8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques to Boost your SEO (eBook demo)


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8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques to Boost your SEO (eBook demo)

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  4. 4. The title tag is one of the oldest attributes there is to a webpage’s elements. Title Tags have been existent since websites came to being. It is also one of the most important attributes that you will ever get to use in your on site optimization. This is a title tag Title Tag Optimization Title Tag 48 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques As a user, you see the title tag in the top- leftmost part of your internet browser. It is also used in the search engine results page as indicated in the illustration:
  5. 5. You can always see how title tags are created in the source code of an internet browser. I would be inclined to say that title tags have a very valuable usage both for people and search engines. It holds really good weight as an on site optimization factor – giving you a good foundation for your desired keyword. It also lets users know what your page is all about in the search engines and in your website itself. Don’t take the title tag for granted. But don’t stuff in too much of your keywords in it too. 5 Press and you’ll see the source code Press and look for <title> 1 2 How to check or edit your webpage’s title tag CTRL + CTRL + Title Tag 8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques
  6. 6. The title tag is good for 50-60 characters. More than that, and the search engines will show an ellipsis (…) to indicate that the excess characters in the title tag has not been included anymore. It is also advised that the keywords in the title tag should be found in the body of the content for better rankings. It would be great if your title tag is also an on-page H1 article title. For example, this article’s H1 title is the same as the page’s title tag. 6 They are the same H1 title title tag Count your words Title Tag 8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques
  7. 7. Another good strategy for the title tag is placing the keywords that you want to rank for in front. The important things go first Title Tag 78 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques
  8. 8. 8 Title Tag Put it as the first words of your 50-60 character title tag – this way, they would be more helpful for ranking and they would have better impact on a user as a relevant result. Take this one for example: Target Keyword: “Buy Squalene” Article Title: “Where can I buy the best squalene?” Rework: Buy Squalene: Best International Supplier Notice that in the Rework version, the keywords I want to target are now the first words of my title tag. 8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques
  9. 9. 9 You can optimize your title tags for branding as well. If you check seo-hacker.org, my title tag is “Learn SEO through Training Courses - SEO Hacker School” because that’s what the site is all about. Putting your brand in the title tag leverages your brand both in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and in your website. And that’s a good thing. Using title tags for branding Brand Leveraging Title Tag 8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques
  10. 10. A great title is what it is – GREAT. It should attract people to click the moment that they see it in the SERPs. It should compel them to read what your article is all about. It should lure them in. Ranking high in the search engines is useless when no one clicks on your result. People don’t read your body unless they click on your title. Statistics say that you have 2 seconds for people overlook your entire article because your title did not inspire (compel) them to click. 10 Create compelling headlines Title Tag 8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques
  11. 11. 11 People are emotional beings. Whether they are male or female, their decision making abilities are impacted by their emotional pull. You have to capitalize on that and make your title alluring to what tugs people emotionally. The title tag is the first thing people will see in the SERPs about your website/webpage. Make it good so that you will have a positive first impression. People are emotional beings 1 Title TagTitle Tag 8 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques
  12. 12. 128 Actionable On Site Optimization Techniques tips keeps Stick to theruleshereabout titletags and a big chunk of your on-site optimization would already have been solved. for Title Tag
  13. 13. Enjoyed the preview? Buy this e-book now or see the details here