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HackDemocracy 4: Open Data in Belgium Introduction


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Introduction slides to HackDemocracy's special Open Data in Belgium Meetup, held on April 28th 2011.

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HackDemocracy 4: Open Data in Belgium Introduction

  1. 1. #HackDemocracy Brussels Open Data in Belgium 4th Meetup - 28.04.2011 @HackDemocracy
  2. 2. Thank Yous BetaGroup @betacowork @today’s speakers @you
  3. 3. Dont forget to check-in & rate BetaGroup Coworking Brussels
  4. 4. #HackDemocracyW celebrate innovations for more democracy.Bring hackers and public officials together towork the future of our democracies.Wanna help out?Wanna talk at a meetup?
  5. 5. HackersForDemocracy.OrgYou can code or design, and want to participatein fun projects to move our democraciesforward? Register.Have a project and you need hackers to helpyou? Take a look at our open directory.
  6. 6. 37 days left to enteran idea, app, visualisation or dataset €20,000 to win
  8. 8. HackDemocracy & Open DataBring hackers and public officials to worktogether the future of our democracies.Open Data is at the core of this.Hackers who democracy open data.Let’s start the conversation today.
  9. 9. Today3 presentations
  10. 10. 1. François De Mortier Local open data: the case of Brussels Region2. Roel De Meester Citizen-powered platform: OpenBelgium.be3. Bart Hanssens A federal open data initiative for Belgium