Modalidad preguntas


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Modalidad preguntas

  1. 1. CUESTIONARIO Julieth BeltranLuz Marina Bohorquez Jessica Medina
  2. 2. Read the following dialogue about pets and respond in 1 to 3 PESTIt is pet’s day at school. Two girls are talking in fron of a board with the following messages - I agree with da vinci, they are marvelous. - -personally, I prefer dogs
  3. 3. 1) From the two messages on the board, we can infer thatA. The school prohibits pets.B. The school promotoes love for pets.C. The school disagrees with pets.D. The school possesses pets.
  4. 4. • 2. According to rudyard kipling, dogs are _______________ friends.A. ConditionalB. PassingC. MomentaryD. Unconditional
  5. 5. 3. The students conversation shows that theyA. Agree with each otherB. Agree with the authorC. Disagree with each otherD. Disagreewith the author
  6. 6. Complete the conversation by selecting the correct option in each of the questions 4-7ANGIE: Mom, can I drive the car?MOM: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? ARE YOU? 4__________? YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE 5_________!ANGIE: No, but I will 6_________ it in two weeksMOM: ANYWAY, NO, HONEY. NOT NOWANGIE: OK. That’s up to you. I just wanted to give you a hand.
  7. 7. 4.A. ConsciousB. CrazyC. WorriedD. Ready
  8. 8. 5.A. StillB. JustC. ButD. Yet
  9. 9. 6.A. DriveB. SingC. BuyD. Get
  10. 10. Reread the conversation and answer questions 7 and 8.7. In the conversation, angie wants toA. Help her mom by driving the car home.B. Show her mom’s driving the car home.C. Help her mom clean the car at home.D. Take her mom’s driving license
  11. 11. 8. After angie says:”OK. That’s up to you”A. She will criticize her mom’s decisionB. She will surely insist.C. She will definitely agree with her mom.D. She will no insist.
  12. 12. • The story of santa claus began with a kind bishop named saint nicholas. He lived during the fourth century in what is now turkey. He often gave presents to children and people in secret. One day he heard about three young sisters. They were poor, lived alone, and had nothing to eat. So he climbed up on their roof, and dropped three bags of gold down their chimney. The legend of this good saint and his generosity grew. Now, children believe that santa claus lives at the nort pole with his wife and his reindeer. This friendly old man wears a red coat man wears a red coat and black boots, and has a long white beard. Over the centuries he has come to be considered magical and a symbol of christmas time.
  13. 13. • 9. A proper title for this reading would be:A. Santa claus and christmas beliefs.B. Christmas traditions and santa claus stories.C. Traditional stories at christmas timeD. History of, and beliets about santa claus.
  14. 14. 10. according to the reading, this isA. An account about stories of people at christmas timeB. A summary of events abour santa claus life.C. A tale about anecdotes of people at christmas timeD. An abstract of santa claus and his friends lives
  15. 15. HOJA DE RESPUESTAS1. B2. C3. C4. D5. C6. D7. A8. C9. D10. B