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HWR Berlin 131016 Supervision Introduction


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Published in: Technology, Education
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HWR Berlin 131016 Supervision Introduction

  1. 1. Supervision Internship IBMan Programme 401591 Introduction to „Supervision Internship“ Hanno Tietgens & Lennart Bolduan Original course and slides created by Prof. Marcus Birkenkrahe, HWR
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome & Overview WHO: Introductions WHAT: Course Objectives & Content HOW I: Teaching Tools In-World 3D & in Moodle HOW II: Storytelling (and a bit of Role Play) WHAT: Rules of Engagement; Assignments WHEN: What next? Discussion Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 2
  3. 3. Welcome & Overview — 7th term of this 100% online supervision course — Designed to support you wherever you are — 5 credit points / 4 SWS / 54 + 96 = 150 hrs course load — In practice: ca. 180 minutes per week including session — Supported by two supervisors (Lennart & me) — Relies on your cooperation and spirit of adventure! Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 3
  4. 4. Introductions Your supervisor: Hanno Tietgens aka Xon Emoto, the 1-prim-avatar, plus shoes; owner of Büro X and BÜRO X Media Lab Your technical tutor: Lennart Bolduan aka lennotron Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 4
  5. 5. Introductions Please introduce yourself: — What's your real name? — Where do you come from originally? — Where do you do your internship? (company & location) We‘ll do this in voice and text chat: First, I‘ll call on you to answer in voice. Then, please share a short version of your answer in text chat in-world Second Life. Also, share that info in your Moodle profile („Participants“ section) together with your photo. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 5
  6. 6. Introductions. Update your avatar profile. Ask Lennart for the HWR Berlin T-Shirt & wear it. Now let‘s discuss: What are your expectations for this course? Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 6
  7. 7. Course Objectives & Content — Evaluate your own experiences in a peer group — Learn to communicate professionally in the work place — Presenting your case and coaching others — Communication training & role plays in a group setting — Feedback check and techniques Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 7
  8. 8. Plus, one more thing. Explore innovative media technology and experience the avatar as an interaction interface – for learning and training; – for culture and entertainment; – for teamwork and collaboration. Voluntary activity: If there is time and interest, we could schedule a field trip to some educational locations in SL. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 8
  9. 9. Your Online Tasks (Second Life) — Show up every week at 12.15 pm or 7.45 pm CET (Berlin); if you're able to make the mid-day session: please do! — Be present when your avatar is online: get up and stretch when you're in danger of falling asleep (I may nudge you) — Participate in the discussion both via voice and chat — Present your internship and participate in our role-plays: you'll get instructions on how to prepare that via Moodle Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 9
  10. 10. Your Offline Tasks (Moodle) — Write an answer to the weekly question — Store it in Google drive and post it as a reply in Moodle — Engage in the Moodle discussions by responding (well) — Add your presentation, role play scenario and a Post Mortem review to the Presentation Forum in Moodle — End-of-term submission of your posts w/short review — Submit printout of your contributions; deadline tba Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 10
  11. 11. Telling stories. — Which elements comprise a story? — How do you know if someone is telling a story, not just giving facts? — Ask yourself: Have I told a story today (so far)? Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 11
  12. 12. Tell a story. For a start, please tell us: „Why am I taking the internship I‘m taking?“ (In Voice please, using your headset. Then add in text chat.) Further reading and other materials to be found each week in Moodle, i.e. this comprehensive text on storytelling in a corporate context by Steve Denning: Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 12
  13. 13. Weekly Question, Forum Posts When following the assignment to answer the Weekly Question and join the discussion with your fellow students, please have in mind: Good forum posts are like good blog posts. — Engaged, focused on the story, with emotional content — Considered, responding to something (not preaching) — Qualified, drawing on information outside of your head Q: Would you recognize these qualities in your everyday work environment? Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 13
  14. 14. In-World Presentation Good presentations tell a STORY, too: — Engaged, with emotional content — Considered, showing you've thought about your material — Qualified, building on accurate, objective information Beware, PowerPoint-gurus and self–marketing experts: A good presentation should not merely recount facts, no matter how nice they‘re animated. Take this opportunity to acquire some experience with storytelling as a method. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 14
  15. 15. In-World Role Play You'll also get to know a bit about role play as a method. Role play provides an opportunity for you to try and train the change of perspectives — a very helpful skill once you get to work with others, or lead a team. It may even help you prepare for a difficult situation: a discussion coming up, a claim you want to assert, an expectation you can‘t or don't want to meet, a review, etc. Find a new approach, understand what‘s driving the other, simply said: Make more of your time, and energy. (More info to be shared in Moodle.) Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 15
  16. 16. Important: Confidentiality Good stories are authentic, too. There can be no authenticity without openness. There can be no openness without confidentiality and trust. — All information shared either in-world (Second Life, Adobe Connect) or via Moodle (password-protected) will remain confidential to course participants only. What you say here, stays here! For the same reason: always exercise caution with real information — as a rule, don't use anybody‘s real names. Especially not in writing! Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 16
  17. 17. The Tail End: Technology A FEW WORDS ON OUR TOOLS: Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 17
  18. 18. Teaching Tools - Spaces The Virtual HWR in Second Life® is divided in different learning spaces —watch for details Groupwork Orientation Auditorium Feedback Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 18
  19. 19. Teaching Tools - Auditorium Auditorium: media wall, viewers for lectures; a stage for role playing; a Google Calendar for in-world events. Shared online Calendar Stage for Role playing The in-world sessions will sometimes begin with a short lecture. Please be on time & save your chats locally. In this space, we will perform role-plays and you will present on your internship experiences to the whole group. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 19
  20. 20. Teaching Tools - Feedback Feedback offline and online via the Opinionator using prepared and improvised questions & discussion topics Whenever there's time we'll close the session with a short survey where your avatars can vote with their feet. You simply walk into the Opinionator and the distribution of votes is shown in the center of the object. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 20
  21. 21. Don't miss the movie! Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 21
  22. 22. Rules of Engagement 1. Please choose a topic, set a date and time for your in-world talk and put your name in the Doodle table schedule. Do not remove any data. Putting your name here counts as a commitment. If you can attend (or present) during the lunchtime session, do it. 2. Once you've set a date, get to work: create a presentation, upload it on Slideshare. Send me the link one week before, Saturday night the latest; Lennart helps with tech problems (uploading, presenting etc). 3. After the session, upload a copy of your presentation and your Post Mortem observations from the session role-play into Moodle; add a copy of the presentation, too. 4. At the end of term, print presentation & GDrive file, add a signed cover sheet (we‘ll provide that) and send it all to me at HWR. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 22
  23. 23. Once again: Good Presentations A good presentation tells a STORY: !  it is engaged and contains emotional content, !  it shows that you've thought about your material !  it tells about events and doesn't just recount facts Get the facts out of the way quickly. Slides should include: ! !  Where is your internship (company, country) and what do you do Briefly describe a situation either past or future for a role-play. You've got 10-12 minutes for the presentation (+10-12 min. roleplay). Please rehearse your presentation. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 23
  24. 24. Some more: Preparing a Role-Play Your ROLE-PLAY scenario will build on: — a situation or scene, related to your Internship work environment and created with your presentation, which involves you as one of the participants and up to three more people — a goal (something you want/ed to achieve in this scene) We will call on participants in the session to play the parts indicated by you; we will set the situation up as a role-play of at most 10–12 minutes, and then we'll briefly discuss the results using this process: !  What did the audience think or feel or observe during the role-play? !  What did the actors think or feel or observe during the role-play? Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 24
  25. 25. Last. One last thing for your presentation. If possible, please add a snapshot or two of the location and setting you have in mind for your role play scenario. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 25
  26. 26. Questions? Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 26
  27. 27. Next steps — Post your first answers to our weekly question! — Schedule your presentation and role play session! — We need volunteers to kick us off next week! — Consider to take the lunch-time course (12:15 pm) Let's go to the Opinionator and vote on the following question: „This is the course that I expected it would be!“ Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 27
  28. 28. Teaching Tools – Groupwork Group work: tables; SL group for voice/chat; shared media walls for collaboration (GDocs, Etherpad). Shared media collaboration Group tables Viewer: instructions Media: YouTube & Twitter wall We'll try to keep it simple throughout. Don't hesitate to ask questions. And don't be alarmed: after a couple of sessions, you'll feel really at home in your new avatar. Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 28
  29. 29. PS: Orientation in 3D – level up. Orientation: treasure cave, school balloon on-site; guided tour to off-site locations offering interactive experiences Voluntary activity: Train your avatar by visiting these places on the virtual campus. (If there is enough interest, we might schedule an extra training session with Lennart.) Balloon: notecard instructions & simple script control & fun Cave: movement training & fun Fountain: camera control training & fun Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 29
  30. 30. Thank you for your attention. Hanno Tietgens, Lennart Bolduan, Balloon: notecard instructions & simple script control & fun Birkenkrahe/Tietgens / LV 401591 WS 2013 / 30