December 2012 hammer time


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December 2012 hammer time

  1. 1. News HABITAT FOR HUMANITY CELEBRATES 21 YEARS OF LOCAL SUCCESS The local Habitat for Humanity affiliate will be celebrat- ing its 21st birthday this coming Monday, December 3, 2012. Habitat for Humanity of Utah County is a non-profit, interfaith organization and is one of more than 2,300 affiliates of Habitat for Humanity International. The local affiliate is committed to eliminating poverty housing and homelessness in Utah Valley by building, renovating, and repairing simple, decent homes with area residents in need of affordable shelter. Affiliated in 1991 by a group of local community members that were concerned about substandard housing in the county, December the organization has built or renovated 51 homes providing 81 adults and 158 children safe and affordable housing and a stable home environment. The organization is currently building a new 2012 home and the South Franklin Community Center in Provo and renovating a home in Orem. In addition to its affordable housing program, the local affiliate expanded its mission last year to include neighborhood revitalization activities including purchase rehabilitation, exterior painting, critical home repair, and neighborhood clean-up. The program is called the Neighborhood Revitali- HABBITAT FOR HUMANITY OF UTAH COUNTY zation Initiative. Hammer Time The local Habitat affiliate also provides a free tool library and a basic home maintenance course for Habitat families and other interested community members. The organization runs a ReStore Home Improvement Outlet where new and used building materials, appliances, and furniture are sold with profits going to the affiliates operating and construction costs. Since its inception in 2007, the Re-HABBITAT FOR HUMANITY OF UTAH COUNTY Store has not only raised thousands of dollars, for the affiliate but is now paying most of the opera- tion costs for the affiliate and the store. The ReStore has also kept over two million pounds of waste out of local landfills. The Utah County affiliate also promotes aluminum, paper, and vehicle recycling through its Habitat Recycle programs and offers a life planning program for area families living in poverty called “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’-By World.” To date, over 87 community families have success- fully graduated from the program. TREE BENEFITTING HABITAT FEATURED AT CHRISTMAS GIFTS FESTIVAL Utah Valley Expos is featuring a charity tree benefitting Habitat for Humanity of Utah County at this years Christmas Gifts Festival at the University Mall. The “Tree that Keeps on Giving” was designed and donated by a long-term Habitat for Humanity of Utah County ReStore volunteer, Mikeal Curtis. All tree decorations were repurposed from ReStore donations from the community. Ornaments were made by staff and stu- dents at the Heritage school. Over 20 donors and many hands made this tree possible. The tree will be sold with proceeds going to Habitats local affordable hous- ing efforts. Check out the tree this weekend at the old Orem Nordstrom’s building. HABITAT HOMEOWNERS AND FAMILIES TO DO FINISH WORK ON SPONSORED HOME Habitat for Humanity of Utah County homeowners and partner families will doing finish work at the local affiliate’s third ever homeowner sponsored home on Saturday, December 22, 2012, from 8:00 a.m. to noon. The four bedroom home is being currently being renovated with the Eden family and is located at 870 North 235 East, Orem. This is the third Utah Valley Habitat home to be funded almost entirely by Habitat homeowner mortgage payments. A HOME IN TIME FOR THE NEW YEAR! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County will be cutting the ribbon on a home in Orem just in time for the New Year. The four bedroom reno- vation home, located at 870 North 235 East, Orem, will be sold to Eric and Tiffany Eden and their four children. A ribbon cutting celebration will be held at the end of December. This will be Habitat’s 52nd Utah Valley home. Blessed is the season which engages the whole 1 world in a conspiracy of love. - Hamilton Wright Mabie
  2. 2. 2 What’s Up • Make the Holidays Special - Attention local companies, church groups, families and individuals! Please con- sider donating a game and Christmas book this holiday season to one of our Habitat families. To find out how you can help make the season merry, please contact Nancy at 801-344-8527 or • Habitat for Humanity of Utah County would like to welcome our new VISTA Member, Dan Israelsen. Dan will be working with the local Habitat affiliate over the next year helping the affiliate improve its construction and revitalization programs. • Great Holiday Gift Specials! The Orem Habitat ReStore has brand new tools sets (wrench, socket, pliers) and new True Value Hardware items at deeply discounted prices. Check them out Monday through Saturday from 10-6 at 340 South Orem Blvd., Orem. • There’s still time to earn a 2012 tax deduction for your car donation to Habitat for Humanity Cars for Homes program. Details at • Recycle all those aluminum cans from your holiday parties and help families in need in our community! De- tails and drop off locations at • Check out Habitat’s VP Dealz Site! Habitat for Humanity has partnered with VP Deals to get all the latest bargains on local products/venues. Check out this week’s specials at A portion of your “deal” purchases will help Habitat further its housing mission in the community. Super deal this week! Utah Pass of All Passes-New Or Renew ($1039.00 Value) for only $19.95., Additionally, if you make a purchase on now until December 24th and use the code: holiday12 at checkout – you will get an additional 10% off. • Have you tested your home for radon yet? – Habitat is working with the Utah Cancer Action Network, Utah County Health Department, and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality to encourage community mem- bers to test their homes for radon. We offer radon test kits at the ReStore or online for just $6.00! Learn more at • Need Tools? Stop by Habitat for Humanity of Utah County’s tool lending library and “check out” needed tools and lawn care items for free. The lending library, located inside the Habitat ReStore at 340 South Orem Blvd., Orem, is open Monday through Saturday from 10-6. An application and proof of residency are required. Look online at for more information. • Can you spare $5.00 per month? Join Habitat’s FAM Club and help Habitat build a House a Month in Utah County! It’s easy! Join today at • Life Insurance Options! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County has teamed with First West Benefits to provide life insurance options for Habitat homeowners and partner families. Insurance payments can be included in monthly mortgage payments. For more information, please contact Ross Landon at First West Benefits at (801) 224-9600. • Save Money for Home Repairs and Maintenance – A new home maintenance fund has been established to help Habitat homeowners save for future home repairs and maintenance. Homeowners now can pay a little extra ($10.00 or more) with their monthly mortgage payment. The extra amount will be saved in an escrow like account and can be accessed for home repairs and maintenance. To sign up or for more information, contact Kena at (801) 344-8527 or IT IS TIME TO WRAP! - Habitat for Humanity of Utah County in con- junction with Alpine Credit Union, Wolverine PR and Provo Towne Centre is sponsoring the annual “It’s A Wrap” gift wrapping store at Provo Towne Centre during the holi- day season. This year’s gift wrap store is located in the old Trade Se- cret storefront outside Sear’s on the main level of the Provo mall and opened over Thanksgiving week- end.2
  3. 3. 3 Photo Gallery A New Beginning! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County helped to give a new beginning to Nathan and Kendall Bran- don and their family last month when we cut the ribbon their new home at 37 South 400 East in Pleasant Grove. This is the local Habitat affiliates 51st Utah Valley home. Bookshelves! Eagle Scout Candidate, Stephen Brinkworth, from Troop #104 in Spanish Fork built four maple bookcases for local Habitat families. His brother will be collecting books for the bookcases for his own Eagle Scout Project. Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County was the featured charity this past week at the Utah Trading Company Holiday Show. The trade company auctioned items rais- ing over $35,000 in trade bucks for the local Habitat affiliate. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness. - Helen Keller3
  4. 4. 4 4 December Build Days Volunteers are currently being sought to help with construction, renovation, revitalization, and landscaping pro- jects. Build days are generally held Tuesday through Thursday and Saturdays. Volunteers are needed espe- cially during weekdays at the South Franklin Community Center and the Eden renovation home in Orem. Sign up online at DECEMBER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES • Work in the ReStore Monday through Saturday • Help with Its a Wrap Store at Provo Towne Cen- from 10-6 tre – through Christmas Eve • Assist with Habitat Recycling efforts. Drivers needed during the week and on Saturdays. VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT TO SERVE ON CREW LEADERS AND SITE HOSTS NEEDED TO COMMITTEES HELP GUIDE CONSTRUCTION Volunteers are needed to serve on all of Habitat’s Volunteers with construction experience or those local committees. Monthly meetings, limited time wanting to improve their construction skills are being commitment, no experience necessary, varying inter- sought to participate in the affiliates Crew Leader and ests and skills. Look online at Site Host Programs. Orientations are monthly. For for information, contact LeAnn at the number or email more information and meeting times. below. For more information, look online at or contact LeAnn at (801) 368- 2250 or You can also sign up online at Home Maintenance Classes Check out Habitat & Community Action’s Free Home Maintenance Course. The next class will be January 29, 2013. The topics will be: Landscaping and Lawn Care, Sprinkler System Maintenance. Classes begin at 6:30 p.m. and are held at the Habitat office at 340 South Orem Blvd., Orem At HOME DEPOT – Registration is necessary. Call store or register online. Look online for the December clinic schedule at At LOWES - you must sign up for How-To Clinics by calling 229-1485 or stopping by their store at 140 West Uni- versity Parkway in Orem. Look online for December clinic schedule at The Vineyard Garden Center in Orem is now offering free classes, gardening tips, and great discounts. Check out their Facebook page for more information at Center/279164291213. Home Maintenance Tips ( A Home Maintenance Recipe for an Enjoyable Holiday Season Preparing Your Home if Youre Eating Out If youre on the other side of the holiday dinner pilgrimage, and youll be leaving your house idle for an extended period of time, here are a few suggestions that are worth looking into: • Insulate pipes—Coming home to busted or frozen pipes tops the list of cold weather, homeowner night- mares. In most homes youll probably be okay, provided that you leave the furnace on at a lower temperature while youre gone (never turn your furnace completely off!). If your pipes have a history of freezing, consider insulating them against the cold, or installing heat tape that a friend or neighbor can plug in if a serious cold spell hits while youre away. • Seal Door and Window Drafts—The less your furnace has to run while youre away, the lower that January utility is going to be.4
  5. 5. 5 • Unplug Christmas Lights and Unnecessary Appliances—Leaving unused appliances plugged in while youre away isnt just a fire hazard, its costing you money. According to the U.S. Department of Energys EERE website, the phantom loads created by unused, but plugged in, electrical appliances can account for as much as 10% of your monthly utility bill. • Install a Security System—With so many homes left vacant for the holidays, the Christmas season is just as popular with intruders and thieves as holiday well-wishers. Before you leave your home, consider installing a security system to protect your belongings. Remote monitored systems are ideal, though its a proven fact that the presence of any security system is often enough to deter a thief. At the very least, make sure that you hold your mail and newspaper deliveries, and consider purchasing an inexpensive light timer at your local hardware store to give the impression that somebodys still at home. • Arrange to Have Your Walks Shoveled—Most municipalities have laws in the books that require homeowners to shovel their walks within 24 hours of a major snowfall. If you are taking a vacation and theres a chance of bad weather, make sure that a friend or neighbor has your walks covered so that a nasty fine isnt waiting for you when you get home. Read more: Season.16346.html#ixzz2Df7yDryV. Save Energy ( How to Save Energy During the Holidays The holiday season is generally a big time for energy use, but that doesnt mean it has to be that way. Here are 14 ways to save energy (and money) during the holidays: 1. Switch to LED Christmas Lights LED Christmas lights use 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights, and can be purchased for around $10 a strand. 2. Use Fiber Optic Decorations Fiber optic trees and decorations are the ultimate in energy efficiency. In most cases, they use a single light bulb located in the base of the unit to light the entire decoration – now thats energy smart and budget smart 3. Limit the Time Lights are On Wait until dark to turn on your Christmas lights; then, turn them off before you go to bed. Six hours or less of daily use is a good goal to aim for. Do you have trouble remembering to turn your lights on and off? Then, set a timer, and forget about it. 4. Turn Off Room Lights When the Tree is Lit The lights on your Christmas tree should provide more than enough lighting to navigate around the room. 5. Decorate with Candles Christmas lights are nice, but so are candles. Set up luminaries along your walkway and lit candles throughout your home to achieve a beautiful holiday glow, without adding to the electric bill. 6. Turn the Thermostat Down When You Have Guests Extra bodies in the house mean extra warmth at no cost to you. 7. Buy Gifts that Dont Use Electricity or Batteries According to, 40% off all batteries are purchased during the holiday season. Thats a lot of money spent on batteries, and a lot of energy used! Make a pledge to buy energy-free gifts, and skip the expense entirely. 8. Invest in Rechargeable Batteries and a Charger If you buy or receive gifts that require batteries, consider purchasing rechargeable batteries and a charger. Recent advancements have made rechargeable batteries better than ever. 9. Buy Energy Star Electronics Energy Star certified electronics – TVs, DVD players, VCRs and cordless phones – use up to 60 – less electricity that their non-certified counterparts. Visit for a list of qualifying models, and shop smart. 10. Take a Walk to See the Christmas Lights Leave the car in the driveway this year when you go out to look at Christmas lights. A walking tour of your neighborhood will be just as fun, and wont use any gas.5
  6. 6. 11. Bake Several Dishes at a Time6 The holiday season is a big time for baking. Make the most of your oven and the energy that goes into heating it, by cooking several dishes at once. Remember: it takes the same amount of energy to heat a full oven as it does a nearly-empty one. 12. Use the Smallest Appliance to Get the Job Done Use your microwave and toaster oven for small holiday cooking tasks, and save the oven for big cooking tasks. 13. Keep Lids on Pots Foods cook faster (meaning less energy use) when the lid is on. 14. Unplug Phantom Energy Users Before You Go On Vacation TVs, DVD players, computers, printers, radios and many other electronics use energy even when they aren’t turned on. Unplug these items before you go on vacation, and enjoy the energy savings. SAVE STRATEGIES ( Your Guide to a More Affordable Christmas 1. Create a Budget A cheaper Christmas starts with a solid spending plan. Look over your finances, and decide how much you can afford to spend on Christmas. Then, divide this amount among your various Christmas expenses – gifts, food, decorations, etc. 2. Make a Gift List Bring focus to your gift spending by creating a list of all the people you plan to shop for. Then, set a spending limit for each person, and jot down gift ideas before heading out to shop. 3. Trim Down Your Gift List Have more people on your gift list than you can afford to buy for? Then, its time to give that list a trim. Look over your current list, and decide whom you have to shop for and whom you dont. Remember: a shorter Christmas list is always better than adding debt and stress to your life. 4. Start Early Black Friday may be the official start to the Christmas shopping season, but it doesnt have to be the start to yours. Start shopping for gifts as soon as you can afford to do so, and youll have more time to bargain shop and feel less pressure to buy at any price. 5. Shop Smart Giving a nice gift doesnt have to mean spending a lot, so shop with your budget in mind. 6. Shop Second-Hand Theres no rule that says gifts have to be bought new. Scour thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and other sec- ond-hand sources for gift-worthy items at prices well below retail. Just a few possibilities: unburned candles, an- tiques, collectibles, vintage jewelry and books. 7. Make It Yourself Homemade gifts are every bit as nice as store-bought gifts, and sometimes nicer. Put your creativity to work, and knock off everyone on your gift list. 8. Dont Shop for Yourself All of those holiday deals make it easy to adopt a "one for me; one for you" mentality. Set a rule that youll only shop for the people on your list – and not yourself. The payoff: less stuff in your house and more money in the bank. 9. Skip the Christmas Cards Christmas cards are nice, but the cost can really add up. First youve got to buy the cards; then, youve got to pay for all the postage to mail them. Double ouch! To make your Christmas budget go further, consider skipping the Christmas cards this year, or at least trim your mailing list down to a more manageable size. 10. Skip the Pricey Gift Wrap Gift wrap has gotten so expensive – sometimes adding as much as $5 to the cost of a present. Wow! Fortunately, it only takes a bit of creativity to avoid this expense entirely. 11. Throw an Affordable Holiday Party Holiday parties are a lot of fun, but they can get expensive in a hurry. Spend some time planning a party that you can afford, and then enjoy your get-together guilt-free:6
  7. 7. 7 10. Skip the Pricey Gift Wrap Gift wrap has gotten so expensive – sometimes adding as much as $5 to the cost of a present. Wow! Fortunately, it only takes a bit of creativity to avoid this expense entirely. 11. Throw an Affordable Holiday Party Holiday parties are a lot of fun, but they can get expensive in a hurry. Spend some time planning a party that you can afford, and then enjoy your get-together guilt-free: 12. Decorate on the Cheap Trees, lights and baubles galore – find ways to stretch those decorating dollars and you can have it all. Use what you already have, swap decorations with friends, scour thrift stores and yard sales, make something new with your own hands – if you can envision it, you can make it happen. BE GOOD TO YOUR HEALTH ( How to Have a Healthy Holiday Life during the holidays is a whirl of partying, feasting and merrymaking as we celebrate with friends and family. But these festivities effects on your health are no cause for celebration. While the holidays may ask you to eat, drink and be merry, you dont have to do them to excess. The key to happy, healthy holidays is moderation. Heres how to avoid holiday health perils without sacrificing fun. Get Physical If you ordinarily eat well and exercise, continue that course. Dont cut into the time you spend at the health club or gym to carve out a few more hours for holiday activities. If anything, increase your exercise during the winter; exer- cise reduces holiday stress, increases energy and burns any extra calories you consume at parties. For an extra fitness boost, build physical activity into holiday events. Go dancing, ice skating or try a new adven- ture, such as indoor rock climbing. Walk around the neighborhood to look at decorations, build a snowman or have a snowball fight before plopping down to watch The Big Game after a calorie- and cholesterol-laden meal. Consider your guests ages and abilities when planning activities so everyone can participate. Eat with Caution You dont have to turn your back on holiday goodies, but you dont have to gorge on them, either. The average American gains around a pound in the fall and winter, studies show, packing on the bulk of it between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. That may not sound like much, but the weight usually doesnt go away so it adds up, year after year. Here are some ways to make your holiday meal healthy. The feast. Turkey white meat is low in fat if you dont eat the skin, so its pretty easy to serve a healthy version of the traditional turkey dinner. Steam the green beans and flavor with herbs instead of putting them in a casserole — the butter and cream found in many casseroles push good-for-you green beans into dangerous territory. The same goes for sweet potatoes: On their own theyre good for you, but they lose their healthy benefits when turned into candied yams. Substitute corn starch for flour when making gravy, and skim some of the grease off the finished product. Make mashed potatoes with low-fat sour cream instead of butter and milk. Or skip potatoes and gravy altogether in favor of stuffing. Pumpkin is good for you, so make it into a healthy pie by mixing your filling using egg substitutes, low-fat evaporated milk, light cream and low-cal sweetener. Put it in a pie crust made without saturated fat, and then skip the heap of whipped cream when you serve it (or add a small dollop of a low-fat topping). Party policy. Compensate for a round of heavy party food by eating less for several days prior. Before you go to a party, eat some raw vegetables, fruit, yogurt or nuts so you dont arrive famished. At the party, it may seem polite to scarf down some of every treat offered, but remember that your goal is moderation. Scan the spread for the healthi- est options, eat a few, and politely refuse the rest. Eat slowly, and never stand next to the food table chatting and munching. Drink plenty of water: It keeps you hydrated, curbs your appetite, and if youre having a few Tom and Jerry’s, helps stave off a hangover. Travel Safely Before you set out for holiday highway travel, check the weather en route and at your destination, and give your car a winter checkup. Even if the weather seems favorable, prepare for the worst by carrying warm clothes, blankets, energy bars and water. Fill your cars fluids. Pack jumper cables, flashlight and an emergency kit in your car. Avoid traveling during busiest times, if possible. Always designate a driver before heading to a holiday party or consider traveling by taxi, especially during stormy weather or when streets are slick.7
  8. 8. 8 Be Careful There are plenty of distractions during the holiday season, so pay extra attention to your health and surroundings. Dont slip. Many accidental tumbles occur in the winter. Beware of icy sidewalks and parking lots, especially when youre carrying armloads of packages. Its easy to tumble while carrying boxes up and down stairs. Reaching for something just out of grasp while on a ladder is a good way to take a bad fall. Spend an extra minute to move the ladder so you dont have to lean. Guard against fire. Wreaths, garlands, a dry tree, overloaded outlets and extension cords, candles, and extra holi- day clutter pose fire hazards you can prevent. Make sure smoke detectors work and that fire extinguishers are readily available. Stay well. Consider getting a flu shot before hanging out in big crowds of holiday merrymakers and carry sanitizing wipes with you for when you cant get to a sink to wash your hands. Dont cut back on your sleep and rest time, no matter how hectic the days. Allowing yourself a little extra rest and relaxation may stave off a pesky holiday cold or flu. RESOURCES Do you struggle to make ends meet? Are you concerned about your financial future? Women, You Can Learn to Earn More! People Helping People’s Utah County Employment Program can help you reach your full potential at work and in life and best of all . . . It’s Free! Call 1-855-303-5300 toll free for more information. Community Action Services offers Home Buyer Education Classes on a monthly basis. Classes in December will be held December 5th and 6th from 6:00-9:00 p.m. To register, please call (801) 691-5200 or go online to Community Health Connect, located at 591 South State Street, Provo, provides specialty medical care and dental for low-income and uninsured community members. Look online at or call (801) 818-3015 for more information. Employment Opportunities Full-Time Construction Manager -Habitat for Humanity of Utah County is seeking a full-time Licensed General Contractor to manage the affiliates construction and renovation programs. Responsibilities include oversight of the entire building and renovation process including site coordination and supervision. Extensive construction experi- ence required. Experience working with volunteers preferred. Negotiable salary with benefits. Full-Time Construction Laborer - Habitat for Humanity of Utah County is seeking a Full-time Construction La- borer to assist its Construction Manager with affiliate construction and renovation programs. Must have construc- tion experience and be able to read house plans. Supervisory experience and experience working with volunteers preferred. $12.00 to $14.00 per hour with benefits. Email, fax or mail cover letter with resume by December 7, 2012 to Kena Mathews at, (801) 812-1193 or 340 South Orem Blvd., Orem, Utah 84058. Call Kena at (801) 344-8527 ext. 103 for further information. BENEFITS OF HOMEOWNERSHIP • Have 7% higher reading scores • Have 3% fewer behavior problems Homeownership Builds Successful Children • Are 59% more likely to own a home within Compared to children of renters (of the same age, income, 10 years of moving from parent’s house- hold race, etc.), children of homeowners: • Save taxpayers an estimated $34,000 in • Are 25% more likely to graduate from high school public expenditures (i.e. the cost of juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, etc.) that would have been spent had they remained • Are 116% more likely to graduate from college in rented housing. • Are 20% less likely to become teenage mothers • Have 9% higher math scores8
  9. 9. 9 Make Your House a Healthy Home! (EPA) Did you know fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury? Wear latex gloves to clean up broken fluorescent light bulbs and mercury thermometers. Carefully scoop or pick up pieces with sticky tape and place them in a glass jar with metal lid or in a HOUSEHOLD HINT ( Save on Cleaning Materials. The best thing for cleaning anything around the house is very hot water with a squirt of good quality wash- ing up liquid, and a window cloth. Guaranteed not to leave smears. Absolute Air Heating and Air Conditioning Newell Dayley Alpine Credit Union Peter Hill BYU ASCE Provo Town Centre Mall GGP BYU Chapter Samuel Smith BYU Construction Management Shiree Thurston Christina Nielson Stephen Brinkworth-Troop # 104 Cinemark 16 Provo Towne Centre TD Ameritrade Combined Federal Campaign Tiffany & Eric Eden David Harlow Troy Taylor Freedom 1st Ward UCAR Gene Bramhall US Bank Gretchen Devine Utah County Government Hale Centre Theatre Utah Trading Company Intermountain Health Care Utah Valley Expos Jana Dahl UVU Chapter Jessica Godfrey UVU Construction Management JP Swain Value Pages Mike Merz Wolverine PR Mikeal Curtis THANK YOU 2012 Habitat Donors, Volunteers, Supporters, and Staff Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. -Norman Vincent Peale9
  10. 10. 1010 Habitat for Humanity Of Utah County Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3—NRI Com- 4— 5—Wolverine 6 7 8 mittee Development PR Trade Services Com- Show mittee 9 10 11—Building 12 13 14— 15 Committee Executive Committee 16 17 18 19 20 21 22— Homeowner Build Day 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Happy Holidays Office closed December 24th through January 2nd ReStore closed December 24th, 25th, 26th, January 1st 30 31 Eden Ribbon Cutting NRI Committee Building Committee Homeowner Build Day Monday, December 3 December 11, 2012 December 22, 2012 3:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. Central Bank Riverside 870 North 235 East, Orem Development Services Office Committee Eden Ribbon Cutting December 4, 2012 Executive Committee End of December 2:00 p.m. December 14, 2012 870 North 235 East, Orem Habitat Orem Office 7:30 a.m. Habitat Orem Office Wolverine PR Trade Show December 5, 2012 Happy Holidays 5:00 p.m. Office closed December 24th through January 2nd UVU Student Center ReStore closed December 24th, 25th, 26th, January 1st 10
  11. 11. 1111