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Life 101 edition 1

  1. 1. Edition 1
  2. 2. Photo Comic Book Developed by: Editorial Main Cast Abiy Alazar Assamenew Demessie as Yonathan Urgessa Afeefa Abdur –Rahman Netsanet Mesafint as Bilen Teferra Dr. Daniel Fekade Sossiena as Mare Zenebe Dr. Sori Ararsa Malda Nadew Nebiyou Abera as Henok Abinet Selamawit Fikre Anfune Temesgen G/Egziaber as Sammy Girma Sofnias Nega Ruth Clarke Professor Tsige G/Mariam Supporting Cast Yonas Endalamaw Adefres Alemu as Gima , Sammy’s father Alemayehu Belayneh as Tariku Production Team Ashenafi Hadera Azeb Teklu as Helina Ephrem Sheferaw Bahrian kedir as Ezana Mekdem Kebede Beiniam Berhanu as Tamerat Sonya Colomer Dejene Gemechu as Dawit Yordanos Kassahunh Eden Derebe as Seble Graphic Design and Layout Eleni Belete as Nitsuh Ayenew Girma Esubalem Mersha as Biruk Ephrem Bayissa Ermias Zeinu as DJ Biniam Tsigereda Abay Frezewed Kebede as Beza Zerihun Workeneh Helina Kebedeas Tege Script writers Henoke Behanu as Matheos (Mati) Binyam Woubshet Lemlem Wolday as Beliyu Emebet Worku Marta Taye as Mahlet Fikru Kassa Marta Noah as Betty Fitsum Asfaw Zekarias Samuel Mesay Berhanu as Teddy Zewge Abate Meseret Woube as Sammy’s Mother Solomon Hagos as extra Consulting Team Tewodroas Mekuria as Belay, Sammy’s brother Andrew Whaley (Storyline development) Frank Odoi (Comic development) Weinesht Terfe as Rahel Suleiman Shifaw (Art Direction) Yohanes Damte as TadesseThis comic book was produced by the Addis Ababa University MARCH Project with technical assistance from the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, the National Aids Resource Center and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Funding was provided by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through CDC.
  3. 3. MEET THE KIDS OF ‘LIFE 101’! Welcome to ‘Life 101,’ a long term comic book serial* which follows the lives of five fictional Addis Ababa University students. First, meet Bilen Teferra and Yonathan Urgessa! This couple has it all. However, the path to true love is rarely a smooth one. Follow the story of these two 3rd year students and find out why! Next meet Mare Zenebe. Mare has come from a small town to study at university. For her, Addis and AAU are all new worlds, where the pressures to fit in come at her from all sides! Now meet Henok Abinet. He’s one of the most well liked guys on campus. Women, drinking and partying IS LIFE for him. Will reality ever kick in for this second year student? Finally, meet Sammy Girma. Sammy is a virgin hoping to broaden his education on all fronts! His parents never talked to him about sex, so he is eager for the advice of his ‘experienced’ friends - no matter how bad the advice is. This first year student has more on his mind than just his grades!This comic book was supported by Cooperative Agreement Number U62/CCU324877 from CDC. Itscontents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official viewsof CDC. All characters and stories in this comic book are fictional and do not in any way representativereal life people, departments, or faculties at Addis Ababa University. *A serial an ongoing drama that tells a continuing story throughout multimode edition or episodes.
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  26. 26. Discuss ‘Life 101’with your friends and your peers!Here are some questions to help guide your discussion:Edition One1. Which characters do you relate to the most among the characters in “Life 101?” Why?2. Mare has left her home and family to begin life at university in Addis Ababa. How did leaving home and coming to a new environment affect you? If you are a freshmen, have you had experiences like Mare? If you are not a freshman, what were your own freshmen year campus experiences?3. Bilen and Yonathan are a couple at AAU. How do students meet and date at university? What type of intimate relationships do students have at university? What are the positive or negative consequences of these relationships?4. Henok is a “player” (which is slang for a person skilled at sexual seduction and who intends to have sex with multiple people). Do students like Henok exist on your campus? How do their friends and other people perceive them?5. Sammy is a young man eagerly looking to end his status as a virgin. He’s excited about the new opportunities open to him. Do you know students like Sammy at AAU? What challenges do they face? What do you think Sammy should be aware of as he explores love and sex on campus?There is more to university than lectures, assignments andexams. Stay tuned to the next edition to know what isgoing to happen to Mare, Henok, Sammy, Bilen & Yonathan.
  27. 27. visit us on the World Wide Web! For info on what the AAU MARCH Project is doing on campus go to: the most updated statistics on HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia visit: Call 952The Toll Free Hotline Today! Just dial 952 from any landline or mobile phone in the country and get your burning questions answered for free!
  28. 28. For additional information about this comic book, please contact: ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY MARCH PROJECT P.O. Box 1176 Tel: 251 (011) 1248887 E-mail: website: AIDS Resource Center MARCH Project Bole road, Dembel Building, 10th floor Tel: 251 (011) 550 3749 Fax: 251 (011) 550 3749 E-MAIL: