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  1. 1. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 101 www.medadteam.orgChoose the correct answer: answers1. Ecthyma is:a. Crusted impetigo.b. Ulcerative impetigo.c. Circinate impetigo.d. Bullous impetigo.e. Non of the above.B2. Warts can be treated by all of the following EXCEPT:a. Laser.b. Cryotherapy.c. Electrocautery.d. Intralesional steroids.e. Autosuggestion.D3. Vulgaris means:a. Serious.b. Common.c. Easily treated.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.B4. Drug eruptions may be:a. Eczematous.b. Acneiform.c. Pigmented.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.D5. All of the following are features of pityriasis rubra pilaris EXCEPT:a. Scaly scalp.b. Nail affection.c. Psoriasiform patches.d. Herald patch.e. Follicular hyperkeratosis.D6. Dermatophytes cause infection of:a. Non-hairy skin.b. Hair.c. Nails.d. (a) + (b).e. (a) + (b) + (c).E7. Scabies in adults involves the following body sites EXCEPT:a. Wrist. d. upper backb. Genitalia. e. Flexures.c. Buttocks.D
  2. 2. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 102 www.medadteam.org8. Herpes progenitalis is:a. Caused by HSV type II.b. Linked with cancer cervix.c. Characterized by recurrent vesicles and erosions on thegenitalia.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.D9. The commonest viral infection involved in the etiology of erythemamultiforme is:a) Human papilloma virus.b) Herpes simplex.c) Cytomegalovirus.d) Varicella Zoster virus.e) Epstein Barr virus.B10. Erythema nodosum may be precipitated by:a) T.B. infection.b) Streptococcal infection.c) Drugs.d) All of the above.e) None of the above.D11. Acne vulgaris:a. May affect palms and soles.b. Is a disease of sweat glands.c. Commonly affects the scalp.d. Is a disease of adolescents.e. Causes itching which increases by night.D12. Burrow is:a) Localised collection of fluid.b) Solid elevaƟon of the skin less than 0.5cm in diameter.c) Tunnel in the epidermis produced by female sarcopetes scabii.d) Deroofed furrow.e) Area of depigmented skin.C13. The following skin diseases may cause cicatricial alopecia EXCEPT:a) Discoid L.E.b) Lichen planus.c) Favus.d) Alopecia areata.e) Kerion.D
  3. 3. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 103 www.medadteam.org14. In Leprosy:a) Leprosy is a stable disease.b) Indeterminate leprosy is a late form of the disease.c) Keratinocytes are the target cells for the bacilli.d) Dapsone is the backbone of treatment of all types of leprosy. !!!e) Leprosy is an autoimmune disease.D15. All the following may be used in the treatment of molluscumcontagiosum EXCEPT:a) Electrocautery.b) Carbolic acid.c) Cryotherapy.d) Steroids.e) LaserD16. Scabies is a:a) Viral infection.b) Bacterial infection.c) Parasitic infestation.d) Fungal infection.e) Mycobacterial infection.C17. Histamine is the chief mediator of:a) Contact dermatitis.b) Urticaria.c) Atopic dermatitis.d) Discoid lupus erythematosus.e) Psoriasis.B18. The most characteristic lesion of erythema multiforme is:a) Wheal.b) Burrow.c) Furrow.d) Herald patch.e) Iris lesion.E19. Acne vulgaris is:a- Cured by topical steroids.b- An infectious disease.c- Treated by retinoids in its nodulocystic forms.d- A disease affecting skin and mucous membranes.e- A disease of sweat glands.C20. Drug eruption may be seen as:a- Pustular eruption.b- Bullous eruption.c- Lichenoid eruptiond- All of the above e. None of the aboveD
  4. 4. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 104 www.medadteam.org21. A plaque is a:a- Patch of abnormal change of skin texture.b- Area of depigmentation.c- The primary lesion of acne vulgaris.d- Localised epidermal collection of fluid.e- Deroofed burrowA22. The following may be observed in alopecia areata:a- Itching.b- Comedones.c- Vesicles.d- Adherent scales.e- Exclamation mark hairs.E23. In leprosy:a- Lepromatous,borderline lepromatous and borderlinetuberculoid leprosy are paucibacillary forms of thedisease.b- Nerve invasion is late in tuberculoid leprosy.c- Numerous patches are characteristic of tuberculoid leprosy.d- All of the above is true.e- None of the above is true.E24. The primary lesion of molluscum contagiosum is:a- Macule.b- Papule.c- Plaque.d- Vesicle.e- Pustule.B25. All the following diseases may be sexually transmitted EXCEPT:a. Scabies.b. Molluscum contagiosum.c. Condyloma accuminata.d. Eczema herpeticum. !!!e. Herpes progenitalis.D26. Vitiligo may be confused with:a. Pityriasis alba.b. Leprosy.c. Pityriasis versicolor.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.E
  5. 5. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 105 www.medadteam.org27. Scrofuloderma is a type of cutaneous T.B. where there is breakdownof the skin overlying:a. Bone.b. Lymph gland.c. Joint.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.D28. Kerion:a. Is a boggy swelling simulating an abscess.b. May lead to scarring alopecia.c. Is usually caused by fungi of animal origin.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.D29. Bullous impetigo:a. Is a purely staphylococcal infection.b. Is a mixed staphylococcal and streptococcal infection.c. Affects neonates.d. (a) + (c).e. (b) + (c).D30. Erythema multiforme is commonly precipitated by:a. Spicy food.b. Herpes simplex.c. Herpes zoster.d. Corticosteroids.e. All of the above.B31. Pediculosis capitis may be treated by:a. Malathione.b. Gamma benzene hexachloride.c. Permethrin.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.D32. Post scabeitic nodules:a. Represent a hypersensitivity reaction to parasites.b. Present commonly on the scrotum.c. Cause severe itching.d. All of the above.f- None of the above.D33. The main complaint in vitiligo is:a. Itching.b. Pain.c. Burning sensation.d. All of the above. e. None of the above.E
  6. 6. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 106 www.medadteam.org34. All of the following are types of cutaneous T.B. EXCEPT:a. Scrofuloderma.b. Lupus vulgaris.c. Lichen scrofulosorum.d. Erythema nodosum.e. T.B. verrucosa cutis.D35. Tinea cruris may be confused with:a. Flexural psoriasis.b. Erythrasma.c. Candidal intertrigo.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.E36. Lichen planus actinicus usually affects:a. Upper back.b. Genitalia.c. Nails.d. All of the above.e. None of the above.E37. Chronic eczema is characterized by:a. Itching.b. Vesiculationc. Lichenification.d. (a) + (b).e. (a) + (c).C38. All of the following are characteristic of lupus vulgaris EXCEPT:a- It may lead to scarring.b- Tuberculin test is usually positive.c- Mutilations may occur.d- The disease is acute and disseminated.e- It commonly affects children.D39. Evanescent elevations of the skin caused by edema of the dermisare:a- Macules.b- Papules.c- Wheals.d- Nodules.e- Crusts.C40. All of the following are bacterial infections EXCEPT:a- Impetigo.b- Erysipelas.c- Furuncles.d- Cellulitis. e. Kerion.E
  7. 7. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 107 www.medadteam.org41. Topical treatment of candidiasis includes all of the following EXCEPT:a- Castellani,s paint.b- Gentian violet.c- Tincture iodine.d- Imidazole compounds.e- Nystatin.C42. The skin appendages include all of the following EXCEPT:a- Sebaceous glands.b- Eccrine sweat glands.c- Melanocytes.d- Apocrine sweat glands.e- Hair.C43. Discoid lupus erythematosus is best treated by:a- Topical antimalarials only.b- Topical antimalarials + systemic antimalarials.c- Topical antimalarials + topical steroids.d- Topical antimalarials + systemic steroids.e- Systemic antimalarials + topical steroids.E44. Erythema multiforme may be precipitated by:a- Herpes simplex infection.b- Drugs.c- Internal malignancy.d- Pregnancy.e- All of the above.E45. Animal scabies is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT:a- Short incubation period.b- Absence of burrows.c- Being self-limited.d- Short duration.e- Transmitted from humans to humans.E46. Psoriasis may present by all of the following EXCEPT:a- Flexural affection.b- Joint affection.c- Pustular eruption.d- Nail pitting.e- Cicatricial alopecia.E47. Kerion is:a- Staph. infection of the hair follicle.b- Associated with systemic manifestations.c- A disease which never leads to cicatricial alopecia.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.E
  8. 8. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 108 www.medadteam.org48. Verrucae vulgaris are:a- Genital warts.b- Plantar warts.c- Common warts.d- Plane warts.e- Filiform warts.C49. Post scabeitic nodules:a- Never cause itching.b- Are usually located on the back.c- Are best treated by antibiotics.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.E50. Which of the following is a sexually transmitted skin disease?a- Herpes progenitalis.b- Condyloma acuminata.c- Molluscum contagiosum.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.D51. Acne vulgaris is:a- A disease of the pilosebaceous apparatus.b- A disease which commonly affects the face.c- A disease which can be treated by oral tetracyclines.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.D52. All of the following are types of lichen planus EXCEPT:a- Actinic lichen planus.b- Pustular lichen planus.c- Annular lichen planus.d- Atrophic lichen planus.e- Hypertrophic lichen planus.B53. Cutaneous lesions of systemic L.E. include all of the followingEXCEPT:a- Malar erythema.b- Non cicatricial alopecia.c- Photosensitivity.d- Discoid lesions.e- Condyloma acuminata.E54. Cutaneous drug reactions may occur in all of the following formsEXCEPT:a- Acneiform eruption.b- Lichenoid eruption.c- Neuralgia.C
  9. 9. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 109 www.medadteam.orgd- Bullous eruption.e- Erythroderma.55. Cutaneous manifestations of candida include all of the followingEXCEPT:a- Intertrigo.b- Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica.c- Favus.d- Paronychia.e- Perleche.C56. The following are bacterial infections EXCEPT:a- Impetigo.b- Acne vulgaris.c- Erythrasma.d- Erysipelas.e- Furuncles.B57. The following may help in the diagnosis of scabies:a- Positive family history.b- Night itching.c- Distribution of lesions.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.D58. Mucous membrane affection may occur in all of the followingEXCEPT:a- Erythema multiforme.b- Varicella.c- Drug eruption.d- Papular urticaria.e- Lichen planus.D59. Cutaneous examination includes examination of:a- Skin.b- Hair.c- Nails.d- Mucous membranes.e- All of the above.E60. The skin is considered:a- An endocrine organ.b- A secretory organ.c- A defensive organ.d- An excretory organ.e- All of the above.E
  10. 10. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1010 www.medadteam.org61. Wood’s light is used in the diagnosis of:a- Tinea versicolor.b- Erythrasma.c- Favus.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.D62. Complications of herpes simplex infection include:a- Erythema multiforme.b- Eczema herpeticum.c- Corneal ulcers.d- Impetigo.e- All of the above.D63. Laser may be used in the treatment ofa- Warts.b- Molluscum contagiosum.c- Acne scars.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.D64. Mucous membrane affection may occur in all of the followingEXCEPT:a- Lichen planus.b- Lupus erythematosus.c- Erythema multiforme.d- Herpes simplex.e- Acne vulgaris.E65. Alopecia areata may be treated bya- Corticosteroids.b- Dinitrochlorobenzene.c- PUVA.d- All of the above.e- None of the above.D66. Seborrheic dermatitis may be treated bya- Olive oil in infantile scalp lesions.b- Topical antifungals.c- Topical steroids.d- Selenium sulphide.e- All of the above.67. A vesicle can be differentiated from a bulla by:a- Its size.b- Its location.c- Having a wall.d- It’s content. e. Its colorEA
  11. 11. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1011 www.medadteam.org68. A bulla may be the primary lesion of all the following diseasesEXCEPT:a- Impetigo.b- Drug eruption.c- Erythema multiforme.d- Herpes zoster.e- Molluscum contagiosum.E69. Psoriasis may be manifested clinically by all of the following EXCEPT:a- Erythroderma.b- Pustular lesions.c- Arthropathy.d- Flexural lesions.e- Bullous lesions.E70. Favus is a type of fungus infection which may affect:a- The hairy skin.b- Non hairy skin.c- Nails.d- Mucous membranes.e- Hairy skin, non hairy skin and nails.E71. In herpes simplex, all is true except:a- The primary lesion is a vesicle.b- Neuralgia is a frequent complication.c- It usually affects the mucocutaneous junction.d- It may cause eczema herpeticum in atopics.e- Recurrence is common.B72. The following drugs may be used in the treatment ofacne EXCEPT:a- Retinoids.b- Dapsone.c- Tetracyclines.d- Androgens.e- Steroids.D73. All of the following are signs of discoid lupuserythematosus EXCEPT:a- Erythema.b- Telengiectasia.c- Stippling.d- Scarring.e- Pustulation.E74. Telogen effluvium is:a- A type of cicatricial alopecia.b- Diffuse hair loss.B
  12. 12. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1012 www.medadteam.orgc- Alopecia totalis.d- Alopecia universalis.e- Ophiasis (marginal alopecia areata).75. Koebner’s phenomenon is positive in all of the following EXCEPT:a- Warts.b- Psoriasis.c- Lichen planus.d- Eczema.D76. Herald patch is the characteristic lesion of:a- Pityriasis alba.b- Pityriasis rosea.c- Pityriasis rubra pilaris.d- Pityriasis versicolor.B77. The following type of urticaria may be life threatening:a- Papular urticaria.b- Cholinergic urticaria.c- Dermographism.d- Angioedema.D78. Griseofulvin may be used in the treatment of:a- Oral thrush.b- Tinea versicolor.c- Tinea corporis.d- Interdigital monilia.C79. Actinic lichen planus usually affects:a- Mucous membranes.b- Genitals.c- Upper back.d- Face.D80. PUVA may be used in the treatment of all of the followingEXCEPT:a- Psoriasis.b- Vitiligo.c- Discoid lupus erythematosus.d- AlopeciaC81. Scarring alopecia may be caused by:a- Psoriasis.b- Seborrheic dermatitis.c- Fever.d- Lichen planus.D
  13. 13. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1013 www.medadteam.org82. Scutula is the characteristic lesion of:a- Scaly ring worm.b- black dot ring worm.c- Favus.d- Kerion celsi.C83. Benzoyl peroxide is used in the treatment of:a- Animal scabies.b- Pediculosis capitis.c- Phthyrus pubis.d- Acne vulgarisD84. T.B. verrucosa cutis is etiologically related to:a- Verruca vulgaris.b- Acne vulgaris.c- Psoriasis vulgaris.d- Lupus vulgaris.D85. Lepromin test is:a- A diagnostic test.b- A prognostic test.c- A therapeutic test.d- Both diagnostic and prognostic.B86. Post herpetic neuralgia occurs more common in:a- Children.b- Elderly patients.c- Diabetic patients.d- Motor nerve affection.B87. Mucous membranes may be affected in:a- Papular urticaria.b- Actinic lichen planus.c- Scabies.d- Chickenpox.D88. The immunoglobulin which is usually elevated in atopics is:a- Ig G.b- Ig M.c- Ig E.d- Ig D.C89. Primary varicella zoster virus infection leads to:a- Facial palsy.b- Genital herpes.c- Chickenpox.d- Herpes zoster.C
  14. 14. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1014 www.medadteam.org90. In vitiligo, melanocytes are:a- Absent.b- Malformed.c- Non functioning.d- Hyperactive.A91. All of the following are used in the treatment of scabies EXCEPT:a- Sulphur.b- Permethrin.c- Benzoyl peroxide.d- CrotamitonC92. Stevens Johnson syndrome is:a- Erythema multiforme minor.b- Erythema multiforme major.c- Erythema nodosum.d- Erythema nodosum leprosum.B93. Physical urticaria includes all of the following EXCEPT:a- Solar urticaria.b- Papular urticaria.c- Pressure urticaria.d- Heat urticaria.94. All of the following are types of endogenous eczema EXCEPT:a- Atopic dermatitis.b- Seborrhoeic dermatitis.c- Photodermatitis.d- PompholyxBC95. Lichen planus is an inflammatory pruritic disease which affects:a- Mucous membranes.b- Skin.c- Hair follicles.d- All of the above.D96. Psoriatics with extensive skin involvement and hepatic cirrhosis canbe treated by:a- Narrow band UVB.b- Methotrexate.c- Systemic steroids.d- Systemic photochemotherapy (PUVA).A97. All of the following microorganisms have a predilection for neuraltissue EXCEPT:a- Varicella zoster virus.b- Human papilloma virus.c- Herpes simplex virus.B
  15. 15. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1015 www.medadteam.orgd- Lepra bacilli.98. Tinea versicolor can be treated by all of the following EXCEPT:a- Itraconazole.b- Ketoconazole.c- Griseofulvin.d- Fluconazole.C99. Lesions of true T.B. of the skin include all of thefollowing EXCEPT:a- Lupus vulgaris.b- T.B. verrucosa cutis.c- Scrofuloderma.d- Papulo-necrotic tuberculides.D100. A cyst can be differentiated from a bulla by:a- Its size.b- Its location.c- Having a wall.d- Its content.C101. Clinical types of alopecia areata include all of the following EXCEPT:a- Patchy type.b- Marginal type.c- Mucocutaneous type.!!d- Alopecia totalis.C102. Acute oozing skin conditions are best treated by:a- Powders.b- Ointments.c- Creams.d- Drying lotions.D103. Keratin constitutes:a) Hairs.b) Nails.c) The outermost layer of the skin.d) All of the above.D104. A burrow is the primary lesion of:a) Acne vulgaris.b) Lupus vulgaris.c) Scabies.d) None of the above.C
  16. 16. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1016 www.medadteam.org105. In lepromatous leprosy:a) Lesions are few in number.b) Lepromin test is positive.c) Anesthesia is late and extensive on cold areas.d) Organisms are rarely found in skin smears.C106. Onychomycosis is:a) Ringworm of the scalp.b) Ringworm of the beard.c) Ringworm of the groin.d) None of the above.D107. In herpetic whitlow the site of infection is:a) Face.b) Mucous membrane.c) Genitals.d) None of the above.D108. The drug which inhibits dihydrofolate reductase enzyme is:a) Cyclosporine.b) Methotrexate.c) 8- methoxypsoralen.d) Chloroquine sulphate.B109. Well defined flat-topped, polyangular, violaceous, itchypapules are the primary lesions of:a. Vitiligo.b. Lupus erythematosus.c. Lichen planus.d. Psoriasis.C110. Recurrent, tender, pruritic, vesicular eruption on palms andsides of fingers associated with hyperhidrosis is:a) Pompholyx.b) Discoid eczema,c) Stasis eczema.d) Seborrhoeic dermatitis.A111. Systemic treatment of urticaria includes:a) Corticosteroids.b) Antihistamines.c) Adrenaline.d) All of the above.D112. The difference between erythema multiforme major anderythema multiforme minor is:a) More widespread eruption.b) Extensive mucous membrane involvement.D
  17. 17. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1017 www.medadteam.orgc) Systemic manifestations.d) All of the above.113. Vitiligo in a patient with hepatic failure can be treated by:a) Topical psoralen with ultraviolet (A).b) Topical steroids.c) Ultraviolet (B).d) All of the above.D114. Androgenetic alopecia in males can be treated by:a) Estrogens.b) Cyproterone acetate.c) Spironolactone.d) Topical minoxidil.D115. A furrow is:a- A deroofed burrow.b- A roofed burrow.c- The primary lesion of scabies.d- A tunnel in the dermis.A116. Exclamation mark hair is present in:a- Androgenetic alopecia.b- Alopecia areata.c- Telogen effluvium.d- Anagen effluvium.B117. Leonine facies may occur in:a- Tuberculoid leprosy.b- Indeterminate leprosy.c- Lepromatous leprosy.d- Borderline leprosy.C118. Dapsone may be used in the treatment of:a- Psoriasis.b- Urticaria.c- Alopecia areata.d- Acne vulgaris.D119. Dyshidrotic eczema is a type of:a- Endogenous eczema.b- Exogenous eczema.c- Contact eczema.d- Atopic dermatitis.120. Stippling means:a- Dilated capillaries. c. atrophyb- Dilated pilosebaceous orifices. d. scarringAB
  18. 18. MCQ in Dermatology NMT 1018