Kentucky Museum Heritage Alliance 2013 Conference Presentation


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This file summarize the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Program social media and tourism efforts to showcase community assets in Berea and Eastern Kentucky.

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Kentucky Museum Heritage Alliance 2013 Conference Presentation

  1. 1. Kentucky Museum Heritage Alliance 2013: Professional Development and Networking Conference June 9-11, 2013 Lexington, Kentucky Berea College Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Program
  2. 2. Appalachian Innovators Berea College Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Program 2013 Faye Barry Wynnjones Mbwambo Ashley Champ Jacob Burdette Business major Biology Business Sociology Junior Junior Sophomore Junior Tanzania Bellington, WV Huntsville, AL Beckley, WV Jonathan Rios Economics Junior Sonsonate, El Salvador
  3. 3. Introduce EPG Distribute the handout Pull three important facts for the audience to focus upon
  4. 4. Show the Berea Cultural Tourism Assets •Distribute the Cultural Tourism Assets •Introduce the idea that tourism is about •Experiences •Excitement •Education Introduce the idea that tourism (CVB/Destination Marketers must provide opportunities to “extend the stay”
  5. 5. Along come cell phones The Winchester KY Conference and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) introduced two “walk around” cell phone tours that captured where the travelers / tourist were from based upon cell phone area codes…. Reported to the Judge Executive for funding.
  6. 6. Cultural Heritage Cell Phone Tour Berea College freshmen wrote 7 cell phone tours: Cultural heritage, walk around campus, outdoor hikes to Indian Fort, Anglin Falls and the Wilderness area
  7. 7. Berea College students demonstrated the “cell phone prototypes to Chambers of Commerce, tourism Commissions in Central and Eastern KY to rave reviews and recommendations to continue the experiments and prototypes.
  8. 8. EPG designed “Digital Yellow Pages” Workshops for community partners to get them into the digital space. •Digital Yellow Pages = Review sites, search engines and social media [Ex.: Facebook, Google places, Yelp, Trip Advisor]
  9. 9. Summer 2012 EPG studied the Kentucky Travel and Tourism Statistics 3rd largest industry in Kentucky, providing $3.3 billion in salaries annually Tourism is the Only 34% of Kentucky visitors recall seeing advertisements or promotions prior to their visit.
  10. 10. The Daniel Boone Country Visitor : $68,560 Average Income Average Age: 50.8 Average Travel Group Size: 3 69% short pleasure trip 53% use internet
  11. 11. New York Times Travel Section How would you spend 36 hours in the Berea? How would you spend 36 hours in your region?
  12. 12. Traveler Personas •Distribute or call attention to the summary of the traveler personas…characterization of CLUSTERS of traveler customer segments. •All travelers have a goal, a purpose, time frame, needs that must be fulfilled, limitations, a budget and use information to construct their trip. •All travelers use information either prior to and/or on-the-road to take out the ambiguity of the journey and to reduce the likelihood of making a mistake.
  13. 13. Meet the Westons
  14. 14. If they Westons had an exciting, educational or exhilarating experience, their Next Steps are…. Uploaded multiple pictures on Facebook Write reviews on their food, lodging, experiences Tell friends about their trip and pass along brochures Plan an annual trip to Hazard for the Cherokee Rally Tag- A-Long
  15. 15. Integrating Social, Local and Mobile
  16. 16. This summer we are……..linking social media, the value of the small local independent business and the use of mobile devices because we know….
  17. 17. Only 3% of small businesses advertising budgets flow online to attach the NEW Money into our communities
  18. 18. SoMoLo is an acronym for Social+Mobile+Local marketing and it is an increasingly common term referring to a new marketing approach designed for the on-the-go consumer and traveler with smartphone in-hand
  19. 19. SoLoMo: Social, Local, Mobile SoLoMo: Why Do We Do It? Propagate Culture 96% Research Products Honor Local Business 66% Purchase in 24 Hours Intensify Capital and Revenue Through Social Media 48% Have MobileOptimized Sites
  20. 20. 23M Small Businesses in the USA •In 2008, there were 339,747 total small businesses in Kentucky •Small businesses accounted for ½ of private-sector jobs in Kentucky •Small firms made up 96.7% of the state’s employers in Kentucky
  21. 21. EPG Service Area 2010 County Business Patterns – Total Establishments Madison 1,559 Breathitt Lee Leslie Letcher Knott Owsley Perry Wolf 211 98 113 702 189 44 702 84 Where we are headed today!
  22. 22. 15% of small businesses know
  23. 23. 11% have claimed "digital” profile
  24. 24. Surprise Explosive growth in social media and mobile communications
  25. 25. Let’s talk about mobile: A Show of Hands •How many of you use the phone to navigate here? •How many of you use the phone to confirm a reservation or to check out the “word-of-mouth?” •How many of you read the reviews before buying?
  26. 26. Recommendations •Claim profile •Encourage “likes” and reviews. •Encourage “word-of-mouth” •Use referrals •Tailor offers / pricing strategies to customers.
  27. 27. 3 Ways to strengthen customer commitment through SOLOMO 1. Engage customers on smartphones and tablets. 2. Encourage customer images, photos, videos to spread the business value story. 3. Include “share icons” across social media platforms.
  28. 28. City of Berea Numbers N= 558 licensed independent small businesses 156 businesses contacted 48 businesses invited to the SM workshop Usage of the small businesses on social media: Facebook – 71% Yelp – 42% Pinterest – 10% Google + - 4% TripAdvisor – 6%
  29. 29. Appalachian Innovators Jacob Burdette Sociology Junior Faye Barry Business Sophomore Beckley, WV Huntsville, AL Yelp Pages Claimed: 21 TripAdvisor Reviews: 23 Pins to Pinterest: 107 Google+ Reviews: 4 Facebook Likes : 68 Wynn-jones Mbwambo Business Junior Tanzania Ashley Champ Jonathan Rios Biology Economics Junior Junior Belington, WV Sonsonate, El Salvador Local photos posted to Yelp: 165 Yelp Reviews: 174 Total Businesses Contacted: 52 Blog Posts/Followers/ Total Views: 12/ 22/ 155 Workshop Attendees: 11
  30. 30. Let’s Hear From Our Local Business Owners Appalachian Innovators: SoLoMo
  31. 31. Facebook: Ashley What the experts suggest 42% of marketers suggest that facebook is essential to small business advertisement? Who uses Facebook? 1.06 billion active users
  32. 32. You can earn up to $8,000 Extra gets 78 million visitors per month
  33. 33. Consumers spend average of $140-$180 While Facebook and Twitter spend $20-$30 86% of users trust info from Pinterest
  34. 34. Google + Google+ is now the second largest social network above twitter and youtube 33% of business have an account
  35. 35. • Search Engine Optimization • More than 200 million monthly visitors • 32 Million members • Over 100 million reviews and opinions
  36. 36. Follow us on Facebook Thank you