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Cloud9 solutions overview


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Superb Australian managed outsourcing and outstaffing company in Kyiv Ukraine. Get your start up or scale up turbo charged via software development in Ukraine.

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Cloud9 solutions overview

  1. 1. Innovative Offshore Software Solutions With Western Management
  2. 2. ABOUT US Founded in 2016 with head office based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our focus is building strong relationships with our customers and delivering innovative IT solutions for our clients. Cloud9 Solutions offers the best in Ukrainian Development, the flexibility of results-driven Western Management, and the successful Global Delivery of dedicated teams and software solutions. ● 50+ employees ● 4+ development teams ● Global client coverage across 3 continents WHY UKRAINE? Ukraine is a leader in IT the amount of IT certified professionals with a great education system. Comparing to other outsourcing locations Ukrainian developers have a greater cultural similarity to western countries with a similar approach to work and communication. Proximity to Europe. Cost savings of up to 60% when comparing to on- shore rates.
  3. 3. ENGAGEMENT MODELS Dedicated Team Build your own dedicated offshore development team. We provide dedicated resources according to your requirements, with a variety of different skills and levels of experience. The Dedicated Team operates as a natural extension to your own team adhering to your processes and best practices. Time and Material When the project scope, specification, and implementation plans are precisely defined at the outset of requirements, the Time and Material model provides the flexibility of workloads of the development team. Fixed Price A fixed Price model is applied to projects with well-defined requirements and schedules. If your needs are clearly specified we will estimate the project scope and complexity, and provide a delivery schedule with a fixed price for complete software development
  4. 4. DELIVERY MODEL Agile Approach We use agile methodology for both software development and project management. The approach allows us to efficiently complete tasks, have fewer issues, and cut expenses of our customers. Tools such as Jira and VSTS Continuous Integration Use continuous integration so that customers can see the latest builds and track the recent changes and fixes. This allows to deliver products at any time if it is required by a client. Communication We chat with our clients on a regular basis. Our customers are able to choose the most comfortable means of communication (video chats, phone calls, or emails) as well as to schedule the time that is best for them to communicate. Transparency We provide real time access to reporting information on work progress, what is done and is to be done. They know what remote teams are doing, and are able to make changes if needed.
  5. 5. RESOURCE AND PROJECT TRACKINGC9 has built it’s own a specialised HRM tool focused on the IT industry to help our customers have greater visibility over their projects and resources. ● TimeTracking ● Project Management - Jira and Azure DevOps Integrated ● Leave Tracking ● Recruitment with offers/onboarding/offboar ding ● Employee Satisfaction and Pulse Surveys ● and much more...
  6. 6. KEY COMPETENCIES Cloud and DevOpsBackend Frontend
  7. 7. PARTNERS
  8. 8. CLIENTS
  9. 9. CASE STUDY ● To improve development capability of the Nicaragua based team ● Long term build a secondary location for risk mitigation and development/support capability ● Build new capability and products within the company BUSINESS OBJECTIVE OUTCOMES ● Currently have 25 people working for client spread across roles of PM, support and development ● Quickly have shown the capabilities of offshore team and Technologies: Angular 2+, PHP, MySQL, TableAU, Amazon AWS
  10. 10.