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EDEN - Siemens Comparison Chart


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Projecto EDEN

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EDEN - Siemens Comparison Chart

  1. 1. SIEMENS 5 KW System System description: Gas supply 1.62Nm3/h biogas CH4-CO2 53/47 (8.14kW) Electric power DC 4kW AC 3.3kW Heat recovery 2.7kW Efficiency (on biogas) Electrical 38% Overall 69% Technology Stack Siemens (tubular, pressurized, need a steam-reformer) System Siemens References (field trials) HERA (Torino) State of art Product development System suitable for demo yes Future market Power generation up to MW (high electrical efficiency in combination with microturbines) Allan Casanova Dr. Joachim Hoffmann VP, Business Development Technical program manager Siemens Power Generation (USA) Stationary Fuel Cells Stationary Fuel Cells TECHNICAL ADVICE Technology Advantages: - Large experience, oldest system test program - Inherent strength and tolerance to rapid temperature change - High electrical efficiency on biogas - Steam-reforming before stack (in the case of biogas can work as a fuse in electrical circuits, and protect the stack, the most expensive part of the SOFC system) - System develop for industrial purpose (up to MWs) - Maintenace from Europe Disadvantages: - Steam-reforming with recirculation through an ejector, little possibilities of changing the nominal CO2 percentage. - Cost per kW high Experience SOFC systems 4 units delivered to the field (Powerco, Szencorp and EWE), 10 for EWE in 2007 Experience with biogas They can run a known composition through a test station System suitable for demo yes ITEM COST / TIME INCLUDED NOT INCLUDED DELIVERY COST EVALUATION System 360.000$ yes Freight rate no Insurances no
  2. 2. Delivery Time 6 months Other 12.914$ Gas compressor OPERATION COSTS EVALUATION On-site training, Travel and living installation and start up 9.100$ Training up to 5 people expenses 1 person support (5 days) 32.700$/year or 2.725$/ Monitoring no month Operation costs Maintenance 4.000hr of operation or Problem diagnostic Warranty 1 year assistance After-sales service (logistics)