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Please spend a good coffee life by "Digital Coffee plus counter"


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This slide is the promotion of 'Digital Coffee plus counter' for iPhone.
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Please spend a good coffee life by "Digital Coffee plus counter"

  1. 1. Please spend a good coffee lifeby "Digital Coffee plus counter" Digital Coffee plus counter for promotion edit by TokyoCONSARUai, Inc.
  2. 2. Do you drink coffee?
  3. 3. How much coffee do you drink a day?
  4. 4. Drinking too much coffee is not good for health.
  5. 5. "digital coffee plus counter" for you like coffee.
  6. 6. This app will change into a coffee cup the iPhone.
  7. 7. You can also use as a counter for know the number of cups of coffee you drank.
  8. 8. You may get advice from a friend in the number of tweets that I drank coffee.
  9. 9. Please spend a good coffee life! By digital Coffee plus Counter  Digital Coffee plus Counter version : 1.1.1 release date : Apr 4, 2012 Price : Free category : Health & Fitness