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Hadley Wood News August 2011


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Hadley Wood News August 2011

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE Hadley Wood Golf Club. Start swinging. HADLEY WOOD NEWS AUGUST 2011 ISSUE Barnet Market. Time to get involved. Message from Westminster. Horticultural update. Flower power. St Paul’s Pre- School. Graduation day. Smile.DESIGNED & PRINTED BY KALL KWIK BARNET TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482
  2. 2. converted to a golf club and the (to be) ‘Rarely though. It is usually persistent famous Alister Mackenzie asked to cheating’. Throwing your golf bag in the design the course. Mackenzie was born lake in a fury is not really approved of but in Yorkshire of Scottish parentage. He once is usually enough for most people. was asked to leave his club in Leeds Especially if their car keys are in the bag. having had an affair with the Captain’s What about dress codes? ‘Well we do wife but thereafter designed some of the have a code’ says Bill. ‘No jeans in the most outstanding golf courses in the clubhouse for example. We think world including Augusta and Cypress members appreciate this. It sets a Point in the USA. standard and stops the place looking So what is the place like? I thought I scruffy. We believe that wearing aHadley Wood Golf Club. would start with the General Manager. reasonable outfit has a positive effect onWhenever golf clubs are discussed Golf Club managers used to be retired behaviour’. So what is special about theprejudice is never far away. Images of Colonels with tempers to match. Not so club? Bill ticks off a few points.pompous men in blazers, old fashioned ours. Bill Beckett is a large and friendly ‘We are one of the top 200 golf clubs indress codes and unequal treatment of South African. I asked him what the club the country, golf is possible all the yearwomen may spring to mind. Is it fair? Well was like. ‘Well’ he said ‘It is absolutely round, good technology andin the spirit of those seekers after the truth top class. Take a look out of the window’. communications, excellent and wellcharacterised by our national I did. Acres of green sward and trees as trained staff, popular with Golf Societies.newspapers, the News decided to have far as the eye could see. Lakes reflecting We are also very environmentallya look at the Hadley Wood club. the sunlight. Not bad? Glorious. Was conscious. ‘How’s that ?’ I interrupt. ‘ Its history can be found in the excellent joining expensive? ‘There is no joining Well, we have introduced wild lifebooklet ‘Hadley Wood. The story of a fee but the annual membership fee is corridors, take great care of our streamsGolf club’ written by local resident Pat about £1800. We have around 600 and lakes (they even have newt counts),Taylor. To briefly summarise, the mansion members which means and allow wild areas tohouse was built in 1781 on land originally easy access to the course’. develop in order topart of Enfield Chase, the estate later Exclusive? ‘Not in any way at encourage insect and wildbecoming known as Beech Hill Park. By all’ says Bill. ‘We interview life. You will often see foxes1850 it had passed into the hands of potential members but it is and deer on the course asCharles Jack generally considered the just really a way to meet well as a huge variety offounder of Hadley Wood. After various them and make sure they birdlife. In 2009 we received achanges in ownership and usage know which end of a golf major environmental award.including farming and a wartime training club is which. Once in the But you should talk to Simonground for the Royal Fusiliers, the club a newcomer has to about that’ (Simon Grand ismansion and land was bought by the play some rounds with the Head Greenkeeper). WeEconomic Insurance Co Ltd. part of the existing members. This also do our best toFurness Withy shipping line. Key people ensures they have an idea encourage young people toinvolved were two men from West about the rules and can get join. There are now about 60Hartlepool, Walter Warwick and Frederick on with people’. Does young members paying onlyLewis (later Lord Essendon). Eventually anyone get asked to leave? £175 a year’. The phone ispart of the land and the mansion were ‘It does happen’ admits Bill. ringing. I retreat and check in The PARK VETERINARY PARK VETERINARY VETERI ARY ARY PRACTICE P Cockfosters Cockfosters foste Clean • Spacious • Air-conditioned pacious ned The only local practice to p Fully Equipped. • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Workshop eatre Woorkshop A be FSA approved for • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy ory copy insurrance insurance claims. • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring ed ing • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care y e Call for details on how to Register ster 020 8275 0330 (24 hrs) 275 or visit ww om Fr i e n d l y, Friendly, Compassionate e The Place for Puppy g & Caring Professionals. Parties! 2
  3. 3. Members do not play with the same group of friends all the time but simply add their names to the list wherever there is a space. So we all meet a wide range of people in the club’. Old fashioned? ‘Well’ he says ‘change is always a challenge but it is steadily happening. TAILORING AND REPAIRS BY EXPERTS Standards are high. Mind you we have had a few battles’. The new TV set on the wall looks down at us in blank agreement. Next is the Lady Captain. Migs Earle. ‘What it like here Migs’ I ask ‘Well’ she replies ‘I always had rather a badat the pro shop supervised by the Head helpful. As regards male chauvinism IProfessional Peter Jones. Peter and his would say it is on the way out. History.two colleagues Paul and Alistair run the There are about 80 ladies playing here. Ishop and do all the teaching. They are think we are definitely on equal terms withfine golfers in their own right and teach the men. There is always a bit of banterwith great skill and patience. I ask Peter though. As you know we have a matchhow long on average it takes for a every year between the men and thebeginner to learn to play golf. Peter thinks women. St George v The Dragons. Andfor a moment. ‘Probably from six toeighteen months to reach the stage Jazz you know who the Dragons are.’ Unable to imagine anyone less like a dragon thanwhere you are given an official handicap.Then you are able to join in the EVENING the Lady Captain I leave the club via the entrance hall and check the noticecompetitions. As with everything else AT THE MARY BEALE RESTAURANT boards. Team sheets. Scratch team (theprogress depends on the amount of time best players in the club), Club sideyou have available for lessons and Friday 9th September (medium standard) Herons (Seniors)practice’. Next on the list is the Club The programme will include works by Gershwin, Ladies teams. Social events. On one Jobim, Rodgers & Kern in addition to some piecesCaptain. I track him down to the lounge. enjoying rather more of a jazz based provenance. sheet men and women members haveSam Husain. Born in New Delhi in 1947 An evening not to miss. put their names down to play together inSam spent the first year of his life moving Sparkling wine and canapé reception at 7.30pm. the Mixed Friendly matches against otherto Pakistan with his family during the 4 course dinner and live classic and modern jazz clubs. For me, that sums up the club. throughout dinner until 11pm. £48.95 per person.Partition of India. Sam’s father was then Mixed and friendly. Payment with booking. See website for more details.a doctor attached to the Indian Air force. Rod ArmstrongAccepting a last minute offer of a lift byplane to Peshawar, Sam and his family Message frommissed the train they were to havetravelled in. It was ambushed and many WEST LODGE PARK YO U R C O U N T RY R E T R E AT Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0PY. T: 020 8216 3900 Westminster HWN52 Email: Web: were lost. The family recovered and The phone hacking scandal dominated the last weeks of Parliament before the impression of the club but actually I was summer recess. Apart from joining in the quite wrong. I joined with my husband condemnation of the actions and about five years ago. I was an absolute omissions of News Corporation, I raised beginner. But I had some lessons with a wider issue about the publics Paul (one of the professionals), played responsibility during the urgent debate rounds with some long suffering friends, when Parliament was recalled. Whilst the practised and was eventually given a public is rightly outraged at the hacking of handicap. Once that happens you can phones belonging to victims of crime, the join in the competitions and then you public needs to take the opportunity to progress rapidly. Everyone was very look in a mirror and ask why there is such an insatiable interest in the private lives ofsome years later he moved to England. others which feeds the media beast weThere he made the very sound decision now wish to slay. We need to not onlyto train as a Chartered Accountant in the prevent unlawful media activity butfine city of Manchester. Currently he is support a change in culture and valuesCEO of Foyles. (His niece by the way is which promotes the pursuit of truth andthe lovely BBC presenter Mishal Husain). integrity in the media. The most obvious‘Whats the club like Sam?’. ‘Nice’ he way we can do this is as consumerssays ‘Great course. It is also friendly. As making the decision to not buy or click onan example we have a sign up sheet to media which exploits and underminesbefore the weekend competitions. individuals to feed prurient rather than 3
  4. 4. welcoming young families coming into Horticultural Update Hadley Wood, inviting them for Shabbat lunches, organising events and creating This year The Hadley Wood Horticultural the very successful Hebrew Classes or Society has enjoyed a variety of talented Cheder, known as Smile. Smile is the and entertaining speakers on many and name of the Cheder held every varied horticultural topics including The A Wednesday evening from 4.30pm to to Z of Garden History by Russell T 6.15pm for two classes, one for ages 5-8 Bowes and Lost Gardens of Hertfordshire and another for 9-12 year olds. The two by Anne Rowe. Our last meeting before highly qualified young teachers, already the summer was the traditional and working as Cheder teachers at always successful Plant Sale, Supper weekends, enjoy the relationship they and Social Evening this year with a Royal have built with the Hadley Wood Kids. Wedding theme. Since joining Smile the children’s Whilst many of us are busy in ourgenuinely public interest. knowledge and Hebrew reading has gardens during the summer we always Two immediate local tasks over the improved immensely and they enjoy find time for the annual coachsummer are first to support the campaign every minute of the class. “It’s really good outing. This year we visited two gardensto give Woodcroft a long lease of life. Do fun” ... “look what we’ve made” ... “can I in Kent. We started the day in Sandwichget involved by signing the petition or why go again today?” are regular comments at The Secret Gardens - 3.5 acres ofnot become a Friend of Woodcroft and from the children who now enjoy monthly stunning Lutyens and Jekyll designedsupport this wildlife haven in N21. Shabbat services dedicated to the grounds surrounding a Lutyens You could also younger congregation. If you are house in the heart of Sandwich. Yellowsample some fresh honey as I did last interested in joining the Hadley Wood and White Gardens, the Woodland,week from one of the six hives! Smile classes please contact Rabbi Kitchen, Vegetable, and Tropical Gardens, Second is to raise lots of money for the Birnbaum at a magnificent long border and a delightfulNightingale Community Hospice Trust or call 07905 964 207. Classes run every tea room where we were served morningand Enfield Good Samaritan Network at Wednesday from 4.30pm until 6.15pm. coffee and biscuits on arrival. After lunchthe charity cricket match on 9th Laura Gassner we visited Great Comp, near SevenoaksSeptember at 5pm at Walker Cricket an exceptionally beautiful seven acreGround, Waterfall Rd, Southgate. garden with sweeping lawns, formal areas Details can be found on my website and romantic ruins together with extensive collection of exotic plants and the acclaimed Dyson Salvia Collection. Many of the salvias areHadley Wood’s Jewish available from the nursery attached to theCommunity has a gardens. Our day concluded with areason to “Smile”Hadley Wood has a long history ofJewish families living in the area and hasa thriving community with Services heldevery Friday night and Saturday morning. In April 2010 Rabbi Yoni Birnbaumjoined this flourishing community alongwith his wife Elisheva and their threelovely children. During the last year theRabbi has worked very hard to continue 4
  5. 5. COSMETIC SERVICES INCLUDING BOTOX AND FACIAL FILLERS AVAILABLE IN HADLEY WOOD WITH MEDICALLY QUALIFIED PRACTITIONER. Contact: Phone: 07970 215 834 Fax: 020 8447 0689 Emai: between what is now the High St and with a very rough and unsuitable surface, Wood St. Later St Johns Church was built difficult for the elderly and impossible for immediately to its north. Nearly finished mothers with prams or buggies. In July off by the black death in 1350 the market 2011 an extension of the planning then flourished and by the end of the 16th permission was applied for. At an angrywonderful cream tea served by the young century was London’s biggest meat meeting in Hendon with seventyenthusiast team working with Mrs Dyson market. Gradually the main road to the supporters of the Market crammed intoin The Old Dairy Tearooms. When we North through Barnet became busier and the council chambers the extension wasarrived back in Hadley Wood and the the blockage caused by the market at the passed by one vote but only for a furthercoach driver opened the luggage hold it top of Barnet Hill became a problem. It two years (very close to the time when thelooked like we had purchased the “Long was therefore re-sited at the junction of covenant stipulating continuation of theBorder” and folded it into the coach. the High St and St Albans Rd. By 1899 it market expires). At this meeting the local Our new season begins on Friday was a very busy cattle market managed Barnet MP Theresa Villiers deplored the23rd September with Ken Collins talking by Bill Harding Young a local estate agent ten year stalemate. ‘I am concerned thatto us about The Gibberd Garden – the who was absolutely dedicated to its the development proposed in the currentmeeting starts at 8.00pm. We meet at St success. It continued in this role until planning consent would not providePaul’s Church Hall where non members August 1959 by which time the cattle adequate facilities to traders for parking,are always welcome. Look out for our market had declined. It then became the loading, unloading and storage. I alsoposters in Londis and on various notice stall market we all enjoyed, with up to 50 want to see the uncertainty surroundingboards around the area. stalls. Eventually in 1999 it was sold, aGillian Henley stipulation being that the site must continue as a stall market for 15 years (ie until 2014). Nothing much happened untilBarnet Market. in 2005 the new owners were grantedNow over 800 years old Barnet market planning permission to re-develop thehas had its ups and downs. Currently it is area with the market on the ground floor,suffering a down period. Hopefully not fourteen flats above and a car park for 27down and out. Its history with some cars below. The stalemate continued untilwonderful old photos can be seen on the January 2008 when the market had toFriends of Barnet website from which this move to the cramped quarters of thesummary is taken. In 1199 King John Stapylton Rd car park to allow work to beissued a charter for the market which was done on the site. They returned inoriginally situated at the fork in the road November 2009 to a much reduced site 5
  6. 6. Have your car valeted by us and experience our quadrapower snow foam system which is unique to us. For more details or booking call Adam on 07973-272347 or wonderful musical performance based log onto on Noah’s Ark. They were dressed andthe future of Barnet Market brought to an face painted as a variety of animals andend as quickly as possible. The market as the Bible Story was read they sangowners were first granted planning several songs linked to the story.permission to redevelop the site over ten Afterwards they were each presentedyears ago. Even their second permission with a Bible and their Profile Books.(the one they are now seeking to extend) These had been built up over the twowas granted long before the credit crunch years they had been with us andmade financing such developments contained their drawings, their writingsdifficult’. She spoke passionately about and photos of their many activities and Are now pleased to welcome to their team,the need for preserving the market as a outings. They then adjourned to the Dentists with specialist interests in:magnet for people shopping in Barnet. Church Hall for a special lunch party, an Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) For those of you not already members obstacle course challenge and finally by Dr Marta Suarezyou can support the market’s future and some tearful good-byes were said, withkeep an eye on what is going on by lots of promises to keep in touch. Orthodontics, including incognito bracesjoining the many Friends of Barnet Market It is hard to believe that yet another by Dr Shahla Rahman(now numbering well over 1000) at academic year has flown by and that in a or by contacting few weeks the next generation will be (All treatments for gum health)Chris Smith on arriving on the door step for their turn at by Dr Riccardo Pre-school, and so life goes on... Additional celebrations were had when Please enquire at our practice ReceptionSt Paul’s pre-school. the Pre-School committee treated all the 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, staff to a celebratory lunch at the Thai Barnet, Herts, EN4 OEJ.Their first Graduation! restaurant, Crescent West, in order to Tel: 02084410257St Paul’s Church was the setting on congratulate them all on achieving such aFriday July 15th for the final play and brilliant OFSTED report this term. Ourprizegiving for many of our children. From thanks go to all the committee. www.northlondonhospice.orgSeptember they will be moving on to the Loretta Gregorian. Supervisor of St Paul’s North London Hospice provides freereception class at Hadley Wood School, Pre-school end-of-life support for patients and theirTrent School and also to several private St Paul’s Church Hall, families living with a terminal illness in theschools such as Lochinver, St John’s and Crescent East Hadley Wood EN4 0EN boroughs of Enfield, Barnet andSt Giles . tel. 8447 0448 Haringey. The children gave their parents a Contact: Deborah Mosdall, Firewalking. Communications Manager 020 84462288 HOT FOOT IT! North London Hospice is holding its second sponsored Firewalk at 7pm on Local Chef gets Saturday 3 September with both Enfield cream of the crop MP David Burrowes and Enfield Councillor from the best pick-your- Pat Ekechi stepping across the hot coals to raise money for your local hospice. own farm The Firewalk will be held at the Jolly Hertfordshire Chef Wayne Turner has Farmers Pub, Enfield Road EN2 7QS - an found the perfect produce for his menu, ideal venue with a large outdoor area. It’s right on his doorstep. Parkside Farm, an exciting event that will give participants Hadley Wood Road, Enfield has been a real challenge while raising money to voted the best pick-your-own farm in the help those in the community who are UK by the National Farmers’ Retail & living with a terminal illness. Markets Association) and sits just up the Registration is £35 with no minimum road from West Lodge Park Hotel. With sponsorship. To register call fundraising 50 acres the farm produces a wide on 020 8446 2288 or online variety of fruit and seasonal vegetables 6
  7. 7. fresher than that,” said Wayne. Pilates Teacher - Personal Trainer Wayne and his team call at the farm to Established lower back specialist pick the cream of the crop but there is no Would you like a more toned, more flexible, longer, shortage of supply for the families that leaner, stronger look to your body. visit. There are 15km of table top These are just a few of the benefits Pilates offers. Private sessions are becoming increasingly popular as exercises can be adapted to strawberries to pick from and with no suit peoples individual needs. polytunnels it is a fresh air experience for The sessions enable you to have a more personal method of learning. chefs and children alike. Don’t live with back pain book now to see a specialist West Lodge Park is the highest rated Lower back pain is extremely common and can be acute enough to stop people functioning normally on a day to day basis. four star hotel in Hertfordshire and North Pilates is a key exercise method for helping to improve posture London. The Mary Beale restaurant, and therefore relieve daily aches and pains. within West Lodge Park, has been Contact Stuart on: 07787 552326 or email: strawberries, raspberries, awarded an AA rosette.plums, broad beans, beetroot, spinach, Jane Manners, Beales Hotels 07971marrows, tomatoes and onions. Chef 262124Wayne Turner is in charge of the MaryBeale Restaurant at West Lodge Park PUBLIC MEETINGHotel and has been hand picking fruit atthe farm. to discuss The New Playground Hadley Wood Association Centre Speechwriting “Buying local is very important to us andhaving an award winning farm on our Far end of tennis courts. Consultantdoorstep is fantastic. This lovely seasonal Crescent Eastproduce can go from the field to being Have you been asked to do a Wednesday 14th September speech at a wedding or otherserved at the table in West Lodge Park inless than an hour, you simply can’t get 7.30pm special occasion? Need to present a business brief? Nervous about your presentation skill and want some help with your delivery? Then I can be of assistance. I am a speech writer whose aim is to help you relax by writing an original speech or presentation based around you and your subject. A speech I would be proud to give myself. For more information email: or call 07949 073536Left to Right: Chef de Partie Justin Franklin, Farmer Richard Whitman and Head “A personalised first class service.”Chef Wayne Turner Gardening Tips for August or excessive water or nutrients. It is essential to weed regularly so that your plants do not have to compete with fast Due to the changing climate and weather, plants have been growing invaders for water and light. particularly affected by pests and disease. Thriving plants Diseases such as bacteria, fungi and viruses are are better able to resist problems, therefore it is important to opportunists and some infect weak plants through existing maintain a healthy garden. There are several ways in which wounds. Plants that are overgrown or planted too close to you can ensure plants remain in top condition. Take care to each other often become weak and sickly with elongated choose plants that are suited to each aspect of your garden shoots as they fight for light. To avoid this, prune out and to local conditions. It is rare to find perfect soil before congested growth, divide herbaceous perennials and allow planting so prepare it well. Pay attention to watering and room for growth. feeding your plants so that they do not suffer from insufficient 7
  8. 8. HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD LETCHMORE £2,750,000 £2,350,000 HEATH Leasehold Freehold £1,895,000 Sole Agents Sole Agents Freehold Sole Agents 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 01923 604321 PHOTOS REPRESENT THE STYLE OF THE PROPERTY, HOWEVER THIS IS The Laurels is a beautifully presented family residence approached via a security A stunning contemporary home finished to high specification in a NOT THE ACTUAL PROPERTY OFFERED** A stunning penthouse apartment gated carriage driveway in one of the area’s most prestigious locations. 4 bedrooms, picturesque village. Lounge/cinema room, superb kitchen/breakfast/family in a secure, highly sought after development, with views to the rear and within 3 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms, oak flooring, garage, swimming pool, south facing room, playroom/office, 4 bedrooms (2 en suite), bathroom, landscaped walking distance of Cockfosters Underground Station and shopping facilities. garden. A Luxury amazing roof terrace, secure underground parking, storage areas, south facing rear garden with decking. VIEWING RECOMMENDED. concierge service, electronic gate access, many outstanding features. Brief details on our website. Full brochure on request. PHOTO REPRESENTS THE STYLE OF THE PROPERTY, HOWEVER THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL PROPERTY OFFERED ARKLEY HADLEY WOOD BROXBOURNE £1,650,000 £1,195,000 £1,150,000 Freehold Freehold Freehold Sole Agents Sole Agents Sole Agents 020 8449 3383 020 8440 9797 01707 661144 Set in this enviable location is this detached residence which is offered for A very well presented semi-detached family residence constructed by Banner This outstanding detached family home has recently been constructed & sale in excellent decorative order throughout. Large entrance hallway, kitchen Homes and situated at the end of this exclusive security gates development finished to exacting standards, offering immaculate & spacious accommodation breakfast room which opens onto rear garden, separate utility room with of just four houses. 5 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, 4 bathrooms (2 en throughout, featuring 3 receptions, a superb kitchen/breakfast room & utility integrated Miele appliances , guest wc, 3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms (2 suites), garden, detached double garage. room, the master bedroom suite includes en-suite bathroom & dressing room with en suites), family bathroom, integral garage, landscaped garden with which can easily be converted to a 5th bedroom, 3 further bedrooms with 2 patio area and exceptional countryside views. en-suites & family bathroom. There is a well maintained rear garden with a stone patio area, detached double garage & gravelled driveway. OAKLEIGH PARK HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD £1,150,000 £845,000 £794,995 Freehold Freehold Leasehold Sole Agents Sole Agents Sole Agents 020 8445 3694 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 A 4 bedroom detached family home situated in this sought after location An extended four bedroom (master with dressing room and en-suite This attractive and well presented 3 bedroom semi detached home has maintained to a high standard throughout. Oakleigh Park South is a popular bathroom) detached family home in this popular turning in the heart of accommodation arranged over three floors and benefits from through location providing convenient access to both overground and underground Hadley Wood. The spacious accommodation extends to approx. 1,650sq. lounge/dining room, open plan kitchen and breakfast area, utility/wc/boiler stations, shops, restaurants and local schooling. 4 bedrooms (ensuite to ft. and includes lounge, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, study, utility, room, downstairs cloakroom, family bathroom, and a southerly aspect master), family bathroom, 4 receptions, kitchen/breakfast rm, 140’ gdn, guest cloakroom and integral garage. The rear garden extends to approx. rear garden extending to approx 130”. There is significant scope to extend driveway and garage. 35m (115ft) and enjoys a westerly aspect. (subject to the usual consents). The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 Chairman Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 Editor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 Advertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 Advertising Manager Betty Brough 020 8441 6859 Hall Bookings Annie 07903 138 235 Security Task Force Membership secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020 Safe Neighbourhood Team Police Sergeant Peter Moxham 020 8721 2688 or 07920 233 775The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news,views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for thedirect benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers,without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editorand Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or viewsexpressed. The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accesseddirectly or indirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained byanyone as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.HadleyWood News shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication.The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA July 2011 To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit 8