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GK Club Quiz Finals (February 2015)


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Finals of the intra-club quiz held at RDPS in February 2015.

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GK Club Quiz Finals (February 2015)

  1. 1. Quiz Finals
  2. 2. Rules • Scoring system unless specified otherwise:- • +10 on direct • +10 / -10 on pounce • The quizmaster’s decision is NOT final and binding. You have the full liberty to challenge his thoughts if you feel he is wrong • This quiz is meant only for enhancement of knowledge. Please refrain from nefarious activities which might give you an unfair advantage over others.
  3. 3. Answers ahead. Proceed with caution!
  4. 4. Round One
  5. 5. Question One • Richard Daly, a proprietor of a Dublin theatre, in 1782, made a bet that he could, within forty-eight hours, introduce a nonsense word into language that the whole city would know about, and the people themselves would supply a meaning for it. • The original meaning, supposedly supplied by the public, referred to a yo-yo like toy, which was popular in those days. But by the 19th century, the meaning of this word changed completely to what we know today. Which word?
  6. 6. • Quiz
  7. 7. Question Two • This is a coding scheme used by which critically acclaimed organisation, the largest of it’s kind in the world?
  8. 8. • Mumbai Dabbawalas
  9. 9. Question Three • The initial days of Delhi Sultanate witnessed water shortage as the population of Mehrauli was mushrooming. Sultan Shams-ud- din Iltutmish of the Slave Dynasty wanted to build a water reservoir for the city. Legend has it, in 1230 AD, Iltutmish dreamt of the Islamic Prophet, ridding a winged-horse, instructing the Sultan to dig a water tank at the spot he had appeared in. • Next morning, Iltutmish went to inspect the area and found hoof prints of the Prophet's horse engraved at that same location. Around that, he constructed a domed platform and excavated the tank and it appeared as a God send answer to the water problems that was surviving in that region for years. • Name the tank.
  10. 10. • Hauz-i-shamsi
  11. 11. Question Four • It is a game popular in India and Pakistan. Sachin Tendulkar loved playing it and its governing body is headquartered in Gorakhpur. This game has a league called the 'Tennis Cricket League' in the U.S.A. • Which game? • Hint: Read the question properly.
  12. 12. • Tennis Ball Cricket
  13. 13. Question Five • A Beretta M1934, with serial number 606824 was used for the first time to fire 3 shots at X. Give me X.
  14. 14. • Mr. M.K. Gandhi
  15. 15. Question Six • X is a Hindu sub-caste found in Gujarat. The people belonging to X migrated from Rajasthan to Gujarat, settling down at Dhaneti before spreading to other parts • Also called Kadias, they were artisans employed in architecture and building of forts, before they diversified into other fields like carpentry, and bridge-building. • Another community that immigrated to India, got into similar vocations and adopted X as their surname, with a slightly different spelling. Identify X
  16. 16. • Mistry / Mistri
  17. 17. Round Two
  18. 18. Question One • Dan Povenmire was an artistic prodigy who grew up in Alabama, and was often found doing nothing. Once, his mother told him to "never waste a day of summer". To occupy himself, he started taking up projects like movie- making and digging. Jeff Marsh, another student in his college, contacted Povenmire after seeing his comic strip, and soon the two started working together. • Once, while having dinner in Pasadena, California, Povenmire drew a sketch of a "triangle boy" on tissue paper. What did this sketch lead to?
  19. 19. Question Two • Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd. is the only manufacturer of inedible ink in India which is used in the elections. • During 2014 General Elections if they sent the maximum ink bottles to Uttar Pradesh then where did they send the minimum number of bottles?
  20. 20. • Lakshadweep
  21. 21. Question Three • Which word comes from Latin word maening 'Robbed in White" as in Ancient Rome speakers were required to wear white togas and robes?
  22. 22. • Candidate
  23. 23. Question Four • Simply Identify.
  24. 24. • M Satyavathy
  25. 25. Question Five • Shown here is a customs form filled by three people in March 1969, because they were temporarily leaving the borders of the United States for a duration of twelve days that year, with equipment worth billions of dollars. Identify any one of them.
  26. 26. • Neil Armstrong / Edwin Aldrin / Michael Collins
  27. 27. Question Six • During the time of the British Raj, the children of British officers studied in Indian schools build by the Englishmen. With the lack of quality books available by Indian authors on the subject, X and Y wrote this book and published it in 1935. • This book was widely adapted by Indian and Pakistani schools in the post-British era, and by missionary schools in Burma, and still is the gold- standard for that subject. Give me X and Y or name the book
  28. 28. Round Three Only on pounce +10/-10
  29. 29. Question One• Connect }
  30. 30. • Justice League • Flash • Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman • Superman • Batman • Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern
  31. 31. Question Two • This man was the chief structural engineer of the Eiffel Tower, and was the managing director of “Compagnie des Establissments Eiffel”, Gustave Eiffel’s company. He was a civil engineer by practice, and he revolutionised the French railway system before working on the Eiffel Tower. • One of his descendants, his great-great-grand daughter has recently found fame in a completely unrelated field. Name the descendant.
  32. 32. • Kalki Koechlin. The man was Maurice Koechlin
  33. 33. Question Three • Thomas Adams was an American who was experimenting with the sap from a South American tree, as an alternative to rubber. While extracting it, some of it fell into his mouth, which fascinated him. He went back to New York in 1870, and made a significant (although sometimes incredibly irritating) contribution to the world. What did he invent?
  34. 34. • Chewing Gum
  35. 35. Question Four • X is an Indian cricketer and was primarily a right-handed batsman. He holds the world record for the highest-ever score by a player on his first-class debut. • He also holds the record for the most runs scored in the Ranji Trophy, India's premier domestic first-class cricketcompetition, breaking the record held by Amarjit Kaypee. However, despite his success at domestic level, he was never selected for the Indian national team. • Another known fact about him is that he was the one next to bat when Tendulkar and Kambli were batting in a record partnership. • Identify X.
  36. 36. • Amol Muzumdar
  37. 37. Question Five • A person who is too big for his suffering-"big shotism" is called X. • X was Akbar's brother-in-law and was constantly trying to upstage Birbal in his court but always falling on his face, thus, the term. • X?
  38. 38. • Phanne Khan
  39. 39. Question Six • The current market value of this immensely popular product is only due to an incredible marketing campaign by De Beers, an American company, in 1938. It has only been able to keep the price high by carefully controlling the supply and demand, but the product is otherwise fairly abundant. • It's price prior to the De Beers campaign used to be a hundredth of the current price, despite the fact that the only known source of this product till 1870s was India. • HINT: The marketing campaign was "A X is forever"
  40. 40. • Diamond
  41. 41. Round Four
  42. 42. Question One X is a replica of Y of Sarnath, near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is symbolic of contemporary India's reaffirmation of its ancient commitment to world peace and goodwill. The motto inscribed below X in Devanagri script means, 'Truth alone Triumphs'.
  43. 43. • The National Emblem
  44. 44. Question Two • X is a term used to refer to South Asian Americans born in the United States, in contrast to those who were born overseas and later settled in the USA. • X has become a polarizing factor in the South Asian diaspora in the US, with first-generation immigrant parents and young South Asians of second or latter generations. Though the term was originally coined in reference to Indian-Americans, it has been adopted by the South Asian community at large • Identify X
  45. 45. • ABCD, or American-Born Confused Desi
  46. 46. Question Three • Sunil X Mittal founded the X Group. In 1983, Mittal was in an agreement with Germany's Siemens to manufacture push- button telephone models for the Indian market. In 1986, Mittal incorporated X Telecom Limited, and his company became the first in India to offer push-button telephones, establishing the basis of X Enterprises • By the early 1990s, Sunil Mittal had also launched the country's first fax machines and its first cordless telephones. X entered into a joint-venture with SoftBank Inc. of Japan to become one of the largest cellular operators in India, in the 1990s. Identify X or name the cellular operator
  47. 47. • Bharti / Bharti Airtel
  48. 48. Question Four • Neeraj Arora is the vice president of business and development at X, and almost entirely responsible for the explosive growth of X around the world. His career started off with Google, but he left after some time to join X, which was a startup at that time. Identify X
  49. 49. • Whatsapp
  50. 50. Question Five • Soviet War in Afghanistan lasted for 9 years from December 1979 to February 1989. However, in month of February in 1988 ceasefire was declared by both the sides. Why?
  51. 51. • Death of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
  52. 52. Question Six • The ship was built under the name Hercules for the British Royal Navy during World War II, but construction was put on hold after the war's end, and she never entered British service. India purchased the incomplete carrier from the United Kingdom in 1957, and construction was completed in 1961. After years of distinguished service, she was decommissioned in January 1997. • From 1997 to 2012, she was preserved as a museum ship in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, until it was closed in 2012 due to safety concerns. At the end of January 2014, she was sold through an online auction to a Darukhana ship- breaker, where she underwent preparations to be broken up. Although a PIL was filed and heard by the Supreme Court of India challenging its sale and scrapping, on 14 August 2014, the Supreme Court rejected the PIL and cleared the way for the warship to be scrapped. • Which ship?
  53. 53. • INS Vikrant, India's first Aircraft Carrier.
  54. 54. Question Seven • This song, and a couple of others irritated quite a lot of people around the world in 2014. • Either identify the band, or give the reason for the sudden hatred for the immensely popular band.
  55. 55. • U2 They released an album in collaboration with Apple called "Songs of Innocence" which was delivered to all Apple devices automatically, making users feel that their privacy was breached.
  56. 56. Question Eight • This is an electric guitar cover version of the theme of an extremely popular TV show. The theme was composed by David Arnold and Michael Price. Identify the TV show.
  57. 57. • Sherlock
  58. 58. Question Nine • This song shot to top of the iTunes chart, the Rolling Stones magazine, and practically every other music billboard within a week of release. Identify the singer. Name the album for brownie points.
  59. 59. • Taylor Swift
  60. 60. Question Ten • Identify the singer
  61. 61. • Daler Mehndi
  62. 62. TIE BREAKERS
  63. 63. • Asteroid 2004 BL86 was discovered in 2004 by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) survey in White Sands, New Mexico. In 2015, the asteroid missed Earth quite closely as it passed within 3.1 times the distance between the Earth and the moon. • What was the unusual characteristic about this asteroid, that only 16% of asteroids larger than 655 ft possess?
  64. 64. • It has it’s own moon
  65. 65. • Fairlife is a new milk brand advertises itself as "cold- filtered" milk with less sugar and fat and more protein and calcium than its competitors. It is also ‘lactose- free’, and claim to be an ultra-healthy variety of milk. • Fairlife has honed its pitch as a healthy, natural dairy product. Its marketing sheet contains phrases like "We grow our own crops," "We fill our own trucks," and it describes its cows as “spoiled." • Fairlife is a brand by which company?