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Hadley Wood News April 2013


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Hadley Wood News April 2013

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUEDESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINTWAREHOUSE TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482APRIL2013ISSUEHADLEYWOODNEWSParking at shops. Petition timeRosemary KeanePlatform 4. The long walkRailway path. LaidHW Football Club. TrialsRed Poll DayCat Hill. Developers win. As usualNicky Forsyth. Back on her bike.Creme. Big Day in May coming up.
  2. 2. 2Mrs Rosemary Keane.The news that Mrs Keane is retiring aftertwenty years teaching will come as anunwelcome surprise to the generations ofchildren who were taught by her atHadley Wood Primary School.A local girl born and brought up inSouthgate, Mrs Keane wanted to be ateacher from an early ageand after leaving schoolattended Strawberry HillTeachers Training College.Subsequently she married(her husband is a highlyrespected Head Teacher inClerkenwell) raised fourchildren and became amuch loved teacher atHadley Wood Primary.She was first appointedhere in 1993 as a year two teacher underthe headship of Pauline Stonehousesubsequently moving through years 3,4,5and 1. She obtained further qualificationsin teaching children with special needsbut added “Actually all children arespecial. There is such a wide range ofdifferences amongst them”.As if teaching children was not enoughMrs Keane has been a long term mentorfor student teachers from Middlesex andHertfordshire Universities. The fact thattwo of her current students werepreviously her pupils says somethingabout her ability to inspire others. Herlong term commitment to mentoring hasbeen recognised with Chartered Londonteacher status and a Fellowship of theCollege of Teachers.I asked her about the job and her bestmemories. “Organising partnerships anddistrict swimming galas was always achallenge but very enjoyable’’ shereplied. “A trip to Cuffley Camp for threenights with year five was a really greatexperience. And I always loved beinginvolved with the drama performancesand of course sport”. She also has happymemories of taking children to visit otherschools less well situated than oursunder the CommunityCohesion scheme andorganizing trips to the TateGallery, the ScienceMuseum and the Regent’sPark Mosque.“Ever had a nickname?”I asked. “not that I everheard she laughed “but younever know.” What aboutmaintaining discipline? “Ihave always believed ingiving praise for things well done. I thinkthis helped”. “Well what about reallynaughty children?’ I persist. A slightwince. And then reluctantly “well we dohave behavior strategies”. First awarning, then moving the offending childto another part of the classroom andfinally the ultimate horror of being sent tojoin another class. “What about the placeof modern technology in teaching?” Iasked “No blackboards nowadays” shereplied “not even white boards”. She tookme to an adjoining classroom. Interactivewhite boards driven by PC’s. Imageswhich can be altered by the teacherwithout leaving a trace on the board afterthe lesson is finished. I left, impressed bythe technology and a million times moreimpressed by Rosemary Keane’sexample of a teacher at work. Words likedevoted, professional, hardworking,skillful, compassionate and caring can beoverused but they apply absolutely here.How lucky we are to have people of thisquality looking after our children.Farewell and thank you Mrs Keane.Rod ArmstrongTrainstopping.Local rail commuters must be wonderingwhy the trains coming into theNorthbound platform (number four) donot stop near the exit steps as theyalways used to. The photo on the covershows a stationary 11.10 am six coachtrain to Welwyn Garden City having finallycome to a standstill a good way up theplatform.Enquiries have been made to theCommunications Manager at FirstCapital Connect and his reply is asfollows.Dear Hadley Wood News.In response to your request forinformation. The stop boards weremoved for safety reasons to reducethe risk – albeit a low risk - of a driverThePARK VETERINARYPRACTICECockfostersClean • Spacious • Air-conditioned• Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Workshop• Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy• Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring• Puppy Parties • Geriatric careCall for details on how to Registeror visit www.theparkvets.com020 8275 0330 (24 hrs)The only local practice tobe FSA approved forinsurance claims.Fully Equipped.Friendly, Compassionate& Caring Professionals.The Place for PuppyParties!PARK VETERIARK VETERIPTheVETERINAARYYRPARK VETERIARK VETERIPPClean • Spacious •• Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental• Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy• Advanced• Puppy Parties • Geriatric careVETERINAPRACTICECockfosteostef rspacious • Air-conditionedeatre • Xrays • Dental Woory • Ultrasound • Endoscopyed Anaesthetic Monitoringy Parties • Geriatric careARYYRnedorkshopcopyingeThe only local pbe FSAinsurlocal practice toA approved forrance claims.Fully Equipped.Call for details on how to Registeror visit ww020 8275 0330details on how to Registerww.theparkvets.co275 0330 (24 hrs)steromhrs)Fr ei ldn y,& CaringCompassionateg Professionals.Thee Place for PuppyParties!WINDOW CLEANING SERVICESIncludes Frames, Sills, Doorsand Conservatories6 or 8 Weekly Cleans orOne off CleanReferences available.All work guaranteedA Local Small Company BasedIn BarnetTel. 0208 441 8100 or 07861 764 994email:
  3. 3. unintentionally stopping without thefull length of his train in the platform.There were previously stop car marksfor three carriage trains, six carriagetrains, four carriage trains and eightcarriage trains. We now havecombined these into two stop marks:for 3 and 6- car trains and for 4 and 8-car trains. If a driver stopped either a6-car or an 8-car train at a 3-car or a4-car mark respectively, then half thetrain would be out of the platform.Although the risk of this everhappening is very small, placing thefour and eight carriage marks and thethree and six marks together removesthe risk. Kind regards,Roger Perkins CommunicationsManager First Capital Connect(So that’s clear then. Ed.)Cat Hill Development.The third public meeting on theredevelopment of the previous MiddlesexUniversity site in Cat Hill took place onMonday 4th March. The recommendationby the responsible Planning Officer forthis Application was that thedevelopment, which had been revised asa result of previous objections, should beapproved.There were in excess of 400people attending the Meeting towitness submissions by thePlanning Officer, the Developerand various experts to explainthe measures that had beentaken to nullify the main sevenreasons for the previous plans tobe rejected. These included a reductionin height of the flats, a reduced numberof total dwellings to 231, a differentconfiguration of buildings to allow thepond at the southern end of the site to beundisturbed and to give a more spaciousfeel to the development.Equal time was given to therepresentatives of the public who stronglyexpressed their views as to why thedevelopment should not take place.Among their reasons for rejecting thisdevelopment was a lack of compatibilitywith surrounding properties, the creationof unmanageable stress on existingeducation, health services, highwayinfrastructure and parking and anincrease in the problem of flooding inthe area. These concerns weresupported by two letters from the localM.P.s as well as representation fromCouncillors, both from local andneighbouring wards.An opportunity was given for thesepoints to be answered by the PlanningOfficer and the Developer and any furtherquestions from the Planning Committeemembers followed.After 3 hours of intensediscussion the proposition wasput to the vote of the PlanningCommittee, who by a majorityof three decided that thisdevelopment should proceed,subject to conditions.There is further informationfrom The Campaign for Cat Hill who arecontinuing to oppose this developmentat: www.campaignforcathill.comGraham Sharp3Our mobile valeting service is nowoffering specialized treatments foryour car.Mini valet•Machine polishSupaguard•One day valetBodywork repairCall Adam on 07973 272347 oremail more information and ticketenquiries please contact Jack onjack.bacon@prostatecanceruk.orgor phone 020 8222 7622Hadley Wood Golf Club,Beach Hill, Barnet,Hertfordshire EN4 0JJWe are calling on all of our golfingsupporters to swing into actionat Hadley Wood Golf Club andjoin us for what will be afantastic day. Enter yourown team and combineyour passion witha good deed.Join us in fightingprostate cancer.Hadley Wood Golf ClubMonday, 24 June 2013Open DayWednesday 15 May10am- 7pmExciting Times at CrèmeNew Treatments & Products PlusAmazing Client Incentives to belaunched on the dayMark this day in your diary there willbe something for everyone, Existingand New ClientsDemonstration Treatments andExpert Advice throughout the day.We look forward to welcoming you.t:020 8449 2687 a:32 Crescent West
  4. 4. 4Feeding the BirdsUnderstandably the birds have beenrelying on garden feeders to get themthrough the prolonged winter. We’vebeen buying sunflower hearts by the kiloat the pet shop in Potters Bar. The bluetits and great tits glide in, take a seed andnip away again – not very energy efficient.Long-tailed tits arrive in small flocks, feedfor a while and move on. Over the lastcouple of years our robins have learnt toclimb into the feeder cage but thedunnocks and chaffinches have to rely ongetting to the seeds that fall on theground before the squirrels and magpies.Goldfinches and greenfinches comefrom time to time. The great spottedwoodpecker is a cautious visitor whichclings to the bottom of the feeder cageand reaches in for the seeds but is veryeasily disturbed.We used to put out bread and othertitbits but as this only attracts moremagpies, pigeons, crows and squirrelswe rarely do it now. Less pleasing are thesparrowhawks and kestrels which swoopin and take a tit in flight or even frominside the feeder cage. Kestrels aresupposed to live on mice and voles but,as they have been able tohide in the long grass thisyear, the kestrels have hadto target small birdsinstead. We enjoy listeningto the wrens but rarely seethem scurrying around onthe ground.In the last month we havehad a new visitor, which wedid not recognise. Thissmall finch, identified withthe help of the RSPB as alesser redpoll, is about thesize of a blue tit, streakybrown with a distinctive redpatch on its head and ablack bib under its beak. Itbreeds in Scotland, Wales and along theeast coast of England but moves intomiddle England during the winter. It is aseed eater with a gluttonous appetite forsunflower hearts. It perches on the feederpole oblivious of the patrolling birds ofprey and unperturbed by us. At its leisureit moves into the feeder cage andconsumes seeds non-stop for about tenminutes at a time. How it manages to flyis a mystery but it does and is soon backfor more. Consumption of sunflowerseeds has more than doubled and wethink there is only one of them. When theweather improves it will be off to Scotlandor Wales or the northeast.John LeatherdaleAssociate MembershipHadley Wood Golf Club0208 449 4328Hadley Wood Golf Club, Beech Hill, Barnet, Herts EN4£750 - 20 ROUNDS PER YEAR•An optional 6 rounds at 50% off normal greenfees, plus full access to the clubhouse andpractice facilities•A CONGU handicap to play in competitionsPilatesTeacher - PersonalTrainerEstablished lower back specialistEASING YOUR BACK PAIN WITH PILATESPilates can both alleviate existing back problems andprevent future ones.No matter what your age or condition,Pilates will work for you!Make a difference in your life today!Contact Stuart on: 07787 552326Or email: youre looking for dramatic changes in the way yourbody looks, feels and performs. If you want to improveflexibility, strength and agility, muscle tone, andbecome less prone to injury...Then youre about todiscover how you can do all this, quickly and easily,with your One to One Pilates session! on the NHS list are excludedAll aspects of general practicecovered. Same day andweekend appointments@ Hadley Wood or localPrivate
  5. 5. Keith GarberDr Andrew HalmerDr Tina ChrysostomouAll aspects of general dentistryoffered throughout the weekincluding Saturday morningappointmentsPlease contact our reception16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood,Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJTel: 020 8441 0257Letters to the EditorDear EditorSome months ago we adopted a skinnystarving cat which had been dumped by anuncaring owner. It soon became a much lovedpet especially by my Grandchildren. When hesuddenly went missing for three days we werefrantic. Unfortunately he was found dead in aneighbours garden. The vet’s test resultsrevealed that the cat had died from rat poison.My grandchildren were devastated. Myneighbour is now very worried every time one ofher three cats ventures out. If there are poisonsput outside by individuals to eliminate foxes ormice please be careful. This could result inanother tragedy for someone’s beloved pet.Mrs P. MustafaCockfosters Rd. Hadley WoodDear EditorI have been asked to inform you of an incidentthat occurred in DUCHY ROAD on 13/02/2013whereby a Mercedes C180 SE was entered bysuspect(s) unknown. The car owner found hercar had been entered and a quantity of usedparking tickets taken? The car boot, two doorsand glovebox had been opened and thoughthe car had been left secure no damage hadbeen done to gain entry. The victim believessuspect(s) may have used an electronic device.If you could put a few lines in Hadley Woodnews to warn other residents, especially thosewith Mercedes vehicles, that would be veryhelpful.RegardsSteve Douglas PCSO 7231YE (Cockfostersward) Phone: 020 8721 2688Safer Neighbourhood Office 54 Chase SideSouthgate London N14 5PAE-Mail :
  6. 6. 6Panama to Nicaragua.Nicola Forsyth getsback on her bike.Those of you who occasionally turn thepages of your local magazine mayremember a previous article about Nicolacycling for Professor Robert Winston’scharity Genesis Research Trust. Most ofus trying to raise money for a charity arecontent with running in local 5K events or,at a stretch, a marathon. Not Nikki. Lasttime she cycled to the Great Wall ofChina. This time it was a trip through amere three countries from Panama viaCosta Rica to Nicaragua. With about 80other ladies, a leader called Marco, Davethe mechanic and somehow at one stageProfessor Winston himself.Nicola kindly sent me a diary of the trip.This was a hilarious read which sadlyspace does not permit including here.However to give you a taste of what shewent through I have selected a typicalentry from the diary. On the day chosenour heroine is somewhere in the middleof Costa Rica. ‘It was soooo hot and thehill so long but it gave me a great senseof achievement to reach the top…only togo down again, up again and downagain. Tracey (one of the many friendsNikki made) has had a major malfunctionwith her bike and is waiting for Dave tocome along and fix it. Pia and I are nowcycling together all on our own, theclouds are black, the wind comes out ofnowhere and the rain starts. We finallyride into town (Santa Cecilia) drownedand like everyone else, covered in mud.AGAIN! I thank my lucky stars for mybike’s mudguards and my Red DevilVietnamese cape. We resist the Bar andgo to the ‘camp’.This is a concrete building with opentop walls and a corrugated iron roof-inother words a cowshed with no cows-(just us instead!). However there are twoshowers (cold water) and almost noqueue. As soon as the showers are donewe go off to the bar for beers andSmirnoff Ice (in my case). The music isgreat, we feel high on our achievementand it’s not long before we’redancing and singing – the localsjust sat and stared in disbelief”.Later on… ‘Thanks to Jill providingme with a cheap sleeping bag thatis just a simple rectangle, (ratherthan a proper one that tapers to thefeet) there is plenty of room tomove. So as I settle I realize that Iam warm and surprisinglycomfortable. I am surrounded byfriends, there’s a lulling sound of 80people breathing (no snoring yet),a gentle breeze drifting through the opentop allowing me to marvel at amagnificent display of stars…Its been atruly wonderful and memorable day’.We are glad to report that Nikki has bya miracle returned safely to the UK andthrough her efforts raised over £3000 forProfessor Winston’s charity.Cherry LodgeCancer Careinformation and resource centreCherry LodiCancer Canfffo mnfo mar tion and resource centreion andnd ren esesoe urcrceinformation and resource centredgeearecentrentrerentreree centre
  7. 7. 7HADLEY WOOD PLAYGROUP &PRE-SCHOOL FUNDRAISINGQUIZ NIGHTSaturday 27th April 2013 £15.00 per ticketIncludes a fish & chips supper & a glass of wine/beerTo reserve tickets please contact Melena Marnerosmelenamar28@gmail.comThe Hadley Wood Playgroup and Pre-school Committee are alwayslooking for new ways of raising funds. These funds enable us to provideour children with new and up to date educational materials and funactivities. We are currently aiming to raise funds for the children’s playarea and we felt a quiz night with a raffle would be a fun and sociablestart. The night will offer you a chance to test your general knowledge,a fish & chips supper with a glass of wine/beer, a fully licensed bar, andwith great raffle prizes to be won! Teams can consist of a maximum ofeight persons. Bring friends along to build your own team or we canarrange for you to sit on another table so that you can make newfriends, all are welcome. The winning table receives a prize! Raffletickets will be sold on the night and prizes include tea at the WestLodge Hotel, Clay Pigeon Shooting, 1:1 fitness, Dinner for two in townand many more…Where? Hadley Wood Association HallWhen? Saturday 27th April 2013Time? Doors Opens 7:00pm / Supper Served 7:30pmThe North London Counsellingand Psychotherapy CentreLisa Daitz MBACP, MSEA, MBPsSFor help with Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Relationshipand Family Issues, Bereavement and Loss, Conflict, Trauma andLong-Standing Emotional Issues.Hadley Wood - Barnet - Palmers GreenTo discuss how therapy may be of help (without obligation) or toarrange an initial consultation contact Lisa Daitz on 07771 522426or email Crescent West Hadley Wood tel. 02084492687OPEN DAY. Wednesday 15th MayExciting Times at CrèmeEffie believes it is the quality of service she has given theresidents of Hadley Wood that has enabled her to work inthe area for the past 27 years. You can sense her sinceritywhen she expresses how proud she is to have treated asmany as three generations in one family with many of herclients. Her work ethic and high standards have beenadopted by all the staff at Crème. Effie says, “It is so niceto work with such dedicated, professional and enthusiasticgirls. Clients often comment on the wonderful atmospherethat is generated in the salon”.Effie recognises the challenging times everyone findsthemselves in, which makes her appreciate even more theloyalty her clients have shown. This is what inspires Effieto find new treatments that can benefit her clients. She isconstantly looking to bring a variety of exclusive andexciting new treatments and products that are delivered tothe highest standards.With this in mind and to celebrate 27 years in HadleyWood Crème is excited to announce an Open Day onWednesday 15 May 2013 to launch a number of newtreatments products and incentives. Effie wants theresidents of Hadley Wood to mark this day in their diary asthere will be something for everyone, both existing andnew clients. Effie says “It is wonderful to see theenthusiasm and excitement in the staff as we are allpreparing these new initiatives.The Open Day launch will be from 10am – 7pm
  8. 8. 8The Hadley Wood News is published usually during the first weekend of each month. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news,views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for thedirect benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers,without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editorand Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or views expressed.The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accessed directly orindirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained by anyone as a resultof an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.Hadley Wood News shall notbe responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication. The Publisher reserves the right toamend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA December 2011The Hadley Wood Association7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 Graham Sharp 020 8449 2133 sharpie14@btinternet.comEditor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924Advertising and Centre Manager Lisa Winston 020 8449 7193 hadley.woodassoc@btconnect.comAdvertising Manager Betty Brough 020 8441 6859 bbr1934@aol.comHall Bookings Annie 07903 138 235 hallbookings.hwa@gmail.comSecurity Task Force Membership Secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020HWA Membership Secretary Mrs Sue Finlay Tel. 0208 441 2595To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit OFFICES AT: BARNET 020 8449 3383 TOTTERIDGE 020 8445 3694 HADLEY WOOD 020 8440 9797 BROOKMANS PARK 01707 661144RADLETT 01923 604321 NEW HOMES SHOWCASE HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9555 PREMIER LETTINGS HADLEY GREEN 020 8441 9796 RADLETT 01923 608383Associated Offices in Mayfair & Moscowwww.statons.comOFFICES AT BARNET TOTTERIDGE HADLEY WOOD BROOKMANS PARK RADLETT HADLEY GREENHADLEY WOOD £1,695,0005 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 5 Reception RoomsKitchen Southerly Aspect Rear GardenHeated Swimming PoolHADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY WOOD £1,500,0005 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 Reception RoomsKitchen/Breakfast Room Landscaped Rear GardenIndoor Swimming Pool ComplexHADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY WOOD £1,100,0004 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Reception RoomsKitchen/Breakfast Room Rear Garden Approx. 125’Double Integral GarageHADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY HIGHSTONE £1,295,0005 Bedrooms Family Bathroom 3 ReceptionRooms Kitchen/Dining Area Rear GardenApprox. 180’ Heated Swimming PoolHADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797From Cottages to Country EstatesHADLEY WOOD £1,995,0006 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Reception RoomsKitchen with Family Area Secluded Southerly AspectRear Garden Tiled Heated Swimming Pool GarageHADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797HADLEY WOOD £649,9502nd Floor Purpose Built Apartment 2 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms Reception RoomOpen Plan Fitted Contemporary KitchenHADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797