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INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE                                                                  Heading      Car Park repairs. P...
Editorial                                                                on this subject in     Hadley Wood Primary       ...
WEST LODGE                                                       PARK AD                                                  ...
heart and soul of the country park;             ambitious plans.                                Barnet Library and also on...                       A B A C U S  COSMETIC SERVICES INCLUDING    BOTOX AND FACIAL FILLERS   AVA...
was refunded on request and the rest of          were keen to learn about the lives of Pop  the money remained unspent, le...
Pilates Teacher - Personal Trainer                                              Established lower back specialist         ...
HADLEY WOOD                                                               HADLEY WOOD                                     ...
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Hadley Wood News April 2012


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Hadley Wood News April 2012

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE Heading Car Park repairs. Parkway Fund? Trent Park’s Mansion. Middlesex University’s after the money. Lemar goes to school. Hadley Wood Schoolchildren. Seeing stars. Barnet Market. Yet more plans. Playground news. Guess who’s coming to dinner? HADLEY WOOD NEWS APRIL 2012 ISSUE St Pauls Church. More than Gold weekend. May 18th-‐20th Monken Hadley’s Church school. Appeal and calendar of events Scam on the M25 Slip road. Watch out!DESIGNED & PRINTED BY KALL KWIK BARNET TELEPHONE: 020 8441 4482
  2. 2. Editorial on this subject in Hadley Wood Primary last months School’s guide to theIn 1997 GNER announced its plan tobuild a new ‘Parkway’ train station on edition, we have received a galaxy.Green Belt land close to Waggon Road in disappointingly low Ever complain about young people?Hadley Wood. There was very strong response in the ‘What do they teach them nowadays’ etc.resistance by the Hadley Wood way of feedback Take heart. Last week I was invited toCommunity. A fighting fund was set up from the donors to Hadley Wood Primary School to meetand about £40,000 was collected from a Graham Sharp the Parkway Fund. Fabienne Burns one of the teachers.wide variety of sources mostly from local As I mentioned last Fabienne is responsible for Science andpeople but also from neighbouring month, the donations were given in two recently took a Science teaching coursecommunity organisations. A barrister was tranches as a result of two separate at Imperial College (IC). One of theengaged to assist in preparing a legal Appeal letters, the first issued in outcomes of this was that she and fellowchallenge. The money was placed in a November 1997 and the second letter in teacher Rosa Lopez were able to teach‘Parkway fund’ account held by the December 1998. These letters were the children about the Bradford RoboticHadley Wood Association (HWA) and significantly different in that the wording telescope. This telescope wassupervised by a local resident. Refunds of the first letter provided for a return of constructed by Bradford University. Thewere made on request. Every year since funds to the donors in the event of the first one made was situated on thethen, the management of this fund has contributions not being fully used for Yorkshire moors but the local cloudybeen discussed at the HWA Annual fighting the Parkway development. weather and damage by a lightning strikeGeneral meetings. Now after fifteen years Whereas the second letter allows for any resulted in its closure. A second modelwe believe the danger of this station remaining funds to be utilised by the was constructed and is situated high inbeing built here has passed. In last Hadley Wood Association, being an the mountains of Tenerife where the clearmonth’s magazine the HWA Chairman Mr "absolute" donation. skies enabled much better images to beGraham Sharp put forward a suggestion The total remaining in the fund, after obtained of the various constellations.that the fund might be used to pay for approved expenditure, is approximately This telescope can be accessed onlineurgent repairs to the heavily used HWA 70% of the original donations. We have and used by students to view the variouscar park. His article below discusses the on record the details of all donors, the galaxies and constellations. Fabienneissue further. amount of their contribution, their was able to arrange for the children to beRod Armstrong address at that time and the expenses given user names and passwords so that incurred. Therefore we have all necessary they could interact with the telescope’sHadley Wood information to progress this matter, with the exception of details on those donorsAssociation Car Park. who have moved or died.In order to keep our readers well informed It is the Directors intention to seekof our plans to progress the advice on the most equitable way ofrefurbishment of the Association car park, bringing this issue to a satisfactorywe feel that it is essential to keep the local conclusion and we would appreciate anycommunity fully advised of our intentions feedback from donors, residents andthrough the medium of this Newsletter on members of the Association.a regular basis. As a result of the article Graham Sharp. Chairman HWA The PARK VETERINARY PARK VETERINARY VETERI ARY ARY PRACTICE P Cockfosters Cockfosters foste Clean • Spacious • Air-conditioned pacious ned The only local practice to p Fully Equipped. • Operating theatre • Xrays • Dental Wo eatre Workshop orkshop be FSA approved for A • Laboratory • Ultrasound • Endoscopy ory copy insurance claims. insurrance • Advanced Anaesthetic Monitoring ed ing • Puppy Parties • Geriatric care y e Call for details on how to Register ster 020 8275 0330 (24 hrs) 275 or visit ww om Friendly, Compassionate Fr i e n d l y, The Place for Puppy e & Caring Professionals. g Parties! 2
  3. 3. WEST LODGE PARK AD TO COME were done at school (so that parentswebsite. Back at school and at home the were not able to help… as if we would!).children were able to log on to the site They were terrific. Impressed by theand actually use the telescope free of school, its teachers and this type ofcharge to take real photos of various imaginative education I left for of the galaxy. Moon, planets Worried about the youth of today? If theynebulae etc. They then had to use the are anything like this lot we need not provided to improve the Rod Armstrongsharpness and detail of their images.Next they took part in an online challengeon the same website. This involved From: The Hampsteadworking out from the photographs how to Garden Suburb Newsrescue two fictional astronauts who were During a recent burglary in the local areastranded in space needing six fresh fuel a twig was found lodged in the frontrods to get back home via a range of doorframe of the property. We believe itspace bodies such as the eagle nebula or earth based telescopes and, with other was placed there to see if anyone wasand the whirlpool galaxy. They also had schools in Enfield, present six of them at currently living in the house. If you noticeto answer various questions. Distances a special exhibition. So it came to pass a twig lodged in your or your neighboursbetween the earth and the sun etc. Finally that the two teachers and fourteen front door, please note the exact locationthey had to prepare poster presentations children went down to Imperial College and contact the non emergency numberon a selection of projects such as Jupiter on the Underground. (These teachers are 101 asking to be put through to local CID, heroines.) explaining what you have found. Here they presented Across the Barnet Borough, reporting their six best posters. officers have also noticed paper in the Professor Robert Winston form of leaflets being placed between the (an ex Hadleywoodian by front door frames of the properties that the way) was judging. have been burgled. Whilst Hadley Wood did The Hampstead Garden Suburb Safer not win the prize, the Neighbourhood team children and the teachers were very pleased to hear that their displays were Trent Park Prof. Winston’s Most, if not all of you will by now have favourites. Needless to heard or read something about the say the children involved impending closure and vacating of were very interested, Middlesex Universitys (MU) Trent Park entranced and fascinated campus. by the whole subject of For 60 years the idyllic 40 or so acres of the galaxy. The spin offs lawns, lakes, ancient woodland and formal from this sort of gardens spread around the imposing educational activity are mansion and other heritage buildings legion. Data collection, have been segregated from the country making measurements, park. Ever since 1952 when the then observing changes, Middlesex County Council compulsarily understanding co- purchased the 430 acre estate from ordinates, weather Hannah Gubbay – a cousin of Sir Phillip graphs and so on. Before Sassoon who bequeathed it to her in 1939 leaving I read some of the – and opened it up to the public there has projects by these nine never been full unimpeded access to or and ten year olds which through what is so manifestly the natural 3
  4. 4. heart and soul of the country park; ambitious plans. Barnet Library and also on line atRegrettably, however, the post-war For such a counter measure to (go to Findexistence of a Teacher Training College succeed, however, there would need to Consultations and then The Spirescentred on the mansion and occupying be unequivocal and unanimous rejection Planning Framework).We should not getland in its proximity, and which later by all who, whether by virtue of their office unduly worried by this. The TA Centre ismorphed into the Middlesex Polytechnic, or as environment, conservation, heritage not for sale and the Market and Theserved to deeply entrench this alien entity and Friends groups to any proposed use Spires are both safe. This is ain the park. This was later compounded by of the site that would conflict with the Consultation document only, NOT athe foolish, ill-advised decision of LBE (in ethos and objectives of a Country Park, Planning Application.1993) to relinquish title of the entire site namely; peace and tranquility, no intrusive However, Friends of Barnet Marketwhich it transferred to Middlesex University or polluting activity, no construction of any (FoBM) still think the document is[the former Polytechnic]. It was a kind likely to impact adversely on the significant in relation to the Market,gratuitous conveyance of title absolute parks pleasures and amenities. despite the fact that it lacks a lot ofthat included Snakes Lane, the access Likewise Enfield Councils Planning and detail. We believe it is important that asroad from Oakwood. Environment Directorate must resolutely many people as possible respond as Now common knowledge, MU has assert its authority by making clear its it will remind the Council of thebeen actively marketing the site since position as regards any planning importance of the Market to us all. Amid- January and Enfield Councils application by MUs successors to the response can be made by emailingbelated attempts to engage with it to site that fails to meet the London Plan or in writtenprepare a Planning brief, or master plan, criteria in so far as it relates to the form at the Library. The consultationfor the site have been spurned. All of recreation, leisure and visual amenity of closes on 30th April so we urge you towhich now being quite irrelevant since the the park or fails to provide adequate respond as soon as you can.Universitys consultants have already opportunity for public consultation. The views of FoBM are as follows:prepared a brief; one that has no input Failure to grasp this unique opportunity 1. The absolute necessity that thefrom either Enfield Council or a public to reclaim the Country Parks Council continues to include a site for aconsultation exercise. We already have indispensable hub for the greater market as a requirement of any futurethe ominous precedent of MUs former enjoyment of its visitors will undoubtedly planning permission. This could be aCat Hill campus, disposed of in such open the door for the erosion and continuation of the existing requirementcontroversial circumstances and which, despoilation of the superlative tract of for the current site, or a requirementdespite all the vociferous protest, will Green Belt land that is Trent County Park. linked to the use of any new site. It wouldinevitably be built on to its maximum How shameful, how reprehensible that be totally unacceptable to develop thepossible capacity. we should betray future generations old site, or to utilise a new site, without Even more deplorable is the insistence through our neglect or indifference to the there being long-term security for theof the Universitys Board of Governors to far reaching dire consequences that will Market obtained as a condition ofcash in on a site it has occupied and ensue in the absence of any robust planning greatly benefited from, on what has intervention to the sale of the campus 2. The future of High Barnet is highlybeen virtually a grace and favour site. dependent on the health of the Market. Abasis, courtesy of Enfield Council. Peter Hewitt 020 8 449 8022 (address thriving market would provide just theNotwithstanding this pessimistic scenario supplied) boost that The Spires and the High StreetI believe it is not too late to deter all but shops need. The appearance of thethe most determined of constructionspeculators from bidding for the site. By Barnet Market existing site is dragging down many peoples perception of High Barnet as amaking them fully aware of how slim Barnet Council is currently consulting on shopping centre.would be their chances of getting a Planning Framework for the Barnet 3. The Market has to be more visible andPlanning approval (for a residential estate Market site, The Spires Shopping Centre have better linkage to The Spires and toin the middle of the park!) it would give and the Territorial Army Centre. The the High Street.them cause to seriously rethink their Framework is available at Chipping 4. There is an urgent need for action to 4
  5. 5. A B A C U S COSMETIC SERVICES INCLUDING BOTOX AND FACIAL FILLERS AVAILABLE IN HADLEY WOOD WITH MEDICALLY QUALIFIED MENTAL MATHS PROGRAMME PRACTITIONER. UCMAS has spread rapidly in 40 Countries with millions of Contact: children enrolled. Phone: 07970 215 834 Fax: 020 8447 0689 Do you think that your child – if aged Emai: between 4-12 could achieve more? Courses help with concentration, accuracy speed and much more Contact Mrs Nisha Jain onimprove the site in the short term, while Letters to the Editorthe long term strategy is beingdetermined. Not a token improvement, 07780604254 Dear Editorbut work worthy of the high quality of The Re The Parkway FundSpires Shopping Centre in providing a for further details. I live in Waggon Road and when we wereproper surface and also dispensing with first threatened with the Parkway a fewthe hideous boards. Such improvement years after buying our house in 1991, Iwould create tremendous goodwill for station teams and the service they felt that those of us in Waggon RoadThe Spires amongst residents, traders provide to their customers. Speaking at would naturally feel the brunt of theand shoppers visiting Barnet. the award presentation David Burrowes development more than others in HadleyChris Smith. Friends of Barnet Market MP said: “Karen is a real star and Wood. For example, whereas we provides an amazing service to currently look over farmland, we would beLocal MP awards customers using Hadley Wood Station. She is well thought of within the local looking over the proposed bus and coach terminal. The Parkway CommitteeHadley Wood Station community and First Capital Connect was formed to co-ordinate and organiseAssistant with should be proud to have a member of the local protest and the Parkway Appeal staff that really does go the extra mile.” was ring-fenced within the Hadley WoodRecognition Award Neal Lawson, FCC’s Managing Association accounts. I took an activeDavid Burrowes, MP for Enfield Director, said: “Karen does a fantastic job role to write a personal letter to everySouthgate, has this week awarded Karen for our customers and regularly goes out household in Waggon Road andLinegar, a Sales Assistant at Hadley of her way to help people. I would also knocked on every door in an attempt toWood Railway Station, with a First Capital like to thank David for showing his raise awareness and money. As I pointedConnect (FCC) Stakeholder Recognition appreciation for Karen by awarding her out to them that our potential personalAward. Karen was nominated for the with our Stakeholder Recognition Award.” and financial loss was greater andaward due to the large number of therefore we should be prepared to paycompliments sent by customers to FCC’s more. I donated £1000 and encouragedManaging Director, Neal Lawson. Several my neighbours to do the same. I do notpeople commented on Karen’s recall the details of the two letterseagerness to help, positive outlook, and regarding the future repayment of anyfor constantly going beyond the call of unused money and therefore acceptduty. what you have written. The award, launched last year, provides Some money was spent in obtainingFCC’s stakeholders with an opportunity some very good legal and planningto show their appreciation for their local advice on how to fight the project, some 5
  6. 6. was refunded on request and the rest of were keen to learn about the lives of Pop the money remained unspent, left in the Stars and Famous People. fighting fund. In 2001 I became a Director Lemar kindly took time out of his busy of the Hadley Wood Association and schedule to visit Year 3 on Thursday 15th ultimately its Chairman. The issue of the March and was interviewed by the repayment of the fund was raised on a children (see cover picture). He explained number of occasions, but if my memory what its like to be famous, how much is correct it was felt that technically it was time is spent writing and recording songs not the Associations money, so it was left and many more interesting facts about that the balance would remain for any his life. He also wrote a message and future fight or if the Parkway issue signed autographs for all children in the returned in some form. class before leaving them with smiles on I am happy to leave the balance of my their faces for the rest of the day! contribution in for any future planning The visit has complemented other work fight, even though I accept that it is the children have done on this topic. They depreciating in real terms but I am not have written songs, choreographed a prepared to have it used for resurfacing dance and created logos for their pop the car park. The money for this should groups. be raised from those who use it. That is This experience helped the children a the Hadley Wood School and those using great deal with their learning. We thought the Centre. it was amazing that Lemar took time out If it is the Associations Dr Keith Garber decision to use this money for Dr Andrew Halmer the car park, then I request the repayment of my share of the Dr Tina Chrysostomou fighting fund. All aspects of general dentistry Kind regards offered throughout the week Alan Nicholls including Saturday morning appointments Dear Sir I recently wrote a letter to R&B Please contact our reception singer Lemar to ask for his help 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, with a curriculum project the Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJ children had voted for. The Tel: 020 8441 0257 children had decided that they Hi Rod, Can’t get this bit in – please advise. Jon Black Tie Dinner & DanceLATEST FUND RAISER UPDATE Saturday 28th April 2012 Supporting the Hadley Wood Community Playground RenovationIt seems the Fund Raiser just gets better and better. As wellas a local celebrity, we have David Burrowes MPs supportas well as some other big names in Hadley Wood. Your invitation includes: And the raffle and auction prizes on the night are Drinks Reception from 7pm on the grounds of the beautiful Hadley Wood Golf Clubspectacular ... some of which cannot be bought! 3-course Menu There will be an exciting announcement made about thePlayground on the night. Charity Raffle & Auction Music & Dancing until Midnight To find out more about the Fund Raiser on Saturday28th April call Laura on 07949 073536. £100 per ticket - limited to 130 For further information please contact Maria Evans on 07767 325870 or Laura Gassner on 07949 073536 Sponsored by 6
  7. 7. Pilates Teacher - Personal Trainer Established lower back specialist St Paul’s Pre-School Warmly invite you to join us for our Would you like a more toned, more flexible, longer, OPEN MORNING leaner, stronger look to your body. These are just a few of the benefits Pilates offers. Private sessions Wednesday 16th May 2012 Our mobile valeting service is now are becoming increasingly popular as exercises can be adapted to suit peoples individual needs. 9.45am-11.45am offering specialized treatments for The sessions enable you to have a more personal method of learning. Everyone Welcome your car. Don’t live with back pain book now to see a specialist Ofsted approved Mini valet•Machine polish Lower back pain is extremely common and can be acute enough St Paul’s Church Hall, Crescent East, Supaguard•One day valet to stop people functioning normally on a day to day basis. Pilates is a key exercise method for helping to improve posture Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EN Bodywork repair and therefore relieve daily aches and pains. Tel: 020 8447 0448 Call Adam on 07973 272347 or Contact Stuart on: 07787 552326 E-mail: or email: email stpaulspreschool@btinternet.comto visit us without any costs involved. He going to get this vital equipment for themwas fantastic with the children and they is by raising funds from our wider 2012 FUNDRAISINGhave gained a lot from his visit. community. The total amount we need to EVENTS CALENDAR We would like to thank him again for so raise is a huge £38,000. Wow. APRILgenerously giving us his time. Why so much money we ask? Well, Monken Hadley’s Got Talent –Christina Bassili before we can buy the actual laptops, April 20th at St Martha’s Our verySchoolteacher. Hadley Wood Primary equipment the children directly use, we own talent show!school have to invest in a ‘Fit For Purpose’ MAY server, which itself is almost £9000. To be May Ball – Sat May 5th, held at The able to use the facilities available from London Film Museum, £40 per ticketAn Appeal from Monken government and the Local Authority (E,G. inc. 3 course meal, wine and bubblyHadley School. ‘Fronter’, a system which allows children on arrival, wonderful entertainment, raffle & auction...all with the glitz ofPlease help! to submit their work on line etc. which is run by the Local Authority and school ‘Hollywood!Having just raised £35,000 to contribute children from all over the Borough of JULYtowards the wonderful extension to our Barnet are able to access) we need to Summer Fete & The Monkenschool we are now faced with another ensure the broadband is Wire Free and Hadley Dog Show – Sat July 14thhuge challenge. The children at our able to be used by the whole school 3- 7pm on Monken Hadley Common.Church school are desperately in need of safely. SEPTEMBERICT equipment, and the only way we are ICT is not always thought of as a Some Enchanted Evening – Fri priority, and indeed it should never 21st September 8pm at St Martha’s supersede core learning skills such as School. An evening of classical SCAM literature, maths etc. It is however becoming more and more part of HOW delight from John Ward and Angela Henckel. Please read this! our children learn. Recently The Friends of Monken Hadley were able to buy the NOVEMBER Please do also put our Fireworks There is a scam being perpetrated on and Hog Roast in for November school a software licence for a learning the Eastern sliproad from the top of 10th! So as you can see we are really aid called ‘Mathletics’ which is a site our Stagg Hill to the M25. working hard to raise this money as children now visit to practice their maths A man well dressed in a suit and quickly as possible, as right now, our skills from their home computers (in the smart shirt runs out into the slip road children are having to do without vital desperately flagging you down. His hope that all children have access to a equipment, and we want them to car is an expensive BMW or computer at home, which sadly is not benefit from having all they need as Mercedes. He then explains always the case). ICT is becoming vital as soon as possible. Please help us in (sometimes in poor English ) that he a tool to help our children learn and any way you can. Please feel free to has no cash and his credit card will prepare themselves for the modern contact the co-chairs of The Friends not work and that he is trying to get world, and currently our school cannot of Monken Hadley at any time by somewhere in a hurry and needs to afford to pay for this important facility. emailing us or calling us on the buy petrol. He may have his family in So, we The Friends of Monken Hadley following contact details. the back of his car, looking worried. would like to ask for your support to help Eira Ellis-Jones | As a show of good faith he takes his us raise the necessary funds for our | 07899 wedding ring off and gives it to you school. We have a number of events 060756 Lara Sands | saying he will call you as soon as he coming up, and we would be so very | 07985 can get home to arrange the return of grateful if you could support us in any way 757253 your money and his ring. you can. This can be by direct donations Our heartfelt thanks for your time, You never get the call and the ring in the form of money or sponsorship, or Eira and Lara On behalf of The is made of brass. simply by helping us publicise events and Friends of Monken Hadley Church of Pam and Alan Nicholls attending events. Here are some of the England School. events we have coming up: 7
  8. 8. HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD £1,250,000 £1,650,000 Price Guide Freehold Freehold £1,500,000 Sole Agents Sole Agents Freehold Sole Agents 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 An extremely well presented 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 3 receptions A beautifully presented 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached family resi- A skilfully extended and beautifully presented interior designed 5 detached family residence, garage and rear garden. dence offering wonderful living and entertaining space and benefiting bedroom, 3 bathroom detached family residence, benefiting from an from a German Hacker kitchen and luxury bathrooms. The beautiful west Italian kitchen and 3 high quality bathrooms, garage and garden. facing rear garden extends to approx. 160’ and the overall plot is approx one third of an acre. HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD HADLEY WOOD Price Guide £1,895,000 Price Guide £1,750,000 Freehold £2,795,000 Sole Agents Freehold FIRST PROOF ONLY Freehold Sole Agents Sole Agents 020 8440 9797 NOT FOR PRINT 9797 020 8440 020 8440 9797 A Banner Homes house, with NHBC warranty, situated in a A very well presented detached 6 bedroom family residence A stunning re-built home of just over 5,500 sq ft and situated private close. 5/6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 receptions, kitchen/ constructed approximately 5 years ago. Also with NHBC warranty in one of the area’s most sought after locations. 7 bedrooms, 4 breakfast room, utility room, guest wc, garage, rear garden. remaining and benefiting from a southerly aspect rear garden. 3 reception rooms, 5 en suite bathrooms, including cinema room, reception rooms, 4 bathrooms (2 en suites), garage. games room, landscaped rear garden, summer house, integral garage. HADLEY WOOD ENFIELD HADLEY WOOD Price On £625,000 Price Guide Application Freehold £795,000 £1,750,000 Sole Agents Freehold Freehold Sole Agents Sole Agents 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 020 8440 9797 An extremely well presented substantial 8 bedroom residence A rare opportunity to acquire this 3 bedroom detached Victorian A delightful detached bungalow with much charm and character completely refurbished and extended to a high standard, situated house. The property offers 2 reception rooms, a sun lounge and benefiting from a glorious secluded westerly aspect rear garden in a secluded position in this pleasant crescent benefitting from also a basement that has been tanked. Upstairs lead to a split extending to approx. 200’ and offering significant scope to extend a south westerly aspect rear garden backing directly onto Hadley level landing with 3 bedrooms and also a bathroom. subject to the usual consents. Woods. St Paul’s MORE THAN GOLD Weekend 18TH–20TH May 2012To celebrate the London Olympics at St Paul’s Church, Hadley Wood will be holding a number of sporting events. Do join us in participating or watching these fun activities as everyone is most welcome. All events will be held at the Church and grounds except where noted specifically. FRIDA Y 18th May 7.30 pm What would Jesus say to Usain Bold? Youth Event open to all teenagers, Giant inflatables, tuck shop and talk SATURDAY 19th May 11.00 am Fun Run around the Crescent Make and bring your own torch if you wish! Registration from 10.15 am – 11am to 4 pm Light refreshments served and/or bring own picnic 12 noon Mini Obstacle Course – children 5 and under 2.00 pm More than Gold It’s a Knock Out Make up a team of 8 and join in! Booking: or contact Hillary on 020 8449 2572 7.00 pm 2012 Games Quiz Dinner at Hadley Wood Golf Club Booking: or contact Jill on 020 8440 2723 SUNDA Y 20th May 10.30am More Than Gold Service Speaker : Graham Daniels Director of Christians in Sport 2.00 pm More Than Gold Tennis Competition at the Tennis Club 4.00 pm More Than Gold Dog Show For further details contact 0208 449 2572 or email: or visit St Paul’s : EVERYONE WELCOME!To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit