Does Having an Expired Green Card Makes Me an Illegal?Though a Green Card expires every ten years, the permanent resident ...
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Does having an expired green card makes m


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Does having an expired green card makes m

  1. 1. Does Having an Expired Green Card Makes Me an Illegal?Though a Green Card expires every ten years, the permanent resident status of an immigrantdoes not expire. Moreover there are no penalties to renew your expired Green Card and anexpired green card will not adversely affect any of your rights. But it is mandatory to renew anexpiring or expired Green Card. Green Card renewal is an important process for allpermanent residents of the United States, as Green Cards are valid only for a ten-year period.If a Green Card is issued to you with conditions, then you may not be able to renew thatconditional Green Card. You must apply for and obtain a Green Card valid for ten years, ifyour conditional Green Card is close to expiration.The expiration date of a Green Card is found on the front side of the card and you can takenecessary steps to renew the card when you find that it is going to expire. You may file theGreen Card renewal Form I-90, to renew your Green Card. This is an easy process, as youmay e-file this form and pay the fees online. You can also receive an application receipt noticeas you file the application online. There are few cases where an application for Green Cardrenewal must be filed using the paper version of the form. Hence, it is wise to check youreligibility before you file the Green Card renewal form online.Holding an expired Green Card is a disadvantage, while you re-enter to the United Statesfrom abroad. You will have to wait for a long time at a US port of entry if you present anexpired Green Card, while you attempt to return to the United States. Similarly, US employersfollow strict procedures while they hire immigrants. A US employer may hire an employee whoholds an expired Green Card but certain employers do not hire permanent residents who donot hold valid Green Cards. A Green Card is an identification document that is granted toforeign nationals as a proof of their legal status in the United States and it also shows thatthey have legal rights to live and work permanently, in America.Although the consequences of holding an expired Green Card are not extremely grave, it iswise to go through the Green Card renewal process, every ten years, before your card couldexpire. If a permanent resident willfully lets his permanent card to expire, he may bepenalized or deported from the country. A permanent resident will not be able to establish hislegal status in the United States if he holds an invalid Green Card. Even though, an expiredpermanent resident card does not affect the status of the individual, finding jobs and obtainingbenefits will become difficult, if the card expires. Renovación De Green Card is an importantprocess and it can be done by filing Form I-90, with the USCIS. You may file this form, whenthere are 6 months left and you need not start the process to early in advance. You may applyfor Green Card renewal even if you had let your card to expire and you may not become anillegal immigrant if your Green Card expires as long as you do not willfully let your card toexpire.