Things to do if uscis denies your visa petition


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Things to do if uscis denies your visa petition

  1. 1. Things To Do If USCIS Denies Your Visa PetitionEvery individual who seeks to enter the United States as an immigrant or a non-immigrantmust obtain a visa, according to the purpose of travel to the United States. People who seekto immigrate to the United States on permanent basis, must obtain immigrant visas andtemporary visitors to the United States must obtain non-immigrant visas. If you apply for avisa, you will be required to appear for an interview with a US consular officer after which youwill be granted a visa to enter the United States. Approval and denial of your visa is based onthe information that you provide and is also based on the US immigration laws.You may not be able to appeal, if non-immigrant visa petition that you filed at a US consulateabroad is denied. On getting to know the reason for denial, you may fix the issue and reapplyas soon as possible. If you had applied for an immigrant visa, seeking permanent residentstatus in the United States and if that petition was denied by the US consulate, you will begiven time to provide relevant information so that the denial may be reversed, within a year. Ifyou do not provide the required information within a year, you must start over again bysubmitting a fresh application for an immigrant visa. If you are found to be ineligible for a visa,you have an option to reapply in future provided that you submit evidence supporting achange in your circumstances. While submitting a new visa application after your previousapplication was denied, you must pay the visa application fees again.If your application for an immigrant visa is denied, you may be allowed to apply for waiver fora particular ineligibility. Your application for a waiver will be adjudicated by the US Departmentof Homeland Security and if you are found to be eligible and if your waiver is approved, youmay be granted a visa. Moreover, you may not be able to apply for a waiver, if a waiver is notavailable in your particular category. At times, if you are a foreign national seeking toimmigrate to the United States, may be able to apply for a waiver only if you demonstrate thatyour US citizen or permanent resident relative in the United States will endure extremehardship if an immigrant visa is not granted to you and if you are unable to immigrate to theUnited States.