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Blockbusters L2 - 1


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Blockbusters L2 - 1

Published in: Lifestyle, News & Politics
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Blockbusters L2 - 1

  1. 1. a h t i o g b f l e c p y d j q k s u m r w z v n
  2. 2. What A is a red fruit?
  3. 3. What B do you read?
  4. 4. What C is a pet animal?
  5. 5. What D can you open and close?
  6. 6. What E is a very big grey animal?
  7. 7. What F do birds do?
  8. 8. What G is the opposite of come?
  9. 9. What H do you say when you meet someone?
  10. 10. What I is frozen water?
  11. 11. What J do frogs do?
  12. 12. What K do you do with your legs?
  13. 13. What L is a body part?
  14. 14. What M is the opposite of you?
  15. 15. What N is on your face?
  16. 16. What O is the opposite of close?
  17. 17. What P do you write with?
  18. 18. What Q is the opposite of King?
  19. 19. What R is an animal with big ears?
  20. 20. What S is family?
  21. 21. What T is the opposite of short?
  22. 22. What U is the opposite of down?
  23. 23. What V is a musical instrument?
  24. 24. What W is a colour?
  25. 25. What Y is a colour?
  26. 26. What Z is an animal?
  27. 27. Apple Book Cat Door Elephant Fly Go Hello Ice Jump Kick Leg Me Nose Open Pen/Pencil Queen Rabbit Sister Tall Up Violin White Yellow Zebra