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  • Goal: Raise awareness on Toms mission of providing a person in need with a pair of shoes with every purchse of a pair of Toms, while also incresing sales and revenue resulting in a bigger brand awareness. We will do this by doing give-aways, as well as promoting Toms Shoe event "A day without shoes"
  • Target Audience: 15-25 year old men and women, who are trendy, artsy, and interesting in social causes. Primary audience are those who are familiar with social media and who can easily share information with others
  • Social media is going to play a huge role in our campagin, as our target audience is very involved in it. Twitter will be a key site to promote our brand its is mission. We will use twitter to gain awareness on our events by using hashtags like "Shoeless" and "ADWS" in hopes to get out twitter followers to retweet these tags
  • On our facebook page, we will provide information on locations where our events will be taking place, and information on how to participate. Our facebook page will also contain our Website link and information on the rest of our social media
  • To reach our artsy target market, Toms will do Pinterest contests to win pairs of Toms shoes. It will select people with the most re-pins who have posted pictures to a Toms board in hopes that the contest will reach numerous people and create a buzz about toms, bringing more traffic to their website. Similarly, Instagram contests will be help based on hash tags, and those with the most likes will with some shoes. A blog will also need to be set up, to assure frequent communication is taking place between its target consumers and themselves
  • Toms shoes will have to market themselves successfully in order to increase brand awareness and their mission of providing a pair of shoes to people in need for every pair bought. To start off, it will write a press release about their upcoming "A day without shoes" event, and leak that release to a blogger who is fashion trendy and blogs about shoes. Aside from that, It will use Facebook ads and choose a demographic, such as 15-25 year old males and females in which it will use pay-per-click advertising on Facebook. This will bring people to their Facebook page where they will find all the information then need to learn about toms and its upcoming event. Google Adwords will also be a part of its internet marketing scheme, and Toms will devote a good amount of its money to using target-specific words to increse traffic to its websites
  • Toms can put out a new free app where people can track how far they walk each day, and compare it to the terrain that people in other countries have to walk each day without shoes. This would put into perspective what life without shoes would be like in different parts of the world, and ultimately increasing its mission awareness of providing people in need with a pair of shoes. This app could also have information on where walking events are taking place around an area near by the user.
  • The budget for this would be around $100,000 dollars, as Toms isn't a huge shoe brand. The majority of this would go towards an app developing team, as well as the internet marketing being used. The rest would go to website maintenance, salaries for people updating the sites, and event promotion such as street advertising and marketing with stickers and posters promoting our events. 
  • Toms ds

    2. 2. DIGITAL STRATEGY GOALS • Raise “One For One” mission awareness • Increase brand awareness, sales, and revenue • Promote “A Day Without Shoes” campaign
    3. 3. DIGITAL STRATEGY TARGET AUDIENCE • Men & Women ages 15-25 • Trendy, Artsy, Interested in humanitarian causes • Tech-Savvy • Adept Social Media Users • Able to share Information
    4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ETC. • Twitter: • Promote Cause with hash tags “#ADWS” and “#Shoeless” • Primarily before an event, such as our “A day without shoes” campaign • Will increase brand awareness • Use promoted tweets to generate Twitter buzz • Will also generate re-tweets
    5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ETC. • Facebook: • Information on page about when & where events will take place • Information on how to participate • Will have website link to Toms • Links to other social media pages
    6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ETC. • Pinterest & Instagram • To reach artsy target market, Toms will hold contests on Pinterest & Instagram • Will generate buzz among target audience • Will consist of shoe giveaways • Based on Re-pins and Likes • Contestants will have to use specific hash tags
    7. 7. INTERNET MARKETING • Step 1: • Create Press Release For our Event “A Day Without Shoes” • Step 2: • Release Press Release To Specific Shoe Blogger With Similar Interests of Toms Mission • Step 3: • Advertise on Facebook with targeted demographic of 15- 25 year old male and females • Use pay-per-click • Step 4: • Pay For Google Adwords that are target-specific • Ex. Flats
    8. 8. MOBILE STRATEGY • Create a new mobile app where people can track how far they walk each day • Able to compare to other parts of the world and the terrain that people have to walk without shoes • Free app that would increase Mission Awareness
    9. 9. BUDGET • $100,000 • $20,000 for App Development • $15,000 for Facebook Advertising • $15,000 for Google Adwords • $20,000 for Project Supervisors, Web maintenance, employees • $30,000 on events & misc.
    10. 10. CONCLUSION • With all of these combined aspects, Toms Shoes will create a successful Digital Strategy • Brand awareness will be achieved • Success will be monitored by outcome of events, Internet traffic generated, and sales • To be completely successful, We will need to communicate frequently with our customers • Will need to continue to come up with new ideas and contests for consumers