Can i travel while my green card renewal


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Can i travel while my green card renewal

  1. 1. Can I Travel While My Green Card Renewal is on the Process?You may travel abroad if you had applied for Green Card renewal and if the application ispending. While you file Green Card Renewal Form I-90, for Green Card renewal, USCIS willverify your application and attach a sticker to your Green Card. That Green Card with asticker will serve as a proof of your status until you get a Green Card valid for ten years. Thatis only a temporary proof of your lawful status and you may present that Green Card with thesticker, to show that you are a lawful permanent resident and that you had applied for GreenCard renewal. Remember that you may not be able to file Form I-90, if your Green Cardexpires while you are outside the United States. You will have to contact an overseas USConsulate before filing Form I-90, for Green Card renewal. If you find that your Green Card isgoing to expire, it is recommended to file an application for Green Card renewal before youleave the country.As Green Cards are valid only for ten years, those cards must be renewed before expiration.A permanent resident card is the one that proves that you are a legal resident of the countryand hence it is important to hold a valid Green Card. If you file Form I-90, for Green Cardrenewal, you may travel abroad and return to the United States with the temporary stamp onyour Green Card. That stamp will be valid for a year. While you re-enter the United Stateswith an expired Green Card, you will have to wait for a long time at the US port of entry,during the inspection process. To avoid such delays, you may file an application to renew yourGreen Card, before leaving the country and you may provide the temporary documentationthat you receive while applying for Green Card renewal, at the US port of entry.If you had not applied for renewal prior to your travel, you will have to provide various identitydocuments and you must satisfy the immigration officer, stating a valid reason why you hadlet your Green Card to expire. Moreover, re-entering the United States, with an expired GreenCard, will become more difficult if you had resided outside the country for more than 6months. USCIS generally processes the Green Card renewal/ Renovación De Green Cardapplications and issues Green Cards within five months from the date of your application. Asa proof of your lawful status, USCIS will issue you a temporary proof of your lawful permanentresident status, while you apply for renewal. This temporary proof will be sufficient to establishthat you are a permanent resident of the United States.While you return to the United States after a temporary travel, you will be required to presentyour Green Card at the US port of entry along with other identity documents such as foreignnational identification card, US Driver’s License, etc, to prove that you are eligible to enter intothe country. While you present an expired Green Card, the process gets complicated andhence to avoid delays, you may apply for Green Card renewal before leaving the UnitedStates and present the temporary documentation while returning to the United States. Hence,you may travel while your application for Green Card renewal is pending.Posted @