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Stickies on my wall


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A short presentation I did to new joinees describing success in consulting

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Stickies on my wall

  1. 1. Stickies on my wallSuccessful Consulting
  2. 2. Context :My Wall
  3. 3. Consulting definedConsulting isproviding advicein aparticular area of expertiseConsultant, a professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise
  4. 4. In an Enterprise context, consulting is PROBLEM SOLVING What should be ? How can I? Where should I ?
  5. 5. All Consulting is not equal BRAINS PROCEDURE High diagnosis High execution intensive intensive Highly Programmatic customized High client Low client risk risk Few qualified Many qualified vendors vendors High fees High fee sensitivity David Maister ‘The Professional Services Firm’ Free Press 1993
  6. 6. And..Clients need RESULTS and not just advice A well known consulting company Consulting Advisory Outsourcing Managed process Technology Technology enablement
  7. 7. Typical phases of any consulting project Entry and contracting Discovery and dialogue Feedback and decision to act Engagement and Extension, recycle or implementation termination Peter Block ‘Flawless Consulting’ Jossey Bass Pfeiffer 1981
  8. 8. Bloom’s TaxonomyWhy consulting is difficult? Higher Order Thinking Create Evaluate Analyse Apply Understand Remember Lower Order Thinking
  9. 9. Success in consulting ..defined Trust basedBreadth of business issues Relationship based Needs based Service offering based Depth of personal relationship David H Maister ‘The Trusted Advisor ‘ Free Press 2000
  10. 10. Learn to influence.. Without authority Identify relevant currencies, theirs and yours Influence Diagnose the Dealing with through world of the relationships give and other person take Assume all are potential allies Clarify your goals and priorities Cohen Bradford model Allen R Cohen David L Bradford ‘Influence without Authority’ Wiley 2005
  11. 11. Need EQ in good measurePersonal Competence Social CompetenceCompetencies that determine how we manage ourselves Competencies that determine how we handle relationships  Self awareness  Empathy  Emotional awareness  Understanding others  Accurate self assessment  Developing others  Self confidence  Service orientation  Self regulation  Leveraging diversity  Self control  Political awareness  Trust worthiness  Social skills  Conscientiousness  Influence  Adaptability  Communication  Motivation  Conflict management  Achievement drive  Leadership  Commitment  Change catalyst  Initiative  Building bonds  Optimism  Collaboration and Cooperation  Team CapabilitiesICT AT The emotional competence framework
  12. 12. Hunt in herds.. Recognize the roles Enable the contribution Allow the weaknesses ..Or .. Work in teams
  13. 13. Packaging is important  Research Critique  Presentation and collect inputs With colleagues6-20 hrs 1 hr 1 hr Audience Need Develop Sketch structure  Or story board 30 1 hr Map 1 hr slides Generate Ideas Build slides  using sticky notes Development 1 hr 20-60 hrs time  Organize Rehearse  36-90 1 hr the ideas hrs 3 hrs Nancy Duarte ‘Slide :ology’ O Reilly 2008
  14. 14. Work with organizational ‘dynamics’ BLOCKER SPONSOR Power WILLING SLEEPER WORKER Commitment
  15. 15. Working HARD is NOT an option Tasks out of zone of comfort PRACTICE.. PRACTICE… PRACTICE Tasks never done beforeMultitasking Changing requirementsProject Manager, Lead Consultant, Process Consultant,Organizational Change Manager, Communication specialist Uncertainty Short notice projects Learn on project Strange lands Teach and learn Learn and teach Consider commitments Impossible turn around sacrosanct Introspect & improve Unclear requirements
  16. 16. Subject matter expertise is also not an option Breadth of knowledge in a broad area Knowledge From • Daily reading • Examination (Certification) oriented study • Participation in industry talks/ Depth and expertise in podcasts/ webinars area of choice Skill Convert •By application •Present/Write •Develop a point of view/articulate
  17. 17. In conclusionSuccess= fAttitude (i.e. Positive thinking + Learn-ability + Resilience)XCompetency (i.e. Talent+ Skills) XApplied Effort (i.e. Commitment +Energy) XEnvironment ( i.e. Position fit + Cultural Fit )