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2 kp 150924 agenda setting for ukraine (kyiv)


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2 kp 150924 agenda setting for ukraine (kyiv)

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2 kp 150924 agenda setting for ukraine (kyiv)

  1. 1. AGENDA SETTING FOR UKRAINIAN CULTURAL POLICY Ragnar Siil EU-Eastern Partnership Programme Culture & Creativity September 24, 2015 in Kyiv
  2. 2. KEY QUESTIONS FOR CULTURAL POLICY • What is culture and what is not culture? - Scope • How to increase the quality of culture? - Education • Who is involved in culture? - Payments and guaranatees • Who gets access to culture? - Equal opportunities • Where they make culture? - Infrastructure • How cultural policy is being made? - Governance • Who does what in culture? - Division of roles • Who pays for the culture? - Funding mechanisms • How to link culture with the world? - Internationalisation
  3. 3. HORIZONTAL ISSUES OF CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL POLICIES 1. Mainstreaming culture in other policy areas; 2. Diversity of cultural expressions; 3. Access to culture; 4. Culture and education; 5. Cultural and creative industries; 6. Intellectual property rights, fight against piracy; 6. Access to finance and diversity of funding sources; 7. Urban regeneration and quality of living environment; 8. Digitalization of culture; 9. Exports and internationalization, cultural diplomacy; 10. Good cultural governance.
  4. 4. IN ADDITION TO INTRINSIC VALUE OF CULTURE, IT… ... fosters growth and jobs ... adds value and nurtures innovation in other sectors ... gives new life to old industrial and forgotten spaces ... raises the attractiveness of the regions and promotes and brands country abroad ... empowers local communities and social cohesion ... supports sustainable growth ... introduces interdisciplinary practices and encourages life-long learning 5
  5. 5. RAGNAR SIIL 6