to use it. As for our promised full metro service, Patrick said that GN will bid for the full 4tph weekday slots with effect from May 2020. That is, however, two full years later than originally committed and there’s no doubt that HWRUG will need to keep up the pressure on GTR to ensure that it happens. We were delighted that several new members joined at the meeting and we invite all readers to join to strengthen our collective voice for as long as we need to campaign for decent services here. You can find the membership form on our website or email HWRUG at to request one. And it’s free! Services over the coming months are also impacted by two large Network Rail engineering projects, the cleaning of the Northern City Line tunnel (into Moorgate) and King’s Cross remodelling. There will be no trains at all over the August bank holiday. Replacement buses will run between Hadley Wood and Potters Bar northbound and Cockfosters and Oakwood tube stations southbound. On the plus side, Tom assured us that all the new Class 717 trains will be in service by the end of October; and HWRUG has submitted ideas to benefit local rail users under GTR’s Passenger Benefit Fund, set up in recognition of last summer’s timetable meltdown. And if you’re travelling to an airport over the summer, do check out journey options to Heathrow via Finsbury Park and the new lifts down to the Piccadilly Line; Luton via Finsbury Park and St Pancras; and Gatwick direct from Finsbury Park. All in all, though, it seems that HWRUG can’t take its foot off GN’s gas any time soon. We continue to work for improved train services and amenities for Hadley Wood and we particularly welcome the contribution of the members of our new steering group. Happy holidays and safe travels to all. Francesca Caine, Chair, Hadley Wood Rail User Group Great Northern’s new MD addressing a full house
  7. 7. 7 Window Cleaning Services Includes Frames Sills Doors and conservatories 6 or 8 weekly Cleans or One Off Clean References available All works guaranteed A local small company based In Barnet Tel. 0208 441 8100 or 07861 764 994 HWPP News… Hadley Wood Pre-school and Playgroup Hadley Wood Association Centre Supervisor Judy Quickenden Tel: 020 84496089/07754179884 (term time only) Having fun and learning whether it be a planning a Teddy Bears Picnic or role- playing! Hadley Wood Pre-school and Playgroup has played a key role in the nurturing and development of young children in the area for many years and being located within the Hadley Wood Association Centre, is at the core of the community. Following our very successful 50th Anniversary Party last year we have been building on our success and have undertaken a number of incentives this year. We are very keen to promote the health and wellbeing of all our children and you may have seen us running on the front lawn, taking part in races, playing football or rounders or indeed in the tennis courts practising ball skills to encourage any budding Wimbledon players. We have signed up to the Mayor’s Healthy Early Years London Award scheme and are about to complete the Bronze Award through which the children have learned about healthy eating and the need to exercise. Our pre- school children will shortly be moving on to ‘Big School’ and during the two years they will have spent with us, they have encountered many different activities to broaden their understanding of the world, to achieve the best they can and prepare them for the next step on their learning journey. We wish our pre-school children every success in the future and please come and visit us at any time. Judy Quickendon
  8. 8. 8 Obituary Barry High OBE Barry was born on 15th June 1917 in Nelson, New Zealand. In NZ time he would have been 102 on the day of his death. He returned to England when he was three years old and went to the City of London school. Leaving aged fourteen he pursued a career as an apprentice carpenter and bricklayer, forming his own business when he was only twenty. He was called up in 1941 and joined the Royal Engineers serving in Burma on road construction and installing Bailey bridges. He held the rank of Major and was decorated for his services. Barry met Peggy in the Cock Hotel in Cockfosters and married her in October 1942. Subsequently Barry High Ltd became one of the larger Building Contractors in the area working from offices, joinery works and yard in Potters Bar. The company contracted to national companies, banks, housing trusts, such as Peabody and Guinness, in refurbishing their housing stock and in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s built new housing for Local Authorities in Potters Bar, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Letchworth. He started developing properties in the Hadley Wood area in the early 1950s building houses in Beech Hill, Camlet Way, Corbar Close, Walmar Close and most of Kingwell road. He built the shops and flats in Crescent West and started the housing development at the rear of Coombehurst, off Cockfosters Road known as Coombehurst Close. Barry was a fine and competitive golfer and played regularly with Peter Salmon, who was also a former President of the Club. He was instrumental in improving Clubhouse facilities over many years. Barry achieved an OBE in recognition of his tireless charitable work, one of which was donating a lifeboat to the Ilfracombe RNLI lifeboat station. He was a remarkable man and achieved much in his long lifetime. He will be sorely missed. There will be a Memorial Service on Saturday 14th September in Blockley, Gloucestershire Tony How and Maurice Coxall
  9. 9. 9 Hadley Wood Neighbourhood Plan – update July 2019 Over 60 members of the Hadley Wood Neighbourhood Planning Forum and local residents attended the recent meeting, hosted by the Hadley Wood Association on 10th July 2019. Key plan policies were presented and discussed in turn, using photographs (many by our local historian John Leatherdale) to illustrate ‘best practice’. Excellent feedback was received with strong endorsement of policies to protect the green belt and open spaces, retain mature trees and avoid an excessive loss of garden space to hard standings. There was also support for improved drainage to be a mandatory element of all development and for space to be retained/increased between detached properties to maintain views between buildings, to avoid virtual terracing and to protect the local character. On this last point we will review the draft policies to take into account buildings that have been previously extended to the boundary. There was also support for mandating higher standards in the content of planning applications so that neighbours can appreciate the full impacts of proposals; this would require applications to include details of boundary treatments, hard standings, drainage, tree protection and replanting, rather than to treat these important features as a ‘condition of approval’ and therefore not part of consultation with neighbours. The draft policy on front boundary treatment (walls and fences) was the subject of debate, where the aspiration to maintain open frontages and low walls was seen as a potential restriction on the security of the property. Further work will be undertaken on this point. There are some streets where gated frontages are already common and more appropriate. There are also many smaller streets where a new proliferation of gated frontages would impact character and interactions between neighbours. There may be a need for street by street guidance. There was also a lengthy discussion on the lack of enforcement action by Enfield Council, and a query whether Neighbourhood Plan policies would be any more effective. The Hadley Wood Association and the Hadley Wood Neighbourhood Planning Forum are well aware that this is a key issue. We believe that an approved NP would certainly strengthen our communities influence with Enfield Council. But we know that much more needs to be done, and we continue to raise the issue of enforcement in our regular meetings with Enfield Council Officers and our elected Councillors. The level of access that we have to Enfield Council Officers is a clear reflection of the benefit of Hadley Wood being a designated Neighbourhood Planning Area, even before we have an approved NP. And in their closing statements Jon Herbert (Troy Planning), Peter Gibbs (Friends of Trent Park) and Colin Bull (Cockfosters Residents Association) all passionately encouraged Hadley Wood residents to support the Neighbourhood Plan, agreeing that it would significantly strengthen our local voice when dealing with the Council. The full presentation is now available on the Hadley Wood Association website. David Harbott HWA Security Committee As most residents are aware, Hadley Wood Security has funded the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and CCTV project, installed in the Hadley Wood area for the benefit of all. I want to reassure people that this project is to be used to Prevent, Detect and Deter crime. The project has been fully signed off by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office.) Access to this system is restricted to a very small number of people and the system automatically records login, search and download activity. In addition to this, I will be the keeper of records of all searches, downloads, police requests and vehicles added to the ANPR system. PC Carl Bliss
  10. 10. 10 Bulletin Board Alan Lawrence Hairdressers would like to offer all HWA members a 10% discount on any of their products when having your hair done, on sight of your HWA membership card. Robbery on the 399! A local resident, having shopped in Waitrose, took the 399 bus back to Hadley Wood. Two women who had been behind him at the Waitrose checkout, also boarded the bus. One sat next to the window and pushed past him to get off. Later he was contacted by his bank to say that his card had been used twice to withdraw money at Cockfosters. The resident realised that the woman behind him in the Waitrose.queue must have noted his card pin number whilst paying and then followed him and stolen it on the bus. This is not the first time that this sort of crime has been committed on the 399. and our community police tell us that this is typical of endemic organised crime perpetrated by slick thieves often in pairs, who travel around on buses to pick out their victims. BEWARE! Forthcoming Events Friday 9th August West Lodge Park Hotel A night of swing music with the Paul Jaffa House Band playing memorable songs from the thirties and forties. £71.00 per person (payable at time of booking) Reception at 7.00pm. Tel. 020 8216 3909 or visit website Tuesday 10th September A very Secret War presented by Dr Helen Fry St Paul’s Church Hall, Crescent East, Hadley Wood at 7.30 pm Dr Fry will be speaking to Hadley Wood WI about the role of Trent Park during the second World War. Everyone is welcome. There will be a visitors entry fee of £3 which includes refreshments. Friday 20th September West Lodge Park Hotel Murder Mystery Evening £69.00 per person (payable at time of booking) Reception at 7.00pm. Tel.020 8216 3909 or alternatively visit our website Sunday 3rd November Hadley Wood Association Fireworks
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  14. 14. 14 My name is Tom. I am a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal trainer and have worked in the fitness industry for several years. I am passionate about and specialise in: • Weight Management • Strength Training • Circuit Training • Functional Fitness • Mobility Work • Aesthetic Training • Nutrition Over the years I have helped many people achieve their goals. I aim to make every session better than the last and to ensure my clients leave feeling well worked and happy with what they have achieved. I strongly believe fitness has not only physical benefits but can be a great way to destress and unwind. So if you have your own home gym, or have recently joined Hatfield Leisure Centre (where I am based), if you need help achieving your fitness goal and to make the most out of every workout, then contact me today. I will be more than happy to help. Tel. 07540440651 @mcleod personal training
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  16. 16. 16 In aid of St Mary’s Essendon Essendon Gardens Open Day (off B158, AL9 6AJ) Sunday 9 June 2019 11.30 am – 5.00 pm Many beautiful, private gardens ope