11 chapter i lesson 3


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11 chapter i lesson 3

  1. 1. Lesson Objectives: 1. To define the different terminologies used in foreign folk dancing; and 2. To apply the terminologies in dancing foreign folk dance. The following terminologies are the terms used in Foreign Folk Dancing. Theterms are alphabetically arranged for easy reference. These terminologies will be used tothe dances on the preceding chapters. ABBREVIATIONS USED L – left R – right 1. Counterclockwise – Circling with the L shoulder facing the center. 2. Clockwise – Circling with the R shoulder facing the center. 3. Close Position – The partners are facing each other but the girl is standing in the R side of the boy. 4. Curtsy – Slightly bend the knee and the body with the head down as a sign of salute. The weight of the body is only on one foot; the other foot is cross at the rear of the other foot. 5. Do-si-do - Partners or opposites, facing each other, move forward, pass each at hers R (L), move backward turning around, and pass each other’s L(R) to original places. 6. Elbow Swing – Partners are holding hands with the R elbow and swing like a hand of a clock with continues jump.
  2. 2. 7. Folded Arms – Raise the hands up in front of the chest shoulder level with the one arm over the other.8. Free Foot – The foot without the weight of the body.9. Free Hand – The hand not in used and holding nothing.10. Honor partner - Bow to partner.11. Hop – Stepping with one foot and going down with the same foot.12. Inside Foot – The foot that is nearer to the partner.13. Inside Hand – The hand close to the partner.14. Promenade - Partners start side by side facing counterclockwise in the circle, R hands placed above L hands and walk around the set.15. Spin – It is done by turning rapidly with the used of small steps.16. Swing partner - Waltz around clockwise with partner in ballroom dance position R to R shoulders and facing opposite directions. Lesson 3: Terminologies in Foreign Folk Dance
  3. 3. Practice Quiz: Dance Terms Puzzle Box: Find the ten different terminologies inside the puzzle box by encircling them. Write itdown with their step pattern on the space provided. F E E T F O O T H Y E O R L K M M J Z M K D L H E M L N S P I N A D N M E R Q T O A F N E C L C H W D H A G E D I P U S A E A D J M A A O R G D N V O K O R V S T I D A D S W R M B A S K H S B I T P S K N Y O G M R D K D H I E S I W K C O L CAnswers: Terminologies - Step Pattern1. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. 5. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________6. _____________ - _______________________________________________________ Lesson 3: Terminologies in Foreign Folk Dance________________________________________________________7. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________8. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________9. _____________ - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________10. _____________ - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Creative Work: Create a dance figure with a combination of three basic steps and threeterminologies with 32 measures in 2/4 or 3/4 time signature. Lesson 3: Terminologies in Foreign Folk Dance