Removido 61 Ikerlan Cfcl Comparison Chart


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Removido 61 Ikerlan Cfcl Comparison Chart

  1. 1. CERAMIC FUEL CELL 1 KW System System description: Gas supply max 0.2Nm3/h NG (2kW) Electric power DC 1.24kW AC 1kW Heat recovery up to 500W (depends on coolant temperature) Efficiency (on NG) Electrical 50% net Overall 70% typical Technology Stack Ceramic Fuel Cell (planar, not pressurized, internal steam-reforming) System Ceramic Fuel Cell References (field trials) Powerco, Szencorp and EWE State of art Product development Future market Residential / small commercial up to 20kW Chris Wilcox Business Development Manager CFC Europe Ltd TECHNICAL ADVICE Technology Advantages: - Large experience - High electrical efficiency (better energy quality) - Steam-reforming before stack (in the case of biogas can work as a fuse in electrical circuits, and protect the stack, the most expensive part of the SOFC system) - "non-binding" letter of intent showing the customer (or one of the partners) intends to make a business out of using our units for biogas (or other) applications - Factory in Europe, although they still look for collaboration with other companies Disadvantages: - Planar geometry, worse performance under thermal stresses - Cost per kW high - System development for system up to 5 kW, never over 20kW Experience SOFC systems 4 units delivered to the field (Powerco, Szencorp and EWE), 10 for EWE in 2007 Experience with biogas They can run a known composition through a test station System suitable for demo yes ITEM COST / TIME INCLUDED NOT INCLUDED DELIVERY COST EVALUATION System 70.000€ “out-of-pocket” expenses (including travel, accommodation and living expenses) incurred in providing the Products or Services. Freight rate CFCL will arrange and pay for freight and CFCL will on-charge customs duties and
  2. 2. transit insurance to the Site taxes to Customer Insurances Delivery Time Net~Gen system test (without stack) Q3 2007 Stack Q4 2007 Terms of payment Little negotiable (significant percentage up front) Typical (from the total of €140 000): pay around 33% on contract, 33% on hand-over and 34% at the end OPERATION COSTS EVALUATION Start-up yes Monitoring yes Operation costs Training a technician Telephone and e-mail support Insure the Net~Gen unit against loss or damage to the value of €70 000 Maintenance Repair or replace any part of the NetGen unit which fails to perform according to the Technical Specification under normal conditions If the unit fails repeatedly such that it is not commercially viable for CFCL to continue to repair or replace it, both parties will discuss and in good faith attempt to agree an appropriate alternative Warranty 70.000€ 1 year support package Unlimited replacement stacks, installation, commissioning and manuals in spanish Additional costs (including delay) due to customer’s delay or failure to comply with its obligations, or events outside the CFCL Party’s reasonable control After-sales service (logistics) £500 per day plus taxes