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Easy start in ukraine people ai experience.


Published on is a Silicon Valley company that is scaling via dedicated software development teams in Kyiv managed by Acor BP

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Easy start in ukraine people ai experience.

  1. 1. Easy start in Ukraine: experience Andrey Akselrod
  2. 2. Andrey Akselrod CTO, (SF, LA, NYC, London, Kyiv) Co-founder, CTO Smartling (NYC, London, Dublin, Kyiv, Dnipro)
  3. 3. Customer Traction Proves Unique Value Achieving Scale and Growing +500% YoY 43 Enterprise Customers. 65+ Patents. 125 Employees. Recognized by Industry Leading Analysts $100M+ in Funding from the World’s Best VC’s
  4. 4. 4 allows you to realize the full selling capacity of your customer facing teams. The only Revenue Intelligence System that automates the capture of All contact and customer activity data, dynamically updates CRM and provides actionable intelligence across your management tools.
  5. 5. Enterprise Customers Trust ©2019 All Rights Reserved5
  6. 6. Easy Start in Ukraine
  7. 7. The evolution from “outsourcing” to “R&D Center” 1. Get a project done. All product requirements are driven by me. 2. Team that works on my projects full time. 3. More control over “my” team: hiring, salaries, motivation, retention, stock options, corporate culture, sense of belonging to my company, fully committed to my goals, not an outsourcing company 4. Promotion of your own brand in Ukraine 5. R&D Center: your own office and team
  8. 8. • Size matters - match your company • Figure out the right engagement model • A-la carte services help. You may need help with finding the right office, recruiting people, accounting, legal, navigating the country, • Use only “pay as you go” basis. • Watch the contracts! Typical gotchas: • Buy out clauses (you will want to do this, just trust me on this). • Termination (you should reserve your right to stop any time and take hired people with you or dismiss them with short notice without further obligations). • IP and NDA clauses (you should fully control your Intellectual Property). • GDPR clauses (to ensure compliance with the data protection regulations). Finding the right partner
  9. 9. Navigating Ukraine by partnering vs. establishing legal entity Pros: • Legal exposure protection • Financial exposure protection • Overall risk reduction • Significant help navigating all aspects (hiring, office, etc.) • Ability to promote your own brand in Ukraine without any risks • Flexibility in outsourcing all back-office • Quick start and no need in a large up-front investment • B1 visa type may be easily obtained. Cons: • Challenges with L1 visa type (workarounds could be done)
  10. 10. Best Practices
  11. 11. • Engineering Leadership must know and understand remote teams and preferably Ukrainian market • Bring senior people over from Ukraine - preferrably project manager and senior technical lead at least initially to help you setup the process • For larger teams - hire country manager with whom you establish trust. Their job is to hire and retain the right people, facilitate company culture continuity across remote teams. • Over-index on Communication. Enable remote decision making, Your side
  12. 12. Structuring Teams (early + acceleration stages) • Smaller teams are split across the ocean • Reduces bottleneck in communications • 24x7 wake time operational support • Expertise in every time zone • Support + Engineering pairing up • Product lives with Engineering for B2C • Prevents “second class citizens”
  13. 13. Communication! • Slack channels • Project channels • Team channels • Release channel • General channels • Have fun together! • Video communication: Zoom. Video is a must! • 1 hr a month in front of customers • High visibility, includes what was discovered • Feature remote teams in company-wide meetings
  14. 14. Travel • SF folks traveling to Kyiv - not just engineers: product, sales, marketing • Kyiv folks traveling to SF • Face to face transforms communications • Helps mix the culture, creates experiences & friends. • Kyiv is an incredible city to visit
  15. 15. Challenges • Amazing engineers in need of EQ education/soft skills • Harder to find engineers with true “build product” mentality vs. “outsourcing” mentality. • Highly experienced technical leadership is hard to come by, but not impossible. • 21 candidates per hire in Kyiv vs. 15 in SF
  16. 16.