Why internet visibility is business success


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My Technopreneurship Conference PPT Slide (April 13-15, 2012)

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  • Hello I’m Sean Si I’ll be your speaker for today on How to Make your Business Visible OnlineI didn’t realize that most of my audience today are bright young men and women. Not to worry, I will try to make my talk relate with you.A little intro about myselfIm 23 years old. I graduated from De la salle university. I love God. I love writing. I love the internet. I love blueberry Froyo and Royal Milk Tea.Seriously.I’m a blogger, a copywriter, an SEO and internet marketing specialist
  • We use the term ‘visibility’ for your being ‘searchable’ on the internet. If you’re invisible means I cannot see you. The more visible you are, the more I see you. We use that term to gauge your ‘searchability’ Are you searchable?For today I’ll be talking about three things:123
  • Who here has ever used Google?Google, as you all know, is a search engine. It’s used to help people find what they’re looking for in the internet.
  • SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.It is a practice for optimizing your website in the internet’s number one activity which is, guess what, search.The visibility of your website is vital. Who here has a website? Okay. What is the purpose of having a website? For people to look at and see, right? It’s to inform people. Telling them ‘hey, here’s my website. Here’s what I’m all about.’If your website doesn’t have visitors, no matter how perfectly made it is, no matter how excellently designed it is, it is next to useless.Right?Who here does marketing for his or her business? All businesses need marketing yes or no? SEO is just part of the big, big world of internet marketing. You’re trying to put your brand or company name out there for the whole internet world to see and recognize.In Facebook, When you irritatingly tag people on a picture of a product you’re trying to sell, that’s marketing. When you’re trying to get the word out in mass messaging in YM, that’s marketing. When you tell your friend about a good restaurant
  • Every day there are 38,127 searches happening every second. That’s the simple fact. Tick, 38,127 searches happen. Tick, another 38,127. Tick, and another… And it goes on and on. EVERY SECOND!Odesk – SEO is the recent most sought job in the internet. Can you imagine the magnitude that SEO can bring your website? Every second hauls in 38,000 searches. And those searches aren’t the same as flittering in Facebook. How many people here have Facebook by the way? In facebook, you just flitter about, play games update your status, look at your friends, etc. You’re not really looking for something specific.The people who search are looking for something. They are on focus mode. And if they find what they’re looking for in you – in your website and in your business, then there’s a chance for them to convert from a visitor to a customer. Search is powerful.Therefore each and every website needs SEO. No visibility = no use.
  • There are two major SEO FactorsOn pageAndOff pageOn page is everything you can do and fix on your websiteOff page is everything you can do that is out of the bounds of your website
  • Of course we need to know your company. What do you sell? Is it a product? What kind of product? A service perhaps? Or maybe an idea? Then we do keyword research. We try to look for the search trends. What do people type in to look for what you’re selling? That’s keyword research. It’s a mind game. You need to think like a customer. Like an average person looking for something over the net.Then we move over to keyword density. Keyword density is the percentage of your target keywords in the body of your content. For example…Won’t be going over all of this since it’s too long and some of it might get technical…
  • Next we have off-page optimization. Off page optimization factors has everything to do with SEO factors that you cannot do in your own website. These factors are mostly about links why?Because links pass on value, authority and trust.For example, I’m looking for a dentist… You sir, what’s your name? For example, he’s a dentistExplain about these
  • Now that we know all this, What do you think has SEO have to do with your business? Have any idea? I’m sure you do after I explained to you what SEO is all about
  • Either a product, service, idea, or what have you…And these customers are your customers because they are looking for something from you. Something they want or need. Businesses exist because there is a DEMAND. Without that demand, you are next to useless – It’s either a demand exists and you supply for it, or you create that demand (Freshman Masculine wash). And that demand gets into people. And once it turns on the consumer in them, they begin, what? Yeah you got it right – Searching.Today that’s how big the ratio of people using the internet is. And if you’re a businessman, right there and then you get an idea of how powerful your business could become when you tap into that market.
  • You need to identify your target market. Who here has websites? Businesses? Are your websites built for that customer? Does it cater to them? Do they go to your website?You need to help your customer think about your brand and be loyal to you. It doesn’t come naturally. It comes with the quality of what you have to offer them. If they see that you have a website, they will remember you. If they can transact through your website then that simply means more income for your business.You need to think like a customer. Are there potential market in the internet for your business? 1 out of 13 people in our world today uses Facebook. And it has penetrated even television (They advertise twitter handles in TV news). Internet marketing has beaten the ‘old school’ way of publications and soon, I know it will beat television advertising. Because the internet is fast paced and search makes it easy.
  • What’s this logo?Internet Explorer. Who uses IE here in this room?
  • Howbout Firefox?
  • Chrome anyone?So almost all of us here use the internet. I don’t know what for but I assume that if you use the internet, you’ve used search. Because search is what makes the internet easier to navigate. Imagine a world without searchSo here in this room alone, you already have an idea more or less of how big a part of our lives the internet is. It is almost a second nature to us.
  • Is money important?Do you think you need money in business?Yeah! You need money in every business!
  • Real estate – how much money do you need for capital?House?Building?Any idea?It’s a heck lot expensive.
  • Internet Marketing - guess how much money you need to start it up
  • That’s how much money I used up when I was starting out. 800 pesos for my hosting. 500 pesos for my .com domain. Then I blogged. Studied how the internet went. Then stumbled upon SEO in my OJT.
  • Internet Marketing needs to be focused. Get a niche. Be laser focused on that. Capitalize on a certain specific niche. If you’re successful then you can branch out from there little by little. Amazon started with books – look at them now.Be creative. Know what the world needs that no other people but you can give. There’s a certain uniqueness in each person and that is your core competency. You are your core competency.A lot of people are holding on to their corporate work. To their ‘security’. The risk is bigger when you’re not doing what you love. The risk is bigger when you don’t even try. That security is a scam. It will eat up your life before you realize that you should have given your art and creativity to the world when you had the chance.I worked in HP. Started this March 1. Just graduated this Feb 2010. My dad wanted me to get a secure job. A corporate job. It wasn’t my thing but I wanted to honor him so I went. (tell the story)
  • Search engines have 3 major functions – indexing, retrieval and RankingSearch engine is just a bunch of codes SEO is all about trying to manipulate your website into ranking higher in the search engine results page.
  • Your website is all codes…The search engine (which is also all codes) crawls that code and puts it all into the databaseRetrieval is when a search query is made by a user and the search engine pukes out all the information it has from its database – millions of itAnd then it ranks the most relevant results as it displays it to the user in the Search engine results page
  • Learn all you can. You can learn it by yourself in the internet
  • If there’s one rule we have in our company, it’s this. Move fast and break things. Keep up with the pace. Learn fast. Try things fast. If you make an error, that’s great! We can learn from it, roll back the mistakes and discover new ways of tweaking.The internet has a fast feedback loopTrial and Error is the way to go when it comes to SEO.
  • Optimizing your website for search is a gradual, everyday process. But the payoff is high. Search traffic is perpetual – it doesn’t run out. It’s targeted – most, if not all traffic coming in are relevant. It’s FREE – You don’t have to pay for every visitor coming in.Search visibility is the best exposure. Search is still the number one activity in the internet.
  • If you ask me what I think about SEO?
  • It’s the next big thingSo you better be ahead of the game. If you want to know more about it, you can visit my SEO blog
  • So that’s it for my presentation. Hope you liked it! Now Let’s open the floor up for Q and A
  • Why internet visibility is business success

    1. 1. How to Make your Website Visible Online What is SEO and why you Need it
    2. 2. The Team• 2 Years in the SEO and Internet Marketing Industry – Sean Si • SEO Hacker Managing Director and Internet Marketing Specialist – Kevin Si • Lead Web designer and front-end developer – Richmond Ibasco • Lead Web developer and back-end programmer – Angelyn Co • HR Manager – Robert Cipriano • Linkbuilding Specialist (Guest Posting Specialist) – Vince Salud • Linkbuilder (Guest Posting Specialist) – Austin Takahashi • Blog Manager• For more Credentials, check out our blog http://seo-hacker.com
    3. 3. CLIENTS
    4. 4. On to the Topic
    5. 5. How to Make your Website Visible Online Three things: What is SEO? What does SEO have to do with my Website? Where do I start?
    6. 6. What is SEO?
    7. 7. What is SEO?SEO is: Search engine optimization Optimizing your website for search Making sure your website is visible A part of internet Marketing
    8. 8. What is SEO?How BIG is SEO?: Search is still the biggest game in town It is the recent most sought after work in the internet Each and every website needs internet visibility
    9. 9. What is SEO?2 major SEO Factors: On-page optimization Off-page optimization
    10. 10. What is SEO?On-page optimization: Keyword research Keyword density Image Alt text Outbound links optimization Meta tags optimization Slugs optimization Code SEO friendliness
    11. 11. What is SEO?Off-page optimization: Linking site authority Linking site page rank Anchor text Dofollow links
    12. 12. What does SEO have to do with my Website?
    13. 13. What does SEO have to do with my Website? What is your Website: All Websites sell something All Websites have customers Roughly 1 out of 3 people use the internet
    14. 14. What does SEO have to do with my Website? Questions to ask yourself: What is my kind of customer? Are my customers using the internet? Are there potential customers using the internet?
    15. 15. Where do I start?
    16. 16. What does it take?Material things: •1,300 php •Laptop/Desktop •Internet connectivity •You
    17. 17. What does it take?Intangible requirements: •Niche •Creativity •Spunk
    18. 18. Where do I start?Start with Search Engines •How do search engines work? •What is behind the search engine? •What does SEO have to do with search engines?
    19. 19. Where do I start?3 Main Functions of Search Engines •Indexing •Retrieval •Ranking
    20. 20. SummaryOptimize your Website for SearchSEO is the best way to expose yourWebsite onlineStart Learning SEO Now!
    21. 21. Search EngineOptimization?
    22. 22. The Next Big Thing
    23. 23. If you Want to Learn SEO…My Blogs http://seo-hacker.com – Company Blog http://seo-hacker.com/services http://seo-hacker.org – SEO School http://h3sean.com – God and You
    24. 24. My e-mail and Facebook account Sean@seo-hacker.com You often can reach me here faster than texting me.